Draconians / Reptilians by Citizen of Gotham (Includes YouTube Playlist)

The Annunaki, Hybrids (Illumined), & Quasi-Illumined (Patsies)

White Draconian
White Draconian's (white angels: Dracos) or the Reptilians or so-called Shape-shifters/Demons are the Annunaki, in which many researchers, such as Zecharia Stitchin and others, believe/contend that are carrying out their Agenda of Human Control via tampering or altering of our DNA many thousands of years ago at least, which illuminates (no pun intended) the quasi Draconian War Conspiracy. The known and labeled Illumnati are actually the Hybrids (Blood-lines families/13 Bloodline of the Illuminatis), such as The RothschildsThe ChurchhilllsThe RockefellersThe Windsors/Bushs, etc., whom are the entities that run/operate/control this planet and thus, this so-called reality that we are stuck or enslaved into. Moreover, these Royal Bloodlines and Monarchs of England can be evidenced or can be further investigated at: Dragon Society Real History, Dragon Philosophy and The Importance of Royal Bloodlines from The Dragon Society website. The name Dragon stems from Draconian as well as Draco, Drakon, Drake, Dracul or Dracula, including Draconian Law.

Additionally, two videos detailing the Draconians are MORE PLAUSIBLE POINTS: EVIDENCE FOR THE SERPENT RACE- Saga A (Chapters 1-7)@YouTube and MORE PLAUSIBLE POINTS: EVIDENCE FOR THE SERPENT RACE- Saga B (Chapters 8-13)@YouTube both posted by InfiniteFreeThinkers are bout two-hours each, but worth watching. The Illumined or Hybrids have been crossbred with the Reptilians to create said Hybrids for centuries. That is why they are considered or tagged the Illumined, because of their knowing of the truth that is, which has been hidden from us for centuries now. They agreed to hide the truth for their selfish reasonings, e.g., have longer or eternal life, and thus, acting as a pseudo deity of sorts, in which they are able to enjoy the best foods and water without the chemically-ladened ones that the commoners (Homo-sapiens) are forced to ingest, and which is all full of toxins and poisons to kill us off as well as make the remaining few, palpable (psyche-wise) or complacent (in our will or lack thereof), i.e., good followers or slaves that will blindly walk into the inferno and say: “thank you” as well.

Furthermore, these Hybrids, aside from having the perspective that they somehow are the rightfully "chosen ones" or special due to their meaningless bloodlines and unbelievable incestuous progeny, when in truth they are actually Satanists or demonic spirits that through a pact or agreement with the said Reptilians, are then allowed to be put into positions of great power, title,  and so-called stature, in which the plebeians (us) will look up to "them" aimlessly and mindlessly for all the wrong reasons. Then there is there third tier, per se or the quasi-illumined (Patsies who lack a direct and true bloodline as do the Illumined/Hybrids), which are for the most part are represented by actors/musicians/artists (of any discipline), especially "child stars” (who are sickly indoctrinated by the Evil Disney Programming Industry), i.e., the Pedophile Makers with Satanic ties/roots, not to mention their affiliations with the aforesaid Nazism and Eugenics) are cultivated from before birth, i.e, Sex-Kittens/Monarch Programming, etc.; however, some of these Quasi-Illumined, meaning these Homo-sapiens that inevitably become famous enough (e.g., the Kardashians and does anyone remember Robert Kardashian - O.J. Simpson’s friend/council? and the Satanic sacrifice of Nicole Brown Simpson) that prove that they are "playing the game" by the rules since some of them are not born into this facade, and offered, like most self-made musicians who are willing to push Satanism and Luciferianism themes and tenets in their supposed lyrics and videos, to become Illumined (Quasily), per se; and subsequently, the Mind-Controlled are given a Handler (again since they are lack a true bloodline), whom watches over them and more importantly directs them (i.e., their perceived personas) in all ways/fashions via triggers, hand-gestures, key words/phrases or colors, smells, etc., to promote Satanism and Luciferianism as to condition the masses (i.e., the general population) without their knowledge; this is done through the promotion of Baphomet/Lucifer, fear, mendacities, threats, terror, and glorified public rituals unbeknownst to the partakers; i.e., promoting the False Savior/Prophet: Satan/Baphomet, Lucifer, whichever moniker one likes. So, the usage of quasi or pseudo Illumined means that again, they are not true Hybrids (Illumined); i.e., the are so-called “Illumined" by default or proxy.

Thus, only the Bloodlines mentioned above are the True Hybrids or Illumined/Illuminati. Four videos of interest are: Interview with Lacerta the Reptilian (complete, Both Interviews)@YouTube which details the varying species of Aliens and which one is dominating our world, which is really their world, and supplemental documentation (PDFs) of the above assertion by Lacerta are found@The Alien Races Book / Alien Race Book / The Lists of Aliens, as well as in the following videos, e.g., Ancient history of Reptilians and Demons Full Documentary@YouTubeReptilians Among Us - The Alien Race 'Here' On Earth@YouTubeReptilian Agenda: Manipulation, Depopulation, and Soul Traps@YouTube posted by Know The Truth, and Arizona Wilder - Deceived No More; all of which, explain in detail, about the above Species that is controlling Homo-Sapiens. Further, Richard Bruce discusses why uploading videos on this subject matter is important: A REASON TO UPLOAD REPTILIAN SHAPESHIFTER VIDEO@YouTube.

Not to mention, one can research endless videos and documentaries on said subject by using the Internet, Libraries, and YouTube. Subsequently, this also ties-in or intersects with the very real (True) reality of Holographs or our Holographic Reality/Being, which can be further investigated with observing a great video about Holographic capabilities and Liquid Crystals; both of which, the Draconians use to hide (the occult) themselves from the rest of us, e.g., DEMONSTRATION of HOLOGRAPHIC CAPABILITY via LIQUID CRYSTALS; Archon/Reptilian MIND GAME. So, regardless of who hard it may be to digest, one still needs to see things with an open or critical mind. Furthermore, there is a lot of proof about Cloning and that many of these Royal Satanic Bloodline Psychopathic & Sociopathic Incestous Families are actually 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations or versions of themselves since the Illumined have privy knowledge to many sciences and technology that we, meaning the common folk, are not allowed to know about or use. Hence, they are able to use the learned or occult knowledge given to them by the Annunaki (Draconians), in which they never get truly sick or suffer from disease and therefore live longer than all of us; moreover, supposedly most of the music "celebrities" including "famous" actors are sacrificed once their clone has learned to take on mannerisms of the soon to be sacrificed. All one has to do to have that assertion reinforced in look at the mid 20-30s female singers now to when they first came out 15 years ago; they act different and facial look different or off, per se. And that does not mean that they are aged now either.

Furthermore, that would explain why most celebrities look so different within 3-6 years of them becoming “famous.” This is evidenced through many of the paparazzi's photographs of said people out of shape and looking horribly bad. Not to mention, some display altered voices and facial structures/features, which can be perused at Photos of Celebrity Clones / Clones and Doubles (list) / 4 Kinds of Cloning, Holographic Celebrities, Transhumanism, Telepresence, & GMO animals / Truth about the viril society, clones, celebrities, and the queen lizard by admitted clone Donald Marshall. This is undeniable in the sense that there is definitely something to the cloning as the Powers have achieved this endeavor, albeit, it is promoted as something of Science Fiction especially within these predictive programed movie themes; but that view of pure science fiction is another lie, because we all have met people that are uncannily alike someone else that we have met in our past, and of course that can or could be just evolution and a coincidence, but when one extracts that with celebrities, then one deduces that many of these so-called stars that heavily resemble one another, especially the ones that stay around or have lengthy careers do look substantially different over time.

Below is links pertaining to MILABS, which is under the military/government (Special Operations), whereby they have enormous installations underground that have 7-levels to them with the last 3 strictly being of Reptilians in which humans are not supposed to enter into and if they do, it is at their own risk. These said labs experiment on humans as well as being a place of herding or breeding them for food, especially children; that is one of the reasons why so many children "disappear" every year, and never to be found again; they are victims of the Dracos sustenance (food) program, so to speak.
Notwithstanding, is it not interesting that so many science-fiction movies and T.V. shows virtually always had Dracos or Reptilian species that usually or for the most part were malevolent? For example, and relating to the last 40+ years there is Buck Roger’s of the 25th Century, “V” the first T.V. series back in the  1980s (very telling by the way), They Live (1988), Independence Day (1996), as well as having the Dracos at times appear in other shows, such as Space: Above and Beyond (late 90s), the X-Files (early-mid 90s), Battlestar Galactica (late 70s); and an overall list of their kind, albeit, it is a so-called fictional list, until proven otherwise, I suppose is @List of reptilian humanoids@WIki. And another very good article is New (Reptilian) World Order - Complete History of Reptilian Control from Humans are Free, in which one can engross oneself to a lot of information and discern for oneself. And keep in mind all the movies about Dinosaurs; Dinosaurs means Great Lizard and kids have an especially fascinating connection to this species that supposedly went "extinct due to a huge meteor or asteroid 75-million years ago." Just more mendacities by Science (insular and laden with lies like most pieties) as well as the "Big Bang Theory" and Darwin's "Evolution" with his "Survival of the fittest" tenets. All farces to conditioned the masses to conceal the truth of our Reptilian ancestors; in fact, we have a reptilian brain and even the lie-laden science field admitted that, but for the most part, do not mention it as they wish for us to believe that we "evolved" from Chimpanzees, which there is no evidence of, just suppositions that are put forth as truth like the "news" of today.

Additionally, there is the Alien Holographic False Flag (provocation of war) Invasion (event) that is supposed to be this fall (2015); i.e., anytime between September and December. In fact, it just might coincide with the Papal's Visit to Washington between September 22nd & 27th. See Gematria: The Final Blood Moon - The Pagan Trinity: PopeObama, & The Blood Moon @ HEREThe event is supposed to be where the Grey Aliens, or "The Greys", which are Grey Goo (weaponized/programmable organic matter), created by said Draconians, in which they will be used as the attacking species to the Human race and Earth. This will eliminate the current "Divide & Conquer" theme or Hegelian Dialect that is prevalent and or mandated now by the Hybrids. The Greys will be showcased via Holograms and energy weapons will be used to 'prove" or convince the masses or Sheeple that spaceships are "invading" and attempting to 'destroy" us and our habitat with their "weapons of mass destruction"; supposedly, they will be blamed for these supposed meteors and asteroids that have "missed" the Earth as of late as the narrative will be told that they were trying to hurtle things celestial beings at us in "attempt to destroy us," but failed, hence, their "attack" on us and Earth. So, this will purposefully impede any "Divide and Conquer" PSYOP that will be pervading until this point. And is why the Hybrids are pushing this. Needless to say, we will deduce that we cannot "defeat" them with our "limited weapons," and as it will seemingly be that we are going to be extirpated, the White Knight will surface, and quite literally too; i.e., the White Draconians will reveal themselves from the depths of the Earth after 1,000s if not 10s of thousands of years and pretend to be our "saviors"; they will tell Humans that they were the ones that altered our DNA to "help" us along our evolutionary path, which will make them out to be the Annunaki that many people speak of and or know of.  

Of course within their truth are lies; e.g., they did alter our DNA, but they will not admit that they turned off 98% of it; further, they will also not admit that they not only manipulated our DNA for their purposes, but will fail to inform humankind that they colonized this planet and thus, enslaved us via the Fiat Monetary System as well as Conditioning us via the Conditioning Box (TV), which includes virtually all marketing and propaganda in the so-called "news". I.e., our entire reality has been created by them to control us and this has also been with the 'help" of the Hybrid Illuminatis (Cross-breeds) that have been giving quasi "control" of the humans on the surface. This is the 13-14 Psychopathic Satanic Incestous Bloodline families that torture the entire human race with psychological warfare of Satanism, which includes Pedophilia, Incestous, Philandering, Ritualistic Sacrifice, including Blood (especially of children), which is all glutinous or satiation of one's Ego. Also, see (1) & (2) for more in-depth information about said families. However, maybe the Dracos will not reveal themselves just yet or it may be decided not to use the Invasion False Flag yet; they may just use the impending meteor on a "death course" with the Earth instead. But, keep in mind that the Invasion False Flag has been talked about, known, and documented for 20-30 years now.

1) COG - ASNM - NASA's Project Blue Beam: How The Elites Will Fake An Alien Invasion
2) Corbett Report:  Episode 301 – How to Fake an Alien Invasion
3) Project Blue Beam: Imminent False Flag Alien Invasion?
4) How The Elites Will Fake An Alien Invasion (Video)
So in short, the Reptilians have turned off 98% of our DNA to make us demure and controllable as well as to keep us from transcending ourselves to higher Vibrational Frequency Energy beings that we truly are. They came to this planets 10s of 1000s of year ago and colonized this planet, much like humans enjoy doing to other countries mind you. They have enslaved us working in cahoots with the Hybrid Illuminatis (i.e., said Bloodline Families) mentioned above, who make sure of our indentured existence with the Fiat Monetary System, which the Dracos created for that very reason. Further, the Hybrids are PLACED into key positions in every country (company) at every imperative position to control its slave: homo-sapiens. They do it via the Conditioned Box (TV) music via Satanic Rituals, the media (all propaganda), and politics (a sham to give people the idea that they have "power"). And couple that with GMOd foods (everything), tainted or poisoned vaccines and pharmaceuticals, fluoridated water, perverse indoctrinated schooling, and all the government acronynmed entities that infringe our inalienable rights, and especially against children, then it is quite clear: "What strange goings on we have here," as Dr. Frankenstein played by Gene Wilder opined in Mel Brook's "Young Frankenstein."

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