The New Zoo Planet: The Homo-Sapien PSYOP

 Welcome! Please enjoy whatever you peruse or read in this on-going Post, and share or repost if you wish as each section will be consistently Updated. Be well, stay true, and remember that we are all Interconnected and thus, share Universality. I understand the below is verbose and many will characterize it as a rant or diatribe and that is fine, but for others, they will appreciate the information. Remember, it is for sharing purposes and nothing more, because “Who am I?” ~ Namaste

The New Zoo Planet: The Homo-Sapien PSYOP
Psychological Operations or PSYOPs means Psychological Warfare and currently, it is being subjugated onto the American Populace as well as the entire Homo-Sapien race. And this has been present for who knows how long now, but probably since the we, as a people “Changed” from a Monarchy or Kings an Queens into a guise of Democracy and Statism/Nationalism, which hitherto, consists of many subjects/paradigms or realities; e.g., The Holographic World, the Moon or Lunar-wave, Liquid Crystals, Project MKUltra or the Sex-Kitten Mind-Control Programming, all of which is coalesced with the Music Industry, which includes Blood-SacrificeLuciferianismSatanism, and Pedophilia via Television (Conditioning Box and Movies: Grand-scale Conditioning); and more disturbingly is superbly (since many do not realize or acknowledge) supported in Mind Control Through TV and the Children [Documentary]@YouTube by The Tocqualamond. Moreover, other realities of physical warfare against Humanity is the usage of GH in milk most other foods, especially for children, regardless of FDA labeling, so that children reach puberty earlier; this promotes a or induces a hyper-sexual realization/perception or way of being/acting that is manifested genetically/chemically/atomically via said sexualization and exhibitionism; furthermore, there is also the “Fluoridation“ fallacy program that actually destroys teeth and gums, plus, the overall and pervading continued conditioned indoctrination of the Slavery/Enslavement of Homo-Sapiens. That  promotes its people into on-going/endless Wars against one another, because of Hatred and Elitists' viewpoints or more aptly stated: Human Control (depopulation) via the "Divide and Conquer" motif/maxim of Sexism and Racism (i.e., inequalities in gender creed, and ethnicity). And as a result, Statism/Nationalism/Patriotism is nothing more than Mind-Controlled or Conditioned Helplessness of Conformity via Tyranny/Oppression and Collectivism, Politicism, in which non-voters are considered “Terrorists" and “Un-American” or "Un-Patritotic” and therefore, have no individual rights or protections under the U.S. Constitution or Bill or Rights (both of which have been shredded and made moot); hence, the popular trend of Terrorism that the entire American Populace is living under or within in the guise of a so-called “democracy,” and therein lies a shadowy entity in wait like a predator: a Militarized or Police State, which is soon coming into effect (Martial Law), and both of which are sadly present in one form or another in different states or in varying degrees today…A wonderfully in-depth video about the the Illuminati and their insidious activities or region is Esoteric Agenda - Full Documentary posted by ConspiracyRealityTV.
Some other PSYOPs are the “disappearing” of AirAsia Flight QZ8501, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and Flight 17, all of which vanished under very strange reasons. Further information is here: Flight 370 ArticleFlight 17 ArticleFlight 370 and 17 Article, or  WOW! MH370 Mystery Back In The News & Gets Wierder - Pilot Flew To Antartica!!@YouTube posted by TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther); then there are The Boston Bombings Hoax, The Paris Shootings Hoax, Sandy Hook Shootings HoaxUNDENIABLE PROOF SANDY HOOK WAS A HOAX!!!@YouTube posted by AnarchyWorldincluding the lack of deaths in the Official Record of Newtown that calendar year of 2012), the NYPD Officers Shootings Hoax, (Inforwars/Before It’s News/J.PaulSon@Blogspot, and amazingly telling video of a CLEAR PSYOP or Staged Event with telling visuals of blood placement and crime-scene tempering, etc., which was filmed from a someone's window facing the entire scene, so PLEASE see: NYPD Shooting Hoax - Live Drill Passed Off As Real - Crooked Cops Exposed!@YouTube by Russianvids, as well as the Original posted by the NYPost, and has a connection to the Florida Police Officer Shooting (Dec.22 & 21, 2014) posted by Zachary K. Hubbard who also breaks down the Illuminati Numerology as well. Plus, The NYPD Hackings Hoaxand most recent, the Copenhagen/Denmark Shootings Hoax at "peace rallies" and at a synagogue, not to mention the Taiwan TransAsia Flight 235 Crash Hoax and The TransAsia Airway Flight 235 Crash Hoax Exlainedadditionally, we cannot of course forget the 9/11/2001 PSYOP, in which the American Public was told that four people in a cave, masterminded a plan to have/use that two airplanes (American Airliners/Commercial Jets) that would elude all of our defenses that cost billions of taxpayer’s dollars, but failed entirely and in totality on this day, even though they were running so-called “War-Games” of this very nature as the “real-World” situation of a supposed “terroristic attack” using planes as so-called bombs, in which supposed jet-fuel “brought down the buildings, due to "COMPLETE structural failure” that almost brought down "America.” Also in which, 5 other buildings collapsed as well under mysterious or unexplained reasons, which cannot be backed by science, which is not a benchmark to begin with. For anyone interested in what truly happened on this day, one needs to do your own research via YouTube, Google, and all news postings and any periodicals that one can find, especially the original posts of the aforesaid. Additionally, videos that are pertinent to the said matter can be found here: NO PLANES Historian Webster Tarpley Analyzes Bush's Behavior on 9/11@YouTube by Iced Earth 426(2014) 9/11 EXPOSED - WHAT REALLY HAPPENED ON 9/11 - NO PLANES! - Underground Nuclear Detonation@YouTube by WTCNUKED, and the best or most honest and informative documentary on or about the falsity of 9/11 or the 9/11 PSYOP: 9/11 Dimitri Khalezov - Thermo nuclear demolition underground heat turns steel to dust- low radiation@YouTube or Ground Zero – Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Center@911thology, in which a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence, Dimitri Khalezov (click on his name to find his page with buttressing .pdfs/documentations) contends, and in my humble opinion, completely proves that a Thermonuclear device was used to bring these buildings down and explains thoroughly as to how this is capable, which he discusses in his article WTC Nuclear Demolition – damage inflicted to “bathtub” and to PATH@Veterans Today. And then there is Dr. Judy Wood, Ph.d, a Material Scientist, expounds on the falsity that the buildings failed structurally due to fire, impact, stress, etc., and has a wonderfully discerning mind without any bias. See: Dr. Judy Wood 9/11 TRUTH@YouTube by Jam noise 72 as well as Judy Wood - 911 Ten Years Later - Red Ice Radio - September 11, 2011@YouTube by Linuxrfrik, and also Dr. Judy Wood ~ Evidence of Breakthrough Energy on 9/11@YouTube by Diane Di. And to parallel with the argument for our Holographic Reality is videos on 9/11 and the usage of Holographic “planes” to “hit” the World Trade Center Towers in 2001. See: 9/11 No-Planes Theory: Debunking "The Key" (CGI Plane / Live Video Fakery)@YouTube by Saul Train whom explains the usage of “Keying” in computer software programs.s o that one can create whatever one wishes to; i.e., erroneous outcomes. Please see: Best Practices in Software Keying - After Effects Tutorial by Video2Brain

Yet other odd and disturbing/sinister aspect to all of these PSYOPs, however revealing of the farce put forth are the “Crisis Actors” and "Crisis actor Amputees”; all of whom have been plastered everywhere (news media) over and over again with tales of terror and fear along with telling signs of “Duping Delight” and scripted lined in said staged CIA Mind Control Secrets & Torture@YouTube by Alpha Mind Control, plus, Disturbingly Creepy!! CNN Child Abuse Mind Control!! 201@YouTube by Pro ConstitutionerEbola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE@YouTube by FreeRadioRevolution, Foley Beheading HOAX - SMILING SIBLINGS! CRISIS ACTOR ALERT! SISIS HOAX@YouTube by Free Radio Revolution, and also BUSTED! Best Ever Proof of Crisis Actors in Egypt & Syria! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!@YouTube by Dahboo777. In short, these are Governmentally paid actors/propagandists like “provocateurs” that serve the obvious purpose of creating/promoting/instilling fear and terror within these False Flag Operations as mentioned above. And these C.S.’s have been “caught” or revealed in multiple PSYOPs (see photos). And one can find more too, so do your research! E.g., interviews of people supposedly associated with the victims.

Additionally, we cannot omit the JFK's, RFK’s, MLK's, John Lennon's, Bob Marley’s assassinations (or public executions PSYOPs), to name just a few, or any well-known person's murder like many other true patriots (of any discipline) who spoke out against the U.S.’s Imperialistic Tenets. Not to mention, all these supposed “terrorist groups/factions”, such as "Al Qaeda” (the Database), ISIL, and ISIS (a.k.a. 1515 - Gematria Calculator/Numerology: meaning “Common Year” from the Julian Calendar introduced by Julius Caesar (46BC) executions, etc., are nothing more then theatrical PSYOPs to drum-up a conditioned knee-jerk reaction (Patriotism/Nationalism) in one’s mind to garner conditioned and cerebrally supplanted beliefs in the American Populace; this then leads to the conditioned response for Military force or the so-called Nation to invade and occupy foreign countries to impose our will and ideals, in the name of “ Freedom” when in reality, the armed forces are there to steal natural resources (Oil, Gold, Silver, Poppies, etc.) as well as the land from other Nations that will inevitably be under out control in a One World Government that the U.S. is in charge of or heads. The sensationalized packaged propaganda is forced onto the citizens through videos in a bombarding/Blitzkrieg way/manner on the paid-for and completely controlled news-media or reality-scripted mediums that ONLY promote U.S. Political viewpoints of the Elitists and NOTHING else, meaning the Truth. Henceforth, these paid-for actors, called “news-casters," which is now named “news reporters,” whom read their scripts that perpetuate fear and terror, along the “positive” promotion of the ideal of “America" as the “Supreme Power/Nation.” This includes all wars that we have partook in recorded history. They were all PSYOPs to generate money and to steal natural resources of land and minerals, as well as conduct experiments of all kinds, etc.. And it is always the same story or ideology, which is the “Divide and Conquer” motif. And this is us, as homo-Sapiens failing to realize/comprehend miserably the false reality that is being forced upon us or our minds/psyches. Therefore by default or de facto, we are an island onto ourselves, per se. Our so-called perceived lives or existence is really us (Homo-Sapiens) by which our perceived illusory or holographic existences can be defined as a question inside of a puzzle encompassing an enigma. Meaning, we are happy to have our proverbial "little piece of the pie” (as slaves), in which we are told to feel “safe” in the perceived world/reality, which is false, because we are an Imperial Nation is a guise of a quasi Democracy, which is flawed in its very principles itself; i.e., a Democracy only has two parties/factions; and these said parties (coteries) are put forth by the Powers that Be, so one is left to choose the “lesser of two evils,” so to speak. Again, this is the Matrix…the act of “voting" is a farce. Yet another part of the the New Zoo Planet (our False Reality: the Matrix).

And pertaining once again to the Holographic Universe mentioned before as well as the Chem-trails being put into our atmosphere, This is your brain on chemtrails smwhich many believe are being used for destroying the Ozone Layer with particles, such as Nano-Aluminum (What Chemtrails Really Are by Carolyn Williams Palit, or Neurologist Warns Aluminum in Chemtrails Could Cause “Explosive Increase in Neurodegenerative Diseases” by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D., Aluminum Oxide and Chemtrails,  or Chemtrails: List of Patents for Stratospheric Arial Spraying Programs by Lorie Kramer@Cotto Report) as well as Barium are being put into the air to poison the atmosphere or ionosphere, as well as us and to create or impede the frequencies or electromagnetic fields of the earth including the ones that are within us as Sentient Beings, all of which may be be true, but another theory and the one I find to have equal veracity to it, not that the other is not true, is that Chem-trails are being sprayed or laid across or into the atmosphere for a World-Wide Holographic Event, or it could be a dualist purpose as well, i.e., both reasonings or perhaps it is something entirely else. However, the Holographic Theory for an Event using it does make more sense in my humble perspective. And seemingly so since there are many current videos of the Moon or the Lunar surface clearly demonstrating a wave going across or over the entire satellite that is the moon. And this is not a camera or video-tapping anomaly. It is showing that the face (the side that we always see, not the “dark side” of the Moon, is a Holographic Imagery that is being produced/transpose (if you will) or projected for whatever reasonings. Ostensibly, to hide possible living beings there, or their “space/military-styled stations” or “quasi living habitats”;  or it could be, as it is argued by some, a station/satellite that has been brought and more aptly stated, “put" into our orbit to surveil us (Homo-sapiens). This also coincides with the renowned “Dark/Black Knight,” which is a satellite that is in our orbit that was first found or had its signal picked up by Scientist Nilkola Telsa (the man who discovered free energy, but it could be patented, so hence, J.P. Morgan’s removing himself as Telsa’s financier, ergo, Thomas Edison, supposedly developing the electric light bulb) in the late 1800s (1899) and then was brought to world-wide attention in 1954 by the Newspapers as well as the U.S. NAVY in 1960, and it is believed that said object is at least 13,000 years old, but I always figure that whatever is told or thought to be the truth by so-called experts, is probably, in truth, usually 2-3-4 or 5 times that amount; nevertheless, it was clearly put/left/placed there by some intelligent species far superior to our limited intellect or Being; i.e., another intelligent species monitoring the Earth and its species (see videos: The DARK KNIGHT and The ARK@YouTube & The Black Knight Satellite 2014 new information@YouTube).  Juxtaposed is also the evidence about false space travel, i.e., the argument that humankind has not and cannot venture out into space as well as the "Earth Is Flat" contention that has a lot of supporting evidence along with it; the veracity of that is for one to research and discern like all of the above text and conveyances. E.g., NASA’s Fake CGI Ball Planets@YouTube, which also touches on said "Earth is Flat" argument/supposition, NASA Insider Exposes the Flat Earth@YouTube, which is an interview with former NASA Matthew Boylan, as well as The Earth is Not Moving@YouTube also by Eric Dubay, and Flat Earth Clues Interview Truth Frequency Radio via Skype Audio posted by MarkksArgent. And for arguments against space-travel (i.e., the supposed impossibility of it) and all the false imaging or imagery of space, planets, moons, and stars within the galaxy (i.e., the stock photos that are used to “show” other so-called planets, etc.) peruse:  International Space Station Hoax@YouTube by TruthcatcusNASA hoax ISS Actornaut Chris Cassidy accidentaly admits they are filming in the USA BUSTED@YouTube by Johan BackesNASA Fakes All Missions@YouTube by QuasiLuminousSatellite Hoax - Satellites Do Not Exist@YouTube also by Eric DubayHow Far Away Is The Moon?@YouTube and Telescopic Moon Object (UFO) Zoomed 2,000%@YouTube all three posted by Crrow777.  And in regards to Chem-trails please see: To Deny Chemtrails Is To Be Uninformed@YouTubeOrb (UFO) Fires A Weapon Into A Chemtrail,  all posted by Crrow777, as well as Chemtrails - Fully Exposed =@YouTube posted by ThinkOutsideTheTVChemtrails the secret war@YouTube posted by Ciel Voilé,  Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real "MUST WATCH”@YouTube posted by Alex Alexander,  and NEW MANHATTAN PROJECT: CHEMTRAILS MAY BE PRIMARILY FOR MIND CONTROL@YouTube posted by KafkaWinstonWorld; and for scholarly articles see: Chemtrails: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geo-engineering by the Global Research NewsChemtrails: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geo-engineering by, and Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails by Rady Ananda, CHEMTRAILS NANO PARTICLES TRANSHUMANISM@YouTube posted by planetlightforce and DEATH BY NANO-PARTICLES=CHEMTRAILS@YouTube posted by LillyofParisOstensibly all are very compelling and one needs to parse or discern each of them for oneself, which promotes critical thinking: a method for one to deduce that is or has been removed from the populace to create the "Sheeple."
Furthermore, N.A.S.A. (and by the way, do not discount or blindly disregard the rings of Saturn within said company's logo) as most corporate or official logos have the rings of Saturn (Satan’s planet) or the red swoosh or sorts in/on it, which is an Government entity that in filled or inundated with ex-Nazis from Germany who came over (via Governmentally protected entry into the U.S.) in the cover up known as Project Paperclip (mid-1940s) under then president Harry S. Truman, in which all the Nazis were promised to have their identities hidden (altered), and thusly, changed for self-serving protective reasonings, as well as to give them high positions within the U.S. Government, atop of the scientific community, so that no reprisals would befall them. This is also akin to the 147 Saudis that were whisked away in the ONLY airplane allowed to fly within the first two days of the 9/11 PSYOP, in which they were herded up by a Government 747 plane and flown out of the country to their homeland of Saudi Arabia (see House of Bush: House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties.pdf by Craig Unger to name ONLY 1 book on the 9/11 PSYOP), so that they would not be harmed, according to then President, Illuminati, Psychotic Blood-line Puppet Bush. Not to mention, that the “9/11 Commission Report.pdf” is a falsity or a parody of an investigation; I was one of the few that actually read it, and noticed that Harry Potter’s novels then were highly more popular, nonetheless, the report was written in a very easy-to-understand or easy-to-digest writing manner or language, and it did not explain any of the unexplainable events, such as the 7 downed buildings that all “collapsed” in a matter of hours or subsequent days (2). More information about this can be found in the already provided 3 texts, such as Insidious Imperialism: America, the Global Hegemon (2004/2005)Religious Ethics and Government: A Pious Amalgamation by President Bush and his Faction (2005), and An Overview on Foreign Policy (2006) by CitizenofGotham@LiveJournal, which also coincides or depicts the Noble Lie paradigm, a tool used by the elite, whereby they "maintain social harmony or to advance an agenda” and thoroughly expound upon in What You've Been Missing - Exposing The Noble Lie@YouTube. However, regarding N.A.S.A. it is a Nazi program, in which Nazis from Germany came over here and were received with open arms (via Truman) to run the Space program as well as to continue the all of their testing that they were doing in Germany, e.g., said Monarch Programming, MKUltra, The Manhattan Project,  Operation Midnight Climax, Tuskegee Syphilis ExperimentToxic Weapon Testing, such as Agent Orange Experiments, and Nuclear Radiation Experiments, on unsuspecting and innocent Citizens of the United States (see: Government Experiments@WarisCrime). 
Our Essence as Sentient Beings
Presently, most of the entire populace (not confined to just America), are being duped with the lies in “History textbooks" that are used to conform us in so-called schools, which are actually Political controlled Indoctrination Institutes. For instance, most, if not all of the tales that are in the History textbooks are mendacities that promote a story of how “America” was “discovered” by the Colonist Christopher Columbus and then, how America became industrialized out of Capitalistic tenets that were forced upon the populace all down in the illusion of a Democracy. This made everyone compartmentalize their lives by having to serve the pseudo Government that is supposedly “looking out for our best interests” by extorting onerous taxes, which are unlawful with threats of condemnation and jail. People believed in, and to this day for the most part, still do, that the world is subject versus object, i.e., man or woman, homosexual or heterosexual, good or bad, right or wrong, black or white, etc.; these are all insular perspectives, and thus, limiting paradigms, in which humans are therefore, limited in understanding or demonstrating empathy or humility towards all living things, i.e., Sentient Beings. Consequently, we are living or operating, so to speak in the lowest level of our Chakra (Root), which is the red-zone and represents “Survival,” which is akin to the Reptilian-level within our DNA, and is why the color RED is plastered onto everything (most propaganda/advertisements, corporate icons/logos etc.). This underscores the saying that people are operating in their reptilian brain (left Hemisphere of Cerebral Cortex) when they are wishing to fight or hurt another, or to steal or be envious (jealously), which leads to hating, discriminating, attacking, or preying upon others as well as many other Ego-laden manifestations that are all forms of psychosis. One gentlemen and Spiritual-Brother of mine on YouTube named “E” from TruthVirus, always promotes this idea, which is true, i.e., that we are always kept in a lower-level of our Chakra (meaning the red/survival/reptilian area or lowest vibration/energy level that there is), because of imposed imaginary FEAR (Terrorism). That is why we are kept at odds with one another via race, creed, and gender. This is also underscores the wars and the propaganda for it, which includes invasion and occupations, etc., as well as the almost daily doses of externals that are “out there” awaiting to do us harm (evil); e.g., "viruses that will kill us,” and now the contentious vilifications by “Americans/Patriots/Nationalists,” against their labeled so-called “anti" or "non-vaccinators,” who, to them are “murderers,” or villains, etc., which are spearheaded by Conglomerate Pharmaceutical Companies that have illegally, unethically, and unconstitutionally purchased their legal exemptions to all laws that make them accountable or liable; not to mention, the chemically-laden food or agricultural industry (organic/versus non-organic or chemical-laden or induced foods or natural grown), the municipal water supply, the aforesaid Educational farce/Endoctrinal Complicity institutions), as well as the entire employment structure that is made to fail, etc.; and it goes on, because fear is endless until one realizes that “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself,” which is from the OrwellianFranklin D. Roosevelt who opined it at his first inaugural address, which in Truth/Reality is the Powers that Be, letting the commoners know the apparent, which they display clearly or openly in our faces everyday at every chance they get, but we as a “conscious" people do not see or realize any of this; remember “their” saying, which turned into a movie: “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick who highlighted the Illuminati, but was mysteriously killed or “died” 666 days after the movie was completed. All of which is bluntly showcased to the commoners (plebeians) and is obvious to see/realize; however, most people are too conditioned as “Sheeple” or living within a “Herd-Mentality" to actually recognize it, much less to do anything about it; and that is known as Cognitive Dissonance, which manifests from extreme stress/duress/traumatic events, in which truth and falsity clash and the person's psyche is overloaded with conflicting information/facts, and thusly, shuts down to protect itself from a nervous breakdown (that inevitably happens regardless) and also in which many times, creates alter egos known as multiple personalities: Dissociative identity disorder (DID). Some wonderful analysis of this is the movie Eyes Wide Shut and the implications of said movie can be found in Illuminati Symbolism in Kubrick's "EYES WIDE SHUT” EXPOSED by IlluminatiWatcher1@YouTube, and also EYES WIDE SHUT & THE ILLUMINATI: AN ANALYSIS by Toxic States of America@YouTube or Kubrick and the Illunimati by GASFACE@YouTube
Furthermore, our energy levels or vibrational frequencies are also affected (lowered to a static level) with ELFs (Extremely low frequency or Electro Low Frequency Radio Waves) and sorts of this kind. These are usually represented with high pitches sounds that rings in one’s ear (I use the singular term of diction, because it is usually heard in only one ear at a time). These said fields affect one’s overall well-being as supported in the article Frequency, Vibration and Oscillation – The Energy by Walking Times guest writer Pao L. Chang. In essence it is about our Auras, the Chakras, our state of Light/Energy, in which are completely influenced by perceived externals (e.g., physicality’s, which for the most part are being imposed upon our psyches daily or incessantly). And it is also buttressed by Masaru Emoto’s proved thesis that human consciousness can affects the molecular or atomical structure of water in an article titled: Positive & Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals and a supporting video titled the same: Positive & Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals@YouTube posted by TheGlobalAgenda, in which one’s energy and thus, perception alters the chemical composition or supposed static matter to change either into wonderfully complex patterns or into distorted patterns that looked ill or damaged. Further, Are They Messing With Your Chi? [Frank Willis - New Horizons]@YouTube posted by WeAreChange Manchester is a documentary of Frank Willis speaking about ones's Chi/Energy and how we are Brainwashed. Further, Mind Control or “Planned Chemical Sedation of the Population” is also done by the Aquarius Group, a nefarious privately funded group that is using the PSYOP of EMFs, Radio Waves, and Microwaves to be inundate our psyches for total control can be found in depth @Aquarius Group Briefing by Be warned, it is DISTURBING…
One brief, but very informative maxim about our so-called lives or our perceptions of them is this: "To study the Way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be enlightened by all things of the universe. To be enlightened by all things of the universe is to cast off the body and mind of the self as well as those of others. Even the traces of enlightenment are wiped out, and life with traceless enlightenment goes on forever and ever." ~ 永平 道元 禅師 Eihei Dōgen Zenji, Buddhist Monk (1200s). Zenji is talking about transcendence and that it is wherever we are, because we are the Universe; we are Interconnected to the Universe, and thus, we have a connection to everything that has ever been, is, or ever will be, because Energy/Waves/Light never ceases, it transforms/transcends. Like Electrons, both states or parts of it are one in the same not matter the enormous distance between them; i.e., Electrons can be separated by quantum distances and still have instantaneous effects on not another, which is because they are a particle and wave, which is one in the same and known as Wave-Particle Duality, and further, has its parallels with properties of Quantum Entanglement/Entanglement Theory: again, Non-Duality). So, once this is realized, then the Homo-Sapiens will be a better race and can truly be fee, but that is at a cost of sacrificing our lives, if need be, for the FREEDOM of the Human Race or Humankind. This can manifest as long as people wake up and tune out of or off of the Matrix. The time is now and one needs to start with oneself and thus, allow it to permeate to others. So, we should promote Love, Compassion, and Acceptance, which will beget those said attributes of our species.

Under the Influence: Unbeknownstism
Virtually every movie, no matter the genre, has symbolism from the so-called Illuminati (so-called, because it is not just limited to a small group of white or Anglo Elitists, which it is to a certain point, however, not completely accurate. Suffice it to say, this is overt (done or displayed openly: transparent) and subtle (precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe: opaque) ritualistic demonstrations of Satanism and Luciferianism in virtually ALL forms of pseudo entertainment; e.g., movies, videos, commercials, and news reporting of any and all kinds/formats (i.e., propaganda of fear and oppression). One wonderful example of this is from Illluminati Superbowl Commercial 2015!! END of TIME and SPACE@YouTube by R$E (Round Saturn Eye) who does amazing parsing of these types of open and occult messaging and symbolization, and a more Pious viewpoint, a Christian one, not withstanding his take on it relates to Christ and God, which is fine  (since one does not have to share his Piety to understand his points or see correlations of his contentions that are relevant to what is happening to us Homo-Sapiens), who highlights, argues about the Illuminati taking over: i.e., their use of Mind Control and the subliminal messaging (dumbing-down of the populace)  and how they are poisoning us: The Real Reason the Illuminati Murdered Jesus and Distorted His Teachings (P1/2)The Real Reason the Illuminati Murdered Jesus and Distorted His Teachings (P2/2) by pocketsofthefuture. Notwithstanding, the perceived reality that we are in, in which we receive current events (complete political propaganda: theater) that are purported to have happened in other countries and as of late, last 15 years), but now in our “homeland,” which is a term I use loosely. This emboldened the “Patriot," per se in most “Americans,” in which when of this mindset, desires to hate and kill others who do not feel the same as the conditioned paradigms of pseudo "Patriots/Americans" of today. These separatists' mindset that many people demonstrate and engage in, such as virtually the entire Military and all of it branches, Government of any kind, as well as state and city officials, e.g., police, etc., that include most pieties whilst preaching an “us versus them” mentality. This is a Reptilian adage and one in which we, as humans, are engaging in, because we are, for the most part, working or living within the Root Chakra, or the lowest level of all our Chakras, which are energy fields of enlightenment or transcendence (see below). That is why the Illuminati use and promote the color Purple, which is not evil; it is a representation of Enlightenment (right Hemisphere of Cerebral Cortex) which is a transcendence from the physical into the Spiritual, which is our ENERGY, and that which NEVER dies/ends or ceases. The symbolism in the color is akin to the Swastika, which is an Auspicious sign or one that means Good Fortune or Well-Being, albeit, Adolph Hitler used for his Gestapo for that very reason, but for most people, who do not know the true history or symbolism of it, feel that it means hate, which is completely inaccurate. This underscores the very ignorance and denial that most people demonstrate; i.e., most are set in their ways and will kill another for the mere suggestion of another viewpoint; that is the power of Mind-Control and thus, conditioning via the Television (Propaganda), which is a purposefully created Mind-Control Box (the T.V.) that rewires the brains via conditioning (of all kinds), as well as “fries”/stunts the growth of one’s psyche (spiritual being) via repetitive and overbearing subliminal messaging. The aforesaid renders one’s mind to a palpable state/existence, in which ideas, concepts, perceptions can be easily manipulated or propagated with “catchy” songs, phrases (catch-phrases too), monikers, or tunes/jingles as well as via association of words, sounds, smells, colors, and said terms.  Hitherto, as stated already, it is done through the aforementioned social mediums, including all main-stream news reporting, which is all controlled by said powers. I.e., everything in so-called “reality" is controlled and or False one for all of us to blindly accept as supposed Truth. Ergo, we have been and are under control, regardless of how “free" we think or feel that we are; that is a misnomer or a state of psychoticness (i.e., psychologically being out of touch with reality) by which we are conditioned to be Materialistic and Capitalistic civilization or entity that is totally self-serving, as well as seeking decadence through satiation of our Egos, because for most of us, that is a feeling of safety, which is false and only is allowed because it preys upon our inner fears or pain, suffering, and not being loved. I.e., this is the lack of Interconnectedness and Universality that we all possess within us with our Crown Chakra or सहस्रार Sahasrara  (Enlightenment), in which love reigns supreme: our True Spiritual Being or essence. And within the Energy field or Wavelength (spiritualness of one), there is no judgment, hence, no hate or envy or anything against ANY Sentient Beings, just Acceptance, Love, and Compassion or Empathy.

Accordingly, this is the result of having another Species (regardless of how “crazy” or “insane” that sounds), which will be expounded on below, that is controlling us; e.g., hasn’t one, at some point in one’s life, thought: "why are we so easily engaged into hating/discriminating, invading/occupying, and enslaving one another, which includes extirpation or genocide.” The reason is because we are All born from bondage or within enslavement, i.e., are very being is born into slavery, in which we, operating from or in our lowest Chakra level, willingly force others to do things that wish we not to do, either for accruing monies, land/real estate (country), as well as renting others for entertainment, which is usually sexually-related or drug related, which again usually ties into or cycles back to sexual gratification (Ego/lowest Root Chakra level), in which most men like to dominate females with degenerative or humiliating aspects, which is somehow sexy or arousing: only to a warped/unhealthy mind of course. Plus, employers (oppressors) that undermine their employees (common folk) by subjugating them with menial activities and reminding them that they are “lucky" to have work and that they should be seen as some sort of over-seeing deity, because that employer is paying another for a service, in which one has been hired to do; that by its definition is a barter in the business world or a stipulation between parties involved. Not to mention, the government telling the populace how to act, what to think, and forcing that said ego's populace into relinquishing their rights or civil liberties, or outright amending the Constitution unconstitutionally or creating exemptive mandates that give the so-called government the “power” to arrest, detain, torture, intern, kill/murder or commit genocide, the very populace that they are supposed to protect and have in their best interests, which is a facade of the blind Sheeple; and is always promoted as needed protection by the totalitarian government against externals, so just give up your rights, so that “Big Brother” can protect us for the pseudo “evil-doers" that they make up or create (such as “ISIS,” or “Mujahideens,” or "AL Qaeda," and all people of some kind of brown pigmentation, etc.) and impose into our minds through FEAR to keep them in power and Illumined at the cost of the entire world populace’s freedom or volition. So, as long as one follows the daily doses of purposeful conditioning, one will be in the Matrix and susceptible to all the ideals and political propaganda that is in almost EVERY news cast and story, and I reiterate STORY that you listen to and watchband thus, blindly accept without any critical thinking being demonstrated. 
The Annunaki, Hybrids (Illumined), & Quasi-Illumined (Patsies)
White Draconian
White Draconian's (white angels: Dracos) or the Reptilians or so-called Shape-shifters/Demons are the Annunaki, in which many researchers, such as Zecharia Stitchin and others, believe/contend that are carrying out their Agenda of Human Control via tampering or altering of our DNA many thousands of years ago at least, which illuminates (no pun intended) the quasi Draconian War Conspiracy. The known and labeled Illumnati are actually the Hybrids (Blood-lines families/13 Bloodline of the Illuminatis), such as The RothschildsThe ChurchhilllsThe Rockefellers, The Windsors/Bushs, etc., whom are the entities that run/operate/control this planet and thus, this so-called reality that we are stuck or enslaved into. Moreover, these Royal Bloodlines and Monarchs of England can be evidenced or can be further investigated at: Dragon Society Real History, Dragon Philosophy and The Importance of Royal Bloodlines from The Dragon Society website. The name Dragon stems from Draconian as well as Draco, Drakon, Drake, Dracul or Dracula, including Draconian Law.

Additionally, two videos detailing the Draconians are MORE PLAUSIBLE POINTS: EVIDENCE FOR THE SERPENT RACE- Saga A (Chapters 1-7)@YouTube and MORE PLAUSIBLE POINTS: EVIDENCE FOR THE SERPENT RACE- Saga B (Chapters 8-13)@YouTube both posted by InfiniteFreeThinkers are bout two-hours each, but worth watching. The Illumined or Hybrids have been crossbred with the Reptilians to create said Hybrids for centuries. That is why they are considered or tagged the Illumined, because of their knowing of the truth that is, which has been hidden from us for centuries now. They agreed to hide the truth for their selfish reasonings, e.g., have longer or eternal life, and thus, acting as a pseudo deity of sorts, in which they are able to enjoy the best foods and water without the chemically-ladened ones that the commoners (Homo-sapiens) are forced to ingest, and which is all full of toxins and poisons to kill us off as well as make the remaining few, palpable (psyche-wise) or complacent (in our will or lack thereof), i.e., good followers or slaves that will blindly walk into the inferno and say: “thank you” as well. Furthermore, these Hybrids, aside from having the perspective that they somehow are the rightfully "chosen ones" or special due to their meaningless bloodlines and unbelievable incestuous progeny, when in truth they are actually Satanists or demonic spirits that through a pact or agreement with the said Reptilians, are then allowed to be put into positions of great power, title,  and so-called stature, in which the plebeians (us) will look up to "them" aimlessly and mindlessly for all the wrong reasons. Then there is there third tier, per se or the quasi-illumined (Patsies who lack a direct and true bloodline as do the Illumined/Hybrids), which are for the most part are represented by actors/musicians/artists (of any discipline), especially "child stars” (who are sickly indoctrinated by the Evil Disney Programming Industry), i.e., the Pedophile Makers with Satanic ties/roots, not to mention their affiliations with the aforesaid Nazism and Eugenics) are cultivated from before birth, i.e, Sex-Kittens/Monarch Programming, etc.; however, some of these Quasi-Illumined, meaning these Homo-sapiens that inevitably become famous enough (e.g., the Kardashians and does anyone remember Robert Kardashian - O.J. Simpson’s friend/council? and the Satanic sacrifice of Nicole Brown Simpson) that prove that they are "playing the game" by the rules since some of them are not born into this facade, and offered, like most self-made musicians who are willing to push Satanism and Luciferianism themes and tenets in their supposed lyrics and videos, to become Illumined (Quasily), per se; and subsequently, the Mind-Controlled are given a Handler (again since they are lack a true bloodline), whom watches over them and more importantly directs them (i.e., their perceived personas) in all ways/fashions via triggers, hand-gestures, key words/phrases or colors, smells, etc., to promote Satanism and Luciferianism as to condition the masses (i.e., the general population) without their knowledge; this is done through the promotion of Baphomet/Lucifer, fear, mendacities, threats, terror, and glorified public rituals unbeknownst to the partakers; i.e., promoting the False Savior/Prophet: Satan/Baphomet, Lucifer, whichever moniker one likes. So, the usage of quasi or pseudo Illumined means that again, they are not true Hybrids (Illumined); i.e., the are so-called “Illumined" by default or proxy.

Thus, only the Bloodlines mentioned above are the True Hybrids or Illumined/Illuminati. Four videos of interest are: Interview with Lacerta the Reptilian (complete, Both Interviews)@YouTube which details the varying species of Aliens and which one is dominating our world, which is really their world, and supplemental documentation (PDFs) of the above assertion by Lacerta are found@The Alien Races Book / Alien Race Book / The Lists of Aliens, as well as in the following videos, e.g., Ancient history of Reptilians and Demons Full Documentary@YouTubeReptilians Among Us - The Alien Race 'Here' On Earth@YouTube, Reptilian Agenda: Manipulation, Depopulation, and Soul Traps@YouTube posted by Know The Truth, and Arizona Wilder - Deceived No More; all of which, explain in detail, about the above Species that is controlling Homo-Sapiens. Further, Richard Bruce discusses why uploading videos on this subject matter is important: A REASON TO UPLOAD REPTILIAN SHAPESHIFTER VIDEO@YouTube. Not to mention, one can research endless videos and documentaries on said subject by using the Internet, Libraries, and YouTube. Subsequently, this also ties-in or intersects with the very real (True) reality of Holographs or our Holographic Reality/Being, which can be further investigated with observing a great video about Holographic capabilities and Liquid Crystals; both of which, the Draconians use to hide (the occult) themselves from the rest of us, e.g., DEMONSTRATION of HOLOGRAPHIC CAPABILITY via LIQUID CRYSTALS; Archon/Reptilian MIND GAME. So, regardless of who hard it may be to digest, one still needs to see things with an open or critical mind. Furthermore, there is a lot of proof about Cloning and that many of these Royal Satanic Bloodline Psychopathic & Sociopathic Incestous Families are actually 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations or versions of themselves since the Illumined have privy knowledge to many sciences and technology that we, meaning the common folk, are not allowed to know about or use. Hence, they are able to use the learned or occult knowledge given to them by the Annunaki (Draconians), in which they never get truly sick or suffer from disease and therefore live longer than all of us; moreover, supposedly most of the music "celebrities" including "famous" actors are sacrificed once their clone has learned to take on mannerisms of the soon to be sacrificed. All one has to do to have that assertion reinforced in look at the mid 20-30s female singers now to when they first came out 15 years ago; they act different and facial look different or off, per se. And that does not mean that they are aged now either.

Furthermore, that would explain why most celebrities look so different within 3-6 years of them becoming “famous.” This is evidenced through many of the paparazzi's photographs of said people out of shape and looking horribly bad. Not to mention, some display altered voices and facial structures/features, which can be perused at Photos of Celebrity Clones / Clones and Doubles (list) / 4 Kinds of Cloning, Holographic Celebrities, Transhumanism, Telepresence, & GMO animals / Truth about the viril society, clones, celebrities, and the queen lizard by admitted clone Donald Marshall. This is undeniable in the sense that there is definitely something to the cloning as the Powers have achieved this endeavor, albeit, it is promoted as something of Science Fiction especially within these predictive programed movie themes; but that view of pure science fiction is another lie, because we all have met people that are uncannily alike someone else that we have met in our past, and of course that can or could be just evolution and a coincidence, but when one extracts that with celebrities, then one deduces that many of these so-called stars that heavily resemble one another, especially the ones that stay around or have lengthy careers do look substantially different over time.

Below is links pertaining to MILABS, which is under the military/government (Special Operations), whereby they have enormous installations underground that have 7-levels to them with the last 3 strictly being of Reptilians in which humans are not supposed to enter into and if they do, it is at their own risk. These said labs experiment on humans as well as being a place of herding or breeding them for food, especially children; that is one of the reasons why so many children "disappear" every year, and never to be found again; they are victims of the Dracos sustenance (food) program, so to speak.
Notwithstanding, is it not interesting that so many science-fiction movies and T.V. shows virtually always had Dracos or Reptilian species that usually or for the most part were malevolent? For example, and relating to the last 40+ years there is Buck Roger’s of the 25th Century, “V” the first T.V. series back in the  1980s (very telling by the way), They Live (1988), Independence Day (1996), as well as having the Dracos at times appear in other shows, such as Space: Above and Beyond (late 90s), the X-Files (early-mid 90s), Battlestar Galactica (late 70s); and an overall list of their kind, albeit, it is a so-called fictional list, until proven otherwise, I suppose is @List of reptilian humanoids@WIki. And another very good article is New (Reptilian) World Order - Complete History of Reptilian Control from Humans are Free, in which one can engross oneself to a lot of information and discern for oneself. And keep in mind all the movies about Dinosaurs; Dinosaurs means Great Lizard and kids have an especially fascinating connection to this species that supposedly went "extinct due to a huge meteor or asteroid 75-million years ago." Just more mendacities by Science (insular and laden with lies like most pieties) as well as the "Big Bang Theory" and Darwin's "Evolution" with his "Survival of the fittest" tenets. All farces to conditioned the masses to conceal the truth of our Reptilian ancestors; in fact, we have a reptilian brain and even the lie-laden science field admitted that, but for the most part, do not mention it as they wish for us to believe that we "evolved" from Chimpanzees, which there is no evidence of, just suppositions that are put forth as truth like the "news" of today.

In short, the Reptilians have turned off 98% of our DNA to make us demure and controllable as well as to keep us from transcending ourselves to higher Vibrational Frequency Energy beings that we truly are. They came to this planets 10s of 1000s of year ago and colonized this planet, much like humans enjoy doing to other countries mind you. They have enslaved us working in cahoots with the Hybrid Illuminatis (i.e. Bloodline Families) mentioned above, who make sure of our indentured existence with the Fait Monetary System, which the Dracos created for that very reason. Further, the Hybrids are PLACED into key positions in every country at every imperative position to control its slave: homo-sapiens. They do it via the Conditioned Box (TV) music via Satanic Rituals, the media (all propaganda), and politics (a sham to give people the idea that they have "power"). And couple that with GMOd foods (everything), tainted or poisoned vaccines and pharmaceuticals, fluoridated water, perverse indoctrinated schooling, and all the government acronynmed entities that infringe our inalienable rights, and especially against children, then it is quite clear: "What strange goings on we have here," as Dr. Frankenstein played by Gene Wilder opined in Mel Brook's "Young Frankenstein."

Project Bluebeam is a program pertaining to Holographs and using them for psyche control of a populace; this was mentioned before with the Hologram “airplanes" that “hit” the WTC Towers on 9/11/01. An article on this is What is the Blue Beam Project? by David Openheimer (4/16/2000) from Alien Astronomer and NASA'S PROJECT BLUE BEAM by Serge Monast (1994) and Project Blue Beam.pdf. An buttressing examples of this happened in China: Hologram Experiment in China?@YouTube and 1/9/2014 A FAKE CITY IN CHINA (HOLOGRAM)@YouTube.

Henceforth, one’s understanding of what is really happening or transpiring will become evident after viewing these provided videos as well as the provided .pdf links, which one should peruse or read as well. This will also bring one to seek knowledge and information on or about Holographs and Liquid Crystals, and how they are used or implemented, which is extremely interesting. I recommend a 5-Part Series on YouTube by secretkeyactivator, which is very informative and called: "Holographic Universe" (Part 1 of 5), (Part 2 of 5), (Part 3 of 5), (Part 4 of 5), (Part 5 of 5). And another 5-Part Series by StuOH on YouTube is called: "The Holographic Universe" Parts (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), and is excellent as well. In addition, and something mentioned in the opening paragraph, the Lunar-waves are documented here at NEW: Lunar Wave - Hologram?@YouTube & NEW: All 5 Lunar Wave (Hologram?) Events@YouTube, both by Crrow777, and Violent Energy wave on the moon@YouTube by Richard205maria). All have shown a wave moving across the Lunar surface like a Holographic Image would display: i.e., imagery projection. Further, all these videotapes clearly prove that this is not a camera or videotaping anomaly, because the wave that is moving across the Lunar surface ONLY effects the image of the Moon or said surface and NOT the entire framed shot, i.e., the space that the Moon is orbiting within. Also, Crrow777 has some videos of objects flying across the face of the moon as well that are not rocks, space debris or tricks pertaining to lighting effects; e.g., Spaceship Like Object With Thruster Engines Examined and Crazy Moon Object (UFO) & Jupiter Filmed Using Eyepiece Projection.
Ostensibly, we are war-like, because of how we were created, however, we have the power to transcend and not follow the ideals of our makers (slave owners) whose ideals are to enslave the entire genetically altered Homo-sapien race to do their bidding. This comes into fruition by the “government” that most think that they “put into power,” which is a misnomer; i.e., the entire political spectrum is nothing more than theatre or contemporary scripted reality television, in which the masses wholeheartedly are attracted to. They, meaning the Government and powers that be, are placed by the Reptilians (are creators) who allow them to be in these acting positions that the populace believes is true reality. Hence, all these manipulated and purposeful wars and all the news overall, are nothing more then an illusion coupled with the usage of PSYOPs, which is made up of so-called “evil people” or “terrorists” that wish to do “America" and thus, “Americans" harm. When in reality, the only terrorists are the US Government and the creatures or demons that have genetically created us many thousands of years ago when they invaded and thus, occupied this planet (sound familiar?). Additionally, the Reptilians are at the heads of powerful positions within Government, especially the Industrialized Military. E.g., most of these so-called Military “Experts” who are always retired, and spout rhetoric on how we need to fight this country and invade that country, etc., but does anyone ever notice how these so-called humans, salivate when talking about that, as well as hardly blink when espousing these narrow-minded aggressive views, or that their faces change in color or strange patterning that seemingly develop onto their faces via the television broadcast (Pixelation due to the digitized signal now that is broadband, which makes it possible for us to see the failure of the holograms and liquid crystals that they use to cloak their try appearance). As well as others who while lying or reading their scripts to the masses, neurotically keep checking an out-of-site monitor, which shows if their Hologram is projecting or failing. Just as in the lower levels of Government and in the Police Departments, the Captains or higher-ups who demand full-compliance from their officers in publicly, illegally, and unconstitutionally questioning, detaining, abusing, threatening  hurting, maiming, terrorizing, and killing the citizens (the populace) that it “swears” to “protect and serve.” That is tyranny and oppression on display. And it is being done with an askance or Cheshire smiles on their countenances Hybrids/Illumined and their owned Minions: the Quasi Patsies), because these narcissists who ARE sociopaths know the truth that we do not know and they therefore, possess and display a giddiness or what is known as, “Duping Delight” displayed by all of the "crisis-actors" (sociopaths mentioned beforehand) whom claim that they are relatives or family members of all the “innocent’ people being murdered in so-called terrorists attacks locally and abroad. They know that they are lying and become giddy with that information since they feel that they are more important and thus, better-than the commoners (us), hence, their idiocy of smiling (duping delight). This is deep and very sinister to say the least. Not to mention, that if one researches these supposed victims, then one finds out that these people are used in several of the so-called terrorists attacks (PSYOPs); e.g., the Sandy Hook kids that were supposedly killed, wound up in this past year's 2015 Superbowl XXXVIII halftime show in which they were signing!!! Video: Sandy Hook HOAX! Close-Up of Super Bowl singers, LOOK! PROOF of Hoax! New Jan 2014@YouTube by Your Old Sweetie and Sandy Hook Victim Dies Again Tomorrow!! Illuminati FAIL!! 2015@YouTube by Fisher of Men among many other ones that are worth viewing to help one discern the truth and wake up to the Matrix that we are imprisoned in. And suffice it to say, the trillions of dollars (capital) that are generated for the Military Industry, Illegal Drug Industry, the Pharmaceutical Companies, and all Government Officials, via taxation, along with their "Black-Ops" and freelancing of Private/Independent Contractors, such as Blackwater and Academi, to name only 2, all gain momentary wealth and power via their conglomerate companies/factions within factions, that is for the minority (Elitists); i.e., all the said Elitists make money off the blood and sacrifice of civilians' lives of brainwashed “Americans.” Additionally, three other informational videos about the lies of Government and our enslavement, as well as our False Reality are:  Order Followers - The People Who Keep The System Of Slavery In Place@YouTube posted by Dismantle The Matrix and You Live In A System Of Control – A Prison For Your Mind@YouTube and Crrow777 Interviewed On Higher Side Chats 2 - Good Interview both posted by Crrow777.

Many, as I did, feel that the Illuminati have ties to the Annunaki, which has truth to it, but the misnomer is that they are not separate as explained above. The Truth is that the Annunaki are the Reptilians/Draconian's, whom genetically created us by altering our DNA a few thousand years ago; so, they can be considered the pre-cursor to the Illuminati, which is the term for the Homo-sapiens that KNOW what 95% do not know due to the deception of our entire race.  I.e., The Homo-Sapien PSYOP. The Reptilians have colonized many other planets before they came here, supposedly because they got stranded on Earth after a war with another race, I think the Pleiadians, but I could be inaccurate, but said “Alien” race is supposedly wishing to raise our energy levels or fields, which is referencing our Spiritual Nature/Spiritual Energy, or Frequency, which we are all made up of or consist of. That is our True Nature or Original Face (Buddhism),: our Energy or Frequency. We are not “this crude matter,” as Yoda opined in Star Wars; Episode IV: The Empire Strikes Back, in trying to teach the protagonist, Luke Skywalker, to realize that everything is Interconnected and shares Universality (both Buddhist’s tenets). I.e., that there is NO DUALITY (Subject versus Object or Good versus Bad) as most people are conditioned to believe in. Those views are foreign to most people and for the most part, will be dismissed by most people who hear or read it. Usually, we are very quick to dismiss things that we do not understand or challenges our conditioned brainwashing that everyone is separate and that we should always live by the Satanist’s motto or: Y.O.L.O. or "You Only Live Once," so therefore, do whatever you want, because there is NO consequence (LIE) of one doing so; and also, the belief of “Do what thou Whilst”; yet another version of the said insular paradigm. This is heavily promoted in virtually all Music Videos, regardless of genre, in which most have young teenage girls being philanders and expressing how this lifestyle/ideal is okay and morally correct. Moreover, that everyone else should follow this concept and thus, engage in it. This is also buttressed by the money and materialistic endeavors that encompass all of these so-called celebrities and pop-stars. Ergo, the Music Industry, which again is controlled by the Reptilians/Demons and the Hybrids and Quasi Patsies engaging in Satanism and Luciferianism that depict blood sacrifices, including infanticide, as well as incestousism, which is the MKUltra Project: mind-control of young female pre-pubescent children to become “Sex-Kittens” or promiscuous and philandering beings, which is ostensibly inappropriate due to their young age and underdeveloped psyches. However, to a sociopath, those tendencies are immensely desired/needed. This is why virtually all the videos are hyper-sexualized and demonstrate these young “Sex-Kittens” who show off there vaginas and breasts and simulate sexual acts on themselves, as well as with others, including objects, as well as the outlawed sodomy portrayals on stage (live ritualistic performances) and in their videos (prepackaged Pedophilic vignettes). Thereby, everything is in-excess or satiation of one’s Ego or under controllable desires, which are or become addictive; such as Addictive Personality and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which can lead to Manic Depression and Bi-Polarism Disorder (B.P.D.) too. This is why the current generation (Generation Z), are of the mindset or conviction of “give it to me yesterday,” juxtaposed to the prior one or the Generation , which was of the mindset of “give it to me now.”

Further, this explains why said generation is completely engrossed into the technology that is before them. I.e., phones that are always and being focused upon when walking around or driving traffic, or taking mass transit; most are looking, watching or transfixed by it, whilst disregarding the so-called real-world that they are walking around and operating in. By definition, then everyone who is engaging into this, is actually in an abstract reality that is within another virtual reality that is not true. So, that is a double non-reality that most are operating in and in which they feel is so true or real, which is it is not. Moreover, they are in constant contact be it auditory or visually with others and feel deprived when they cannot immediately connect with them or anyone for that matter, even for non-emergency reasons. That is cultivated deep-dependence and a uber-neediness that is clearly unhealthy and leads to psychological problems (psychosis) or issues that can manifest into violent behavior or acting out against others, because of desensitization or a lack of empathy (psychotic). Further, kids of today, get annoyed if they have to wait a seconds much less minutes for anything. E.g., they become loud, obnoxiousness and then act out with demonstrative and gesticulative behaviors that voice or show or their displeasure and frustration, which is projecting their own insecurities, and by which is low-leveled-minded people, operating in the Ego-laden ways of the world of “Me, Me, Me."  And how the demonstration of emotionality became a sign of maturity is asinine and more importantly, quite sad and telling as well. These behaviors are all psychosis of said insecurity and intellectually-stunted-minded (mentally crippled) humans who operate in their reproductive realm (red Chakra, the lowest level: Plebeian), hence, the Duality viewpoint or Egoistic paradigms. They are functioning in a Reptilian-side of the brain, which is materialistic and of the "divide and conquer" motif. I.e., "I need this, so I will take it if I have to, because I deserve it." How many times is that sentiment professed indignantly; e.g., “I deserve it!” What? People need to realize that “Deserve” is a Egoistic paradigm, in which one feels entitled to something, just because. When in reality, they are operating in the realm of narcissism. Fear, paranoia, envy, jealous, hate, anger, discrimination, gluttony, Egoism, etc., are all dividends of one’s lack of Spirituality or more aptly stated, one’s disconnect to EVERYTHING; i.e., the entire Universe, which includes infinite galaxies with infinite stars and infinite dimensions or so-called realities with infinite Sentient Beings. The above also underscores the yet unmentioned (until now) removal of family as a whole, including values, and interactions within a community as well as the roles that adults or parents have in their progeny or the next generation. Presently, the roles of males and females (mothers and fathers) are discredited and undermined, to promote the conditioned ideology of said Y.O.L.O. insular paradigm that rips a part family values and the authority that a parent has over their progeny. Genders are now intertwined to the point of a one-sexual being, per se, in which one’s progeny has a purposeful conditioned disconnect from one’s parents. This makes a child and thus, their generation, refute guidance from one’s parents or venerating adults overall. Moreover, with parents of today, many willingly giving up their rights in deciding what is best for their children to the Government and its pushed agenda of Big Brother, etc.; this Generation is lost and it was sadistically cultivated to be that way. So, one can easily see that Piety, Spirituality, Family, Freedom of Choice and Expression, Creativity, Love, Empathy, etc., i.e., Free Will be circumvented, usurped, and extirpated all at the hands of a sick doctrine put forth by the Powers that Be in the guise of all forms of entertainment. 
Quite ironically, the Latin meaning for Homo-Sapien is “Wise Man,” which is sexist by its very definition or viewpoint, and is ostensibly something that “man” has or is not demonstrating now with exception of the Elitists who are in cohorts with the Reptilians or “Alien Race” that truly run and own this planet, and thus, perpetuate this upside-down “mad-house” world, in which Charlton Heston’s 1968 character “Taylor” screamed out in realization of his reality in The Planet of the Apes (based on the novel by Pierre Boulle). This, like the 1999 character “Neo” from The Matrix Trilogy by The Wachowski Brothers, finally wakes up to the very real reality of being controlled and is the proverbial prison for his mind. Neo, of course, represents all of us who are within the Matrix and do not realize it (before we wake up), but we all have the ability to transcend (after we wake up) and thus, change our perception of reality, which is currently false. Both movies, among many many others underscore that something else, i.e., another Sentient Being (race) is controlling the world, in which we supposedly live in. Nevertheless, the term should be Human-Specierum (human/kind + species in the plural forms) in my humble opinion.

Suffice it to say, with one's researching and then discerning all this kind of information that is out there over the Internet or World-Wide-Web, as well as periodicals, published or publicized text, etc., it is then quite clear to see that everything is false or an illusion; i.e., the entire societal system: our pseudo civilization, quasi history, as mentioned above as well as our so-called Religion and Science. What is put forth in schools (from grammar to college) and is found in/at libraries, Congressional Depositories, and all Media, be it text publications or Social Media (news and on-line) by the Powers that Be or the Reptilians and their counterparts, i.e., the Annunaki and Illuminati are only presenting un-factually-based Science along with “faulty" or "inaccurately written or recorded History” (fables) as well as the misrepresented Pious Entities purporting and mandating their beliefs of a written text: The Holy Bible, which seemingly is misrepresentations or misunderstandings of what Humans were seeing then, of which they could not clearly articulate via text; and so came these unimaginable “stories” or “Myths” or “Legends of Moses, Christ, God, The Great Flood, Noah’s Ark, Epoch, the Apostles," etc.; not to mention, the often misread/misinterpreted hieroglyphics and other ancient texts/characters of the Egyptians, Aztces, Mayans, Sumerians; and not forgotten either, the Greek Gods, such as Enki, Osiris, Minerva, Poseidon, Zeus, etc., as well as the Annunaki or our Creators as the “Ancient UFOlogists" believe. Of course it is easy to discount/dismiss all of the above, because our minds are very simple (due to our complete lack of Spirituality or low vibrational frequency/energy) and have been conditioned to be that way; i.e., cerebrally as well as physiologically programmed to be that way; so, our psyches are easy to discard anything that does not fit into our mind, i.e., compartmentalization (a bi-product of mind control) of everything, so that it makes “sense”” to us or in our repetitive and monotonous lives that lack true love and empathy (connection) for the most part, or the world as it is now, would not be. That is why many seek some forms of escapism, but most do it in a harmful way; e.g., heavy drinking (inevitably Alcoholism), over drug use (addiction and overdosing), philandering (Sexually Transmitted Diseases/risky physiological behavior), all of which can or usually lead to death, because the person forms an addiction to said escapist externals; and all addictions are devastating to one and most are fatal or mortal. Furthermore, it would also explain why so many Humans seek escapism from their dreary uneventful and vapid or self-serving lives; there is a VOID of love, connection, and humility (Universality), but most are tethered to this so-called reality/world or realm. And that is the proverbial Matrix or the scenario that has been pulled down over/before our eyes to blind us from ourselves and what we can truly be (Energy Beings); i.e, our own spiritual beings of Love, Empathy, Humility, Connectedness, and Manifestation or Transcendence (Light/Energy). Notwithstanding, the Matrix is nothing more then a false reality imposed by charlatans that push forth LIES, misnomers, and misunderstandings with exception of the Illumined ones who are again placed into such grand or high positions to oversee what information, disinformation, and misinformation is conveyed to the public to keep the Homo-Sapiens at odds with one another (Divide & Conquer), which is ludicrous once one becomes acceptance of the Energy that one is (i.e, one’s awakening). Thus, this Puppet-Government and most all of its “TOP" Officials, the "Fat-Cats" (the “Illumined") or the chosen ones from birth, because of pseudo Royal Incestuous Bloodlines Sociopathic Families that are founded in Satanism/Luciferianism, which are truly the Hybrids (i.e., progeny of said chosen Homo-sapiens interbreeding with Draconian's/Reptilians or "creators" of hierarchal engineering).

And by using other species, such as The Greys, who conduct abductions that involve reproductive information as well as psychological emotionalities (i.e., how our minds work under duress/stress, etc.), or how our psyches makes sense of its perceptions or perceived reality, work for the Draconians are gathering information on how we react to fear, which they feed off of (the Draconians) vibrational and Frequency-wise, as well as when is the prime or best time for removing fetuses or babies for their food and or further scientific testing or whatever else that they are doing beyond our comprehension; because supposedly, the blood of the young (babies and children) has regenerative aging factors and properties, in which they use to live or extend their lives with (i.e., reversing the aging process). And the Satanists and Luciferianists who are the chosen Illumined, partake in the heinous rituals of blood-sacrifice of humans, which for the most part include said children and babies as well as the aforesaid horrific sexual deviant acts (unimaginable suffering). So, the Illuminati are probably mimicking in their own twisted and perverted ways, how the Reptilians/Draconians consume human flesh and blood as we are not only their workers/miners of/for earth’s minerals, such as Copper and Gold, as well as said food: sustenance. Has no one noticed how hey have fattened us up like cattle and put us in a herd mentality as well. Our lives parallel sheep and cattle, in which we do the very same thing. Ostensibly, they are also quite animalistic by their nature (aggressive/competitive/conqueror) and thrive on human fear as if it were a theoretical elixir or aphrodisiac, if you will; meaning, they, are aroused by human’s in fear as psychotic people are with the pain and agony that they cause in others (their victims); because, animals will usually attack other animals when they sense its weakness: fear, because its an energy or wavelength or frequency is viscerally noticeable by other species, but not to our own amazingly, which shows how out of touch or stunted we actually are compared to the entire Universe with all its Sentient life; i.e., our lessened/dulled Spiritual Being (the lack thereof). And regarding the different Alien race/species, some videos about them that are worth watching are: Alien Races: Over 82 Species On Earth! Part 1@YouTubePart 2@YouTube, and Part 3@YouTube posted by What They Don’t Want You To Know as well as Alien Anatomy, Species, & genetics Part1@YouTube and Part 2@YouTube posted by Alien Scientist, albeit, he does not feel/think that there is any truth to the Draconian's/Reptilians evidence by using Science to dismiss it, which undermines his perspective by explaining away the theory of Draconians, although he believes in the Greys, etc.; nevertheless, his videos are interesting minus the display of his presumed acumen or arrogance of his so-called “facts,” which is by its definition, misinformation, along with some disinformation, but I am not intimating that he is working for “them” or anything, he is just a person with his opinions, which he bases in Evolution (Darwinism) and Scientific paradigms (Kuhnianism), and that is fine. Further, one can learn a lot from anyone with insular tenets, which are always based upon facts or the Subject versus Object perspective, which is the stated thesis/motto of “Seeing is believing.”  Also, a good video of a conversation to listen to is UFO And Alien Documentary / Richard C Hoagland 2014 The Big Conversation@YouTube posted by Francis Hamm.
Origins of the Occult - "Eyes Wide Shut”
And if one questions the above validity of Satanism and Luciferianism that is rampant and insidious in Americana and in the above said entities, then all one has to do is look at the Music Industry (virtually all of it is produced/manufactured songs, including the different genres) and all the advertisements for any product today in the market, who are they marketed to, and what age groups, which includes what is or is not appropriate for said age groups, as well as toys and cartoons for kids, which are advertisements that always depict hyper-sexualized “overtly"-subliminal messages to their young and impressionable psyches; consequentially, altering their already not formed or unsure perceptions and personalities of what is ethically/morally correct or not in terms of behavior and etiquette; hence, the “Y.O.L.O.” ideal and philandering lifestyle of too many teenagers as well as people up into their mid-late 30s today. Most wish to go out and drink, dance, drug it up, and sex it out, so to speak, in which a lot of money is wasted on usually toxic concoctions and designer (synthetic) drugs, not to mention the negative energy that one produces and attracts. And what causes these types of concepts or perceptions to manifest; well, it is the ostensible Conditioning of said entities in said forms that are affecting the entire populace since birth almost. An early example of clear and broad-Conditioning is by the pioneers of Conditioning, Walt Disney Company (A Military Complexed Company) founded in the 1920s. For brevity purposes, Disney  has its roots with Nazis (Nazism) and their Eugenics ProgramMind-Control Programming, and furthermore, Disney is infamous for its heavy and blatant pedophelic symbolism (subliminal programming) within all of the produced content, as well as the Satanic and Luciferianism dogmas/symbolism entrenched or encrypted into their comics, stories, movies, and characters, which I expounded on in: My Opine or text Breaking the Disney Spell by Jack Zipes as well as another one in which I covered in kind: Feminism and Fairy Tales, by Karen E. Rowe. Both pertain to the stereotyping and mythology of such stories and more so how they are laden with sexism, sexuality, pedophilia, hate, etc.. Yet another example are the Superbowl Halftime Shows (Spectacles) and the Grammys/Oscars, etc., are especially demonstrating on a global level, Satanic Ritualistic signs, colors, banners, symbols, and so-called performances of the arts, that always involve Baphomet; i.e., his  imagery as well as Illuminati symbolism, which underscores their pact, such as the “All-Seeing Eye” (Eye of Horus), the Pyramids, and the checkered-boarded floors of black and white, which reference duality, as well as including Biblical text like the pillars, or imageography of one or many coming from or being stuck in the Womb or the Belly of the Beast, etc., a purgatory of sorts in videos or performances of any kind; not to mention the people (actors/dancers of the said performances) portraying Demons in the accompaniment of fire imagery and/or fire itself (reinforcing the red, orange, and yellow or lowest Chakras levels in one’s face: mocking you); and of course death, via a Devil or a Grim Reaper or Sickle or sorts; just look at music videos of any leading “pop stars” in any genre, especially the females ones. Because the women have bigger roles to play in this Satanic Cabal; therefore, they are externalized as property (Satanic SEX SLAVE) and showcased with their male counterpart whom play supporting roles for the most part.  Just think of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and the current “Queen of Demonic-Mean,” Katy Perry, not to mention Nikki Minaj, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc., and of course the self-admitted Illuminati sellout like all of them before and after her, "Grand-whore” Madonna who continues to open the proverbial door and leads in new young virgin blood for her Handlers deviant and insidious doings. And then include virtually all the male “pop-stars” and virtually all the “rappers" or “hip-hoppers” out there who promote sexism, materialism, aggrandizement, and unadulterated philandering. In addition to said Monarched-Programmed Sex-Kittens, there are also the Presidential Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves, such as Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn Monroe, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Brice Taylor, etc..

Additionally, some wonderfully informative videos about the Music Industry that clearly highlights the ostentatious and blatant promoting of pedophilia, sexual immorality, depravity, bondage or Sadism and Masochism, and sacrifice, etc., which relates to these videos: MKUltra Programming or Sex-Kitten Programming or Monarch ProgrammingMonarch Programming: MK-ULTRA & Project Monarch@YouTubeRitual Abuse, MKUltra & Gangstalking (Full Length)@YouTube by Mystic DaveMonarch Programming: Best of Hollywood MK-Ultra@YouTubeMK Ultra Victim Brice Taylor Exposes Her Mind Control Handlers@YouTubeMind Control ''Sex Kitten'' Programming@YouTubeA True Story of The Handler and the Butterfly@YouTubeCIA: MK-ULTRA Hearings: Survivor Testimony 1996@YouTubeThe Most Dangerous Game-The History Of MK ULTRA (2001)@YouTube posted by Mystic DaveMockingjay ILLUMINATI Symbolism - The Hunger Games EXPOSED!!!@YouTube posted by White Rabbit, and many others to research. Articles of the ostensible Hyper-Sexualization, or Incestuous, Physical and Mental Abuse by the aforesaid Pop-Girls (teens) are here: Selena Gomez (sexualizing/exhibitionism/just out of the realm of child pornography since she is now 22 years old as of 2015), Britney Spears (incest/sexual/physical/verbal abuse/torturist): (; (; (; Christina Aguilera (MKUltra@indianthemachine@wordpress.comPhysicalAbuse@dailymail.comSplitPersonalities@exposingthematrix@tumblr@com); Nikki Minaj (Mental Abuse, Reptilian, and Possession@YouTube), Katy Perry (Satanism), Lady Gaga (Satanism), Rihanna (Satanism@YouTubeConfessionofWorshippingSatan@YouTubeSIA Elastic Heart Satanic Subliminal Message EXPOSED !!! “LUCIFER”@YouTube by Viigilant Christian, and DrakeonRihanna&Satan@YouTube), Celion Dion (Coincidence@YouTube), Mariah Carey (TruthaboutAmericanIdolExperince@YouTubeAkinToSatan@YouTubeOnNikkiMinaj@YouTube), Whitney Houston (Sacrifice@YouTubeCliveDavis@YouTube), Madonna (Occult@YouTubeSubliminalMessaging@YouTubeRape@YouTube, and And a one video,  Disney Sex Symbols, Witch Craft & Satanism Exposed@youTube by Pro Constitutioner and Hidden S** Commercials Illuminati Subliminal Messages Disney Ads@YouTube posted by Illuminati Investigation buttresses said discerned opinions and two excellent supplemental articles to read are Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control@VigilantCitizen and Use Of Monarch Mind Control Methodology For Programming Manchurian Candidates For Social Violence In U.S. Society by NESARA INTERNATIONAL. And a very good discourse on the above subject is Walt Disney, MTV, and Hollywood - Mind Control@YouTube posted by Lee Soarez and The Disney Bloodline: The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit@TheForbiddenKnowledge. For videos on the Elite Satanic Pedophile Industry that are excellent to listen to are: The Global Elite & Their Satanic Pedophile Ring of Power (KBS Ep#266)@YouTube posted by TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther)Alex Jones & David Icke - Satanism and Elite Pedophile Rings@YouTube posted by Dismantle The Matrix, plus, David Icke Awesome NEW Interview DNA, Royals and Iluminati History@YouTube, and David Icke Awesome NEW Interview DNA, Royals and Iluminati History@YouTube, both posted by Meredith Candie.
Henceforth, through these videos and articles one, can discern about how the programming works and the levels, as there Walt Disney's Company, which uses a signature that is not Walt’s in their Logo, clearly has three "6s" in it with one of them being reversed. As is all of their purposeful subliminal sex imagery, songs, sounds, and themes within their products and characters, for equality purposes, all conglomerate companies, such as TWC, Paramount, New Line Cinema, Walmart, to name only a few, all have Satanic referencing in their logos/emblems that usually sport a red stripe or swoosh of sorts as well as having circles or the all-seeing eye, etc., i.e., Reptilians and the Illumined are perpetually forcing an illusion (forced an aberrant program) into our faces. This is evident in virtually all cartoons, especially in their theme or entrance montage before their shows as well as in their “jingles” of it. Examples of the usage of said symbology see: Illuminati - Use Of Symbolism In Logo's (HD)@YouTube by Illuminati by We Hate YouFamous Logos With Hidden Meanings - 2 Minute Marketing #104@YouTube posted by Video Mojo, and Illuminati Corporate Logos posted by PoleShift, as well as symbolism of the Illuminati in Freemason/Illuminati Superbowl 49 Message No One is telling You!-Choose Your King Wisely!@YouTube, and Illuminati Get Tethered-Beast Mix@YouTube both posted by Nicholson1968.
Baphomet & Pentagram
Further, the above also underscores or highlights the Satanists and Lucieferists who follow their believed adage of “So above, So Below,” which means as above, then so be it below or that what is above is the same that is below. And from this distorted mindset comes their concept of “Out of Chaos Comes Order,” which is an old Latin Proverb/expression ("Ordo Ab Chao”) made popular by Fredric Neitzche, a famous German philosopher in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but taken to another level by people, such as Aleister Crowley and his occult and Satanic belief/practices/writings (Luciferianism), in which their belief is that so-called “order" will arise from said “Chaos" that is imposed upon or subjugated onto it. However, that is true when it is of natural formation/delineation or from nature and not something forced upon by other Humans or other species with exterior or demonic motives onto an unsuspecting populace or pseudo civilization that is oblivious to it due to over-saturation in materialistic and physical stimulus or externals, e.g., money, drugs, alcohol, clothes, gadgets, cars, homes/apartments, cigarettes, food, movies, sex, etc. (Mind Control/Populace Control). So, once one deduces all of the unexplained or questionable aspects about our illusionary world or earth and our species, then one manifests the conclusion that the Draconian's/Reptilians are in charge of this world and they are working with the Powers that Be (Illumined/Hybrids), who have sold their souls, so to speak to the said Demons, so that they can be privy to the real truth that we were created by the said Demons to work (mine) for them as well as be their sustenance. The Reptilians made a pact with the Illumined (Hybrids) to stay in the depths of the Earth (hidden), in other words, the caves and mountains around the world, and not reveal themselves to the populace as long as the Illumined agreed to allow them to harvest the Plebeians (us) and their progeny (blood sacrifices/infanticide) for their own reasons (food/sustenance) without any challenges or impediments of any kind. Thusly, we (the common folk or commoners) can argue with one another about nonsensical issues, e.g., Piety, Politics, Music, so-called Illegal Aliens (passing over the borders), Vaccinations, Laws, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Ethics, Politics, Education, Religion, Food, GMOsGHs, and the list goes on and on and on. And this is by design (purposeful)! And as a result, we are separated from one another spiritual/vibrational, because of all the inundated chemically-laden foods, over bombardment of sounds, waves, or frequencies, propagated pollutants into the atmosphere, and divergent paradigms of “divide and conquer." This keeps all of us combative towards with one another and that is the Matrix (False Reality/Holographic World: our Cerebral Imprisonment). So, once one realizes this, then one can make a change for oneself and this in turn, will manifest into others making the same purposeful awakening, because when we help ourselves in this manner, it affects all others as well in the entire Universe. However, as long as we waste time with arguing amongst one another as separate/individualized beings or entities, with our own self-absorbed Egoistic and insular perspectives, and continue to project those onto others in threatening or disparaging mannerisms, then we will forever be enslaved not only physically but cerebrally, to a supposed "superior race" of beings (who operate in red Chakra level: lowest) that have “pulled the wool” over our eyes and therefore, blinded us with the use of deception from True Reality. In short, our entire so-called history is lies; of course there are truths within them, but overall, it is virtually all mendacties to keep humans subservient and to perpetuate the goals of the true rulers of this planet at the expense of our currently limited spiritual being. Suffice it to say, this also includes all of the manufactured holidays (Capitalism) that are only there to create indoctrinated forced-participatory Satanic Rituals unbeknownst to the public, in which celebrates them, and whereby they also siphon already taxed monies that are not worth any true value that thusly, generates so-called revenue with the controlled Conglomerates that brainwash the masses into purchasing this or that item (Materialism). Further, this also is true for Sports (the spectacle of “healthy” competition (Reptilian Mind) amongst one another, with the "victor" being celebrated or exalted on a stage no less, and the loser being forgotten and undesired; then there are the Celebrity events (all award shows, especially the Academy, Grammys, the Oscars) that rule television or the Conditioning Box. All the quasi lifestyles that most of us engage in, are put forth to keep us busy and redirect us from the Truth of our Reality. That is why many lie, cheat, steal, and set each other up and virtually always feel a need to compete with one another, rather than help one another, which is a reflection of oneself. Schools promote conformity and conditioned rote vapid responses that only dumb-down one’s analytical thought processes. It is all about indoctrination and most of us line up with a smile and a hand over our hearts while reciting the Star-Spangle Banner (more propaganda) or National Anthem, which is both demonstrations of one being a Nationalist, which is fanatical by its very definition (identification, which is a separatist viewpoint).  

This is exposed, so to speak in The Lacerta Files: Reptoids of The Inner Earth.pdf, which inscribes the video: Interview with Lacerta the Reptilian@YouTube. This is supposedly a Reptilian female Alien who is conducting an interview about some species and our history and our limited minds since we have not reach a spiritual awakening. As this has NOTHING to do with Piety or one being Pious. Religion is used to keep one another at odds or against one another due to one’s fanatical beliefs, which is most protected by one’s denial attributes. This is underscored presently by the Vatican and the Pope recently saying that he would accept other species from other planets as our own (Pope Francis Talks About Aliens; Says He Would Welcome Martians to Receive Baptism). And this leads to the supposed subtext or next False Flag Operation, in which there will be a Holographic “attack” from “aliens” that “pretend" to destroy the U.S., and in which then the Draconian's/Reptilians will then reveal themselves, but not with the truth that they have always been here and genetically modified us for their doing, but as “traveling saviors” from another world or galaxy that wishes to help us in our fight with the pseudo-attacking "evil Aliens" or they will solely defeat them themselves, and thus, the human populace we feel indebted to them and they will become our said saviors. This will also allow other countries to form a One World government, especially if said countries band together to fight the so-called Holographic “attack.” Especially when we are told the facade about the “evil aliens’ supposedly "hurling” all of these meteors and comets that we have tracked and seen vaporized into out atmosphere. or just missing the planer altogether. Most people will accept this as “Gospel," so to speak and never question it or anything for that matter. Then after this, under the NWO (New World Order) and the unseen ties with the Satanists and Lucieferists they will perform another Holographic Event (which is how the “planes” supposedly “hit" the WTCs on 9/11/01, which is a LIE, because no one actually saw any planes hitting those buildings with exception of everyone seeing it being broadcast in “live” newscasts, plus, “Key” or “Key-frames” were used that has been supported with the already supplied links), in which a Pious event will be fabricated; i.e., the "2nd Coming of Christ.” Said event will be the supposed return of Jesus Christ coming back to convince everyone, i.e., the gullible masses to follow his name or his teachings and so that they will be saved (Another lie: the False Savior). Many will sadly fall for this, but this is yet another False Flag (like Pearl Harbor), in which the proverbial "False Deity” is presented as our Savior and thus, for our needed and desired salvation/repentance to divinity, etc.; again, this is a lie and is based on our intuitive/instinctual/social nature and need to be connected to something greater than ourselves. This will be reinforced by the so-called “Mark of the Beast,” which is now being done via the Internet and all the social media, in which most people purge their most private information (full names, family relations, phone numbers, addresses, connections, places and history of employments), which does not even include the on-line pseudo professional companies, such as banks, credit card companies, and all utility companies, in which we put all of our most private information on-line or into a database of us willingly, so that we can have a life of “convenience” or automation, whereby non-thinking is reigning supreme; and more insidiously, all this given information will be used against us in the very near future. When we are mandated into a paperless money system (like all the bank and utility companies that have the on-line promote; “Do“ or “Would you like to go paperless?” (more of the standard conditioning like everything else in our lives or existence); and one in which we will have all of our information uploaded into our already Databased (Al Qaeda) lives, that will be linked to a National ID Card that will have everything about us from "cradle to grave,” with the understanding or caveat that this (i.e., one’s ID or effectively one’s “life”) can, be turned off by the Power for any reasons, e.g., if we do not follow what we are being mandated to do (civil obedience/subservience or show any bit of defiance to Mandates). Therefore, rendering oneself as an “alien” or one who is exterior to everyone else. That is an “outcast" by its definition. Nevertheless, a 9-part series titled: Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History@YouTube from 2009 posted by End FEAR from Coast to Coast AM Radio Show that is foreboding: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9), in which it is detailed about the species, their motives, how they and well as we came to be, and also the Holographic Event of an invasion via Project Bluebeam as well as a staged "2nd coming of Christ," so that a "New World Order" as well as a "New World Religion" will be implemented and Mandated. And a supplemental companion to those videos and paradigms are by Simon Parkes, such as Simon Parkes: Illuminati/Aliens/The Next False Flag/Digital ID Chipping PYSOP/Underground Bases on January 25, 2015@YouTube and on Reptilians are Simon Parkes - DON'T MENTION THE REPTILIANS@YouTube posted by chris turner, and also,  Implants & "The Soul Catcher" - Simon Parkes@YouTube posted by Light Dancing.
  • MILAB or Military Abduction ( has to do with the Military assisted the Grey as they are denoted as mentioned before.  
And pertaining to DNA/RNA, Homo-Sapiens replicate every 7-10 years; this means that once every 7-10 years, it reproduce a copy of itself, so this is why one becomes old, and is why we see (visually) one or another age, i.e., the aging process, in which has it hosts of issues, such as ailments of many kinds. Some people have very good genes or genetics and they age nicely or not in the usual manner, in which people become smaller in stature, have many physical maladies, psychological problems, lose of one’s five senses, as well as become like children or babies who need constant attention and someone to take care of them; as I say to many people: “We come into and leave this world in the same manner: dependent on someone else and thus, alone.” This is Interdependence and Dependent Origination (Buddhism). I.e., that all things are Interconnected and thus, one thing has an affect onto another. So, as we continue to replicate, we die; we die every second, and this was PUT into our Genetic Code (or Genome) by the Annunaki, so that we would have limited life-spans and so that we could not become long-living entities, like a “deity” of having a long life that could span centuries in not aeons. Our Genetic could has the “Fail-Safe’ of time or a limit with a time. That keeps us also in the lowest level of our Chakra (existence) and until we manifest Interconnectedness and Universality, we will only further our predicament and sad state of life that we are in via compliance and complicity. And in the sake of brevity, we are an experiment, created, and as we now create other things, we argue, e.g., the AI is nothing to worry about, because AI will not have or “can not have souls.” However, we were created, so do we truly have souls???? Of course I feel and say yes, but it is a good argument, because it underscores our own contradictory nature. We can create, but presume that we are better than, because we have souls, as other things, do not…a very insular paradigm and dangerous clearly. The new movie CHAPPiE illuminates this argument. Hence, one can argue that if a “thing” realizes that it is alive, then it has a soul, yes? But what about animals, whom many argue emphatically that they do not, but of course they have souls, because they are Sentient Beings; however since they are presume not to act or think, then they do not. And that is the same insular perspective that the Reptilians have about us and why we are enslaved. Like many people feel about other life on our planet, everything is lesser-than us (humans) and by which we impose our will onto. So, we are like the abused child who is tortured via sexual, mental, and or physical abuse and do not learn from it and hence, cycle it again with our progeny. That is a psychosis, which demonstrates our Psychopathic tendencies.

The Matrix
The Matrix consists of binary codes or numbers of “1s” and “0s” and famously recognized as Matrix digital rain, Matrix code/green rain; although it is consider “fiction,” I assure you, it is NOT. These underscores the Holographic Universe in which we live or rather, exist in, in a psychological stupor of sorts. One interesting video that supports this is Joe Rogan & NASA Physicist: We're Living in the Matrix@YouTube posted by Red Pill Philosophy, in which they discuss said realities. The movie, in which the code was made known is, like most movies of science-fiction, possess veracity for the most part. They use symbolism, e.g., in The Matrix, Morpheus (Mentor  of sorts) shows Neo (the protagonist)  a battery, and says this is what Homo-Sapiens have become via the machines’ choosing. In truth, that is a simile, because we are energy that the said Draconian’s/Reptilians need our fear, which is energy to live. Yet another way to understand our energy is to view it as our soul, yes? In this manner or way, one can assimilate or discern the Truth. Furthermore, in The Matrix, Morpheus says to Neo in the “Sparring Program” that there are a set of rules, some that "can be bent” whilst “others can be broken.” Another wonderful aspect of the movie is the theme of LOVE. Meaning, that LOVE is the Middle Way or Two Truths, and where we need to operate as Sentient Beings for the most part, as we cultivate our higher Chakras of Communication, Intuition, and thusly, Spirituality. So, through compassion, empathy, kindness, love, appreciation, veneration, discourse, and transcendence. But, if we do not transcend and cerebrally “fight” (discern through self-cultivation) our way out of our mental prison, we will forever be enslaved and doomed to reincarnate as a enslaved, indoctrinated, Avatar ( the battery of energy for the Draconian’s/Reptilians.
Considering many, if not all of the above, one could, with a psychotherapists' viewpoint, could argue that because of all of the Conditioning (Television/Commercials, Movies, and of course Music), is why we Homo-sapiens suffer psychosis; i.e., Addictive Personalities DisorderBipolarismManic-DepressionDissociative Identity DisorderAggressive Behavior Disorder/Intermittent Explosive DisorderSchizoaffective DisorderAnxiety DisordersDissociative DisordersPersonality DisordersSleep-Wake DisordersFeeding and Eating DisordersDisruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct DisordersMood DisordersNeurocognitive DisordersNeurodevelopmental Disorders, which manifest (at some point of continued conditioning) psychotic/sociopathic psyches, in which many times will result in the “cracking” of one’s psyche from the excessive said brainwashing and thus, manifest severe personality disorders (compartmentalization of one’s minds into multiple or alter personalities); e.g., Exhibitionism (Sexual in nature), Serial Killers/Rapists/Pedophiles (sociopaths), Manchurian Candidates or “Lone Gunmen” (Lone Gunmen theory, e.g., Lee Harvey OswaldJohn Hinkley Junior, etc.: more so-called arbritrary sociopaths). They are nothing more than CIA Mind Controlled Operatives from families within said Organization, in which they were used for assignations, which further confuses the public into believing that there are “crazies” that live out there amongst us willing to do us harm…this underscores the levels within the MKUltra/Monarch Programming of the CIA/Government (Nazis’), in which they induce and create sex-slaves (child and presidential), serial-killers, lone gunmen, pedophiles, etc.. And does anyone remember the so-called Zombie Attacks of 2012/13?, which disappeared almost as fast as it was created. That was strange and was supposedly caused by people sniffing or smoking “bath salts”??? See Security Video Shows Entire Miami ‘Zombie’ AttackCCTV Footage Real Zombie Attack London 2013, etc.. Again, this is nothing more than people’s mind cracking under the duress from mind control, which can also come from the already mentioned waves, frequencies, and ELFs, which are undetectable to most unless one knows what to look for (i.e, their signatures). Nevertheless, it created a ton of purposeful perpetuated fear and people started to think and say, “The world is coming to an end,” or “it’s the end of days," etc., but it ended as fast as it started…how interesting, yes?
Chakra man
In the above, I "superfluously” listed those ailments to underscore the few of numerous disorders that ARE the psychological side-effects of Brainwashing/Conditioning and moreover, what happens or manifests in the human mind once that very mind cannot take anymore of it; hence, the long listed side-effects/psychosis (like Vaccines: the so-called side-effects [unanticipated/unexpected] are the actual purposeful [anticipated/expected] effects of it). That is our minds expressing to us that we are being manipulated and thus, in a constant state of fear and suffering, which lowers our energy wavelength/frequency levels or vibrational Chakra, to hover or be static in the lowest level that we can actually "operate/function" as an energy-being/Sentient Being (Light). However, our True Nature is to grow or be boundless (unlimited), which is not to be “kept” to the physically perceived nature of our existence, but to rather be conscious of our Energy and Spirituality that emanates within everyone as we are all Interconnected and share Universality (with all the Universes that are, have been, or ever will be; i.e., to become). Further, the above listed disorders/neurosis do not even mention physical ones, such as Anorexia, Bulimia, Self-mutilation, Alcoholism, Druggism be it medicinal or non-medicinal, i.e., prescribed and or over-the-counter “ meds., etc.; despite this, it is quite clear that this is not just arbitrary in nature; meaning, that to presume that so many people, all over the world, are displaying the same affinities of psychological and physiological disorders/maladies, then one should also “presume” that something external or not of the obvious may be in fact causing said ailment(s). And when one learns about Mind-Control/Brainwashing, the above mentioned “Projects” run by “ex" Nazis in their warped Eugenics Plan/Project, etc., one can rather neutrally/unbaisingly access or assimilate what is (reality) before one; and whereby one comes to a conclusion that virtually all of arbitrarily Science-based/back or "fortified facts,” in which so-called “professionals” (regardless of their earned and paid for doctorates, etc., even though one earns their degrees, we ALL in one way or another "PURCHASE” our “degrees,” which only prove that supposedly one engaged oneself thoroughly or sufficiently enough to “earn” a printed piece of pear with seals and signatures from a pseudo Accredited Institutions that like the Government, overcharges one for their usually told or aptly written, SOLD “FREE Education)” will expound that said disorders are not just from the person only or without many externals; of course many so-called “experts/professionals” never think of the Conditioning Box as a reason or brainwashing in general. Hence, most (and of course not all, because there can NEVER be an absolute in anything, that is it: Non-Duality) of these people, again for the most part, are suffering from one form or another, issues that are either psychological or physiological abuse, including sexual abuse, and are therefore, side-effects of one’s mind not being able to handle the overwhelming and constant Conditioning that is bombarding one every day at most every moment; e.g., (for the commoners) Cell-phones, Tablets, Lap-tops, Sound-proofed Headphones, etc.; not to mention, to also be talked-at, for the most part, in schools that force indoctrinal onerous “core/fundamental" subjects, such as History, Science/Alchemy, Math, English/Language. All of which, in one way or another, regardless of any of the teachers/professors/educators wishing to know, contend, or possibly admit to, all the subjects are taught within tight guidelines with complete conformity to the said subjects, with a little so-called lee-way in college, where some Professors will “spicen” it up a course by picking their own topics, by that is neither here, nor there, as the saying goes; and when one couples Educational Indoctrination along with being in cahoots with complete Conditioning (saturation of all of our impressionable minds), and such a young age (from 2-3 years of age), we are all enslaved and thusly, for many, complacent and more alarmingly, oblivious to what is painfully obvious for many of us who are not dumbfounded by the Matrix (Egoism/Externalism: Materialism, Capitalism, Sexualism, those suffixes “isms”) that WE ARE ENSLAVED in. So, going to and having a “job” in which one “makes” a worthless piece of paper that is then intrusively mandated and unlawfully taxed via extortion (because there is NO LAW about anyone having to pay taxes: it was never put into the U.S. Constitution, which would have required ratification); however, we all pay a FALSE or Felonious tax of 25-30% per dollar. As well as the forced or instilled competition among ourselves or any living creature (e.g., forced paradigm of "survival of the fittest/stronger”), which is the Reptilian (Lower-Level Chakra/part of the mind, in which lone can function at) brain; furthermore, it is detrimental for our very being to be static in this realm. Of course it is fine to visit, per se, but to be a Spiritual Being/Sentient Being, one has to be Universal and Connected to all others: all Life, no matter how minuscule it is in our small-minded (insular paradigmic) psyches. Severance, Abhorrence, Envy, Ardor, Power, Acumen, Avarice, ONLY divides us from EVERY Sentient Being within our Universe, and not just in our realm or Milky Way Galaxy, because actions (Karma, which is Purposeful Intention) instantaneously affects other realms, meaning other planes of Being or Existence, be it Membranes, Planes, Fabrics, Time/Space Dimensions or Interstellar Existences or States, like Electrons as mentioned before.

This explains why these “Government” agencies, such as the CPS, FBI, DEA, CIA, EPA, DHS, FEAM, NSA, DOD, DOE, etc., etc., in which most, if not all, are mere “fronts” (false entities) solely for the underhanded PSYOPs of Homo-Sapiens that enslaves them, with constant reinforcement of Satanism and Luciferianism as well as the degradation of the family, the splitting and switching of genders (roles), as well as having these Incestous Eugenic Blood-lines Psychotic Families control and indoctrinate the entire Populace (starting with helps and innocent children) with their Mind-Control at every aspect of one’s life. One cannot do or go anywhere without being overrun with subliminal messaging, which are all virtually Satanic and giving praise to Satan with Mudras (hand gestures), catch-phrases (actually spells or spell casting for demonic or evil spirits to inhabit and manipulate oneself), and unquestioned observance, obedience, servitude, and acceptance of Duality that has been put into action as the "American Dream," in which we take our “medicine” that keeps all of us in a cerebral box that has cultivated and praised so-called “stars” (“celebrities”) from before birth with under the said Satanism and Luciferianism. Further, it clearly explains who and we there are these “superstar” families that are well-known in Sports, Acting, Art, Politics, etc., i.e., all of them have been bred via incest (bloodlines) to be raised or cultivated into these said personas that the masses worship (like a deity) and follow like “Sheeple" or a herd (Herd-Mentality). We act as if we have no souls and that is what Satanism relishes as it mocks God or Jesus and anything remotely Holy that promotes spirituality and Interconnectedness to all Sentient Beings and the entire Universe. Thus, these sports families, regardless of the specific sport, actors (superstars), and again, politicians, are the progeny or end result of the Nazi's Eugenics program, which has NEVER stopped; i.e., the Nazis, with U.S. Government help, were just moved to America, under protected names  (with hidden history), and heavily-funded by the very public that it was unbeknownst to. This is our theater and entertainment that has been passed off as True Reality. But, it is an Illusion. Further, most of them can also be excused, per se of what they have been born to do, because most of them are victims of Mind Control, and cannot break free, and when they do in the public forum, they are chastised, vilified, and branded as “crazy” from their supposed drug addictions, etc., and most accept this lie, instead of realizing that when we witness this, it is really them (victims) acting out and trying to break away from their handlers and the system, in which they were bred into, which was beyond their control. And I do not mean to imply that they are completely blameless, however, the bloodlines have no choice in the matter; e.g., did you have choice to be born or brought into this existence?: NO…and albeit, that is disturbing, it is our “world” that we are living within until we Wake up and manifest change, which we can, but it has to be on the most powerful level, which is Spiritual or Vibrational. Until then, we only sit in our sorrow, our cerebral prisons, unbeknownst as to why we are that way, and continue trying to fill these VOIDs of our that manifest with externals that only keep us further away from actualizing that we are Spiritual and Vibrational Beings of Transcendence. But again, our so-called ancestors (Annunaki in conjunction with the Hybrids or Illumined and the quasi Illumined (non-bloodlines), are feeding and syphoning our Vibrational Energies like a battery (remember Morpheus’ opine in The Matrix to the protagonist Neo). However, maybe we are fortunate compared to the Bloodlines families that have to experience firsthand torture of all kinds (endless), rape, incest, mind control, sacrifice, etc., and in which they try to break away from at some point. Thus, one’s soul is the desire of Satan and Demons or Demonic spirits and one’s fear and terror will only make them stronger; it is only when we as a Sentient Beings, make a choice that one will not adhere to this blasphemy or farce, regardless of impending reprisals. One needs to have Faith, not hope, which is tied to Egoism, that the illusion (the Matrix) is just that; that we are in and around False Prophets and self-proclaimed Saviors, Demons, and not the true “Deities” of Light/Love that are promising all of us this or that, but in truth, it is not so. As Neo said and more imperatively demonstrated to the “Architect” in the 3rd and final installment in the Matrix Trilogy (The Matrix: Revolutions in 2003) that choice or one’s volition is what makes us Spiritual; choice of our perceived World or Reality. That is the beauty of us as Sentient Beings. Choice to do be honorable, loving, empathetic, helpful, kind, accepting, etc., and not the low-leveled subservient way of existence that we have been forced to be by three evil, for a lack of a better term, entities that we must “overthrow” or defeat Spiritually if Homo-Sapiens are to be free and therefore, the higher-level beings of Light and Energy that is within or very being or essence. We are Love.
Words of Wisdom or a Heeding to the Populace
“The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it. Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closed society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. Even today, there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it. And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control. And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low, civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed-- and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First (emphasized) Amendment — the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution — not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants"—but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold educate and sometimes even anger public opinion. It means greater attention to improved understanding of the news as well as improved transmission. And it means, finally, that government at all levels, must meet its obligation to provide you with the fullest possible information outside the narrowest limits of national security... And so it is to the printing press--to the recorder of mans deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news-- that we look for strength and assistance, confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be: free and independent,” ~ Selected Transcript of John F. Kennedy's Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961.
Homo-Sapiens Bamboozled:
Vaccines, under the guise of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention or C.D.C. who by their own Offical Records admit/reveal @CDC Forced to Release Documents Showing they knew Vaccine Preservative cause Autism by Matt Agorist from The Free Thought Project that they knew of tainted vaccines and the dangers of them, as well as them being in cahoots with the Pharmaceutical Conglomerates, which are inherently beneficial by their nature; however, and up into this point,  vaccines with Adjuvants (antagonists/modifiers to one’s immune system and their side-effects) and lacing them with AluminumLeadMercury, and other chemicals that are ALL TOXIC to the human body, which then negative effects/alters one’s psyche, intellectualism, cognizance, and perception, as well as one’s overall Immune SystemNeurological SystemMetabolism, which is why virtually all Autistic children have terrible gut or Gastro-Intestinal problems or issues. Further text on this matter: Mercury In Vaccines Was Replaced With Something Even MORE Toxic@articles.Mercola and Vaccine Knowledge Project: Authoritative Information For ALL: University of also list Thiomersal (a compound containing Mercury and their Vaccines), Aluminum and their Vaccines; other information is List Of Toxic by Patricia Doyle, Ph.DMIT Professor Explains the Vaccine Autism Connection@Collective, and supporting articles from the same website, such as Scientists Link These Toxic Chemicals To Autism During Fetal DevelopmentNeuroscientist Makes It Clear Why Aluminum Adjuvants Should Not Be In Vaccines, and The Top 6 Reasons Why Parents Are Choosing Not To Vaccinate Their Kids. A few more are Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism, and U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism.  And now, the Powers are pushing or about to Mandate Vaccination to all Americans and if one refuses to vaccinate, then jail is the Power’s recourse against the now infamously named/labeled “the Anti or "non-vaccers." And some people are actually saying that parents that do not immunize their children should not only receive jail, but should be executed. Another argument against Vaccines are that if they are so safe, then why are ALL Pharmaceutical Companies are immune or cannot be held liable for any side effects, including death, that their supposed "life-saving" vaccines are supposed to not do. Medical Doctor Lawrence Wilson wrote/published an article of this subject: VACCINATION – THE WORST MEDICAL ABOMINATION / 01, 2015 and this video exemplifies this: Shock Video! Gov. Caught Lying About Vaccine Dangers as well as The FDA Covers Up Big Pharma's Dirty Secrets@YouTubeMainstream Admits Fluoridated Water Poisonous@YouTube all by The Alex Jones Show, as well as Ebola Vaccines Phase 3@YouTube posted by Its About Perception. Suffice it to say, currently, the Powers are pushing for Mandated Vaccination against a supposed "Measles Outbreak," which started in Florida at Disney Land, which is such the coincidence when one knows of the evilness of said company. The truth is that in the past 15 years, NO ONE has die form the Measles; the only people that have died “from” it are 85-100 people that died FROM the VERY VACCINE, in which they were vaccinated for or against: how ironic, yes? Just do your own research as one should always do; always take or read everything with a grain of salt and then do your own research and discern your own truth!  YouTuber named “E” from TruthVirus always seats, “Go within your hearts; create you own thoughts.” Moreover, all of the above does not even begin to shed light on the scam of this “side-effects” argument, when in truth, it is the EFFECTS and NOT “side-effects” of these purposefully tainted drugs, which has had to this point devastating effects and affects on an unwitting society that had the brainwashed mindset of: “trust the Government or Big Brother for our safety.” Furthermore, an anecdotal video about one who received the MMR and then suffered psoriasis and life-threatening immune reactions see: “Herd" Immunity Destroyed His NATURAL Immunity ~ VACCINES@YouTube posted by nolabutterfly
Articles that underscored the dangers of these purposefully tainted vaccines are: BOUGHT the film that will make you question Big Pharma Big Industry!@YouTube posted by DVSGOD 010The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain DevelopmentGandhi's Anti-Vaccine Views Ring True A Century Later or Statistics ReportsMMR vaccine isn't safe after all, UK government forced to concede22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism, and videos, such as Measles Psyop! 100% Proof Vaccines Cause Autism & The CDC Is Covering It Up!Disney Measles HOAX = PSYOP TO GET EVERYONE VACCINATED! EboLIE continues!the Measles HOAX & its AGENDA ContinuesObama: Get Your Kids VACINNATED - The TRUTH about Vaccines and Measles HOAX), and Kenyan Bishops Discover Mass Sterilization in Bill Gates Vaccines@YouTube by Shakaama. Additional supporting articles are: NYU Professor Uncovers How The FDA Systematically Covers Up Fraud & Misconduct In Drug Trials by Tyler Durden, which is underscored in Vaccine Bills by STATE & A lot MORE posted by MattyD 4TruthAnd further information on or about the "Kangaroo Court” (Vaccine Court - "Office of Special Masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which administers a no-fault system for litigating vaccine injury claims” [Wikipedia], and is a facade of an entity that is set up for people who wish to sue the Vaccination Companies due to unforeseen deaths and irreversible ailments or so-called “side-effects” caused directly by said inoculations; and was a part of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which "set up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP),” via the the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [Wikipedia] in the U.S.Courts of Federal Claims. However, it is not created to help or asset or make payouts; rather it is to protect the Pharmaceutical Conglomerates and their insidious tactics and murderess ideals as was exposed in a NY TIMES article from the Politics Section: Court Heaps Grief on Vaccine Victims, Makes Them Wait Years by The Associated Press on December 22, 2014. And evidence of hoaxing of diseases and their vaccinations fear-mongering is underscored in 1978 RADIO BROADCASTS 'PUBLIC HEALTH EXPERIMENT' VACCINATING MILLIONS FOR NON-EXISTENT FLU@YouTube posted by KafkaWinstonWorld.

GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms are inside or put into virtually all of the food that is provided to the commoners (us), so to speak; e.g., we are told to ingest milk, which is laced with chemicals like GHs (Growth Hormone) that the Powers are putting into milk, which is speeding up the growing process with children and is why it is marketed or focused onto kids, thusly, promoting early reproductive hormone production (puberty). And in which is horrible for us since we ingest another species produced milk that then has a huge amount of chemicals to pasteurize and homogenize it, so that when we ingest it, is creates gastrointestinal issues, fluctuance, fat (fatty tissue), and other ailments (Lactose Intolerance). Further, we are the ONLY species on this entire planet that consumes milk past infancy; so, that puts it into perspective the fallacy of these fortitude campaigns or conditioning, e.g., “Drink Milk?" or "Milk Does a Body Good,” via the celebrity propaganda. Both are LIES. Further, this is a very good video@MONSANTO: The CORPORATIONS That Use Monsanto Products - BOYCOTT ALL! posted by FreeRadioRevolutionUltimate on the corporations/companies that use GMOs from Monsanto.

Buttressing evidence on the lies and said dangers of GMOs are written thoroughly in Jane Goodall and Steven Druker Expose US Government Fraud Over GMOs@washingtonsblog.comMore Scientists Expose Government Fraud over GMOs Have the facts been systematically misrepresented?@NaturalSociety57 Million Americans Warn UK About GMO Dangers Hopefully they will listen@NaturalSociety both articles by Christina Sarich, and also, GMO's Exposed! More Scientists Reveal Fraud Over Genetically Modified Food@YouTube posted by Dahboo777.

As is the aforesaid Fluoride that is in almost all water (bottled too) and toothpaste. Fluoride, which is toxic to our bodies causes tooth decay and gingivitis/periodontal disease (gum diseases) as well as receding gums. The reason is that the fluoride decays or rots one’s teeth by eating or eliminating the protective coat of enamel on one’s teeth; as well as then creates receding gums, which causes said gingivitis. And this all makes billions of dollars for the entire periodontal system, including the dentists who have sold their souls to make money or for their piece of the compartmentalized pie. A great video on this subject is: FLUORIDEGATE An American Tragedy - A David Kennedy Film@youTube by Richard Bruce and  Drink Too Much Water? - You Need To See This! - It's Your Health@YouTube posted by Dan Flynn. Furthermore, “Fluoride” impairs one mental growth or capacity, which Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and editor of made a video: Water Fluoridation - Good Graphic Summery@YouTube, which was also posted by Richard Bruce. One aspect that Adams denotes in said video is that Fluoride is not a naturally occurring; what actually constitutes it is a combination of Hexafluorosillic Acid and Sodium Sillicofluoride, “Two [toxic] chemicals which are highly toxic and must be labeled as a poison" as well as it being "shipped and handled with Industrial Safety Gear" (chemical or toxic protective bodysuits). And where they come from is unbelievable: industrial toxic waste from phosphate mining companies, to which they are allowed to dump into the municipal water supply, environment, albeit that the EPA’s protocols are for said toxic waste to be canistered, labeled, and disposed of like all other toxic waste. And a relatable text thoroughly well written and documentable or verifiable evidenced is The Delberate Dumming Down of America.pdf by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, in which she argues how the Educational System/Bureaucracy is flawed and has flailed our progeny with conformity and Connectivism, etc.; and do not forget the Fast-Food Industry that has everyone eating alone and in a hurried many, in which one is ingesting chemical created non-organic foods
Weather’s pseudo anomalies are controlled by the Powers that Be, i.e., C.E.R.N. and H.A.A.R.P., in which they induce/create Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes that are ravishing and destroying entire cities and countries using frequencies, waves, electromagnetic pulses, etc. into the ionosphere and atmosphere. That is why there is all of this so-called “harsh” weather, in which there is unprecedented amounts of snow, sleet, rain, heat, etc., is blamed on “global warming,” which is a LIE; there is no Global Warming; but, there is Global Climate change, as the entire Universe is in flux and therefore changes, so of course, climate changes happen, due to the Universe changing; but Earth's so-called Global Warming is a facade and nothing more: it’s another PSYOP. It allows the Government to ravish societies as well as allowing them to manipulate the said society by using Military forces "to keep the peace," or "to instill safety," as the Government Officials like to profess (lie). Whereby having Military forces come in, the Government can then enact Martial Law, which they have done in other states like Chicago, etc., and do it in the name to implement quasi "peace" and "safety." This then can lead into F.E.M.A. implementing things (i.e., laws/by-laws/ordinances), which they are not supposed to be doing, because they are a recovery organization supposedly. But, with all of these "disasters," in which a town or state is "overtaken" by the elements of "nature," the people, for the most part, will welcome all so-called "help" and whatever is being portrayed as in the "best interests of the public," which it NEVER is. Disasters create dependence on an external, e.g., "Big Brother," per se, and that is by design, and not arbitrary. A good video on these "disasters" is  What is happening to our world? STRANGE Weekly Events & WARNING For 2015@YouTube posted by Jason A.

Furthermore, ALL of these “natural disasters" has been the status-quo for this past century, in other words, perpetrated by the said Powers to ravish the people, break their spirits, and also to depopulate the world, so that the Plebeians will implore the Powers that Be for assistance and help, whilst having no rights to speak of. So, virtually all of these "natural disasters" that the Government and their in-the-pocket or paid for Media claim is arbitrary (i.e, "natural"), are in fact or in truth, are man-made disasters that test weaponry as well as depopulate the earth with these horrific events. This also garners much support, which usually comes in as monetary help as well as the usually vocal knee-jerk reaction of "American/Patriotic" hyperbole. Further, the “natural disasters” or these staged events translate to more funding that is spent on recovery supposedly, which in turn raises taxes and perpetuates the National Debt, which is a whole other issue, which is a lie as well. In short, the Federal Reserve is owned privately and its cahoots with the "Global Central Banks," i.e., by a family or a few families that are in cohorts and thus, own and run said Banks, which again, is not a government entity and thus, not required to follow any laws that other government entities need to do. This or these family produces Fiat Money that comes into fruition with Debt already accrued within it, and it is solely on the whims of the family(ies) who are working with the Powers that Be who actually run this world. I.e., our Nation can never get out of debt by design, and this is a scam and nothing more; this is why World War I occurred, i.e., the Central Banks mandated that other countries use the unbacked and worthless "American dollar" and when other centuries refused, and rightfully so, a War was created to put those countries into peril and subjugate them to accept this mandated use of meaningless and phony currency with a 30% debt connected to it, which hitherto is continuing.

Nevertheless, too much information on this subject can be found on-line and in an overwhelming number of books or literature, so do your own research on this matter. Moreover, these so-called disasters also manifest disease and outbreaks of them, in which the government then “swoops” in like a Superhero to mandate what needs to take place in at that moment, which is the aforementioned adage of, “out of chaos comes order.” Hence, a video worth watching about the above and more, such as Hegelian Dialectic (used in/for Communism and Socialism and by shadowy entities, such as the CFR/Council on Foreign RelationsTLC/Tri-Lateral CommissionPNAC/Project for a New American Century and their twisted “vision” in a .pdf and also the “secret meetings” at Bohemian Grove and the Bilderberg Group) by German Philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), and fear-mongering (e.g., the supposed external “terroristic threats'” is: Gray State - The Rise: The Uncut Never Released Documentary@YouTube. And this is further expounded academically in Insidious Imperialism: America, the Global Hegemon (2004/2005)Religious Ethics and Government: A Pious Amalgamation by President Bush and his Faction (2005), and An Overview on Foreign Policy (2006) by CitizenofGotham@LiveJournal, all of which have been the catalyst for the advent of numerous unlawful and anti or unconstitutional Government Mandates or Acts and Plans; e.g., Military Commissions Act of 2006.pdfPatriot Act I.pdf & & H.R. 3162.pdfFuture Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025].pdfN.D.A.A. - National Defense Authorzation Act HR 1540.pdfRESOLUTION ADOPTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Programme for the Further Implementation of Agenda 21.pdfThe Wedge Strategy - Three Phases of Strategy for a Pious America.pdfThe Enabling Act of 23 - March 1933.pdfThe World Bank’s Reproductive Health Action Plan 2010-2015.pdfU.S. Army FM 3-39.40 - Internment Resettlement 2010.pdfN.S.A. - The National Security Act of 1947.pdf, and F.I.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008.pdfN.A.D.A. - The National Defense Autorization Act 2012 (CRS - Congressional Research Service) - Wartime Detention Provisions in Recent Defense Authorization Legislation [7-5700 | R42143].pdfN.A.D.A. - The National Defense Autorization Act - Fiscal Year 2014 (December 2013) - H.R. 3304 - Public Law 113-66  [CPRT-113HPRT86280].pdf, and Posse Comitatus Act, 18 U.S.C. § 1385, in 1878.pdf. Additionally, all of these "political conflicts" and supposed “must-act-now mandated interventions" are truly nothing more than a show or movie (propaganda); so, does anyone remember Wag The Dog, the movie, which underscores and highlights these made-up conflicts (Hegelian Dialectics) to start/allow invasions, occupations, and thus, everlasting wars??? Again, please watch the aforementioned Gray State - The Rise: The Uncut Never Released Documentary@YouTube.

DARPA or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is responsible for financing the development of numerous technologies that have had a major effects on the world and its populace in all genres. For example, see Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin or "PETMAN [which] is an anthropomorphic robot developed by Boston Dynamics for testing special clothing used by US military personnel. PETMAN balances itself as it walks, squats and does calisthenics. PETMAN simulates human physiology by controlling temperature, humidity and sweating inside the clothing to provide realistic test conditions. PETMAN development is lead by Boston Dynamics, working in partnership with Measurement Technologies Northwest, Oak Ridge National Lab and MRIGlobal. The work is being done for the DoD CBDP." @BostonDynamics. Furthermore, they make 9 different models, which are amazing as there are scary, so please check research it via the links provided. And suffice it to say, every one of these models as well as the entire "organization" that is Boston Dynamics. I put it into quotations, because they have a .com website, which should be an .org one, but maybe I am knit-picking. And for more videos on said company/organization is New 2014 DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots Documentary & Discovery HD@YouTube posted by Documentary & Discovery HD Channel (Official)

2045 Initiative: from Wikipedia.: "The 2045 Initiative is a nonprofit organization that develops a network and community of researchers in the field of life extension.[1] [2] It was founded by Russian entrepreneur Dmitry Itskov, in February 2011 with the participation of Russian specialists in the field of neural interfaces, robotics, artificial organs and systems, [and] the main goal of the 2045 Initiative, as stated on site, is "to create technologies enabling the transfer of an individual’s personality to a more advanced non-biological carrier, and extending life, including to the point of immortality. We devote particular attention to enabling the fullest possible dialogue between the world’s major spiritual traditions, science and society." On their website they state, "Strategic Social Initiative," whatever that means...nevertheless, they are about transcending into Avatars. E.g., Wikipedia further goes on to state: "One of the featured life-extension projects is to design an artificial humanoid body (called Avatar) and an advanced brain–computer interface system. On the biological side, a life support system will be developed for hosting a human brain inside the Avatar and maintaining it alive and functional. A later phase of the project will research into the creation of an artificial brain into which the original individual consciousness may be transferred." Just as concerning is that they have 4 models or versions, which is worth researching.  Juxtaposed to their fixation of merging with machine, and comes from their Reverse Engineering Lab, producing the paradigm of "Rebrain," or their "Avatar C" model/version. Their website according defines said model as a Synthetic Carriers of Personality and Consciousness. 2045 Initiative is also cohorts with Global Future 2045 International Congress, which touts "Towards a New Strategy for Human Evolution." They are psuhing their concepts and ideals forth in their chilling video titled, 2045: A New Era for Humanity@YouTube posted by 2045 Initiative.

CERN or European Organization for Nuclear Research & HAARP, which has the Hadron Collider is a very large particle accelerator, in which Scientists are trying to create Fusion energy as the Sun or our Star does. They are trying to harness the power of a Natural nuclear reactor; and supposedly many there scientists are concerned that they will create black holes and time/space rips and thus, can or will be very dangerous for all  life on the planet. But, who knows, that could have merit to it, but it could also be for the Demons or Draconians who run or operate this planet in their desire to leave this place or for transitive purposes or for other reasons that we are all too ignorant to fathom. We have to remember that we are a low-level, intellectually speaking organisms or being and we cannot figure out what higher-level intelligent beings will want from us or anything for that matter; we are seen as “ants” per se, or something infinitesimal to another beings existence. Hence, the over-used, but accurate term: Sheeple. We are like Sheep, herding into the masses and thus, are vilified if we view anything different and especially if we are to voice that difference that we find out our to the Sheeple who’re walking in line everyday and happy to be a programmable and obedient drone, per se. Not to mention, their "wonderful" Illuminatic Symbology/Imagery of the three "6s" within their logo, which is the same as the "okay" hand sign.

Yet another
part of our conditioning mentioned throughout. It is amazing how virtually everything is related to the occult faction, entity, reality, that most will not acknowledge and only dismiss when confronting by it. Nevertheless, we are all indoctrinated to said hand gesture since we are toddlers. And in this example (right photo), not only is it the three "6s," but it is over one eye, signifying the "All-Seeing Eye" or Eye of Horus.

And on another note, the letters that make the name CERN, using Simple Gematria, it has the value or 40 and some other key words that equal the same sum are, David (a Pious name meaning Darling or beloved), Buddha (an enlightened or one that is Awaken), Maya (as in the Indians), Mind (consciousness), Liar (their mendacity towards the populace), Pain (that we all may endure with their short-sighted or selfish reasons), Hole (representing the rip in the fabric of Space/Time or a Black Hole), Rahm (which means Thunder, which references Satan and him being cast out of Heaven as a lightening bolt down to earth), Scale (meaning something that measures and can be balanced or imbalanced), Jude, which is a variation of Judah or Judas (also meaning, Jesus' sibling or the Epistle of Jude, but who is the more infamous brother? ), Dogma (belief system of maxims or virtues), Agreed (like an agreement between Satanists and the Physicists/Scientists), Jacko (which might be a strange reference to "The Jacko hoax was a Canadian newspaper story about a gorilla supposedly caught near Yale, British Columbia in 1884. The story, titled "What is it?, A strange creature captured above Yale" (Wiki), Blank (like a "Big Bang" or clean slate, per se), Ohel (which has many meanings, such as tent or house, as well as a burial place, a structure built over a grave, and also, according to Wikipedia, is the name of the fourth son of Zerubbabel, was a governor of the Persian Province of Judah (Haggai 1:1) and the grandson of Jehoiachin, penultimate king of Judah, and mentioned in 1 Chronicles 3:20), Dota 2 (Dota 2 is a 2013 multiplayer online battle arena video game and the stand-alone sequel to the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod.- Wiki), Reap (which means "to take" and can also mean a Harvest or the Reaper himself, such as the Grim Reaper/the Personification of Death), Debit (referring to double entry bookkeeping or two sides of one thing, i.e., Duality), MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, a tv show from 2003-2009), Megan (a name from a plethora of MKUltra and Monarch Programming victims as well as fictional characters too), Genie (a.k.a. Jinn/Djinni, which are supernatural creatures in Islamic mythology as well as pre-Islamic Arabian mythology (Wikipedia), Duo (which ironically enough correlates to the Economist 2015 Cover that has a banner with the country Singapore, and in which represents their twin towers; further, it also references the name Ophir, "a port or region mentioned in the Bible, famous for its wealth" and pertains to the "Ethiopic Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan" ~ WIki, Ulg (meaning "the howl" as if a creature would), Harm (as in suffering/wrongdoing or injustice), Dumb (as in foolish/vapid), Libel (held accountable or "defined as defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures" according to Wikipedia), Habit (ritualistic conduct or "a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously" (Wiki), CSCO (interestingly enough, it's acronym for Cisco Systems, Inc., trading on the NASDAQ), Rail (as in railways,  railroads, third rail and thus, transitory/conductive),  VLF (Very low frequency is the ITU designation for radio frequencies (RF) in the range of 3 kHz to 30 kHz and wavelengths from 10 to 100 kilometres ~ WIkipedia, and effects the Ionisphere, which encompasses the earth with a conductive layer of electrons and ions in our upper atmosphere, Mlo (referring to the "Mauna Loa Observatory (MLO), [which] is a premier atmospheric research facility that has been continuously monitoring and collecting data related to atmospheric change since the 1950's. [Moreover,] the undisturbed air, remote location, and minimal influences of vegetation and human activity at MLO are ideal for monitoring constituents in the atmosphere that can cause climate change, [according to the] National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) - Global Monitoring Division (GMD), Pact (a formal agreement/stipulation or pactum in Latin meaning "something agreed upon" as well as it connotation of "Deal with the Devil," i.e., between Satan and minions at CERN), Chobl (which infers 3 German immigrants who came to the USA in 1859 and named, Caroline, Frederik, and William Chobl; another aspect of theri names is Frederik is 116, Caroline is 117, and William is 119), however, in English Gematria, in the same order it is 696 (F), 702 (C), and 714 (W), which when one subtracts 702 from 696 it equals 6, and if one subtracts 714 from 702, the difference is 12, which is 6+6, or two "6s", so, that is the three "6s"; further, Caroline was 31 years old, which is 13 inverted as well as 3 times 1 producing 33, a Illuminati number and Satanic Symbolism, and Frederik was 6 and William 5, and their ages add up to 11: three of them, i.e., 3 X 11 = 33; additionally, the date 05 31 1859 : their arrival equals 32, but if one adds "0" as a place value, such as "1", then one gets the sum of 33), Abbot (meaning "father," and " head of a monastery in various traditions, including Christianity" (Wiki), Tnf (Tumor Necrosis Factors, [and] refer[s] to a group of cytokines that can cause cell death (apoptosis) ~ (WIki) and its primary role is regulating immune cells, [and] "being an endogenous pyrogen, is able to induce fever, apoptotic cell death, cachexia, inflammation and to inhibit tumorigenesis and viral replication and respond to sepsis via IL1 & IL6 producing cells" (Wiki), Udo (referring to Udo Proksch, a businessman, industrialist, and murderer or Udo von Woyrsch), a high-ranking Nazi SS officer [the SS signifies the lightning bolts ϟϟ or Satan], and UPC (the acronym for Universal Product Code, and barcode symbology, which by the way always has three "6s" within them: the sign of the Devil or "Mark of the Beast" and was developed in 1969, by IBM or the International Business Machines Corporation at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina; triangle is a pyramid and is Illumnati Symbology, not to mention that Carolina is synonymous with Caroline as in Chobl mentioned above). Surprisngly, the most interesting one that I research and found was the one for the letters or "words" that have the said 40 value is "Rv," which is found in the Periodic Table for Viruses (e.g., CAPSIDs, a protein shell of a virus and known as Mannige RV whereby has its implications with natural selection and design, i.e. creation and so-called Darwinism or his paradigm put forth in On the Origin of Species, which supposedly explains Evolution. Needless to reiterate, the name CERN and its logo is clearly purposeful. and thus, not arbitrary. I HEAVILY suggest a YouTube Brother of mine who is amazing with said Gematria; he thoroughly explains the numerology in all of today’s headlines, which include sports, entertainers, music, award shows, murders, assinations, wars, etc.; he has an amazing mind and again, expounds on the REAL MATRIX; he can be found @Zachary K Hubbard.
This also leads into the very strange on-goings of or at CERN or the Large Hadron Collider (largest particle collider), which has to do with particle physics and high-energy physics "and forces among the elementary objects, the deep structure of space and time, and in particular the interrelation between quantum mechanics and general relativity, where current theories and knowledge are unclear or break down altogether" [and] "The collider is contained in a circular tunnel, with a circumference of 27 kilometres (17 mi), at a depth ranging from 50 to 175 metres (164 to 574 ft) underground...[with a] 3.8-metre (12 ft) wide concrete-lined tunnel, [which was] constructed between 1983 and 1988." ~ Wikipedia. They claim to recreate the "Big Bang Theory" by having two Protons shoot around  this underground tube, in which they collide; this reaction is supposedly going to produce the "God Particle" or the Higg's Boson Particle (i.e., giving matter their properties), named after the British Theoretical Physicist Peter Higgs, which is "an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics (Wiki). And recently, the cartoon sitcom of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, The Simpsons, had an episode, in 1988, in which Homer Simpson was writing at a chalkboard. He "somehow" ingeniously wrote the equation for the Higgs/Boson  Particle. Dr. Singh continues, "If you work it out, you get the mass of a Higgs boson that's only a bit larger than the nano-mass of a Higgs boson actually is,” further, this was 14-years before it was found/discovered. So, for me, that was not a coincidence. This underscores the connections to privy information amongst the Illumined and quasi Hybrids and their minions.

However, other theories remain, such as that they are trying to create a time/space rip, i.e., in the very fabric of space/time, which some well-known physicists or scientists say is dangerous and could very-well destroy the planet. Another one is that they are trying to open a portal up, so that spirits, i.e., demonic/evil ones can come into our limited dimension. This underscores the Satanic reasoning for CERN to begin with; meaning, that is what made for the sole purpose of this, but under the guise the creation of time meme. And as ludicrous as it may seem to be, with the foreknowledge said Satanism and Luciferianism as the undercurrent or an occult fabric woven into our minds to create a false reality, in which we are in the role of victims, until we wake up and thus, change it; i.e., manifest a new and true reality. Accompanying text via articles can be found at: Stargate to Hell the CERN Saturn Portal Machine Exposed@BeforeIt'sNews, and The Cern Large Hadron Collider, Lord Shiva, Satan and the number 666@BarDoFely.HubPages and written by Steve Andrews.

Education is nothing more than subjugated conformity, in which the “best” students are the ones that regurgitate the false paradigms that the government pushes forth. These system has NOTHING to do with Critical Thinking at all; in fact, they, meaning “teachers” do not like that at all; when you do not concur with the mandated falsities, then one is considered a so-called “problem” and is usually pointed at as such by the teacher. How unethical and unprofessional to say the least. Critical Thinking implies that one can ascertain via deduction of listen to and assimilating whatever it is that one is trying to do. I.e., to blindly accept whatever is being told to you is conformity and brainwashing/conditioning and any “teacher” that imposes that, for whatever unjustifiable reason, will pay for it Karma-wise; i.e., evildoers or people that purposefully do harm to others, do pay of their regressions (sins) in this same lifetime. I argue that this behavior, as a supposed “teacher” is unconscionable. Like the media, their purpose is to promote brain-damaged paradigms, in which I also argue is actually child-abuse, which many will say, “Oh no,” that is evil to say that; but, that is inaccurate, because when one KNOWS that what one is doing is unethical and therefore, wrong, then for one to do it anyway, is child abuse. So, between all forms of Media (propaganda), news (propaganda), and “education” (which is NEVER FREE), all working in cahoots, one cannot be a critical thinker, unless one stands up for one’s principle and challenges the insular and conditioned ideals and stories of the Powers that be. That tri-fecta, per se, is a triple-whammy to impressionable minds, in which independent thought will not manifest. Instead, it creates Sheeple who are submissive and are more than willing to give up civil liberties to the government in the guise of being protected. Sady, this is mostly the Populace’s fault for not teaching or raining one’s children; i.e., putting them into the failed educational system and continuing to work to buy things and pay bills; thus, everyone, with every successive generation, become more separate from one another, until we are all doomed under a tyranny and oppression in a One World government that is a Nazi, Eugenic, Satanic entity. One has to take responsibility for whatever one’s progeny learns, believes, and therefore, ends up actin within a community. This concept of: “It ain’t my fault” is denial and one lacking the moral fiber to admit how they failed, per se as a so-called parent. Sadly, most people gesticulate wiping their hands with it, i.e., that is it not their issue or responsibility.

F.E.M.A. Interment Camps & Underground Bases are another reason to be alarmed. Not to mention, the recent Black Sites that have been reported by the Alex Jones' Show@YouTube, e.g., Shocking! Torture & Murder in America's Black Sites Revealed, Citizens Fight Back Against Secret Torture Site in Chicago, and Chicago Torture Site is Testing Ground For America@YouTube as well as Chicago's CIA-Style BLACK SITES Where Americans Are TORTURED, STARVED, & INTERROGATED!@YouTube posted by PressResetEarth. And Dr. Richard Sauder, a researcher has these videos on Underground Bases and goes into details about their origins and purposes, e.g., Super Secret Black Budget Underground & Undersea Bases@YouTube posted by Disclosure Truth TV, and Hidden Empire Underground Bases & Tunnel System@YouTube posted by Jeff Webber. These are very informative and one can learn many thins as well as discern for oneself, which is a great practice for one, now especially.

Furthermore, the aforesaid Black Sites are in every city, albeit, they are not known, (hence, the term) for now, however and hopefully that changes; i.e., they will be closed down due to Citizen outrage and being unacceptable of these tyrannical, oppressive, terrorists (Government) whom are violating the U.S. Constitution, which now has been reduced to a meaningless piece of paper, if even that with all of the already mentioned circumvention of one's rights due to all the illegally mandated "ACTS" by Government. And some supporting videos about torture and the C.I.A. are CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou Wake Up, You’re Next@YouTube posted by and william ross and the full-length version CIA Torture Whistleblower John Kiriakou: Wake Up, You’re Next@YouTube posted by Afver Saaser.

World Wide Web & Nano/MicroTechnology
And now, as of 2/19/15-2/26/15, Obama (False Prophet, who is rumored to be assassinated by October, latest) is about to implement within days supposedly, the PAID for and Governmentally controlled Internet, in which people will ahem to pay services fees with their carrier as well as monies to the Government for the “privilege” to use or be on that Internet, as well as having to inevitably provide personal information, such as phone numbers, S.S.#s, current and verifiable address, credit card information, bank account info., etc., so that they can control how you use the World Wide Web as well as obtain the most personal information that one will WILLINGLY offer or provide (and that is key to have it offered even by an ultimatum); in this manner, they will be able to shut off one's access to the Internet as well as punish one with fines or jail for saying, promoting, or sharing anything that they deem that is inflammatory or against any of the put forth Government paradigms/story-lines/propaganda/rhetoric. Then this will open the gates for the One World I.D. Card and subsequent Government, in which everyone will allow all of one’s information (all personal) to be uploaded to this said card, which can be shut off depending on the aforesaid whims of said Government for ANY reason for ANY time length without reasons or judicial processes. The so-called Law or Mandate called Net Neutrality via another document entitled:  Access to Broadband Networks: The Net Neutrality Debate is only 27 pages long, and published by Congressional Research Service by Angele A. Gilroy, which fails in comparison to the 322/323 paged document or Law of Net Neutrality, and in which none of the Government Officials who are supposed to vote on it will be able to review or read it until it is pushed (passed/blindly voted on/through) by the Government into “Law.” Then it will be too late for anyone to vote or say anything against it, i.e., it will be after that fact. And that is substantiated by a posted article and video at The Weekly Standard from Why Can't the Public See Obama's Proposed Internet Regulations? by Mark Hemingway and supported also by another video: United States and ISIS Unite For New World Order Takeover of Internet (Redsilverj)@YouTube and Obama's Regs Will Make Internet Slow as in Europe (Redsilverj) by Team WakeEm Up as well as in Obama's Net Neutrality Plan: Techno Control Grid@YouTube A Cowardly War: Obama’s Backdoor Invasion@YouTube reported by David Knight, as well as ISIS and U.S. Cooperate Internet Take Over@YouTube posted by Anarchy World. Further, the reason why this will pass is because the Government wishes to completely control the Internet, so that fines, and persecution can and WILL be implemented; further, it allows them to state that they need to watch the Internet, because of all this supposed ISIS theme of “teenagers” wishing to leave America and join a phony group that DOES NOT EXIST, i.e., ISIS (and all of these phony acronyms of terror”); in this manner, the Government can then say this is why they need to watch all of us, again for our protection, so we should or will have to pay extra fees, have no choice to pay less money, will be watched at all times, as we are now, and also, which is imperative to know or realize, dissenters will be thoroughly dealt with (rendition).  This is the main purpose of this bill; to quash dissenters, which are branded as “un-American,” and thus, "non-Patriots” (Nationalist or Statists), and finally deemed so-called “terrorists," how sick and pathetic. This is setting up the next False Flag, which is rumored to be a “homegrown” one; i.e., one in which the Government will execute and then, as always, LIE to the entire Populace and WORLD that tighter securities need to be imposed since now, that there is this domestic threat and that everyone needs o suspect everyone else. Hegelian Dialect, i.e., manifest or create a problem, then offer a solution to the purposeful created (phony) problem, in which it appears with smoke and mirrors like the shell game, an end game can be found or implemented to “save” everyone…all of these supposed teenagers and people supposedly interested in joining “ISIS,” which again does not exist, is nothing more that LIES or political propaganda to push forth an Agenda for a NWO or One World Government and Religion, by which the freedoms of American or more aptly stated, citizens will forfeit via subjugation their Free Will (volition) and Freedom.
"Medical uses for nanotechnology are numerous.  Since these robots are so small, they can be inserted into a person’s biological system without any noticeable effects.  They are so small, in fact, that they may be the same size as blood cells.  They can either be remotely controlled or pre-programmed for a certain procedure.  They could, theoretically, be programmed to seek out and deconstruct cancer cells and completely eliminate them without the need for lengthy treatments.  They could also be employed to repair and reconstruct damaged tissue on the cellular level.  This would have the effect of drastically increasing a person’s own natural ability to heal themselves.  No matter how damaged a portion of a person’s body may be, these nanobots might be able to repair them...Since nanobots have the ability to change things at the molecular level, they can potentially solve our pollution problems.  A swarm of nanobots released into the atmosphere could quickly set to work deconstructing the pollution molecules and turning them into entirely harmless material which could easily be removed from the air.  These molecular scrubbers could stay in the atmosphere, cleaning the world’s air supply, until it was as fresh and clean as it hundreds of years ago. [Further,] [t]he ability for nanobots to work on an atomic level has far reaching implications for industry as well.  Industrial manufacturing, as it stands today, requires a wealth of resources, equipment and man power.  This is due to the need to acquire resources, process them to a usable state and then assemble them into the products we use on a daily basis.  Rather than building things piece by piece and then assembling the component parts, factories could employ nanotechnology to build complete products.  Since they can use raw molecules, industrial nanobots would only need the most basic of raw materials to construct nearly anything.  As long as they have enough raw materials, these factories could simply reprogram the nanobots to build something else.  This would free them from the need to completely replace large portions of the factory just to change its output.” ~  The Many Uses of Nanobots by Dr. K. Gudmundsson
"Nanomanufacturing is the creation of materials and products through: (1) Direct Molecular Assembly (DMA) -- discrete, directed assembly of individual atoms and molecules into macroscale materials and products; (2) Indirect Crystalline Assembly (ICA) -- creation of conditions that foster the growth of nanoscale crystals that are then combined into macroscale materials and products; or (3) Massive Parallelism Assembly (MPA) -- the creation of many nanomachines or nanobots whose operating parameters cause them to work synergistically to assemble atoms and molecules into macroscale materials and products...Nanotechnology has the potential to completely revolutionize the electronics industry.  Nanomachines may some day create computer circuits from the “bottom up” -- one atom at a time. This would allow the manufacturing of nanochips on a much smaller scale than chips created with current “top down” etching techniques.  Nanocrystalline processes can also be used to grow electronics components.  For example: (1) carbon nanotubes grown in targeted micro-environments can have super-conductive properties; and (2) nanowires as small as strings of atoms can be grown like crystals and then assembled into circuits.  Circuits created atom-by-atom or grown using nanocrystalline techniques will be much smaller, lighter, efficient, cooler, stronger, and faster than circuits made with conventional manufacturing processes. {Moreover,] [i]n the telecommunications industry, nanotechnology will play an important role in the coming years particularly with respect to fiber optics.  Nanocrystalline materials can be made with finer resolution than standard fibers for enhanced optic cables, switches, lenses and junctions.  In telecommunications more generally, the fields of nanotechnology and holotechnology will overlap in the design of the projection screens and user interfaces of the next generations of holographic cell phones, “Holographones,” and televisions, “HoloTVs.”  More Virtual Reality.“ ~ Report on Nanobots (Nanotechnology Robots)  
Thank you for your time and patience in reading/perusing this and PLEASE SHARE this on all your Social Media Accounts as I feel this can help others understand the Matrix (lies) that are being perpetrated against Humanity. Regardless, of possibly finding faults or areas in which you do not agree or concur, overall, it is quite informative and supported, i.e., not just a rant of sorts.


Citizen of Gotham

"It is the very mind that leads the mind astray; of the mind, do not be mindless," Takuan Sōhō, Buddhist Monk (沢庵宗彭, December 24, 1573 – January 27, 1645)

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