Prophetic and Subliminal Messaging of the NWO, Satan, and Jesus (The False Savior) in "I, Pet Goat II" by Heliofant

Prophetic and Subliminal Messaging of the NWO, Satan, and Jesus 
(The False Savior) in "I, Pet Goat II" by Heliofant

COG - Prophetic and Subliminal Messaging in "I, Pet Goat II" by Heliofant Part. 1COG - Prophetic and Subliminal Messaging in "I, Pet Goat II" by Heliofant Part. 2
I Pet Goat II by Heliofant
"I, Peet Goat II, by  Heliofant (2012)
This 2012 video titled “I, Pet Goat II” by Heliofant is a very disturbing one and is replete with tons of Satanism and Luciferianism symbology and pseudo-prophecy. Duly noted, said video was published 88 days after the 88th day of the year in 2012 on June 27th.  88 means the Kingdom of Duality and refers to Dualism, i.e., Male and Female, White and Black, and Good and Evil paradigms of Satanism and Freemasonry. I write psuedo-prophecy, because it is not suggesting what may happen, but rather, what WILL happen, thus, it is conveying the harsh reality of truth that is upon the entire World. i.e., the MAJORITY of the Populace who is not living a privy life of knowledge and veracity. This video truly is a smack-in-the-face and a mocking to the Populace who willingly give up its rights (civil liberties) under the guise of protection from an "authority figure" that speaks the mendacity that it will protect us, whilst not admitting that it is the SOLE evil-doer that which we should be repudiating, and thus, rebellion against for our FREEDOM. Suffice it to say, the video and it messages is ominous and is meant to depress/suppress or lower our Chakra levels to stay in that lowest vibrational realm (red) or frequency of FEAR, Paranoia, Distrust, Discrimination, Hatred, Separatism, and the overall insular paradigm of helplessness: i.e, the victim mentality via our Brainwashing/Conditioning or Mind Control Programming. 
Beginning of video
Said video begins with a spotlight cast onto a box, kind of like a doctor who uses a light to look into one’s pupils. This means for one to focus on the box on the altered state or False Reality that we are all in, whilst in the background (to our left viewpoint) are the Twin Towers (WTC 9/11) smoking in silhouette, signifying lies, deception, False Flag Operations, PSYOPs, or a False Reality, etc, with a box surrounded by barbed-wire like an Internment/Rendition/Reprogramming Camp(s), which are made by and run/overseen by F.E.M.A. (just one of numerous government entities that subjugate the Populace); these camps will be used for when Martial Law is completely enacted over all of North America, such as after the Jade Helm 15.pdf or "Realistic Military Training Agenda" runs its two-month course on American soil, in which the US Army, US Navy Seals, US Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), which is a "special operations component of the USAF” (Wiki), specializing in air power, as well as providing worldwide forward presence (occupation), engagement (Martial Law, Confiscation, Apprehension, and Detention), information operations (Torture, Infiltration, Propaganda), precision strike (attacks and assualts: i.e., MURDERS and Executions), special operations forces (anything they deem necessary), USMC Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC), which "its core capabilities are direct action, special reconnaissance and foreign internal defense” (Wiki), USMC Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU), which is "a reinforced Marine infantry battalion (designated as a Battalion Landing Team) as the ground combat element” (Wiki), 82nd Airborne Division (specializing in airborne parachuting assaults), and Interagency Partners (meaning local Police, National Guard as well as Private Contractors (Black Ops) or Mercenaries: see page 5 of .pdf) are used to impose (to practice at first: see page 7 of .pdf) Martial Law on the American Civilians/Citizens before mandating totalitarian states, which will implement itself once the next False Flag (see: The New Zoo Planet: The Homo-Sapien PSYOP) is put into action. Thus, plunging our world and our so-called sense of “freedom” into our faces and lives, in which we realize, and all too late, that we are and always have been SLAVES (the bondage that we ALL are born into). This is an amazing “tell” as if one is showing their hand in a card game via a touch of one’s faces or sweating, or any gesticulation of the sorts; much like when one lies, there is usually a “tell” or a signal that one is lying; e.g., the “Duping Delight” of “crisis actors" in all of today’s PSYOP Hoaxes (such as Sandy Hook, The Paris Shootings, The Boston Bombings, The Tunisia Museum Massacre, etc.); now pertaining to the said video, one sees that ash is falling down from the sky, representing a Nuclear fallout event (staged or scripted that truly happens). The surroundings are dark, dreary, cold, and isolated. The box has a hole in it with a white chalk pictograph of a man holding a gun in his right hand and a leash to a presumed dog, however, to me, it could also be an alligator, because the tail and snout are like said animal and not a dog’s. This could be a way of the Reptilians mocking us by suggesting that we are leading them when in fact, it is the other way around, which also underscores Satanism and their ideals of “What is up is down, and what is down is up" or "As above, so below,” i.e., reverse meaning/symbology.  Further, it also signifies that one cannot hide from the "Powers that Be," because the so-called “hounds of justice" will find you. Then a Goat, which has the symbolistic Duality of the Baphomet (the Devil or Satan), which is representing the Sheeple (Satan’s brainwashed/programmed children) pops its head out of the box with a barcode on its forehead, which has the “666” lines within it, as virtually all barcodes do; its head starts to bob up and down as it eyes begin to become swirls or a vortex of sorts, meaning we are hypnotized. This underscores the Populace’s or The Sheeple’s Brainwashing or Conditioning to the programming that is being done to all them, which started when we were kids, but now, it is sadly, from birth to grave. Additionally, as the Goat’s head spins counter-clockwise, block letters come down from above and form the word, “I, Pet Goat,” which means that you, me, everyone are owned property, but we do not recognize it; further, we, ourselves, are like the animals that we grow for our sustenance, but we are another species food or energy.

The Goat/Baphomet then settles it head after shaking it and bellowing a cry or sorts with a smirk or grin as the picture fades to black. Next, the video uses a dissolve transition into a scaly red long-clawed hands that are covered to the wrist from an onyx cloak; these are clearly Draconian (Reptilian) hands, the Homo-Sapiens Puppet Masters (the species that uses us for energy and truly own or run this Reality that we are trapped in); the right hand (our left viewpoint) has blood on it (represent the Satanic Blood Sacrifice Ritual), and the left hand (our right viewpoint) has a big thick gold “S” on its ring-finger, which is a Serpent and not the letter “S” nor meaning Satan. It is holding or using a Marionettes’ puppet-string (which forms an “X” = death or Mark of the Beast), to control a puppet George Bush (Jr.), that is in a classroom (indoctrination and conditioning) sporting a cone/dunce cap (meaning we are all stupid or vapid, because we lack discernment skills) on his head whilst looking sad and scared, like a child or a victim of brainwashing. Then he is seen dancing, and of course on a black and white checkerboard (Masonic, meaning Duality) linoleum floor with Michelle Obama (?) in of course a purple dress (an Illuminati homage to enlightenment) sitting in a chair in the background, which means that she is his “Handler” (on-looker that controls, prompts, and assists the programmed entity). Junior is tap-dancing and demonstrating various funky finger waving and countenance contortions, but quickly changes to a happy face as if he was kidding. Some other things to note are the inverted star or pentagram (Baphomet’s face) via a spotlight shinning onto Junior, which represents Satan as he cheekily looks down at it as if surprised by it. Also, there are 2 visible snowflakes, which references Water (life and knowledge) and the Heavens (water being the conduit to it) from which it came (possibly mocking “God”), on the wall behind Junior's right (our left viewpoint) and resembles the Hadron Collider (A CERN reference) from the front viewpoint. And to his left (our right viewpoint), which is to Michelle’s left (our right viewpoint) on the wall is the number “11,” which in English Gematria (Numerology and coding) is the number “66,” which when put together in spoon fashion, forms the number “8” (infinity and when split in half make two “3s” or “33” - Freemasonry) as well as once split in half, makes two “3s” or the number “33” (Masonic and Satanic referencing). Additionally, it can also signify the Twin Towers (II or 11) that were destroyed in a PSYOP in 2001 on 9/11. And on the bottom part of the wall under the chalkboard/blackboard (meaning erasable and thus, rewritable history or programming), is an equation: “F=-F,” represents F/-F meaning Female and negative Female or transgenderism; i.e., not male, not female, but both. This underscores the belief by Eugenicists and their twisted desire to become one with machines (a so-called “God”), which is known as Transhumanism, and in which there is not a dominate gender, just one that can change at will via so-called technological enhancements.
Next, after he finishes tap-dancing, he, like a flash (CERN reference), almost materializes into a chair by the chalkboard and  s sitting in it; one can see to his left (our right viewpoint) a chalk drawing of a shark about to bite Junior’s head as well as another chalk drawing, but of a hangman that only needs to have his leg added to be “dead,” which signifies that Homo-sapiens or the Populace are hanging themselves by giving their rights away without contentment or freely and also that time is running out. Also, notice at the top of said board, that there is a penis with a scrotum drawn onto the board as it is ejaculating with three spermazoas arching towards Junior's head (maybe meaning that Junior is a dick-head, or that we are all "dick-heads" or using/thinking with the wrong one, so to speak?). It also represents the undercurrent and subliminal messages of sex in cartoons, which Nazi Disney disgustingly instills in all of their morbid characters and movies. In addition, there is a purple-ish/pinkish Masonic Owl to Junior’s right (our left) and its eyes are spinning in a hypnotic manner, as well as a house chalk drawing with fire that is reds around it, i.e., the home or house is ablaze and thus, destroy, like the family unit is in society today. Further, a cross, which is the frame is within the top window. Under that is half of a map of the United States, which could mean that North America is about to be split or destroyed in some horribly tragic and unforeseen manner. Not to mention, there is also another cut-out picture of a snowflake on the wall underneath said map, which is another reference to CERN as mentioned before. The camera pans into a close-up of his face and the checkered-board Masonic floor is seen as a reflection in his left eye as Jr. seems to ponder something, maybe a reference to 9/11 with him sitting there dumbfounded or shutdown mentally when he visited a school and “read” a story to them, to then have a epiphanical moment, but to then seemingly forget what he wanted to do, and then fall into an almost stupor of not knowing what to do and thinking too hard. Again, this is to mock the Populace as vapid Sheeple. Additionally, in his eyebrows are upside check marks, which is like the Nike Swoosh represents Saturn and thus, Satan. Much like the “WWW," which are also check marks as well as signifying three “3s” as mentioned above already.

Then there is a close up of again, presumably Michelle Obama (?). She has a serpent in the top curl of her hair as its mouth is opening facing her raised eyebrow. To her left (our right), there are numerals, e.g., “iIm.” which is the acronym for Industrial Light and Magic, a video/cinema production company that uses CGI or Computer Graphic Imaging to create ILLUSIONS (like 9/11, etc.). More mocking and exposing what is truly happening in our False Reality. To her right (our left), are 3 hearts and 7 spaces with 4 letters “OL _ T_ _N” that we see first, however, once the camera-shot pans back, one can see the full word of “evolution,” which is mocking the put forth doctrine by Charles Darwin: "On the Origin of Species,” i.e., the entire theory of Evolution is false or a lie that we have been conditioned to believe as fact or real. And to her left (our right), 4 letters are on display: “IMQU”; in Gematria numerology (definition at end of post), all have the value of “309” and correlate with the following words: Dracula, Architect, Utah (JADE HELM 15), Geoengineering, Begotten, Fall from Grace, Time Keeper, Please Help Me, Xi and Ix (“33” in Simple Gematria), African American (Obama), Program A (Agendas), Against God (lack off faith), The East (the Middle East), The Chosen (Selected Obama), Ahead of Times (the illumined), Great Seal, In Madness, Incepted Mind, The Abrahamic God, Sentinel, In The Genes (cloning), Duet, Google Chips (eyeglasses and watches), Indignation (Sheeple’s stupidity), Iran And December, Landlords (i.e., that we are owned), Seedless (infertility within or amongst Populace), Sterile (just mentioned), Despot (the current system in a guise of “democracy"), Pains of Hell (our continued and complicit pain), Reprimand (knee-jerk reaction of the Sheeple whom denounce the deemed and so-called “Conspiracy Theorists” also known as Truthers), and Militant (the force in which we will be oppressed by or under). 
Evolution Owl NoonClock
Then there are some quick video edits leading to this Junior pointing his left fingers at everyone, and overtly, demonstrates homage to Satan with his multiple Mudrās (in this case, hand gesture of his horns), as he has the same Mudrā in his right hand that is resting on his lap while seated, meaning he shames the Populace that are to blame; i.e., that we are by being too complicit in the crimes against our own Brothers and Sisters all over the world, not just locally. The shot also again illuminates the checkerboard floor, as well as a photo of a brain that has been split into to parts via a lightning bolt, which is symbolical of Satan as he was cast out of Heaven like a lighting bolt to earth. This also underscores how Mind Control/Brainwashing/Conditioning via the government and their mediums have dumbed-down society into a submissive simple-minded livestock: Sheeple, as well as the splitting of one’s personality, which leads to psychos of all kinds. Further, there is a Dragon figure that has its pink tongue protruding out of it and onto the split-brain picture.  Moreover, there are now 3&1/2 visible snowflakes that resemble portals or vortexes on the wall behind Jr.; and there is also a heart to Michelle’s right (our left viewpoint). And now, that half flag is a full one from this angle. Then as the camera shot does a close-up of his left hand, he changes the Mudrā again into a Satanic one  and does it several times (3), which also happens to have in the shot, once again, the split-brain with Satan’s lighting bolt and dragon/serpent’s head with its tongue about to lick or consume the human brain. Then he sits up as his head is turned away with indignity and has the Satan Mudrā in both hands with the shark chalkboard picture on the board directly over his left hand. Further, the scrotum is still seen, but now it represents an upside down number “3” like a “w” or symbolism for our DNA code (the Helix), which is akin to the World Wide Web or "WWW.” Accordingly, there are 3 letters that are now seen in the hangman’s game on the board, which are “EVO,” the acronym for Evolution, signifying that it has been altered. Further, and quite ironically, "EVO” also stands for a “grain-free, low carbohydrate, and protein-rich dog food, cat food," i.e., sustenance, which again is what we are for the Draconians, produced by Natura Pet Products, Inc., which states: "The Ancestral Diet Meets Modern Nutrition.” And funnier still is the fact that said company had to do a "Voluntary Recall of Specialized Dry Pet Foods Due to Possible Health Risk,” according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2013 (and yes, good old “13”).
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland, MKUltra, Monarch and Sex-Kitten Programming and the fracturing of one's mind (blue blobs)
Then Junior, as he spins around, does some weird pseudo Egyptian hand Mudrās and also does one under his neck, mocking the so-called ISIS and ISIL “beheadings” (years before they happened) that were all political propaganda and hoaxes to promote FEAR. His head spins around in several 360 degrees like the movie The Exorcist signifying that he is possessed by demonic spirits. The Gematria Numerology significance of 360 is astounding, e.g., its value stands for these phonemes: Soul, The Garden of Eden, Nonsense, Essential, Dead as a Doornail, Obama Deception, Queer, MadPerson, Sacred Scarab, The Angel of Death, Do Not Take, Mad Person, Rude Man, Born in Sin, Hellish People, The Last Adam, Satan’s Bible, False Miracles, London False Flag (yet to be), Earthlings, Prediction, TheProblem, The Giants, Second Hand Dealer, Trolls, and Incurable. Fairy incredible with all of those different meanings (the Occult/hidden).  And then he manifests in an instant to Barrack Hussein Obama with his left pinky to his mouth like a “Mini-Me” from the Austin Powers movies. Obama has pointed ears and there is a purple light that appears briefly next to the sharks open mouth behind his ear. Obama then opens his eyes and lunges or leans towards the camera and winks and smiles, showing off one sharp or pointed tooth with a red blemish on his cheek in the shape of a heart.  Then he displays a girlish-giddiness with himself as if another personality has come out, which is a reference to the MKUltra, Monarch, Sex-Kitten Programming that has been done as well as other Mind Controlling/Altering Programs that are not known and kept hidden or secret. He then crumples into the chair, bending over, and laughing and rubbing his hands together abruptly. Then the camera shot pans back a bit and it shows a stand with a plastic screen that has “LOL” in green, which typifies that he is a puppet like all people of government (they do not truly run the country, they are merely selected brainwashed Satanic bloodlines families from the oligarchy). The video then cuts to an Alice in Wonderland (character) along with the white rabbit photo in the background above her head; there is a small white-lettering “EXIT" sign (our salvation) in the background on a door that is ajar. She is kneeling and has a bright red apple in her hands, meaning a biblical reference to the story of “Adam and Eve” and temptation. She is surrounded by blueish blobs that ostensibly represent the fractured minds of oneself suffered from the aforesaid Conditioning. These personalities have bared-wire around them underscoring the imprisoning of one’s mind or of oneself. She looks up from a gold circle that is encompassing her on the floor, which is the circle of life, a pious reference. it also has a drop of gold paint outside of the circle for whatever reason. Then she kind of rocks a little back and forth while her eyes are open and then she closes them once the lights around her go dark, and that door in the background becomes blood red as does the background Masonic checkered-board floor, until a bright light is cast down upon her. This is Satan’s light that is being shined onto her; i.e., he controls her. After a moment, she then seems to fade, in spirit, like her soul has been taken away as the apple drops from her grasp and rolls onto the floor away from her: a reference to the Adam and Eve story with the infamous apple. It rolls past a black greater-than sign “<“ (Masonic) and a white “C” both of which have been painted onto the floor. This seemingly has to do with the Freemasons and their hidden knowledge of Mathematics and Alchemy, as well as Duality (black and white) Further, all 3 of these items rest within a black and white “X” on the floor (death), which also represents a flattened-out or opened cube or the Black Box: Satan
OBAMA  Symbol under foot
The apple rests at the right foot of Obama's silver-tipped boots; a very small reflection is cast onto the floor under the silver-tipped boot; a symbol is seen in it, albeit, it is too small to make out; however, it is clear that it is not a shine reflection. It is a shield or crest of sorts. Nevertheless, it has a meaning. The apple is split into two and two of the seeds being to sprout and connect and form a Lotus flower, which (in Buddhism) represents a “Spotless Spirit,” because it rises from the mud, and also "Spontaneous Generation.” Nevertheless, the meaning here represents the already achieved occult human-cloning and that Obama is a clone, but does not know it.  This is why a beed of sweat flows from his forehead down to his chin, which has a backwards check-mark in it as well. Moreover, when he sees the copied flower, which also also a drop of paint on one of the petals, it underscores that it is a symbiotic of sorts or a replica. And as he look upon it, he displays cognitive dissonance. The camera then pans out and back through a window as Obama is sitting there with a college graduation hat (the Cube or Satan’s Black Box: indoctrination) that has a purple (Illumination or Awakening) tassel. The continued panned backwards shot shows that house for a split-second in one of the windows at the 1:42m.m. to Obama’s right (our left) as he displays a dejected countenance. The Gematria of 1:42 indicates this: Health (mental and physical state), Match (clone), Coder (genes), Drago (Draconians), Obama Agenda (the Puppet), God Ra (the primary name of the sun god of Ancient Egypt), Demoniac (Satanic possession), Blame Obama, and Plebeian (us commoners).
Once the video shot is outside, a window with six-frames are seen and they typify six inverted crosses (“66”) which means King as in a Monarch, Biblical, or Goah, "a place named in describing the boundaries of in Jerusalem," and also Malek: a city of Iran).  And in the top three, there are 3 reflecting symbols, i.e., backwards, creating iambs, such as Satan’s lightening bolt, the Eye of Horus, and the other one I do not know. Panning still, to our left is “PSALMS” (The Book of Psalms or a pious reference) in graffiti on the building’s exterior of which was reflecting onto the top of the windows already mentioned. Next is half of the American Flag flying away, and as the camera pans back more, it shows the other half of the flag on the pole that is cocked or leaning to one side as if it has suffered a grievous blow (meaning weakness). As the shot continues to pan back even more, it depicts a snowy and icy landscape with towers in the background that mimic perfectly the WTC Towers dematerializing into ash in the background. It is so blatant, i.e., this kind of conditioning, but most sadly, most never recognize these subliminal messaging in all forms of media. The imagery captures the smoldering Towers as well as the way in which the smoke was being drawn anyway from the towers by the air in the infamous television news propaganda. It even has the highlights of some fire before the first tower collapsed as was the case exactly on 9/11. Extra special attention was paid to the smaller explosions within the towers as was displayed on that day with windows being blown out stories below the collapsing or more aptly stated evaporating building (it disintegrated due to a Nuclear device being detonated 3-5 miles below the surface: See 9/11 Dimitri Khalezov - Thermo nuclear demolition underground heat turns steel to dust- low radiation@YouTube or Ground Zero – Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Center@911thology as well as The New Zoo Planet: The Homo-Sapien PSYOP). It seems that this video effect was down by using the actual collapse and then digitizing it with said ice towers for this informative “music” video. Furthermore, it also seems to mock that False Flag event and how people, the Sheeple blindly accepted the “story” (4 planes, jet-fuel, and 2 people in cave almost bringing down America) that was being bombarded into the Populace’s psyche. Then a figure, a sad-faced clown is seen, which is from the Illuminati Card Game produced by Steve Jackson Games; and whom is jubilant over the chaos ensuing around; the clown spins around (does a 360), and does a belly-flop into the ocean, mocking the hundreds of jumpers on 9/11 that leapt to their deaths from 90-some odd stories above the ground. Of course their is a ton of Jewish Gematria Numerology prevalent here; e.g., Bad Obama Revealed, Division, Vatican Hill, I Accept the Mark of the Antichrist, Microchipped Population, Nine Eleven Fema, Nine Eleven Chalk, Divine Light, Father Permanent Death Satan, Frankenstein’s Monster (referencing Obama being a clone), Alternating Current, Keep the Terrorist Faith, Evil Barrack, Christ in Egypt (referencing Obama being a clone of Annutaken), Bible Code Gene Created the Gene that Makes All, Evil is Cern (CERN/666), Natural Disasters, Christ Takes the Church, God’s Heat Hungers For, Devils Mind, God Second Holy Son, Guardians of the Ninth Gate (the truth that we do not know of), The Body is Made of Genes, Eagle Eye Horse Sense, Angelic Holy Spirit, Bad LPD (LAPD) Revealed, Is Resurrection of Dead, One Daughter for One Son, Gene the Holy Altar God, The God of the Ten Commandments, Payment for Sin, Mithras is Christian Lord, Beltane Devil, Lucifer Begotten Son is, Vaccine Islam, O Barack Obama Jr., Be From Devil, Austin is Controlled (Jade Helm 15), Sci Fi Movie (illusory like the already mentioned “ilm”), The God of Destruction (Satan), The Gray Race of Aliens (they will be used as the attackers in the next False Flag), Supergiant Approaching (Nibiru or a so-called asteroid on target towards earth: False Flag), Satan is Gods Chosen Messiah, Kill Us Because the Aobs, Earthquake Cycle (reference to The Economist March 2015 cover that shows 2 earthquakes in the Untied Sates; one is an 11.3 and the other is an 11.5), X Y Marks (genomes or the mastery of DNA or Geno Types), See the Secret Key, Us a Goner Due Fascism (the state that the U.S. in currently in unbeknownst to the Populace), The Anointed Son of the Father (Satan), Offensive (like a military strike: invasions and occupations of the U.S. military forces), The Demonic Gray Aliens (already mentioned), Nasdaq is no Babylon (crash of the markets and the U.S. Fiat Money System), See Reveal (in the occult that we are not privy to, yet), See Desire Gate Keys (Illuminati whom hold all the knowledge or keys), False Flag Nukes at Utah (Jade Helm 15), The End of the Aeon of Horus (the Egyptian symbol for protection, or royal power as well as good health), and Oprah B nuking the USA (WTF?). Again, what crazy correlations that are Purposeful and not arbitrary.

Anubis statue
Accordingly, the camera shot continues to pan backwards as it shows it going past or exiting a keyhole or hole of sorts that then turns into a smokey-haze and then into a boat’s head, which has a Egyptian face to it, i.e., a dog with high long ears, which is known as Anubis (the Greek’s names for the Egyptian Pious God of mummification and afterlife named Osiris. The shot then changes to a perspective of the calves of a human being as it sails off. Next is a high shot of an object that looks like a missile or a penis again in the water, and an ice rock that seems to be representing the "Eye of Horus” already mentioned; but then we see a shot of another figure who turns out to be Osama Bin Laden (a false enemy or “terrorist), i.e., the "Boogeyman") who is on a moving slate of ice. There is a red crescent or quarter-moon behind him or to his left (our right), which also is an eye with the cloud that is over it (being the eyebrow), as well as the quarter-moon is being eciplised, it resembles an iris and pupil. He raises his hands and there is a U.S. patch of sorts on his right breast; then he begins to pray; the next shot is a far-away one, in which it depicts an oil machine in the background pumping oil, with multiple lighten bolts (Satan being cast down from the heavens); hence, the invasion and occupation of Foreign Countries, such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc., in the guise of democracy whilst in fact it was a reconnaissance mission for oil. Then the shot focuses on an ice ledge that is actually a Reptilian finger with a elongated sharp claw/nail), in which the Black Goo is dripping from off of; this not only depicts oil, but also the Earth’s blood, as well as said Goo being today’s Programmable Matter, and references the beginning of the video, in which it shows two Reptilians hands, one with human blood dripping form it; so, this is reinforcement of the controlling species, i.e., not us, although we are made to believe in that facade.

Next is a frozen Statue of Liberty that is being zoomed in upon with a 6-sided star (Jewish Star) base under water and frozen in the waters below. Then as the torch breaks off and plunges towards the sea, the shot cuts to a fetus or embryo inside an egg (like a reptile), in which a serpent is wrapped around it; this clearly underscores the Reptilian’s mastery of the Human DNA strain/Genome (like the symbol for Doctors) and a reference to the superior intelligence and the manipulation of Genes or the Genomes by Draconians (again the Reptilians that have advanced or altered our genetics). This is also underscored with the egg being held with a clawed ice hand, as well as said serpent intertwined around the embryo, as the “all-seeing” eye (Eye of Horus) in a monitor, which is a ostensibly a Reptilian one (our makers), because it has a slit for an Iris, as well as the scaly skin around and on the eye lids. It also has the letters “AB CHAOU” under the eye or the bottom “eye-lid,” which again has imperative Jewish Gematria Numerology (265). E.g., Moses (Egyptian Prince whom later became a prophet), An Obsidian Egg ("is a therapeutic tool for women who want to heal, transform and rebuild their femininity"), False Hero (Obama or whomever takes his place as he is rumored to be sacrificed this September 2015), Mossad (a CIA created “terrorist group” that is responsible for intelligence collection, covert operations, and counter-terrorism ~ Wikipedia), Dollars (the devaluing and complete non-value of the Fait Monet System we use), Color Code 56 (which has to do with Hex Colors/Hexadecimal Codes), Sperm (part of life, DNA coding), Gabapentin (a drug used to treat some types of seizures), Dark Moon (the Dark Side that we NEVER see, i.e., the occult), Atom Bomb (a nuclear event about to happen or to be staged or carried out), Ras Doll (which oddly enough is a super big-eyes, roundhouse-faced brunette dog, much like the Alice on Wonderland character we se in this video with exception of the hair color being blond, it also has to do with the aforementioned mind controlling programming), A.E.I.O.U. (a symbolic device used by Frederick III, an Emperor of Habsburg in the 1400s), Genes Death (our predetermined life cycle), Spokeo ("is a people search engine that organizes White Pages listings, Public Records and Social Network Information" ~ Wikipedia), Stole (as in our freedoms or civil liberties), Elder Gods ("A race of Elder Gods overthrown by a present race of younger god" ~ Wikipedia), Ali Akhbar Salehi (Iran’s new Prime Minster), Looper (like the movie, in which space travel was achieved), God Hates (an oxymoron, because God is only LOVE; the Devil or Satan is Hate), O Romeo (Shakespearean play, but it truly refers to his famous quote: “All the world is a stage”), Allahu Ahaad (first name means "the wife of the Prophet” via Wikipedia), Demonic Lies, Sleeper (a movie about a person who dies and is cryogenically frozen and wakens 200 years later), Ideas Taken (free thought is stolen: no creative thought: only compartmentalization), Man Hater (subversion of the male gender, which we see in females attacking males into fights today, as well as the destruction of the family unit), Big Garden of Eden (pious reference), Rodin Coil (free energy), Alien Craft & Aliens Kill All (i.e., an staged or holographic “Alien Attack”), Hates God, Tic Toc (man’s construct of time, which is illusory), Screaming (all of our lost souls), Satan Dead Ahead (he is coming via CERN: he is right before us), Big Problem ( our false reality), Frankenhole (like Frankenstein’s monster), Chuck Hagel (former Obama’s Secretary of Defense), Of the Sea (like the video, which takes place on the sea), Mastema (a Jewish Angel who persecutes evil), Telos (“provides federal and DoD solutions for secure networks” ~ Wikipedia), Is A God A She, Indication (i.e., signs that we do not pay attention to), Tap Dancing (like Junior in this video, now makes sense), Blue Beam (as in Project Blue Beam, which is holographic specie effects), Tomer ("is a moshav and Israeli settlement in the West Bank” ~ Wiki), Magick is Real (referring to Aleister Crowley, a Satanist), Tadmor (is a prison on the desires of Eastern Syria, like the interment camps made by FEMA across the USA), Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance (this is mocking us), Atom Bomb (nuclear event), The Adamic Seed (refers to The Adamic Covenant: "The ‘seed' of the woman who would crush the Serpent's head" ~ Wiki), Norse (“Live Intelligence Attack”; this is a website that shows the constant and supposed cyber attacks hitting the U.S. and also where they are coming from), and Minaret (a tall slender tower, typically part of a mosque, with a balcony from which a muezzin calls Muslims to prayer).

Christ Heart Ablaze
Then the video cuts to a frontal view of the Egyptian Dog head (Anubis) as it comes towards the camera; it has a faint red aura around it, signifying Satan (e.g., Saturn, Blood, Power, and the Lowest Chakra Level: all red). Then the shot fades into a man’s chest with a red heart within a heart painted onto it (Duality), which has rays emanating from or out of it. Moreover, there are two upside “w”s supporting the heart within a heart, which are supposed to be this being’s abdominal muscles; and as the image comes closer to the camera, just before it fades into the next camera shot, one sees a small burning flame on the right side of the painted heart (meaning our souls will be burning forever under Satan’s kingdom: HELL). Then the camera pans back onto the “All Seeing Eye” or “Eye of Horus,” which is on this being’s forehead (Mark of the Beast) as his eyes are closed, signifying a blindness or imposed Conditioning (i.e., Mindless-ness). Then morphing from or out of the “Eye of Horus” comes a small opening, which turns into a mouth with fangs or animalistic teeth (canines),, which reinforces to the viewer that things are not always what the appear to be. The camera shot then becomes a mouth opening with sharp teeth (I think this is a reference to the Genie in Aladdin, and thus subliminally, a Disney reference and their MKUltra and Monarch/Sex-Kitten Programing). The next shot is the entire face of aforesaid being (within the monitor that is watching the girl already mentioned), a bluish genie of sorts with pointed ears, cheeks, teeth, chin, and nose, which is seen within the monitor connected to a Homo-sapiens brain, of which is the broke-open head of this person (a girl), i.e., us; and as she lies on the ground mumbling to herself in a trance or state of mind control, she has syringes and pills next to her, thus, implying addiction, lack of self-control, escapism, and underscores the dependence for a Big Brother State or Entity (totalitarianism). The scene further depicts that another smaller serpent is in our minds, which is a reference to our reptilian DNA, of which their subliminally-controlled messaging via frequencies are bombarding our brain functions and therefore, lowering our Chakra Levels to resonate at the lowest frequency possible and to keep us acting in a fear-laden perspective and thus, existing in a subservient manner instead of living in freedom and love. The serpents that are connected to her head are moving around outside of this her brain who is also lying next to Black Goo, Programmable Matter (and an oil reference too). All the while, the demonic face in the tube (television = Tell-Lie-Vision) is yelling, screaming, talking, and enjoying the pain, fear, and therefore, control that it has over her (a non-free will Sentient Being). I.e., it is feeding off of the fear and energy like a battery (a reference to the movie The Matrix).

At the 2:59 minute-mark (m.m.), it cuts to the girl’s eyes that are zoomed upon; in her right eye (our left side) it depict letters like advertisements (Conditioning). E.g., first is “NASDAQ" (meaning it will crash) and thus, signifying the economic collapse of the United States and its Fait Money system, along with the numbers 14.36, 42.61 scrolling along with it; further, it also shows "S&P 500along with the numbers -0.65 and "S&P 500with the numbers -0.66 as "MARKETS PLUNGE," and "DOLLARS U.S.,” along with the numbers 14.38, all of which race by in her eyes like a ticker-tape. This is the plan of the Neo-Conservatives in their PNAC or "The Project for a New American Century,” which their website has been taken off the Internet, so one cannot read their manifesto.  The shot ends with the words "WAR COVERAGE,” which is then followed by 3 V-Shaped Air-ships, presumably Human-made and akin to Stealth Bombers, but they could be Extraterrestrial crafts or reversed engineered said crafts (i.e., man-made). These crafts fire missiles onto an ice castle of sorts (the Vatican or a Temple in Jerusalem), which blows it up, and also releases crows (Spirit guides) flying out of the opening as the cameras shot pans and spiral backwards. One of the birds flies into the camera as the screen goes black; then the next shot is a white dove (meaning the crow turned into a dove) and thus, signifies the Black and White Subjectiveness or Duality of Satanism) it lands in the finger-tips of the man on the boat with the painted hearts, and "Eye of Horus" (Satan) who now has the painted on heat totally ablaze. Then it disintegrates into flames like the aforesaid heart, which means he is the Harbinger of Death and is gathering spirits or souls and thus, becoming stronger or more powerful in our realm, in which we invited him into (CERN). Next it shows that clown again that took a death dive into the water before reacting seemingly to the death of the birth, i.e., an exterminated life.

NunWithBlackTearsAndExlicirMushroomCloud 3 14
Then it is a scene is of a static figure in black, a nun with a red Halo (Satan’s possession) that is crying black tears (Programmable Matter), and holding a small bottle of an Elixir in her outstretched hand, maybe an antidote of sorts, as a child is lying across her knees, in blood-stained bandages. This symbolizes plague or disease, such as Ebola or Flesh Eating Disease, etc., which is the scare-tactic of choice today along with False Flags (PYSOPs) and supposed “natural disasters,” i.e., tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.; and in the background, there is what appears to be a mountain or volcano erupting, signifying a pseudo natural disaster, however, at the 3:14 m.m., it is clear that it is actually and definitively a signature nuclear mushroom cloud that is directly over the spout or opening of the said bottle as well as the falling ash that pervades this scene. Not to mention, the significance of 3:14 (minute mark) Jewish Gematria Numerology-wise is as follows [notice the 666 English Gematria correlations too]: Stonehedge, Oneiric Death (which stands for: Apocalyptic Frequency Experience /666), The Hand or Head (also 666) Genetic Barcode(666, M Gadhafi Shot (666), Fee On Debt Card (666), Fishing Net (666), It Is Real, Bea Rate of Change (National Economic Accounts and the GDP / 666), Barack Rfid Death (666), Seeds of Change (666), The Death Idol (666), Fed are An Idiot (666), Cubit, His Good Grace (666), Hate Disciple (666), Greek Debt Free (666), Of a Right Hand (666), Is A Bilderberg (666), False Peace Death (666), The Media Chaos (666), Bad Ingesting (like GMOs 666), Price of Greed (666), The Babel Speech (666), The Efeminate (like Obama/gender-beinding per se, 666), Don Agrati Died (original Mickey Mouse Mouseketeers/Disney connection 666). And pertaining to the 2:59 m.m., the Gematria Numerology reveals these correlations or second meaning in code: Genetics, Tic Genes, Paths, Calendar Ending (666), Obamas Medical ld (666), Snake Gate, End Time King (666), Final False God (666), End Item King (666), No False Belief (666), Embodied Islam (666), Cancer of Man, Him A Fellatio (666), Megiddo Islam (666), Obama False Mahdi (666), Red Moon, Eagle Of Saladin (666), Is Abominable, Obama Pledge Peace (666), Cnbc Is Manageable (666), Infernal Agenda (666), Islam Behead Obama (666), Magdalene Bad Sin (666), Miracle Barack F (666), Magdalene Sin G (666), Dead From Needle (666), For Oil Field (666), Obama Peace Pledge (666), Angels of Life (666), A B Obama Health Deal (666), Deirdre McDonald (Senior Vice President of Industry and Government Relations (666), A Obama Chanddo A Fbi (666), A Barack H Obama Of Cia (666), A Bad Id of A Barack Obama (666).  Furthermore, this is happening between two enormous pillars, in reference to the Two Pillars and Luciferianism.  Moreover, there are two large mountains in the background, which represents the bosom of the Woman who gives birth to the beast, which has to do with the “End of Days” or an "Apocalyptic End.” Irrespectively, said nuclear ash comes raining down before the next scene of a beetle, a nano-bot beetle running up across a kid’s face who is asleep and wrapped in white blood-stained bandages. The child’s right eye has a purple swirl that has been painted over the eyelid, suggestion the hypnotization of the masses and the Illuminati that is in control of this False Reality. 
Then is cuts to a being in the background with a Skull and Bones tattoo (just missing the 322 numerology under it), and a small boyish-being that is a machine (transhumanism). It has red glowing eyes and is holding an AK47 rifle, which in Jewish Gematria has the Numerology of 11 (as mentioned above) with its finger on the trigger, and a small purple bow on it, as if it is a present like “Santa Claus” or Satan gives to children, which is in the form of a cube. Both beings are sitting on ice and the surrounding ice is cracked, yet again signifying/reinforcing the fracturing of one’s mind via daily subliminal messages and marketing. It is demonstrating the Populace’s, especially the younger Populace’s super-dependence with or on technology and not realizing that the more advances technologically that are manifested, then the more dependence and thus, the less self-sustaining life skills one has or will develop; i.e., convenience is the enemy of a Free-thinker or of a being that is FREE (i.e., one who possesses volition). I.e., one becomes solely dependent onto another, rather than being a responsible adult or person that can take care of oneself, i.e., self-sufficiency. As the mechanized-child turns towards the camera, it has uncontrollable twitches, which means that the young are poisoned via tainted Vaccines, and the so-called medications (from Big Pharma) to combat these viruses and underscores their “side-effects,” as well as the overall shock from constant Conditioning, to which one become a “shell” of oneself; hence, their nervous (uncontrollable) "ticks” mannerisms, gesticulations, i.e., purposeful induced psychosis. Further, there is a little red heart bonnet magnet in its head/hairline and as the child looks into the camera before is cuts to the next scene, but before that, its eyes go Black, which is the Black Cube/Sun or the Black Moon (Satanic reference). Concurrently, the person or being behind the child undoes the purple bow on the machine gun AK47 as if to say or suggest: go kill (like militarized people do since they have been brainwashed into thinking or believing that they are protecting America against erroneous and made-up boogeymen.

Then a pink (highest realm in BuddhismRenge or Lotus Flower is seen flowing down on some water, which empties into green goo pool that a human is submerged in with exception of his face and two arms, one of which is holding a mallet while a sickle in free-floating in the goo, and symbolizes Russia having fallen. The human has terror on his face as he starts to sink into the green goo/liquid, but just before his drowns, tanks with pointed teeth are shown rumbling down an embankment, as a spotlight is cast upon them forming a Ying-Yang sign, underscoring Duality again (repetitive Conditioning theme) or subjectiveness, e.g. Light and Dark or Black and White or Good or Bad. This also depicts history (“His-Story”, i.e., Satan’s) and specific of this scene, the Tiananmen Square event in 1989 of a woman standing in front of these tanks. In this video, a girl with a white flag walks toward the approaching tanks and then stands before the them whilst waving it signifying, we surrender. She is grabbed from behind by a skeleton’s hand that has a HUGE diamond ring on its finger that sparkles before touching her; this highlights Materialism and Capitalism that rule this world by the super or Über affluent; the girl has a Chinese tiger, which is the “protector of the dead” (in the Chinese culture) on the back of her jacket or clothes; she is spun around and she has an angry face on her countenance, but she also has a radioactive/hazard symbol with a line through it on her right cheek (meaning no hazard) and a small heart on her left cheek. The skeleton or death figure is wearing a top hat on and a party-favor in its mouth, in which it blows into the girls face as large fireworks explode in the background or behind him. This creates a sound or frequency that makes the girl looks down, gives up her yearning for peace and thus, be submissive and thusly, renders her, ineffectual. Then behind him are numerous (4) purple fireworks exploding in the air, representing the show that we are all operating within, sadly. Further, this skeleton has lines on his face and a swirl around his chin too. The aforementioned party-favor grows into a serpent and heads towards the girl as she cast her eyes downwards and presumably submits or does not resist her impending fate or compliance to the Matrix. Again, this illuminates the Populace’s subservience to their Conditioned ways.

Next it shows a full-view finally of the being in that boat, which is Satan as Christ, but now one can see his whole being; it is ostensibly Jesus Christ in appearance, but it is not him; it is an illusion or SatanVesselByCERNPortalInterdimensionalTravel ologram, i.e., a false image that the populace will believe is real. Satan, as Jesus here, is depicted in a trance (eyes closed) and is moving in a vibrational or frequency-based manner, in which his body is in sync with the soundtrack, which is a metaphor for the entire race of Homo-Sapiens that he will dominate or control.  Satan/Jesus has the barb-wired head piece (Euphorbia milii) that was set onto his head before he was staked to the cross/crucifix. His body is illuminated with an aura of red and yellow or fire that is now coming from/burning at his feet as he rides this Egyptian ship. He is moving his body in a very loose manner, almost snake-like in his smoothness and fluidity.  The back or end of the boat, in this short shot does also make for a tail too, which is harder to notice; but, in the way in which it is shot, it does illustrate that it is his tail and that he is an illusion or the False Savior. The next image is the demonic face in the monitor yelling at the girl whose head is broke-open and is trying to break away and thus, free herself from her programming and enslavement. Further, the serpent from her head (our DNA Genome) is now dead or inactive as it is lying lifeless from her broke-open head (mind) as she has her back to the demonic entity in the monitor and as she fights to break away (be free). She is in a lot of pain and suffering as it then cuts to the Reptilian eye for a brief second, then back to the demonic face that seemingly tries to eat her head by opening its mouth and lunging at her head before cutting to the next video edit.  Then it shows 4 large vertical rectangles inside themselves (dimensions), one smaller than the next and there are inhabiting the Galaxy or Universe/Space. And as the flaming ship comes from the depths to the forefront, the vessel that Satan has been riding in/on depicting Satan coming through a Vortex/Portal, i.e., a gateway from outside into our Realm or dimension, it destroys the dimensions behind him as they blow up into flames.  This highlights what CERN is doing and their sinister plans that they hide (occult) as well as shows who these dimensions are going to be extirpated. Then It shows a Hologram of Christ with his head tilted or cocked to one side, with his right arm close to his body and his left arm stretched outwards. The fire from said dimensions is now used as fire that he blows towards the camera, representing the scorching or cleansing of the Earth due to Nuclear War/Attack or a possible cleansing or viral devastation. This leads to another “Eye of Horus” that is vertical instead of horizontal. It is hanging and green as well as is the strange environment that Christ/Satan is floating in on his vessel coming back for his reign of deception and domination. 
SatanReBirth BirthCanal Unterus
Consequentially, a birth is represented by the next camera angle at the 4:11 m.m of Satan or Christ sailing through an opening of a cave that has an egg (more reiteration of the human in an egg, hence, who we are born into or from bondage), hanging from the inside of the cave, which has a illumination around it, meaning that it is glowing, per se as Satan sails through as well as it being caught afire for a moment too. Then the video shows a frontal view of Satan with the Anubis centered in this camera shot too, but he is in reddish and fiery silhouette that has a solid black halo (Black Sun) encompassing his head with a yellow border around it that has a bluish haze emanating from it.  The background symbolism is of a fallopian tube or uterus of a woman; i.e., the aforesaid birth. Reflections are depicted in the water as a dark blob with two fiery eyes in the water.  As he approaches, the water ripples and electricity shoots down from a corner of the screen, which is a reference to the "Angel of Light”; i.e., Satan.  Then as the camera pans backwards from an above angle, small boulders fall from the sky or heavens down into the water below. This is the crumbling of our false and perceived paradigms and how there are sheer lies (False Reality).  And before the shot changes, one can see or discern 3 “6s” (666) in the cave’s walls.  Then the next shot is a brief one of the already mentioned clown’s feet with boots. The camera shot is one that has the clown’s legs open like an upside “V” (5th Dimension reference). Under the clowns foot is an inverted “6” as well as fire in the background, which is a fiery pit emanating form the depths (i.e., Hell).  Next shown is the clown who is now pretending (False Prophet) to be an Indian Deity, Shiva ("The Auspicious One," but also represents "the Destroyer" or "the Transformer") wearing a Gold Headdress, which has serpents coming form the bottom of it; she also has an illuminated four-pointed star on her chest (Christianity), whilst she dances about as behind her (the background) is yet another fiery pit (more symbolism: Hell presence).  She has a red dot or Third Eye (Illumination) on her forehead as well as it being in the headdress too, and during her ritualistic dance (to summon up demons) she strangely sticks her tongue (a segmented one) out like a Serpent would as its head turns from side to side. This is followed by an murky-green underwater shot of the Satan riding his Vessel, in which striped-fish start to swim towards it from beneath it. This is representing the same type of fish that had been found inside the remans of a floating vessel after the Tsunami in Japan in 2012. And further illustrates that supposed "natural disaster," was in fact man-made, i.e., HAARP induced it. There is also once again a “6” in the ocean above next to Satan. Next are said fish swimming up to Satan’s Vessel as they then jump into the boat symbolizing blind sacrifice to the False Savior.  They are all black and white striped, i.e., Marked by the Beast with RFIDs or Barcodes, i.e., something physical as well as underscoring Duality (yet again). They, of course land at Satan’s fiery/flaming feet. Satan is then shown again rocking or jiving to his own beat or frequency as the small boulders as mentioned before, plunge into the water or sea around him. There are 3 more “6s” in the ice green pillar behind Stan, but they are hard to make out, but they are there nonetheless.  Further, there is a light beam that comes from the “heavens” behind Satan, which also passes through one of the “6s” just mentioned.

Penis Fallac Symbolism wide

Cut to the nest camera shot of an ice shape that clearly resembles a man lying down with its left leg bent up with the right one lying down; there is also pillar that is an man’s erection. Then a swirling cloud-like manifestation that appears as a hand comes out from within it, which casts a light onto a cross on top of a phallac-like tower or the head of the penis, in which a light permeates through it as it shoots a reflected light away for the tip, in an almost ejaculative symbolisms (a hand-job to climax), thus, accentuating the primal plane of existence (red Chakra) most of us are trapped in (i.e., feeding our Ego via satiation). Further, the phallic symbol that has a cross on top of it (mocking God and Jesus) appears to be diseased with holes and cracks in it as the camera quickly zooms upon it; this signifies Sexually Transmitted Diseases as well as the philandering ways of the Populace especially the contemporary younger generation. This erection or “tower” is seen as having an old woman in it looking out of a gated window (a cell/prison).  And there is a red iridescent heart light next to the cell window attached to the tower itself.  She is looking outside for something with eagerness and  has purple-ringed bags under her eyes suggestion a huge lack of sleep (insomnia), which keeps one from being able to ever discern, because of a haze that one is always perpetually in. The light from above is cast upon her face and then shown topless and in a rag dress about her waistline as the light further encroaches casts into her room. She stumbles backwards and drops her cane as the camera zooms onto her genital area, which has a fig leaf over it (reference to Adam and Eve). She then jumps backwards onto the bed, seemingly trying to escape this intrusion and therefore, what is about to happen to her. It shows her areolas that are purple as well as her Hawaiian dress that is around her pelvic or reproductive region. She crab-walks backwards to the wall as if she is going to be attacked; this shows her panties (like those infamous daily celebratory up-skirt shots) as well as the 3 “X”s on her wedge boots (the laces), which signify Satan/Anti-Christ (Mark of the Beast) and the change/transformation of the Sun God (God/Angel of Light) that will be upon the human Race.  It is also a Masonic Symbol too, further it means Death and has relevance with Egyptian heritage as well.  Then she is shown with her legs wide open (missionary position) and a blood stain (meaning she is ovulating or ready for insemination) that materializes from her vagina onto her white panties, and thus, bleeds through them; this is a mockery to the pious parable of Immaculate Conception as her eyes become wide open displaying lighting bolts for iris', meaning Satan’s ejaculation or seed is now inside this old woman (injecting the old beliefs or Satanic paradigms).  Subsequently, the blood evaporates almost instantly, as she points above to the heavens, meaning that the Angel of Light or Satan has come down to reclaim everything as his own; i.e., that we are all his children. 
Grandmother with Lighting Bolt Eyes
Lightening Bolt Eyes (Possessed by Satan)
Satan's Immaculate Conception
Penis Fallac Symbolism narrow
Phalic Symbolism
IndianDeityHindu GoddessKaliAndTongue
Shiva (A Statue of him is in front of CERN)
Then a green faded realm is shown with two big splashes from more fallen boulders, underscoring the climax of Satan and therefore, the end or destruction of our world. He is shown in silhouette in the middle of all this surrounded by light and over it has two snakes or Serpents interlocking one another like the DNA code/strand or Doctor's Symbol of the mastery of the Homo-Sapien Genome with two Serpents wrapping themselves around it. Then again, the Indian Deity (Shiva), who the clown is pretending to be, is shown in a dance of sorts, which cuts to blurred-faced men in suits standing on clouds and as the camera pans into the sequence of business men standing there (Conditioned and Bamboozled masses), it displays an explosion coming from beneath that soars into the sky above them. It shows thousands of men underneath this arising Phoenix as ash continues to fall about. Furthermore, this means that “man” or humankind is completely at the mercy of a so-called Deity or False Savior. This is proven by the the explosion that manifests from Satan/Christ once he is high above the masses, in which he then waves his hands and arms downwards and thus, creates an annihilation of a nuclear cloud that eliminates all of them (depopulation: Georgia Guidestones) as he soars above to the sky with his heart afire and thus, out of frame.  And once again, the Reptilian eye is shown via the monitor with its broken snake-like cord trailing behind it. It slithers away, and as the shot pans backwards, the young female child is shown with her cracked-open head, but it does not possess any Serpents to it anymore; she has seemingly broken away. She stands up and then walks away. Then the skeleton with a huge smile on its face is seen; it is now a conductor with sticks in hand as he is orchestrating a young white child in a white dress with a red stripe in it  (representing a new religion: a world one) that swirls upwards from the depths of an ice hole from the ground, and thus, up and into the atmosphere, in which the camera shot depicts the Earth in the background underscoring the Populace’s disconnect with Life and to all Sentient beings (Universality and Interconnectedness).  The camera shot widens and colorful lights (purple, pink, and orange) are shown as well as a city (the Vatican) that seemingly is happy or at peace and in which displays the reflection of the Earth on the water surrounding it; its akin, but the antithesis of the Lunar surface that reflects on the Earth’s waters. Satanism displays the opposite of everything.  This is then followed by burning fire and that clown again, in which the camera focusing first on the 4-pointed star (Christianity) again, but then shows the clown with a black-eyed mask; he is dancing around ritualistically.
Christ Satan Fire in Eyes Church Fallen
Satan with the world ablaze in his eyes / All Seeing Eye / Pyramid / Illumination
There are also, for a brief moment, a Holographic images of a Shark dorsal fins at this being’s (clown) feet as it dances. This expresses the dangers that are lurking beneath us and that whatever it is that seems to be our Savior, is really actually are executioner. The being then spins around and the mask changes into a brown one with again black eyes, but with a wide open sharp-toothed mouth and the being then has paws with claws on them as well. This is the beast from within and is representing Duality again (which is because of our Reptilian minds). Then the being has a black and purple face mask that has a beak (an evil phoenix reference) and also fabric-styled wings appear under the arms with a purple outline on them as it continues to dance, which is mostly breakdancing or a dance of the youth and rap or hip-hop genre (the overtly Satanically controlled sexual music industry that pushes sexualizing everything, i.e., philandering or the Y.O.L.O lifestyle or paradigm especially to the youth).  The camera shot then becomes that being in a floating cross posture (arms out and legs together) as Light abounds around it.  Then a demonic face is shown again, but this time it is a statue like the ones in front of libraries and other government buildings and it has small horns too. Its eyes become sparkling light or what looks like little stars for eyes; this means the Light of Lucifer will shine onto the Populace and transfix everyone who is easily fooled.  The camera shudders like it has sneezed and then pans down quickly to Satan/Christ coming out of the birth canal (Vagina) on his Vessel as he continues to rock to his own vibrational tonality.  The shuddering of the camera prior, represents the climax of Satan and this is further supported by a small flood of water that follows Satan as it also shows that he has giving birth to himself or more aptly stated, his own Kingdom.  The fire is still burning at his feet as he exits the birth canal as several Lotus flowers sprouts from the depths of the water as his Vessel sails by it (again typifying cloning as mentioned before). Then the Sun is shown for a split second before Satan opens his eyes (for the first time demonstrating that he is now here fully after his wrath is complete), which briefly shows Reptilian eyes (slit iris’). Satan opens his mouth and moves his head around a few times. A pyramid is prominent on his forehead with the all-seeing eye (“Eye of Horus”) with rays coming down from the pyramid above the eye like the symbol on the back of EVERY dollar (Fiat Money). Further, his eyes show fire burning within (as a reflection of what he is seeing) as he is looking outwards; i.e., the total crumbling or devastation of Humanity.  And the ice structure behind him that he came out of, which is representing a Church (or house of God, i.e., religion) starts to crumble and fall into the ocean or sea. This signifies that Satan has come and thusly, fulfilled the prophecies of the "End of Time,” in which all is extirpated. As the Vessel slowly continues forward, the back part of the vessel makes for his tail again as he sails towards the Sun. Furthermore, as he is riding/sailing towards the Sun, it shoots out solar-flares towards two of the three pyramids that are floating in the ocean, knocking off the capstone of two of them, creating the “All-Seeing Eye Pyramid” symbology that is again on every Fait dollar in the United States, before all three structures crumble into the ocean. A couple of other solar-flares shoots out, but away from the camera’s perspective.  The video ends with him riding off into the Sun as many other solar-flares shoot over his head and as the sun has emanating pulses abounding outward.

Further Subliminals
666 in Cave
Belly of the Beast
Alien Reflection in Water
Alien Reflection
All Seeing Eye Reflection in Water
"All Seeing Eye" or Eye of Horus Reflection
Serpent Reflection in Water
Serpent Reflection
Dinosaur  Giant Lizard Reflection in Water
Reptilian Head or Dinosaur (Great Lizard) Reflection
WTC or 9/11 Referencing
Propaganda via the Powers that Be
V or 5ht Dimension and the Eye of Horus
Reptilian Eye (Our Creators and Owners)
We are Engineered
Obama Laughing
ALL the World is a Stage...
JesusSatanDestroying PyramidHalo
False Savior
DemonicSpiritWithInvertedPyramidDollarCurrencyOnChin NovusOrdoSeclorum Inverted
Reptilian Programmer Inverted
DemonicSpiritWithInvertedPyramidDollarCurrencyOnChin NovusOrdoSeclorum
Reptilian Programmer 
Illuminati Card Game
Gematria Meaning of Video’s Creator: Numerology and the Occult Meanings

"Gematria is an Assyro-Babylonian system of numerology later adopted by Jews that assigns numerical value to a word or phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or bear some relation to the number itself as it may apply to a person's age, the calendar year, or the like. The best-known example of Gematria is the Hebrew word Chai ("alive"), which is composed of two letters that (using the assignments in the Mispar gadol table shown below) add up to 18. This has made 18 a "lucky number" among Jews, and gifts in multiples of 18 are very popular." ~ Wikipedia

Louis Lefebvre in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1192; Louis Lefebvre in English Gematria Equals: 906; Louis Lefebvre in Simple Gematria Equals: 151. Lefebvre is the Director, Writer, Producer, and Editor, and had the help of the production company “Heliofant" (that which cannot be found on-line anywhere, so presumably it is a ghost company like a writer's pseudonym), both of which, has immense Numerology, i.e., corresponding Morphemes and or Lexicons that match in Number Value; e.g., "Louis Lefebvre” has the same English Gematria and Simple Gematria Numerology Value of (906/151) as does the following words that correlate to images int he video; e.g., Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, The Lord Jehovah, Jesus is Lord, Man Bearing Water, Prophetic King, Lords Prayer, Redeemer From God, Gods Name Number, Vicar Of Christ, Holy City Be Code, Angel Of Darkness, Illuminatus, JesusChrist, Apolloyon Abaddon, Revelation Date, Revolution, Allah Is One Satan, Fifth Dimension, Healing Promise, Abominable Things, Very Hideous, Valentines Day, Five Equals Grace, Jesus Glory, Father The Word, I Can Only Imagine, Mighty Jehovah, Jesus And Father, Schizophrenia, God Give Me Guidance,  Rosy Cross, Mount Shasta, Raving Lunatic, Ishtar Rising, One Satan Is Allah, Im So Sorry, Nephilim Prince, Go To Go Now, Behind the Eight Ball, USA President, Icy Cloth Obeyed, Building A World, The Infernal Angel, Very Messy, Jesus Is Alive, Forbidden Fruit, Supreme Love, And Let There Be Life, Justice For All, All He Can Do Is Evil, There Is No Death, Absorb Innocent, Jesus One Wife, Tasmanian Tiger, Pure Vanity, The Islamic Devil, Let Freedom Ring, Renal System, The God Numbers, My Beloved Son, Prophecy Heals, The Lord Of Evil, Really Selfish, Evils Savior, The Soul Saved, The Alien FEMA Camps, Quiet Silent, The Fall Of Mankind, and Stranger Danger. From reading the above, one should discern the ostensible correlations in symbology. then one needs to deduce or discern further as to why is so much of it in this video and for that matter, virtually all music videos, but I digress. Nevertheless, all of this symbology and Numerology is significant as the Powers that Be (The Illuminati and Draconians), are alway for right in showing or putting out there for the masses or the Sheeple to see and thus, be Conditioned to expect; in this manner, the Sheeple are desensitized when it actually happens for real. In short, one has to realize that all of this kind of aspects in social media is nothing more than Brainwashing/Conditioning. like commercials, one should always see or view it with a discerning eye, and I humbly recommend turning the sound off (i.e., MUTE it), and also, not watch the brainwashing on the Conditioning Box (TV). Furthermore, even considering today’s DVR capabilities with one’s internet provider, one should be aware of all the subliminals that are in one’s ‘“favorite” shows as well. Of course the commercials are Satanic, but even the show have tremendous messagings in them.

I, Pet Goat via Wikipedia, happens to be the only information about this “Director” or “person," other than a IMDb link that has NO photograph of him except one from Infowars via Goggle Images, but that does not mean or PROVE anything, i.e., that it is the true person; further there is not any other information about said “person” other than the said video; how strange, yes? It is probably a pseudonym and moniker for something else and not someone else. But, there is a Heliofant hompage for this video, which again is strange that it has a website and does not have any information about the so-called “director” or “person.”

Gematria by Zachary K Hubbard

Suffice it to say, I highly recommend checking out and subscribing this YouTubber (@Zachary K Hubbard) as he and his channel are amazing with said Gematria; his acumen on Simple, English, Jewish, and Pythagorean Gematria (all four being different in how one can discern numbers and thus, their meaning) is bar-none juxtaposed to others that I have watched or listened to on YouTube about the aforesaid. For me, and humbly so, I cannot make the ostensible correlations (impromptu or form his mind) with Numerology as he does; I can only see them via Gematria Calculator as well as using their plug-in for Goggle Chrome Web Store (app. download), which helps, because the more one uses it, then the more one can start to see patterns and or remember certain words with their corresponding number value. Furthermore, one can also put in the number themselves that are in news “Stories” and see the correlated words (occult meanings). Additionally, My YouTube Brother also has a wonderful blog titled: @Free to Find Truth that one can also peruse or follow.
Gematria Charts
Thank you for your time and patience in reading/perusing this and PLEASE SHARE this on all your Social Media Accounts as I feel this can help others understand the Matrix (lies) that are being perpetrated against Humanity. Regardless, of possibly finding faults or areas in which you do not agree or concur, overall, it is quite informative and supported, i.e., not just a rant of sorts.


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