The Economist 2015 Cover: Eyes Wide Shut

The Economist 2015 Cover:  Eyes Wide Shut
2015 orig faces

In January of 2015, The Economist, a magazine that claims: "offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them,” published with the above cover. For most, i.e., the Sheeple or the masses who suffer from brain damaged via Mind Control: indoctrination, it is just a cover; however, to the discerning eye, it is quite frightening, because of the BLATANT symbolism that is has in it. And if one again discerns it, then one deduces that it is prophetic in the sense that it is forewarning the plans of the Powers that Be (Draconians: Reptilians and Illuminati: Hybrids).  I analyzed the cover as best as I could, but I know, due to my limited knowledge, there are many more things or admissions in it that I could not discern, but for others who read this post and look at it, will see things that I missed and that is one of the purposes of this post, because we are all Interconnected and Share Universality. The other is to point out what I could and pass it along to others that are waking up or know that the world that we live in is not a real one, i.e., a False Reality that is imposed onto us via conditioning and oppression, etc.; for more on that please see this post The New Zoo Planet: The Homo-Sapien PSYOP, thank you. Further, this cover also reiterates and underscores many of the exact symbolism of a music video “I, Pet Goat II” by Heliofant in mid 2012. And for more in-depth information on that please see: Prophetic and Subliminal Messaging of the NWO, Satan, and Jesus (The False Savior) in "I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant.”

2015 orig
January 1, 2015 Cover of The Economist
2015 orig inverted flipped eyes under turtle
Reptilian Eyes hidden, but watching...
Above is the full version of the cover and one can see numerous disturbing images. So, one of the first things that I did was to use photo inversion, which reveals several things.  This is akin to what many other people do with the amazing work (the paintings) of Leonardo Da Vinci, in which they overlay as well as invert and change the angles of all of his work to reveal occult (hidden) messages or meanings. Da Vinci did this purposefully and it is extraordinary to what is revealed, but I digress. Nevertheless, pertaining to said cover and the inversion and flipping of it, I first noticed that at the bottom of the photo, which is now the top (since it is flipped), by the turtle with illuminated rays emanating from it, under its feet is an eye; a reptilian one too, because it has a slit for an iris. This is to underscore that we, Homo-Sapiens, are under control unbeknownst to us. The faded imagery is showing that the Powers that Be (Reptilians), who are the occult (or hidden) have the Illuminati (Hybrids, i.e., Psychopathic Satanic Incestous Blood-line families) working for them, which they have been doing for thousands of years. Ostensibly, this was the first image used, in which all other images were layered over it, again this is akin to the Da Vinci method of hiding truth within an image. Further, this is also buttressed with numerous sets of Reptilian eyes morphed together within the turtle’s shell as well as a face too; additionally, said shell is laden with even more eyes. Again, the meaning is that we are not only genetically altered by them, but are also being watched by them (the Masonic All Seeing Eye or Eye of Horus). It is very telling that whomever created this photo or imagery, put so many of these eyes within it, but again that is purposefully done to underscore that the Draconians are in all realms of our False (created) Reality, i.e., that they control all aspects of it; e,g, virtually all social mediums, such as the so-called and completely contrived “news” (and their “stories”), the music industry (Satanic Rituals), Agriculture (GMOs or poisoning), Pharmaceutical Conglomerates (Vaccines and Prescription Drugs or so-called remedies, which are all mendacities), schools (indoctrination and brain-washing), the Military Complex including local police  (i.e., enforcement of Draconian Mandated Laws that circumvent our Civil Liberties), virtually all Pious Sects (especially Catholicism, Christianity, and Muslim pieties), the Global Banking Conglomerates (i.e.,  the Fiat Money System, which has built-in debt that can never be repaid via the Federal Reserve, which is an entity that is privately owned by one or two Elitist and Hybrid Satanic families), and of course virtually all psuedo government entities (C.F.R., T.L.C., D.H.S., D.E.A., F.E.M.A, D.O.D., N.S.A., Bilderberg Group, N.A.T.O., the United Nations, etc., etc. (the list is endless, almost). However, and sadly so, many will never realize this or even discern this due to brain damage that is done via the indoctrinated school system, which is NOT about teaching one to discern and thus, be creative. Rather, the entire school system is put into place to brain-wash the Sheeple into compliance, submissive, and left-brain thinking, which is logical and Reptilian by the way. This is why today, most children love to do math and hate to read and write. This is due to instilling and brainwashing children to only use left-side of the brain thinking, which is compartmentalization (or compartmenatlizing what one has to deal with) and thus, not creative thinking, which is right-side of the brain thinking. Needles to say, math is fine in and of itself, but when it is pushed upon children's impressionable psyches, it is to purposeful program (rewire) the children's brain to think within a box (Satan’s Cube), i.e., do this, to get to that, and then do this, to get to another that; hence, there is no allowance for discernment, which is for one to find veracity in whatever it is that one comes across in any aspect of life.  Additionally, something to realize is that when one says that one should "think outside the box," which is a common expression, in truth, what one should discern (realize) is that there is NO BOX!
2015 orig inverted flipped eye in turtle
Replete with All-Seeing Eyes and full Reptilian Face
Pertaining to language, i.e., reading and writing, are essential before one learns math, because how does one express mathematics without language?  Again, this is programming, i.e., mind control and thus, brain damaging the children. A clear act of child abuse. Further, anyone who has the "knee-jerk" reaction to dismiss and thereby, attack another for a difference of an opinion is displaying that they are suffering from mind control or purposeful inflicted brain damage. E.g., if one contends that Lee Harvey Oswald did not “murder” JFK, most people will have the proclivity to attack the other as deranged, ludicrous, un-American (whatever that suggests), and is vilified for saying or feeling so; now, if one was normal, meaning balanced in one’s psyche, then one can rationalize/argue one’s point without being angry and displaying or building up “hate” for the other person who thinks differently. That is ALWAYS mind control side-effects or the what is truly brain-damage. One does not have to have disdain and contempt for another who thinks or feels the antithesis to one’s own opinion, which is for the most part, instilled or imprinted via brain-washing done in our “schools."

Furthermore, Gematria (Numerology), which is is an Assyro-Babylonian system of numerology later adopted by Jews that assigns numerical value to a word or phrase in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other or bear some relation to the number itself as it may apply to a person's age, the calendar year, or the like. The best-known example of Gematria is the Hebrew word Chai ("alive"), which is composed of two letters that (using the assignments in the Mispar gadol table shown below) add up to 18. This has made 18 a "lucky
Freemason turtlenumber" among Jews, and gifts in multiples of 18 are very popular.” ~ Wikipedia. This numerological encoding is prevalent in this cover of course; for instance, “Economist” has the numeric value of 377 in Jewish Gematria, 678 in English Gematria, and 113 in Simple English Gematria. Now, in Jewish Gematria (J.G.), the morphemes are: September, September11, As a Hate Speech(666 in E.G. & 111 in Simple Gematria), Demon Host (113 in English Gematria), Bondage Handcuf(666 in E.G. & 111 in S.G.), ShapeShift (666 in E.G. & 111 in Simple S.G.), SelfSabotage, September16, September11 2001, GatesofDeath (666 in E.G. & 111 in Simple Gematria), Lost of God (113 S.G.), TheBiblicalBeast, Iris Rfids (666 in E.G. & 111 in S.G.), The Being of Light (888 in Simple Gematria), September 11 1982, September 9 2012, O Eight Beat (666 in E.G. & 111 in S.G.), and September12 2012. And in English Gematria, it represents: Apocalypse (113 E.G.), UniverseSalvation, This is It, In January 2011, The Creator, Black and White, The seed of the Lam, Kingdom of God, Chains of Gold, The Sun God, Im ur Devil, TheName of God, God of Mankind, ObamaGodless, Necrophiliac, 42 Letter Name, Abortions, and Morality

Accordingly, when the definite article of “the” is added to Economist, it creates "The Economist”; so, the aforesaid, in Jewish Gematria (J.G.) sums to the numerical value of “490” and when added equals “13” (4+9+0); so, said number “13” is significant in Satanic Witchcraft; it means Rebellion, Death, and Satanism. Additionally, in Simple Gematria it sums to 146 (1+4+6=11); and the numbers 11, 13 and 33 are all Illuminati and Freemason numbers or signatures of them. In addition, "The numbers 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 33, 39  [or] any multiple of [said] numbers have special meaning to the Illuminati, [e.g.,] the Bilderberg Group has core of 39 members who are broken into 3 groups of 13 members in each group. Notice that the core of 39 answers to the 13 who make up the Policy Committee, [and] [t]ake special notice that the 13 members of the Policy Committee [only] answer to the Round Table of Nine. [Not to mention] that the original number of states in the United States of America was 13 [and] The Constitution has 7 articles [,which] was signed by 39 members of the Constitutional Convention” (Secret Societies / New World Order: by Milton William Cooper).  Regarding the J.G. numerical value of “490,” the morphemes are, Christ Atoned, Patriots, Catch a Falling Star, Source Code, He is Not Special, Madrid Codex, The Beginning of the End, It’s a Parable Mark, Alien Monitoring, The Galactic Center, Christian Kingdom, Seeds of Discord, Spiteful, Her Time is at Hand, The Gates of Death, Is a Sadistic Maniac, Fifth Dimension Being, Mr. Obama Slandering, The Heart Breaker, Puritan, Humanistic, Father of Lights, Last Human, False Geneticist, Mark of Atheist, Mark of the Father, From Another Life, Cannibalism Adrenaline, The God of Madness (930), M Obama D Rothschild (990), and Unearthed.  And in English Gematria it sums to “876” and represents these terms: The Blood of a Goat, New Jerusalem, Antigravity, Enlightenment, Leonardo Da Vinci, The Apocalypse, Global Control, Cornerstone, Destructive, Draconian Do Evil, Annuit CΕ“ptis, May Earthquake (911 in J.G.), Vlad the Impaler, Freedom of Choice, The Human Will, Clear Blue Water, The Universe, Stay on Earth, May Twenty, Human Anatomy, O Negative Blood, Divine Wisdom, Relationship, Even if He Comes Back, Poltergeist, Colony Capital, Evil Democrats, Aztec Origins, Google Implant, Financial Crisis, Spirit of Grace, Evil Ussr II, The Christ Child, Beautiful Lord, Gorilla Warfare, Behold a Pale Horse, Enhance by Verse, Malicious Advice, Being Trodden On, Logan Airport, Thirty Nine D, The Abominable Angel, and The Uprising. So, there are 3 references to earthquakes, e.g., May Earthquake, May Twenty [20th], and Logan Airport (in Boston), as well as the already mentioned 11.3 and 11.5 (in the yellow arrows). Therefore, one can deduce that there will be two massive earthquakes over 11.0 on the richter-scale in May in Boston.

Furthermore, if you one sums the entire date of this published issue, i.e., January First Two Thousand Fifteen in Jewish Gematria, it sums to the numerical value of 3321 (3+3+2+1=9 / 3x3x2x1=18 / 33+21=54). This is clearly displaying the multiples of “3”, e.g., 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 48, 51, 54 and “9”, e.g., 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, which can signify dates now when contrived events will take place due to the Satanic and Masonic Ritualistic sacrifices (PSYOPs and False Flags); and pertaining to 54 (9x6), when one overlays the “9” and “6”, it makes an infinity sign or the number “8", which when split in half (down the middle) creates two “3s”; but even more significance of said value when one take the first number value 3, the second number value 3, but then add the last two numbers together (2+1); so, 3, 3, 3 or 333 in successive place value.  And so, in Jewish Gematria of “333” much like the World Wide Web (3 “w”s) represents these words: Slider Effect, Meant to Be, God the Female Half Gene, Earth Ends, Magic Secret, Angels of Hate, The Obama Team, Angel of Disease, Domination, FDA Birth Defect, Hells Fire, The Renegade Angel, DNA CreationThe RFID Mark, The Fiend of FireInhumane, and Discarnate (of a person or being, not having a physical body ~ Wiki). And for the numerical sum of 3321, has even deeper meaning via sentences of words that sum to the same value, such as The Conquered Were Made To Serve The Conqueror, What is Man without LoveThe Cobra, The Scorpion And The Lizard, The Devil, The False Prophet And The BeastSatan Died Before The Predicted Three And A Half Year Period, Its In The Book Of The Law, and I Before E Except After C, Science Is A Lie, Why Cant You See. Clearly very creepy and purposeful usage of numerology encoding.  

Not to mention, 2015 strangely enough means, End of the Eighth Cycle Two O Eight, The Crucifix is a Symbol Roman Murder, Eternal Death by the Holy Spirit from Sin, Virtually Detectable, I am that I am and You are that You Are, Do You Love Anyone (reference to our incomplete soul), Excessive Cruelty (Human Kind’s complicity), Copyright Us R Bad Law, An Indescribably Crazy Person (Political Puppets), Obama Netanyahu March Xxiii mxiii, Roswell Event (Aliens or other life forms), N Thank You Lord for Your Sign, Cmcsa Kill Nws Nov I, Auset Heru Ausar Isis Osiris Horus, Levitates Jesus (second coming of a False Savior), Discover Supports Sam Masonic, The Seven Bowls (Revelation 16), Six Six Six the Shocking Truth (Satanism), International Sin Organization Manual Books (NWO, which pertains to the PNAC), Do You Worship Me Daniel (mocking Piety), Write Law (our oppressively written ‘laws’), The Devil May Suck My (Satanism and Luciferianism), Are Baptized by the Holy Ghost (False Savior), Life Be Started by a Gods Word (mocking our lack of belief), Al Qaeda Defeated the Military Industrial Complex (Database; and the mocking the False Flag of 9/11, etc.), I will Gather them for Armageddon (conscription and mindless Nationalism/Americanism), World War (i.e., W.W. III - False Flag), Putin Humiliates E Snowden (Defaming a whistle-blower), Welcome Home to Heaven (NWO’s one religion), The Center Point of Everything (the true reality of the Universe, which is occultic/hidden still), Money Sex Power (the three staples of Capitalism within Americana and of the Sheeple of what is imperative, which is the antithesis of the truth: i.e., Love, Empathy, and Veneration), Muslim Brotherhood Engages in Homosexual Orgies (defaming people of that faith), Who is Sky God of Annunaki (mocking our ignorance of the true origins of Homo-sapiens), Enemies Do Not Love One Another Common Sense (promotion of hate and separatism), The World is Out of Control (i.e., for the Sheeple who are not awake yet), Virtual Humanic Hologram Generator (used for False Flag, such as 9/11 and the next one of Aliens attacking and the second coming of Jesus, a false savor since it is a hologram), I’m Waiting for Your Call (again our lack of faith in a creator of whatever kind), Net Neutrally Died June Eight (i.e., Net Neutrality>pdf), and Jesus the Son of Michael Myers (mocking our lack of faith as well as reinforcing the False Savior to come to us; i.e., hologram). A lot of subliminal messaging and symbolism, including Satanic, for a so-called cover that most people consider as unimportant. And I also checked for the meaning of 5012 or the inversion of 2015 and found eight ominous strange correlations, e.g., The World Is Your Playground And You Write The Script, Gang Stalking Is Cowardly With No Honor, Make Sure You Tell That To Daniel Pipes, The Twenty Fourth Of March Was Known As The Day Of BloodI Come In My Fathers Name Yehowah Yahveh And You Believe Me Not, And He Said, What Hast Thou Done The Voice Of Thy Brothers Blood Crieth Unto Me From The GroundI Have The Elixir Of Evil And Wicked People Are Burned By My House Markbot, and most disturbingly, The World Will Continue To Be Enslaved Until The Daily Sacrifice Stops. For some, they will presume this is arbitrary and not purposeful, but the truth is obvious.

2015 orig inverted flipped two faced world
2015 orig inverted face in bus
Satan as the Driver
The next thing I noticed using inversion was the two-faced moon. In the inversion, the land mass becomes a vortex, which is a reference to CERN and their Satanic desire to open the 5th Dimension for Satan. Moreover, their is also a face within the water/ocean. And the last thing I noticed using inversion in another part of the cover was the little blue bus that has, what appears to be a man with a headdress, which seems to underscore the recent PSYOP of two men in drag ramming a gate at the NSA Headquarters on March 30th. Nonetheless, after using inversion, it is clear that it is a man driving with his hair on fire, thus, signifying Satan and his imminent coming to our limited 3rd dimensional existence; yet another reference to CERN’s Satanic occultic activities.

There are many other Satanic referencing, e.g., Winston Churchill’sV’ sign Mudrā (hand gesture), which refers to the "Law of Fives" as well as the Fifth Age (from the 5th Dimension). As well as the reverse or inverted diamond Mudrā, which also happens to have an eye within the middle of the space that is the diamond between her hands (photo found further down in IMAGES). And of course Obama who is in the middle of the cover is representing Baphomet in his famous pose of “As above, so below.”  This is a probable reference to the rumor that he will be sacrificed as a Satanic Ritual (like many others before, such as Princess Diana as, for one). 
2015 orig illuminati Mudrā 5th dimension
5th Age and Dimension

So, as the rumor goes, he will be publicly assassinated (like JFK was), as supposedly America will be betrayed by 10 Nations. The other is from so-called natural disaster, such as two earthquakes in North America in over the 11.0 range, which is represented in this cover with two yellow (meaning Power in the Chakra levels/frequencies) arrows stuck into the ground with the numbers of 11.3 (113) and 11.5 (115).  Accordingly, in Jewish Gematria (J.G.), 113 represents these morphemes: The (33 in Simple Gematria/S.G.), Fish, Large, Epic Fail, Panic, Gate (33 in S.G.), and Mile End; and in Simple Gematria, ApocalypseUniverse, Hold Me Down, This is it, Helix NebulaDream WorldThe CreatorBlack and White, Angelic Host,
2015 orig earthquake arrows
Kingdom of God, The Seed of Lam, Abomination, The Shining, The Sun God, I'm Ur Devil, The Name of God, Operation, God of Mankind, Praises God, Mutation, The Juggler, Protest, Luminary,  Cultivated, Murmured, Necrophiliac, The Hand of Fate, and Morality. And pertaining to 115 in Jewish Gematria it correlations are: Killing (murdering by psychopaths), Catch 22 (paradox), Changing (what Homo-Sapiens need to do, but haven’t yet), Dealer (Charlatan), In Flamed, Egg of Life (Draconian’s birth), Oil Leak, Molek, Alien Life (other life forms), Facet, and Magical Child; and in Simple Gematria: Trinity (pious reference), Freemasons (Satanic Hybrids), Destroyed (part of the world), Grey Alien DNA (Draconian drones, per se), Opposite (Satanism adage of “As above, as below”), L Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology, which is a front for Satanism and Luciferianism), Highest Angel (Lucifer, the Angel of Light before he was cast out of Heaven like a lightning bolt), Owl Cam Live (Masonic reference), I am the Dragon (Reptilian reference: Draconians), Religious, Obama is Judas (False Prophet or a False Jesus), The Evil One, He is Nuts, God Forsaken (people’s lack of faith via implicit being unbeknownst Satan worshippers), Morpheus (a god of dreams who appears in Ovid's Metamorphoses), Crazy Lady, Burn in Hell (Satan’s tormenting), Crown Chakra (purple, i.e., illumination/awakening/enlightenment that Homo-Sapiens are not in or haven’t reached yet due to deception and oppression), Nevada Alien Base (Area 51), Enemy of Obama (anyone who oppose him), Great Britain (Royal Satanic Incestous Bloodline families), Satan’s Alien (other beings doing his bidding), Closet Alien (occult life forms living amongst us), Apocryphal, Verifying (discernment that the Sheeple do not possess via brain damage), Serenity (a state that we have not reached yet), Brimstone (synonym for Sulfur and a sign of God’s wrath), Good Pinnalce, Rest in Peace (all souls that will perish), Had a Tough Day, God is You, Safety Net (convenience of technology and Big Brother), Was Bible Changed (i.e., it has been altered to serve the Powers that Be’s purpose and not humanity’s), Difficulty (what the human race will be after earthquake), Crooked Faith (believing in out forth mendacities), Infernal Law (the cursedness of the universe), Countenance (deceivers and falsity), The Reapers (the said Hybrid Illumined who will benefit from any destruction and depopulation of Homo-Sapiens), and most notably Sulphur (which is a YELLOW colored multivalent [having many applications] non-metal, abundant, tasteless, and odorless, which has the melting point of 113 degrees Celsius as well as the Atomic number of 16; further, it possesses the energy of first Ionization of 999.3, i.e., 666).

2015 orig alice in wonderland and woman portrait
2015 orig alice in wonderland and woman portrait eye in floor
Flipped for occult meanings
And next to those already mentioned arrows is "Alice in Wonderland" who is looking slightly upwards at the Cheshire Cat that is perched on a branch coming from behind of a standing Obama in said Baphomet pose. I first inverted the image and found two "All Seeing Eyes" (Eye of Horus references) as well as a Reptilian as the green “smudge” on the ball by her feet. And in regards to Alice, she has a demonic face, maybe Satan or Baphomet within her hair, unless it is another Reptilian. Moreover, there is a small typical “grey” alien head or face in the form of a small rock in the sand to the right away from her feet; plus, there are many other “eyes” as well as Alien Faces and one Snake Head too; further, the portrait of a woman in the background has some writing on her forehead that has been obscured or erased, but some lines can still be seen. The symbolism of Alice is ostensible, i.e., her character went looking down the proverbial “rabbit hole” to not only see what she could find or what it contains, but to also see how deep it was or if it even had a stopping point. She was tempted and thereby, fulfilled that temptation (Adam and Eve reference) or her Ego. I.e., it represents the illusion of our False Reality, because her character represents us (Homo-Sapiens), who are living within a fictitious world or environment, in which we don’t know we are existing in; therefore, we can be easily influenced by things or aspects of our quasi realm that we do not understand.

And pertaining to the Cheshire Cat, there are many "All Seeing Eyes" as well as some letters that I cannot make out and two other images within the cat’s fur that I cannot make out either. There is also an owl within it fur too. So, it is clear to discern a theme of our species has not only been 2015 orig cheshire cat smile genetically altered, but ostensibly we are still controlled and thus, watched or monitored constantly via our technology, which most are open arms to. These eyes of the Reptilians are occult, i.e, hidden within the photo as they are in our existence. Of course many will not see any of this and will have the knee-jerk reaction of dismissiveness. But, again that is the brain damage reaction from being brainwashed as children in schools that conditioned them.  Irrespectively, this cover is laden with so much information, and sadly, I am not that versed in worldly endeavors, nor do I possess enough acumen that is needed to completely discern every “nook and cranny” of it; but via others that observe this photo and my locutions, more of it can be illuminated or highlighted for the benefit of all of us, i.e., the Human Race.

Some other photos depicting the truth about the Fiat Money System, which is phony or “fun money,” i.e., it possess no true value at all except what we are told it does and that of which people believe it to be, is shown via a pig that is expelling flatulence (gas) from off of one man that is standing there wearing a purple tie, whom I do not know who he is, although, I do know that he is significant.  Nonetheless, it does represent that the dollar will replaced by another Fiat System after the Powers that Be collapse the entire financial market.

And Spiderman is in this photo too; it is for the colors of his uniform or outfit, i.e., the red and blue signify two colors of Satanic Illuminati. For them, red underscores spells that are performed as well as sexual desire (lusting), revenge, and aggressive magic (majick). And regarding the color blue, for them, means focus on spiritual goals or endeavors, and to bring about one’s good fortune. Furthermore, Spiderman is a mutant that had his genome or genetics altered by a radioactive spider, which is a metaphor to the Reptilians that altered us. And on the notion of movies, there is a battery on the floor being held by a small Japanese Sumo wrestler. This references the movie The Matrix, in which Morpheus, a mentor of sorts, tells Neo, the protagonist whom represents all of us, that we are mere batteries, i.e., energy for a higher being's purpose and that we a born into bondage, which are both true. Our energy from our fear-based Chakra or the lowest Frequency level that we can operate at, is what the Draconians thrive off of.

Russia President Putin has Hillary Clinton staring happily at him from behind him. He has sunglasses on and of course he is wearing a red tie too. This is supposed to signify Russia rising up and becoming the new super power on earth.  And there is a “Crop-O-Dust” helicopter flying in front of him, which repents chem-trails, or the poisoning of the atmosphere, as well as it purpose for filling the ionosphere with particles for holographic projections, which is supposed to be for the next big False Flag; i.e., an "Alien Invasion" and then the “Second Coming of Christ,” which will be a Reptilian-Hybrid acting as Jesus (False Savior) to convince the Sheeple that we must bow down to his wishes or if they usurp that False Savior PSYOP, then they will use the Alien Invasion, whereby the Draconians will be revealed as our “parents” and thus, will save us from a farce of an attack of other “evil” Aliens trying to kill us. The masses will fall for this sadly. Needles to say, Putin’s shades have a reptilian face in each lens as well as a Hybrid’s face too (left eye's lens).

Also, behind Winston Churchill’s hat is a N.A.S.A. rocket flying upwards, which is an admittance to the falsity of said program. The moon landing and all of N.A.S.A.’s space ventures are contrived and not real; it is a show for the Sheeple to believe in. Then there is all a signature mushroom cloud from a nuclear denotation, which represents a nuclear event, which could be another False Flag event for them if the Powers that Be feel it is necessary to push their agenda of a New World Order and all of their psychopathic desires. Not to mention, said mushroom cloud is loaded with "All Seeing Eyes.”

Reptilian in his hat
The Pied-Piper has a Reptilian's face within his hat, and said piper represents a False Prophet who will seduce the Sheeple via his tongue or sound, i.e., a frequency. This was underscored in the already mentioned music video “I, Pet Goat II” by Heliofant (Prophetic and Subliminal Messaging of the NWO, Satan, and Jesus (The False Savior) in "I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant), in which he is a skeleton with a top hat and cloak that uses a party-favor that he blows into a girl’s face to hypnotize her back into submission. Then there is the steroid Panda from China, which has a flat-earth football to its right side, which has a poster behind it with the words “Green Light,” meaning the Illuminati is going forth with their plans to push the NWO.  It also has “Federal Reserve” on it, which also has a red chip with a star in it that is falling, and a logo title of “PANIC”; there is also a little boy with a paper airplane in hand looking at said poster. This typifies our loss of innocence, because of the lies embedded into our psyches. And to his right, is a drum-set that is decked out in patriotic colors of America that has a electric British guitar impaled into the bass drum, which is a showing a betrayal by Britain to the United States. The number “50” is on the base drum. In Simple Gematria, “50" means America (corporation), Snake (Satan and Reptile), Bush (Puppet), June (time of a False Flag Event), Owl (Masonic), Fight (Divide and Conquer), Animal (Sentient Life), Sacred (Faith), After (past tense, i.e., something that cannot be changed), Biblical (mocking piety), Utah (area of False Flag Event), Encoded (Gematria in all “news” stories, movies, music, i.e, disinformation), and Mad Men (our complicity as well as the Psychopaths assisting the Draconians).  And above those images, two clown fish with some coral reefs (signfying falsity or charlatans as well as the poisoning of the coral reefs, which give and sustain aquatic life); and behind that poster and to the right of said fish, is a little Chinese boy eating ramen noodles, which are loaded with sodium, and underscores the GMOs in all of our food, which ostensibly poison us in every capacity, i.e., it shortens our lives and also makes us subservient.

Additionally, there is a person in all black with a face mask and using binoculars, which represents the government (big brother) and their continued and unconstitutional surveillance of us, the Populace. He has a man holding a Singapore banner behind him, signifying an event there possibly, and then there is NapolΓ©on Bonaparte with his Masonic hand gesture behind him. There are four other individuals that I do not know who they are nor what they represent as well as about 6-7 others who I do not know due to my lack of knowledge. Nevertheless, Monarch Programming is represented by a woman with a winged headdress that has seven-spotted reptilian eggs in it.  And "Jihadi Johnny," the creation of the C.I.A., which funded fictitious “terrorist” groups; he is holding an AK47 machine gun and above him is a flying Amazon drone carrying away books/literature, which underscores the removal of inscribed truth; a theme that has been used before by Imperial Countries with despot leaders.  And there is also a sad reference to our False Reality by a person wearing Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset/display. That is the Populace being enveloped by so-called helpful technology, which is only making one complicit to convienience. Plus, there is a whitish and yellow small ghost by the leg of Obama hiding a sign saying, “Holiday.”  Again, referencing a potential Satanic Ritualistic sacrifice of Obama, i.e., he is going somewhere.

Gematria: Significance of “All Seeing Eye" = 607 / 166 / 990 / 660 / 714

Pertaining to the “All Seeing Eye” (607 in JG..), there are numerous morphemes meanings in Jewish Gematria, e.g., Demonic Family, Hear Sound of Angel (990 in English Gematria), The Egg in the Cross, M Obama Sorceress (996 in E.g., & 166 in Simple Gematria), 666 The Mark Unleashed (990 in E.G.), Clone Baby Obama (666 in E.G.), Key is Omega (660 E.G.), Enemy of Man (666 E.G.), Purple Dragon, Dexter’s Lab (660 E.G.), Barack a Donkey (660 E.G.), Magical Squares, Clones B Freemasons, The Matterhorn (990 in E.G.), Spreading His Disease, Soloman Draconis Hall, God is Numbers, Rockefeller is Satan, False Messiah is Shambala, Spain Real Estate (990 in E.G.), Satanic Prophet (990 in E.G.), Silent Specter (990 in E.G.), The Mathematics of God, Clone by GMO (666 E.G.), Rockefeller as Satan, The Stellar Doors, It is the Tree of Life, Obama as Little Horn, Obama is Not the Mark, Al Qaeda Blackmail Putin, The Darkness of Death, The Ruler of Hell (990 in E.G.), Unified Field of No Time, Booze, Religious Beliefs, Nothing is Nothing, I am a Grey Alien, Ur the Redeemer, One Third of Angels Fallen, and Horrendous. Needless to say, there are many “66s” or “99s” (inverted “6s”) represented. And in English Gematria, “All Seeing Eye” has the numerical value of 714 and it represents these terms, e.g., Mary Magdalene, Nikola Tesla, Star of David, Hebrew Calendar, High Priest, Foundation, Divine Rule, Star Wars, King James Bible, Five Life Path, Birthmarks, Javascript, Queen Mary, Relaxation, Milky Way, Alien Travel, Divine Light, Biblical Verse, I Am Not Alone, The Formula, Impossible, Cure for Aids, Snake People, Seeing Clues, In God’s Arms, Keeper of Fire, Order of Death, Tarot Cards, Ancient Ones, Happy Ending, Imperial Oil, Mental Images, Orthodox, Central Park, One More Chance, All this Crap, Correctly, Gay Lyrics, Saucer Ship, Key and Scales, Loftiness, Phenomenon, Planet Mars, and Astrologic
2015 orig big brother
Big Brother
2015 orig castrol
Earthquakes' Magnitudes
2015 orig cheshire cat smile
Cheshire Cat 
2015 orig mushroom cloud
Nuclear Event with Eyes within
2015 orig amazon drone
2015 orig chinese kid ramen noodle
Poisons / GMOs / Monsanto Reference
2015 orig illuminati Mudrā
Inverted Pyramid Mudra and All-Seeing Eye
2015 orig china panda russia undies
2015 orig ghost
2015 orig crop o dust
2015 orig football flat earth
2015 orig clown fish
2015 orig alice in wonderland and woman portrait large
Close-up of Subliminals
2015 orig obama sacrifice
"As above, so below."

Baphomet as above so below
"As above, so below."

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