The movie “Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire,” is the most vivid, disturbing, and poignant depiction of a neoconservative hegemony faction known as the Bush administration.” (2004)

The movieHijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire,” is the most vivid, disturbing, and poignant depiction of a neoconservative hegemony faction known as the Bush administration.
“Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire” is a new documentary directed by Jeremy Earp, and Professor Sut Jhally. The movie accurately exposes a neoconservative, unilateral, totalitarian movement, so that one race, one family or one empire can control the world via fear, military force and supremacy.   The contentions are very disturbing but demand tremendous respect nonetheless. This documentary proves the nefarious and fascist ways in which this administration conducts itself.  It also has many great interviews of people, commenting on what has transpired, and how this agenda has been put into place.  This movie surpasses Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 9/11” in many ways, because it takes into account the whole concept and tenets of this administration and how they choose to expedite their agenda.  This film is definitively a more enveloping and accurate account of the Bush administration.  Furthermore, it protests about the administration’s far reaching and disturbing doctrines that subject the American people to the very crimes and persecutions that this almost self appointed and contrived faction is suppose to oppose and protect us from.

     The lights dim, the bass line begins and the viewer is enveloped into the world of “the agenda”; the transforming of American civil rights, and America via a guise of mendacities.  As one watches this movie one realizes that the Bush administration is calculating, and manipulating the American populace by the fear of terrorism.  They are using the fear of the American people for reasons to implement preemptive military action including the forfeiture of the American’s civil liberties. This is the Bush’s administration agenda to maintain a controlled society. In which fear is instilled creating a dependency of the people to the government: while permitting the right of ‘our’ government to instigate war with whomever, and whenever they choose.  The ideologues by this administration are for preemptive warfare that incorporates blatant violations of foreign policies, superseding the protocols that are in place by the United Nations: to instill world peace. Moreover, this dogma includes the total disregard of the American’s civil liberties.  These constitutional rights are now becoming more being disregarded or expunged by this administration. And this is the essence of the movie, the administration’s agenda as a neoconservative faction.  It is a feature film that suggests one to open one’s eyes, to our government intentions. After viewing this movie one cannot help but contemplate that the elected officials residing in these positions should possess veracity, and not be motivated by voracity and monetary gain.  

     How is this accomplished?   By an agenda that was contrived by Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz.   In the early nineties, he was hand picked by Bush, to serve in this capacity.  Wolfowitz’s plan states that the United States needs to become the super power of the world.  This written doctrine included the protocol that the United States become the supreme nation and that the entire world should have fear about via the firepower of the United States military.  Moreover, that the United States should engage, occupy and conquer any part of the world that United States deemed necessary.  Paul Wolfowitz’s plan, derived from an Aryan dogma, much like Hitler’s regime to dominate and conquer by fascism and tyranny.  The main part of this plan is to overthrow Saddam Hussein, and occupy Iraq for two purposes.  First, is allowing us to set up bases along the main oil line, which permits us to keep tabs on the neighboring countries, e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kabul, Iran, etc.  Second, is to insure tenure of one of the most key reserves on earth, oil.  This is a central part of their agenda, and an essential goal.  Paul Wolfowitz’s writes, that the United States display ultimate military supremacy as a caveat to other countries noncompliance to our imposed doctrines via occupations.  He also contends, regardless of the death and destruction this action causes that the United States needs to have an indifference to other countries creeds, ethnicities or regimes.   

      The Media Education Foundation which has produced this film presents many former administration officials, including several leading contemporary scholars, to bring credence to their assertions.   The honorable mentions are, Karen Kwiatkowski (Lt. Col. Air Force, ret.), Noam Chomsky (Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Stan Goff (Army Special Operations Delta Force, Rangers, and Special Forces), Scott Ritter (a ballistic missile technology expert & was a major in the U.S. Marine Corps), and Zia Mian (a physicist and member of the research staff at Princeton University's Program on Science and Global Security) and others.  

Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski asserts her troubling experiences.  She worked in an office that was overseeing many of the documents stating supposed reasons for a justified war in Iraq.  She opines that these documents could imply possibilities that Saddam or Iraq might possess weapons of mass destruction, either biological or nuclear. She also attests that the administration took bits and parts out of context from the all of the reports generated, and that virtually all of that information was based on presumptions and not facts. Then through carefully manipulation, the administration presented their findings so that one could derive certain assumptions: to justify an occupation or war. However, those contentions are feckless.  She also confirmed that if one looks at where all the major bases are in Iraq, then one will ascertain that all the bases are coincidentally beside the major oil line. This main oil line is being heavily protected by American soldiers.

The movie depicts that the Bush administration accepted many years of waiting until the prefect time to push the agenda for a “New America.” A “New America” that would secure all the key reserves of the world, allowing the U.S. to supply all other countries.  Hence the neoconservative plan of using military might to conquer other countries, and to also secure and procure oil.  Consequently, enabling perpetual financing of the Bush’s administration military defense and weapons program; therefore, facilitating their desire of world domination.   The movie mocks the supposed justified reasons that the United States decided to go to war.  This was done by using the media as an outlet to replay the news briefings of the countless times that Bush and his cronies repeated their claims that Iraq harbored Al Qaeda operatives, possessed weapons of mass destruction including a nuclear program, and possessed drone planes, capable of transporting biological chemicals.  The directors also showed how the administration kept harping on the fear of terrorism with the color coding warnings. All the news programs reiterated the warnings; to keep the American people in a perpetual state of fear so that the administration could roll back civil liberties.  The movie also touches on how American private conglomerates have invested in the war.  To reap all the money that will be reciprocated from the oil that is procured from the occupation in Iraq.  This assertion is proven by video of a meeting that took place among super wealthy big companies and powerful people.  In the meeting a spokesman implores the audience to invest into the war to receive a windfall of money once the oil reserves are secured.

     This movie by Jeremy Earp and by Professor Sut Jhally is a powerful and chilling documentary of government in general and deciphers the true aspirations of the Bush administration.  It also is an excellent representation of these talented artists.  Jeremy Earp a co-director was employed by the Media Education Foundation after the summer of 2001 to write and organize the advance of future guides. He also has taught English and media literacy at the New School University and Parsons School of Design in New York City, Northeastern University, and at the Art Institute of Boston. The other co-director Sut Jhally is the founder and also the executive director of the Media Education Foundation and has been a professor of communication at the University of Massachusetts. Furthermore he is the recipient of the Distinguished Teacher Award.  Together they present clearly one of the most compelling theses; the insidious ways that the Bush administration pontificates, to justify this so called war on terror.  

The film ends  with a magnificent quote in bold white letters on a black screen that is most effective to read once one is done viewing this documentary.  However, I will mention another quote by the same author, "Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us," President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.