Gematria: Five Found Dead in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Two Teen Relatives Detained

Gematria: Five Found Dead in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Two Teen Relatives Detained
(23s, 33s, 135s)
[Obama, Papal, & Dracos/Aliens]

From July 23, 2015 to September 23, 2015 (the day after the Papal's Encyclical in Washington, D.C.) is:
From and including: Thursday, July 23, 2015
To, but not including Wednesday, September 23, 2015

is: 62 days (8)

It is 62 (26's Reflection) days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date
Or 2 months excluding the end date
From and including: Thursday, July 23, 2015
To and including: Wednesday, September 23, 2015
8 in Numerology means Saturn (Satan) & Cruel, Insensitive
26 is like GOD & Flag in Simple Gematria
62 is like Mason, Shot, ForeheadSave FaceCapitalGenocideBorder& Obedience


is: 63 days (9)

It is 63  (36'Reflection) days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 2 months, 1 day including the end date

9 is Sacred # & means the Cube (Black Box/Cube: Satan)
36 is like Barack (Obamaand Oil in Simple Gematria
63 is like Dead End, Friday, Meaning, Deja Vu, & Reveal

9/23 is coincidentally Yom Kippur and it is the day after Pope Francis, the 266th Papal will give his Encyclical to Washington during his visit from 9/22 to 9/27 
Further, 9/23 that is coincidentally the 266th day of year (2015)
  • 66 in Pythagorean Gematria is Thirty-Three & Biblical sums to 66 in JG
  • Washington sums to 49 in PG. (5+1+1+8+9+5+7+2+6+5), which reduces to 13which reduces to 4
  • Revelation sums to 49 in PG; & 4 in Numerology means Fate
  • Encyclical in the English Reduction system equals 42 (5+5+3+7+3+3+9+3+1+3), which reduces to
  • 42 is the Life’s Purpose # & Angel # in Numerology
July 23, 2015 is the 204th day of the year 2015 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 161 days remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Thursday.
  • 204 is like Michelle L Obama (Obama), Sabbath, Disease, Demonic Being (Obama), Black Sheep (Obama), Haste, Fresh Face (Robert Bever), Alien Demon (Obama), O Lord, I Obama Black Alien (Obama)in JG 
  • One (Obama), Hate, Dark (Obama), Neo (Obama), Chance, Beheaded in EG
  • Obama Demon Possessed (Obama), Reduplicated Phrases, (Obama) Reptilian Bloodline in SG
  • 161 is like Moloch, Shock, Beneath, & Affiliated in JG; Satanic Megalomaniac, Masonic Grand Lodge, John D Rockefeller, Sinful Lunatic (Obama), Secrets Revealed, Formed From Evil, & Third Dimension in SG
  • 61 is like GOD in JG } like Helen Hoagland (who lived in the subdivision), but PG (61)
Thursday, July 23, 2015 (the 30th week of the year)
  • Mafia sums to 30 in SG
7+23+20+15 = 65/11/2
7+ 23+15 = 45/9
7+2+3+2+1+5 = 20/2
7+2+3+1+5 = 18/9
  •   2 in Numerology is means LoyalTactfulDiplomatic, & Cooperative
  • 9 is Sacred # & means the Cube (Black Box/Cube: Satan)
7 is a Sacred # & means Perfected Man: Transhumanism in Satanic Freemasonry
23 means Duality, Charisma, Communication and Society in Numerology

"Suspects" in the English Reduction system equals 23 (1+3+1+7+5+3+2+1), which reduces to 5
  • 23 like the date of the "INCIDENT" } e.g. 7/23 & like KFOR in PG
KFOR = "KFOR" in the English Reduction system equals 23 (2+6+6+9), which reduces to 5
  • 23 like the Suspects & like KFOR in PG
NBC = "NBC" in the English Reduction system equals 10 (5+2+3), which reduces to 1

"Suspects" ages are 18/9 and 16/7
18+16 = 34/7
  • 34/43 is like Seclorum (43 is w/s/except.) in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 18 is like Head (Obama), Die (Obama), Ha Ha (PSYOP), & Dead (Obama) in JG
  • 16 in Numerology means: Outspoken, Strong-willed, Analytical, Research, Study. Further, it is a Karmic number; plus, it indicates the achievement of the Material Power. & is like Cage in JG & Deaf in SG
  • 1+8+1+6 = 16/7
Thursday in the English Reduction system equals 35 (2+8+3+9+1+4+1+7), which reduces to 8
  • 35 is like Mad, Dam in JG; & China, Ebola, NASA, Image (Obama), Catch 22 & Goal in SG
Time of Post1:50 (1+5 =6)
  • 150 is like Islam, HAARP, Falsified (Obama), & Disbelief in JG; Area 51 in EG; & David Rockefeller, The Wrath Of God, Lucifer Rising, US President (Obama), This Means War, & Possession in SG
  • represents the Hexagram: 6-pointed Star: Star of David; Thelema: Church of Satan: “Do What Thou Wilt.”
"Broken Arrow" refers to an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons, warheads or components, but which does not create the risk of nuclear war. These include:
  1. Accidental or unexplained nuclear detonation. 
  2. Non-nuclear detonation or burning of a nuclear weapon. 
  3. Radioactive contamination. 
  4. Loss in transit of nuclear asset with or without its carrying vehicle. Jettisoning of a nuclear weapon or nuclear component. 
  5. Public hazard, actual or implied. Wikipedia
"Five Found Dead in Broken Arrow" in the English Reduction system equals 135 (6+9+4+5+0+6+6+3+5+4+0+4+5+1+4+0+9+5+0+2+9+6+2+5+5+0+1+9+9+6+5), which reduces to 9
  • 135 is like Dedicated, Fooled, Pineal, Disabled, Bible Crack, Congealed, & Damaged Mind (Obama) in JG
  • 135 is like My Second Seal (Obama)Lots of SexAlien Microchip, Thelemic Order, Deep Horizon, Native American, Wall Street, TerrorismThird Contact, Protection, Stock Exchange, Islam is Evil, Obama Son of Yah (Obama) in SG
"Broken Arrow" = Military code word meaning "Direct all fire on my position!!" Heard nearby table top gaming conventions as players call for assistance. ~ Urban Dictionary
"Direct all fire on my position" in the English Reduction system equals 135
 (4+9+9+5+3+2+0+1+3+3+0+6+9+9+5+0+6+5+0+4+7+0+7+6+1+9+2+9+6+5), which reduces to 9
  • 135 is like Dedicated, Fooled, Pineal, Disabled, Bible Crack, Congealed, & Damaged Mind (Obamain JG
  • 135 is like TerrorismMy Second Seal (Obama)Obama Son of Yah (Obama), Lots of Sex, Alien Microchip, Thelemic Order, Deep Horizon, Native American, Wall Street, Stock Exchange, Third Contact, Protection, & Islam is Evil, in SG
"Five Found Dead in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma" in the English Reduction system equals 166 (6+9+4+5+0+6+6+3+5+4+0+4+5+1+4+0+9+5+0+2+9+6+2+5+5+0+1+9+9+6+5+0+6+2+3+1+8+6+4+1), which reduces to 13, which reduces to 4
  • 166 is like Speak, The Lamb (Obama), Black Rain, Cold Logic, Preached, The Hand, Darkman (Obama), Charcoal, Hiding Place, & An Epidemic in JG
  • 166 is like Twin TowersSeptember Eleven, Annuit Coeptis, New York Nuked, Sudden Rapture, The Alien Invaders, Aliens Want Blood, Light and Darkness, Reptilian Queen, Dragon BloodlinesAn Alien President (Obama), Devil Satan Dragon, Swine Flue Vaccine, & Nine Elevens War in SG
"Broken Arrow" in the English Reduction system equals 59 (2+9+6+2+5+5+0+1+9+9+6+5), which reduces to 14, which reduces to 5
  • Kill sums to 59 in Jewish Gematria
  • Negro & Slave sum to 59, but in SG
  • 59 is also Revelation in the Bible, which counts 59 written numbers in ordinal (the order type of a well-ordered sets & extensions of natural (whole #s) form; further, in the Bible59 numbers are multiples of 60
  • 14 is like Dead (Obama) in JG; & 7 Dead (Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986) in SG
  • 14 is a karmic number and means to learn Independence, Self-initiative, Unity and Justice. And it is the number of the Good and the Charity in Numerology
Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow in the English Reduction system equals 101 (2+3+3+1+1+0+1+3+2+3+9+2+0+6+6+0+2+9+6+2+5+5+0+1+9+9+6+5), which reduces to 2
  • 101 is like I Am God, Greed, Afraid, Pledge, Cancelled, The Logos, Christian, Tree of Life, Spider Web, Gematria Code, Division, Immortal (Obama)Darth Vader, Blasphemy, Michio Kaku, Approval, Sorcerer, Republican in JG
  • 101 is like Repentance, Perfect Man (Obama), Death of An Ego (Obama), Home Depot, Dragons Den, Vessels, Malpractice, Obama is a Lair (Obama), Dark Soul (Obama), Human Brain, Bulls Eye (Obama), Bilderbergs, Gematria Code, Demonic Fiend in SG

Broken Arrow Police Sgt. Thomas Cooper in the English Reduction system equals 160 (2+9+6+2+5+5+0+1+9+9+6+5+0+7+6+3+9+3+5+0+1+7+2+0+2+8+6+4+1+1+0+3+6+6+7+5+9), which reduces to 7
  • 160 is like Chinese, Abominable, Anagram, Spade  (Obama), Angelic Alien (Obama), Fanatic, Amphibian, MischiefObaminable (Obama), Black Flags in JG
  • 160 is like Barack Hussein Obama (Obama), Subconscious, Satanic Rulers, Barack Obama Unveiled (Obama), Human Invasion, Devil Worship, Luciferian Mason, Obama Damage Right Eye (Obama), & Fake Moon Landings in SG
Thomas Cooper in the English Reduction system equals 58 (2+8+6+4+1+1+0+3+6+6+7+5+9), which reduces to 13, which reduces to [like Robert Bever]
  • 58 is like Agenda, Agenda 21, & Blame in JG; Father, Star, Facebook, Jade Helm, Imagine, Asleep (Sheeple), Bleeding,  & Claws in SG
"Robert Bever" in the English Reduction system equals 58 (9+6+2+5+9+2+0+2+5+4+5+9), which reduces to 13, which reduces to 4 [like Thomas Cooper]
  • 58 is like AgendaAgenda 21, & Blame in JG; FatherStarFacebookJade Helm, Imagine, Asleep (Sheeple)Bleeding,  & Claws in SG
Robert Bever in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1109
  • 1109 is like This Is The Apocalypse, November Ninth (Obama), New Haman Obama (Obama), Bad Barack Obama Law (Obama), Obama Is The Ultimate Muscle (Obama), Shoot Deceiver (Obama), Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Obama), Day Of Destiny (Obama), Owl And B H Obama (Obama), A Man Of War (Obama), Muslim Nuked Israel Off The Map, Nuclear Consciousness, Return To The Annunaki in JG
Robert Bever in English Gematria Equals: 780
  • 780 is like George W Bush, Washington, Pythagoras, Television, In Jesus Name, The Serpent, Seventh Seal, Nine Eleven FEMA, Telepathics, Alien Abduction, Germanwings, The Blood of Man (Obama) in EG
  • 780 is like Upside Down, We the People, Image of Jesus, Black Panthers, Serpent SeedBlood of the Lamb, Inevitable Fall (Obama), Alien Influence, Bush the Beast, & Six Fingers in EG
Robert Bever in Simple Gematria Equals: 130
  • 130 is like Black Skeleton & White Horse in SG
Helen Hoagland (lived in the subdivision) in the English Reduction system equals 61 (8+5+3+5+5+0+8+6+1+7+3+1+5+4), which reduces to 7
  • 61 is like GOD in JG like the 61 in the 161 days remaining in the year (2015)
Helen Hoagland in Jewish Gematria Equals: 209 
  • is like Scales, Lions, Freakish, Femme Fatale, I Am American, The Breed, In Iraq, Fear of God in JG
Helen Hoagland in English Gematria Equals: 636
  • is like Prophecy (Obama), Infinity, Divine Plan, FOX News, Nuclear Bomb, Destroy, Adultery, Serious, Identity, Genetic Defect, Not Human, Heil Hitler, Exorcism, Century, The Kingdom, Beast of Death (Obama), Sociopath (Obama), Capitalized, & Frequent in EG
Helen Hoagland in Simple Gematria Equals: 106
  • is like Tennessee, Snuff Film, and Curious in SG
"Open 911 call" in the English Reduction system equals 33 (6+7+5+5+0+0+3+1+3+3), which reduces to 6
  • 33 is the Magic #, Teacher #, Master # in Satanic Freemasonry and is also the 33 vertebrate in one’s spine 33
  • Race WarMarinePoliceKKK (11+11+11 33), NazisMeanDelaware (3rd state), Massachusetts (6th state ), Coeptis, and Hawaii (50 state) all sum to 33 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • further, the FBI was established on 7/26/1908 = 33
  • 33 is like October (the only month with said numerology)
  • 5+5 = 10 the GOD # in Numerology
"We just have a great neighborhood" in the English Reduction system equals 135 (5+5+0+1+3+1+2+0+8+1+4+5+0+1+0+7+9+5+1+2+0+5+5+9+7+8+2+6+9+8+6+6+4), which reduces to 9
  • 135 is like Dedicated, Fooled, Pineal, Disabled, Bible Crack, Congealed, & Damaged Mind (Obamain JG
  • 135 is like My Second Seal (Obama)Lots of SexAlien Microchip, Thelemic Order, Deep Horizon, Native American, Wall Street, TerrorismThird Contact, Protection, Stock Exchange, Islam is Evil, Obama Son of Yah (Obama) in SG

"Five Found Dead in Broken Arrow"= 135 
"We just have a great neighborhood135
"Direct all fire on my position" (from Broken Arrow) 135

"That's just crazy; it's absolutely crazy" in the English Reduction system equals 122 (2+8+1+2+1+0+1+3+1+2+0+3+9+1+8+7+0+9+2+1+0+1+2+1+6+3+3+2+5+3+7+0+3+9+1+8+7), which reduces to 5
  • 122 is like False (Obama), 666 Elohim, Bad Leader (Obama), Is A Fake (Obama) in JG
  • is like Pope Francis, Bill Clinton, San Francisco (EQ), Bully America, Great Deceiver (Obama)Horned Angels, The Da Vinci Code in JG
  • is like Alien Arrival, Fake Rapture, Guns and Ammo, & Unnatural in SG
  •  represents the Pentagram: 5-Pointed Star: Baphomet in Satanic Freemasonry
"It was a pretty gruesome scene and unprecedented in terms of the types of crimes we get in Broken Arrow" in the English Reduction system equals 406 (9+2+0+5+1+1+0+1+0+7+9+5+2+2+7+0+7+9+3+5+1+6+4+5+0+1+3+5+5+5+0+1+5+4+0+3+5+7+9+5+3+5+4+5+5+2+5+4+0+9+5+0+2+5+9+4+1+0+6+6+0+2+8+5+0+2+7+7+5+1+0+6+6+0+3+9+9+4+5+1+0+5+5+0+7+5+2+0+9+5+0+2+9+6+2+5+5+0+1+9+9+6+5), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1
  • 406 is like Fifth Dimension, Death Sentence (Obama), Ticking Time Bomb, Means to an End  (Obama), Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Duplicated  (Obama), Beast of Ego  (Obama), Foreign Factions  (Obama)The Demonic Codes, The Infernal DogmaAccept the Mark, The Anti Hero  (Obama), The Plague in JG
  • 406 is like The Operating System Of Manifestation (J2 AI), Bilderbergs First Meeting Took Place In May 1954, The Purpose Of Human Existence On Earth, Eye Am That Eye Am Refers To The Illuminati, Clinically Diagnosed Violent Psychopath (Obama) in SG
"Two Teen Relatives Detained" in the English Reduction system equals 104 (2+5+6+0+2+5+5+5+0+9+5+3+1+2+9+4+5+1+0+4+5+2+1+9+5+5+4), which reduces to 5
  • 104 is like Our Father Who Art In Heaven, Reptilians Harvest Humans Underground, USA Will Destroy United Kingdom in JG


2 year old (survived) 
  • 2 in Numerology is means LoyalTactfulDiplomatic, & Cooperative
13 year old (survived)
  • 13 means Death/Rebirth/Sacrifice & Phoenix in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 11+30 = 41/5
  • 41 is like All & Edifice in JG; & is like King (Obama), USA, Alien (Greys), Oz (fantasy), Al Qaeda (boogeyman), Awake, Draco (Draconians), Indeed, Maniac (Obama), & Icon (Papal/Pope) in SG  
  • 1+1+3 = 5
  • pm } P(7) & M (4 : 7+4 = 11/2 (2 in Numerology is means LoyalTactfulDiplomatic, & Cooperative)
  • 74 is like the Martyr number in Simple Gematria [444 EG CORRELATION] in SG: GospelSatan’s, Gematria, Nuclear, Hexagon, Accursed; Jury, Jesus, Cross, Messiah, Lucifer, MasonicBible Study Class& Pinnacle is 74 in SG 
  • further, g-d is a way of writing of GOD for some people: 74} g=7 d=4
  • also, the ONLY state with a 74 Gematria (SG) is the 33rd State: Oregon  

  • 1 in Numerology is the number of Creation
  • 2 in Numerology is means LoyalTactfulDiplomatic, & Cooperative
  • in Numerology is means Fate
  • 3 is the Sacred number & represents the Pagan Trinity: Triangle, Pyramid & Spiritually in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 5 represents the Pentagram: a 5-Pointed Star: Baphomet in Satanic Freemasonry
  • represents the Hexagram: 6-pointed Star: Star of David; Thelema: Church of Satan: “Do What Thou Wilt.”
  • 7 is a Sacred # & means Perfected Man: Transhumanism in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 8 in Numerology means Saturn (Satan) & Cruel, Insensitive
  • 9 is Sacred # & means the Cube (Black Box/Cube: Satan)
  • 10 represents ISIS and OSIRIS and is the symbol of Love and Light; it is also the God number (like 555+5
  • 11 is the Master # & means Sin, Transgression, & Peril in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 13 means Death/Rebirth/Sacrifice & Phoenix in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 21 = Devil (Sacred # 7 multiplied by the Sacred/Perfect # 3)
  • 33 is the Highest Satanic Freemasonry # & represents the Magic #, the Master #, and the Teacher #; and also the 33 Vertebrates in one's Spine ( Satan)
  • 5is the GOD number (5+5 =10 } GOD #): Create or Destroy / Overcome & Vanquish your enemies / and represents Will and Power & also signifies the Universal Energy, or Prana. It represents Great Occultic Powers.