Satanism / Luciferianism

Satanism / Luciferianism

Under the Influence: Unbeknownstism
Virtually every movie, no matter the genre, has symbolism from the so-called Illuminati (so-called, because it is not just limited to a small group of white or Anglo Elitists, which it is to a certain point, however, not completely accurate. Suffice it to say, this is overt (done or displayed openly: transparent) and subtle (precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe: opaque) ritualistic demonstrations of Satanism and Luciferianism in virtually ALL forms of pseudo entertainment; e.g., movies, videos, commercials, and news reporting of any and all kinds/formats (i.e., propaganda of fear and oppression). One wonderful example of this is from Illluminati Superbowl Commercial 2015!! END of TIME and SPACE@YouTube by R$E (Round Saturn Eye) who does amazing parsing of these types of open and occult messaging and symbolization, and a more Pious viewpoint, a Christian one, not withstanding his take on it relates to Christ and God, which is fine  (since one does not have to share his Piety to understand his points or see correlations of his contentions that are relevant to what is happening to us Homo-Sapiens), who highlights, argues about the Illuminati taking over: i.e., their use of Mind Control and the subliminal messaging (dumbing-down of the populace)  and how they are poisoning us: The Real Reason the Illuminati Murdered Jesus and Distorted His Teachings (P1/2) & The Real Reason the Illuminati Murdered Jesus and Distorted His Teachings (P2/2) by pocketsofthefuture. Notwithstanding, the perceived reality that we are in, in which we receive current events (complete political propaganda: theater) that are purported to have happened in other countries and as of late, last 15 years), but now in our “homeland,” which is a term I use loosely. This emboldened the “Patriot," per se in most “Americans,” in which when of this mindset, desires to hate and kill others who do not feel the same as the conditioned paradigms of pseudo "Patriots/Americans" of today. These separatists' mindset that many people demonstrate and engage in, such as virtually the entire Military and all of it branches, Government of any kind, as well as state and city officials, e.g., police, etc., that include most pieties whilst preaching an “us versus them” mentality. This is a Reptilian adage and one in which we, as humans, are engaging in, because we are, for the most part, working or living within the Root Chakra, or the lowest level of all our Chakras, which are energy fields of enlightenment or transcendence (see below). That is why the Illuminati use and promote the color Purple, which is not evil; it is a representation of Enlightenment (right Hemisphere of Cerebral Cortex) which is a transcendence from the physical into the Spiritual, which is our ENERGY, and that which NEVER dies/ends or ceases. The symbolism in the color is akin to the Swastika, which is an Auspicious sign or one that means Good Fortune or Well-Being, albeit, Adolph Hitler used for his Gestapo for that very reason, but for most people, who do not know the true history or symbolism of it, feel that it means hate, which is completely inaccurate. This underscores the very ignorance and denial that most people demonstrate; i.e., most are set in their ways and will kill another for the mere suggestion of another viewpoint; that is the power of Mind-Control and thus, conditioning via the Television (Propaganda), which is a purposefully created Mind-Control Box (the T.V.) that rewires the brains via conditioning (of all kinds), as well as “fries”/stunts the growth of one’s psyche (spiritual being) via repetitive and overbearing subliminal messaging. The aforesaid renders one’s mind to a palpable state/existence, in which ideas, concepts, perceptions can be easily manipulated or propagated with “catchy” songs, phrases (catch-phrases too), monikers, or tunes/jingles as well as via association of words, sounds, smells, colors, and said terms.  Hitherto, as stated already, it is done through the aforementioned social mediums, including all main-stream news reporting, which is all controlled by said powers. I.e., everything in so-called “reality" is controlled and or False one for all of us to blindly accept as supposed Truth. Ergo, we have been and are under control, regardless of how “free" we think or feel that we are; that is a misnomer or a state of psychoticness (i.e., psychologically being out of touch with reality) by which we are conditioned to be Materialistic and Capitalistic civilization or entity that is totally self-serving, as well as seeking decadence through satiation of our Egos, because for most of us, that is a feeling of safety, which is false and only is allowed because it preys upon our inner fears or pain, suffering, and not being loved. I.e., this is the lack of Interconnectedness and Universality that we all possess within us with our Crown Chakra or सहस्रार Sahasrara  (Enlightenment), in which love reigns supreme: our True Spiritual Being or essence. And within the Energy field or Wavelength (spiritualness of one), there is no judgment, hence, no hate or envy or anything against ANY Sentient Beings, just Acceptance, Love, and Compassion or Empathy.

Accordingly, this is the result of having another Species (regardless of how “crazy” or “insane” that sounds), which will be expounded on below, that is controlling us; e.g., hasn’t one, at some point in one’s life, thought: "why are we so easily engaged into hating/discriminating, invading/occupying, and enslaving one another, which includes extirpation or genocide.” The reason is because we are All born from bondage or within enslavement, i.e., are very being is born into slavery, in which we, operating from or in our lowest Chakra level, willingly force others to do things that wish we not to do, either for accruing monies, land/real estate (country), as well as renting others for entertainment, which is usually sexually-related or drug related, which again usually ties into or cycles back to sexual gratification (Ego/lowest Root Chakra level), in which most men like to dominate females with degenerative or humiliating aspects, which is somehow sexy or arousing: only to a warped/unhealthy mind of course. Plus, employers (oppressors) that undermine their employees (common folk) by subjugating them with menial activities and reminding them that they are “lucky" to have work and that they should be seen as some sort of over-seeing deity, because that employer is paying another for a service, in which one has been hired to do; that by its definition is a barter in the business world or a stipulation between parties involved. Not to mention, the government telling the populace how to act, what to think, and forcing that said ego's populace into relinquishing their rights or civil liberties, or outright amending the Constitution unconstitutionally or creating exemptive mandates that give the so-called government the “power” to arrest, detain, torture, intern, kill/murder or commit genocide, the very populace that they are supposed to protect and have in their best interests, which is a facade of the blind Sheeple; and is always promoted as needed protection by the totalitarian government against externals, so just give up your rights, so that “Big Brother” can protect us for the pseudo “evil-doers" that they make up or create (such as “ISIS,” or “Mujahideens,” or "AL Qaeda," and all people of some kind of brown pigmentation, etc.) and impose into our minds through FEAR to keep them in power and Illumined at the cost of the entire world populace’s freedom or volition. So, as long as one follows the daily doses of purposeful conditioning, one will be in the Matrix and susceptible to all the ideals and political propaganda that is in almost EVERY news cast and story, and I reiterate STORY that you listen to and watchband thus, blindly accept without any critical thinking being demonstrated. 

Origins of the Occult - "Eyes Wide Shut”
And if one questions the above validity of Satanism and Luciferianism that is rampant and insidious in Americana and in the above said entities, then all one has to do is look at the Music Industry (virtually all of it is produced/manufactured songs, including the different genres) and all the advertisements for any product today in the market, who are they marketed to, and what age groups, which includes what is or is not appropriate for said age groups, as well as toys and cartoons for kids, which are advertisements that always depict hyper-sexualized “overtly"-subliminal messages to their young and impressionable psyches; consequentially, altering their already not formed or unsure perceptions and personalities of what is ethically/morally correct or not in terms of behavior and etiquette; hence, the “Y.O.L.O.” ideal and philandering lifestyle of too many teenagers as well as people up into their mid-late 30s today. Most wish to go out and drink, dance, drug it up, and sex it out, so to speak, in which a lot of money is wasted on usually toxic concoctions and designer (synthetic) drugs, not to mention the negative energy that one produces and attracts. And what causes these types of concepts or perceptions to manifest; well, it is the ostensible Conditioning of said entities in said forms that are affecting the entire populace since birth almost. An early example of clear and broad-Conditioning is by the pioneers of Conditioning, Walt Disney Company (A Military Complexed Company) founded in the 1920s. For brevity purposes, Disney  has its roots with Nazis (Nazism) and their Eugenics ProgramMind-Control Programming, and furthermore, Disney is infamous for its heavy and blatant pedophelic symbolism (subliminal programming) within all of the produced content, as well as the Satanic and Luciferianism dogmas/symbolism entrenched or encrypted into their comics, stories, movies, and characters, which I expounded on in: My Opine or text Breaking the Disney Spell by Jack Zipes as well as another one in which I covered in kind: Feminism and Fairy Tales, by Karen E. Rowe. Both pertain to the stereotyping and mythology of such stories and more so how they are laden with sexism, sexuality, pedophilia, hate, etc.. Yet another example are the Superbowl Halftime Shows (Spectacles) and the Grammys/Oscars, etc., are especially demonstrating on a global level, Satanic Ritualistic signs, colors, banners, symbols, and so-called performances of the arts, that always involve Baphomet; i.e., his  imagery as well as Illuminati symbolism, which underscores their pact, such as the “All-Seeing Eye” (Eye of Horus), the Pyramids, and the checkered-boarded floors of black and white, which reference duality, as well as including Biblical text like the pillars, or imageography of one or many coming from or being stuck in the Womb or the Belly of the Beast, etc., a purgatory of sorts in videos or performances of any kind; not to mention the people (actors/dancers of the said performances) portraying Demons in the accompaniment of fire imagery and/or fire itself (reinforcing the red, orange, and yellow or lowest Chakras levels in one’s face: mocking you); and of course death, via a Devil or a Grim Reaper or Sickle or sorts; just look at music videos of any leading “pop stars” in any genre, especially the females ones. Because the women have bigger roles to play in this Satanic Cabal; therefore, they are externalized as property (Satanic SEX SLAVE) and showcased with their male counterpart whom play supporting roles for the most part.  Just think of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and the current “Queen of Demonic-Mean,” Katy Perry, not to mention Nikki Minaj, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc., and of course the self-admitted Illuminati sellout like all of them before and after her, "Grand-whore” Madonna who continues to open the proverbial door and leads in new young virgin blood for her Handlers deviant and insidious doings. And then include virtually all the male “pop-stars” and virtually all the “rappers" or “hip-hoppers” out there who promote sexism, materialism, aggrandizement, and unadulterated philandering. In addition to said Monarched-Programmed Sex-Kittens, there are also the Presidential Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves, such as Anna Nicole Smith, Marilyn MonroeZsa Zsa GaborBrice Taylor, etc..

Additionally, some wonderfully informative videos about the Music Industry that clearly highlights the ostentatious and blatant promoting of pedophilia, sexual immorality, depravity, bondage or Sadism and Masochism, and sacrifice, etc., which relates to these videos: MKUltra Programming or Sex-Kitten Programming or Monarch ProgrammingMonarch Programming: MK-ULTRA & Project Monarch@YouTubeRitual Abuse, MKUltra & Gangstalking (Full Length)@YouTube by Mystic DaveMonarch Programming: Best of Hollywood MK-Ultra@YouTubeMK Ultra Victim Brice Taylor Exposes Her Mind Control Handlers@YouTubeMind Control ''Sex Kitten'' Programming@YouTubeA True Story of The Handler and the Butterfly@YouTubeCIA: MK-ULTRA Hearings: Survivor Testimony 1996@YouTube,  The Most Dangerous Game-The History Of MK ULTRA (2001)@YouTube posted by Mystic DaveMockingjay ILLUMINATI Symbolism - The Hunger Games EXPOSED!!!@YouTube posted by White Rabbit, and many others to research. Articles of the ostensible Hyper-Sexualization, or Incestuous, Physical and Mental Abuse by the aforesaid Pop-Girls (teens) are here: Selena Gomez (sexualizing/exhibitionism/just out of the realm of child pornography since she is now 22 years old as of 2015), Britney Spears (incest/sexual/physical/verbal abuse/torturist): (; (; (; Christina Aguilera (MKUltra@indianthemachine@wordpress.comPhysicalAbuse@dailymail.comSplitPersonalities@exposingthematrix@tumblr@com); Nikki Minaj (Mental Abuse, Reptilian, and Possession@YouTube), Katy Perry (Satanism), Lady Gaga (Satanism), Rihanna (Satanism@YouTubeConfessionofWorshippingSatan@YouTubeSIA Elastic Heart Satanic Subliminal Message EXPOSED !!! “LUCIFER”@YouTube by Viigilant Christian, and DrakeonRihanna&Satan@YouTube), Celion Dion (Coincidence@YouTube), Mariah Carey (TruthaboutAmericanIdolExperince@YouTubeAkinToSatan@YouTubeOnNikkiMinaj@YouTube), Whitney Houston (Sacrifice@YouTubeCliveDavis@YouTube), Madonna (Occult@YouTubeSubliminalMessaging@YouTubeRape@YouTube, and And a one video,  Disney Sex Symbols, Witch Craft & Satanism Exposed@youTube by Pro Constitutioner and Hidden S** Commercials Illuminati Subliminal Messages Disney Ads@YouTube posted by Illuminati Investigation buttresses said discerned opinions and two excellent supplemental articles to read are Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control@VigilantCitizen and Use Of Monarch Mind Control Methodology For Programming Manchurian Candidates For Social Violence In U.S. Society by NESARA INTERNATIONAL. And a very good discourse on the above subject is Walt Disney, MTV, and Hollywood - Mind Control@YouTube posted by Lee Soarez and The Disney Bloodline: The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit@TheForbiddenKnowledge. For videos on the Elite Satanic Pedophile Industry that are excellent to listen to are: The Global Elite & Their Satanic Pedophile Ring of Power (KBS Ep#266)@YouTube posted by TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther)Alex Jones & David Icke - Satanism and Elite Pedophile Rings@YouTube posted by Dismantle The Matrix, plus, David Icke Awesome NEW Interview DNA, Royals and Iluminati History@YouTube, and David Icke Awesome NEW Interview DNA, Royals and Iluminati History@YouTube, both posted by Meredith Candie.
Henceforth, through these videos and articles one, can discern about how the programming works and the levels, as there Walt Disney's Company, which uses a signature that is not Walt’s in their Logo, clearly has three "6s" in it with one of them being reversed. As is all of their purposeful subliminal sex imagery, songs, sounds, and themes within their products and characters, for equality purposes, all conglomerate companies, such as TWC, Paramount, New Line Cinema, Walmart, to name only a few, all have Satanic referencing in their logos/emblems that usually sport a red stripe or swoosh of sorts as well as having circles or the all-seeing eye, etc., i.e., Reptilians and the Illumined are perpetually forcing an illusion (forced an aberrant program) into our faces. This is evident in virtually all cartoons, especially in their theme or entrance montage before their shows as well as in their “jingles” of it. Examples of the usage of said symbology see: Illuminati - Use Of Symbolism In Logo's (HD)@YouTube by Illuminati by We Hate YouFamous Logos With Hidden Meanings - 2 Minute Marketing #104@YouTube posted by Video Mojo, and Illuminati Corporate Logos posted by PoleShift, as well as symbolism of the Illuminati in Freemason/Illuminati Superbowl 49 Message No One is telling You!-Choose Your King Wisely!@YouTubeand Illuminati Get Tethered-Beast Mix@YouTube both posted by Nicholson1968.
Baphomet & Pentagram
Further, the above also underscores or highlights the Satanists and Lucieferists who follow their believed adage of “So above, So Below,” which means as above, then so be it below or that what is above is the same that is below. And from this distorted mindset comes their concept of “Out of Chaos Comes Order,” which is an old Latin Proverb/expression ("Ordo Ab Chao”) made popular by Fredric Neitzche, a famous German philosopher in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but taken to another level by people, such as Aleister Crowley and his occult and Satanic belief/practices/writings (Luciferianism), in which their belief is that so-called “order" will arise from said “Chaos" that is imposed upon or subjugated onto it. However, that is true when it is of natural formation/delineation or from nature and not something forced upon by other Humans or other species with exterior or demonic motives onto an unsuspecting populace or pseudo civilization that is oblivious to it due to over-saturation in materialistic and physical stimulus or externals, e.g., money, drugs, alcohol, clothes, gadgets, cars, homes/apartments, cigarettes, food, movies, sex, etc. (Mind Control/Populace Control). So, once one deduces all of the unexplained or questionable aspects about our illusionary world or earth and our species, then one manifests the conclusion that the Draconian's/Reptilians are in charge of this world and they are working with the Powers that Be (Illumined/Hybrids), who have sold their souls, so to speak to the said Demons, so that they can be privy to the real truth that we were created by the said Demons to work (mine) for them as well as be their sustenance. The Reptilians made a pact with the Illumined (Hybrids) to stay in the depths of the Earth (hidden), in other words, the caves and mountains around the world, and not reveal themselves to the populace as long as the Illumined agreed to allow them to harvest the Plebeians (us) and their progeny (blood sacrifices/infanticide) for their own reasons (food/sustenance) without any challenges or impediments of any kind. Thusly, we (the common folk or commoners) can argue with one another about nonsensical issues, e.g., Piety, Politics, Music, so-called Illegal Aliens (passing over the borders), Vaccinations, Laws, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Ethics, Politics, Education, Religion, Food, GMOsGHs, and the list goes on and on and on. And this is by design (purposeful)! And as a result, we are separated from one another spiritual/vibrational, because of all the inundated chemically-laden foods, over bombardment of sounds, waves, or frequencies, propagated pollutants into the atmosphere, and divergent paradigms of “divide and conquer." This keeps all of us combative towards with one another and that is the Matrix (False Reality/Holographic World: our Cerebral Imprisonment). So, once one realizes this, then one can make a change for oneself and this in turn, will manifest into others making the same purposeful awakening, because when we help ourselves in this manner, it affects all others as well in the entire Universe. However, as long as we waste time with arguing amongst one another as separate/individualized beings or entities, with our own self-absorbed Egoistic and insular perspectives, and continue to project those onto others in threatening or disparaging mannerisms, then we will forever be enslaved not only physically but cerebrally, to a supposed "superior race" of beings (who operate in red Chakra level: lowest) that have “pulled the wool” over our eyes and therefore, blinded us with the use of deception from True Reality. In short, our entire so-called history is lies; of course there are truths within them, but overall, it is virtually all mendacties to keep humans subservient and to perpetuate the goals of the true rulers of this planet at the expense of our currently limited spiritual being. Suffice it to say, this also includes all of the manufactured holidays (Capitalism) that are only there to create indoctrinated forced-participatory Satanic Rituals unbeknownst to the public, in which celebrates them, and whereby they also siphon already taxed monies that are not worth any true value that thusly, generates so-called revenue with the controlled Conglomerates that brainwash the masses into purchasing this or that item (Materialism). Further, this also is true for Sports (the spectacle of “healthy” competition (Reptilian Mind) amongst one another, with the "victor" being celebrated or exalted on a stage no less, and the loser being forgotten and undesired; then there are the Celebrity events (all award shows, especially the Academy, Grammys, the Oscars) that rule television or the Conditioning Box. All the quasi lifestyles that most of us engage in, are put forth to keep us busy and redirect us from the Truth of our Reality. That is why many lie, cheat, steal, and set each other up and virtually always feel a need to compete with one another, rather than help one another, which is a reflection of oneself. Schools promote conformity and conditioned rote vapid responses that only dumb-down one’s analytical thought processes. It is all about indoctrination and most of us line up with a smile and a hand over our hearts while reciting the Star-Spangle Banner (more propaganda) or National Anthem, which is both demonstrations of one being a Nationalist, which is fanatical by its very definition (identification, which is a separatist viewpoint).  

This is exposed, so to speak in The Lacerta Files: Reptoids of The Inner Earth.pdf, which inscribes the video: Interview with Lacerta the Reptilian@YouTube. This is supposedly a Reptilian female Alien who is conducting an interview about some species and our history and our limited minds since we have not reach a spiritual awakening. As this has NOTHING to do with Piety or one being Pious. Religion is used to keep one another at odds or against one another due to one’s fanatical beliefs, which is most protected by one’s denial attributes. This is underscored presently by the Vatican and the Pope recently saying that he would accept other species from other planets as our own (Pope Francis Talks About Aliens; Says He Would Welcome Martians to Receive Baptism). And this leads to the supposed subtext or next False Flag Operation, in which there will be a Holographic “attack” from “aliens” that “pretend" to destroy the U.S., and in which then the Draconian's/Reptilians will then reveal themselves, but not with the truth that they have always been here and genetically modified us for their doing, but as “traveling saviors” from another world or galaxy that wishes to help us in our fight with the pseudo-attacking "evil Aliens" or they will solely defeat them themselves, and thus, the human populace we feel indebted to them and they will become our said saviors. This will also allow other countries to form a One World government, especially if said countries band together to fight the so-called Holographic “attack.” Especially when we are told the facade about the “evil aliens’ supposedly "hurling” all of these meteors and comets that we have tracked and seen vaporized into out atmosphere. or just missing the planer altogether. Most people will accept this as “Gospel," so to speak and never question it or anything for that matter. Then after this, under the NWO (New World Order) and the unseen ties with the Satanists and Lucieferists they will perform another Holographic Event (which is how the “planes” supposedly “hit" the WTCs on 9/11/01, which is a LIE, because no one actually saw any planes hitting those buildings with exception of everyone seeing it being broadcast in “live” newscasts, plus, “Key” or “Key-frames” were used that has been supported with the already supplied links), in which a Pious event will be fabricated; i.e., the "2nd Coming of Christ.” Said event will be the supposed return of Jesus Christ coming back to convince everyone, i.e., the gullible masses to follow his name or his teachings and so that they will be saved (Another lie: the False Savior). Many will sadly fall for this, but this is yet another False Flag (like Pearl Harbor), in which the proverbial "False Deity” is presented as our Savior and thus, for our needed and desired salvation/repentance to divinity, etc.; again, this is a lie and is based on our intuitive/instinctual/social nature and need to be connected to something greater than ourselves. This will be reinforced by the so-called “Mark of the Beast,” which is now being done via the Internet and all the social media, in which most people purge their most private information (full names, family relations, phone numbers, addresses, connections, places and history of employments), which does not even include the on-line pseudo professional companies, such as banks, credit card companies, and all utility companies, in which we put all of our most private information on-line or into a database of us willingly, so that we can have a life of “convenience” or automation, whereby non-thinking is reigning supreme; and more insidiously, all this given information will be used against us in the very near future. When we are mandated into a paperless money system (like all the bank and utility companies that have the on-line promote; “Do“ or “Would you like to go paperless?” (more of the standard conditioning like everything else in our lives or existence); and one in which we will have all of our information uploaded into our already Databased (Al Qaeda) lives, that will be linked to a National ID Card that will have everything about us from "cradle to grave,” with the understanding or caveat that this (i.e., one’s ID or effectively one’s “life”) can, be turned off by the Power for any reasons, e.g., if we do not follow what we are being mandated to do (civil obedience/subservience or show any bit of defiance to Mandates). Therefore, rendering oneself as an “alien” or one who is exterior to everyone else. That is an “outcast" by its definition. Nevertheless, a 9-part series titled: Reptilians Humans and Illuminati History@YouTube from 2009 posted by End FEAR from Coast to Coast AM Radio Show that is foreboding: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9), in which it is detailed about the species, their motives, how they and well as we came to be, and also the Holographic Event of an invasion via Project Bluebeam as well as a staged "2nd coming of Christ," so that a "New World Order" as well as a "New World Religion" will be implemented and Mandated. And a supplemental companion to those videos and paradigms are by Simon Parkes, such as Simon Parkes: Illuminati/Aliens/The Next False Flag/Digital ID Chipping PYSOP/Underground Bases on January 25, 2015@YouTube and on Reptilians are Simon Parkes - DON'T MENTION THE REPTILIANS@YouTube posted by chris turner, and also,  Implants & "The Soul Catcher" - Simon Parkes@YouTube posted by Light Dancing.
  • MILAB or Military Abduction ( has to do with the Military assisted the Grey as they are denoted as mentioned before.  
And pertaining to DNA/RNA, Homo-Sapiens replicate every 7-10 years; this means that once every 7-10 years, it reproduce a copy of itself, so this is why one becomes old, and is why we see (visually) one or another age, i.e., the aging process, in which has it hosts of issues, such as ailments of many kinds. Some people have very good genes or genetics and they age nicely or not in the usual manner, in which people become smaller in stature, have many physical maladies, psychological problems, lose of one’s five senses, as well as become like children or babies who need constant attention and someone to take care of them; as I say to many people: “We come into and leave this world in the same manner: dependent on someone else and thus, alone.” This is Interdependence and Dependent Origination (Buddhism). I.e., that all things are Interconnected and thus, one thing has an affect onto another. So, as we continue to replicate, we die; we die every second, and this was PUT into our Genetic Code (or Genome) by the Annunaki, so that we would have limited life-spans and so that we could not become long-living entities, like a “deity” of having a long life that could span centuries in not aeons. Our Genetic could has the “Fail-Safe’ of time or a limit with a time. That keeps us also in the lowest level of our Chakra (existence) and until we manifest Interconnectedness and Universality, we will only further our predicament and sad state of life that we are in via compliance and complicity. And in the sake of brevity, we are an experiment, created, and as we now create other things, we argue, e.g., the AI is nothing to worry about, because AI will not have or “can not have souls.” However, we were created, so do we truly have souls???? Of course I feel and say yes, but it is a good argument, because it underscores our own contradictory nature. We can create, but presume that we are better than, because we have souls, as other things, do not…a very insular paradigm and dangerous clearly. The new movie CHAPPiE illuminates this argument. Hence, one can argue that if a “thing” realizes that it is alive, then it has a soul, yes? But what about animals, whom many argue emphatically that they do not, but of course they have souls, because they are Sentient Beings; however since they are presume not to act or think, then they do not. And that is the same insular perspective that the Reptilians have about us and why we are enslaved. Like many people feel about other life on our planet, everything is lesser-than us (humans) and by which we impose our will onto. So, we are like the abused child who is tortured via sexual, mental, and or physical abuse and do not learn from it and hence, cycle it again with our progeny. That is a psychosis, which demonstrates our Psychopathic tendencies.

Many, as I did, feel that the Illuminati have ties to the Annunaki, which has truth to it, but the misnomer is that they are not separate as explained above. The Truth is that the Annunaki are the Reptilians/Draconian's, whom genetically created us by altering our DNA a few thousand years ago; so, they can be considered the pre-cursor to the Illuminati, which is the term for the Homo-sapiens that KNOW what 95% do not know due to the deception of our entire race.  I.e., The Homo-Sapien PSYOP. The Reptilians have colonized many other planets before they came here, supposedly because they got stranded on Earth after a war with another race, I think the Pleiadians, but I could be inaccurate, but said “Alien” race is supposedly wishing to raise our energy levels or fields, which is referencing our Spiritual Nature/Spiritual Energy, or Frequency, which we are all made up of or consist of. That is our True Nature or Original Face (Buddhism),: our Energy or Frequency. We are not “this crude matter,” as Yoda opined in Star Wars; Episode IV: The Empire Strikes Back, in trying to teach the protagonist, Luke Skywalker, to realize that everything is Interconnected and shares Universality (both Buddhist’s tenets). I.e., that there is NO DUALITY (Subject versus Object or Good versus Bad) as most people are conditioned to believe in. Those views are foreign to most people and for the most part, will be dismissed by most people who hear or read it. Usually, we are very quick to dismiss things that we do not understand or challenges our conditioned brainwashing that everyone is separate and that we should always live by the Satanist’s motto or: Y.O.L.O. or "You Only Live Once," so therefore, do whatever you want, because there is NO consequence (LIE) of one doing so; and also, the belief of “Do what thou Whilst”; yet another version of the said insular paradigm. This is heavily promoted in virtually all Music Videos, regardless of genre, in which most have young teenage girls being philanders and expressing how this lifestyle/ideal is okay and morally correct. Moreover, that everyone else should follow this concept and thus, engage in it. This is also buttressed by the money and materialistic endeavors that encompass all of these so-called celebrities and pop-stars. Ergo, the Music Industry, which again is controlled by the Reptilians/Demons and the Hybrids and Quasi Patsies engaging in Satanism and Luciferianism that depict blood sacrifices, including infanticide, as well as incestousism, which is the MKUltra Project: mind-control of young female pre-pubescent children to become “Sex-Kittens” or promiscuous and philandering beings, which is ostensibly inappropriate due to their young age and underdeveloped psyches. However, to a sociopath, those tendencies are immensely desired/needed. This is why virtually all the videos are hyper-sexualized and demonstrate these young “Sex-Kittens” who show off there vaginas and breasts and simulate sexual acts on themselves, as well as with others, including objects, as well as the outlawed sodomy portrayals on stage (live ritualistic performances) and in their videos (prepackaged Pedophilic vignettes). Thereby, everything is in-excess or satiation of one’s Ego or under controllable desires, which are or become addictive; such as Addictive Personality and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which can lead to Manic Depression and Bi-Polarism Disorder (B.P.D.) too. This is why the current generation (Generation Z), are of the mindset or conviction of “give it to me yesterday,” juxtaposed to the prior one or the Generation , which was of the mindset of “give it to me now.”

Further, this explains why said generation is completely engrossed into the technology that is before them. I.e., phones that are always and being focused upon when walking around or driving traffic, or taking mass transit; most are looking, watching or transfixed by it, whilst disregarding the so-called real-world that they are walking around and operating in. By definition, then everyone who is engaging into this, is actually in an abstract reality that is within another virtual reality that is not true. So, that is a double non-reality that most are operating in and in which they feel is so true or real, which is it is not. Moreover, they are in constant contact be it auditory or visually with others and feel deprived when they cannot immediately connect with them or anyone for that matter, even for non-emergency reasons. That is cultivated deep-dependence and a uber-neediness that is clearly unhealthy and leads to psychological problems (psychosis) or issues that can manifest into violent behavior or acting out against others, because of desensitization or a lack of empathy (psychotic). Further, kids of today, get annoyed if they have to wait a seconds much less minutes for anything. E.g., they become loud, obnoxiousness and then act out with demonstrative and gesticulative behaviors that voice or show or their displeasure and frustration, which is projecting their own insecurities, and by which is low-leveled-minded people, operating in the Ego-laden ways of the world of “Me, Me, Me."  And how the demonstration of emotionality became a sign of maturity is asinine and more importantly, quite sad and telling as well. These behaviors are all psychosis of said insecurity and intellectually-stunted-minded (mentally crippled) humans who operate in their reproductive realm (red Chakra, the lowest level: Plebeian), hence, the Duality viewpoint or Egoistic paradigms. They are functioning in a Reptilian-side of the brain, which is materialistic and of the "divide and conquer" motif. I.e., "I need this, so I will take it if I have to, because I deserve it." How many times is that sentiment professed indignantly; e.g., “I deserve it!” What? People need to realize that “Deserve” is a Egoistic paradigm, in which one feels entitled to something, just because. When in reality, they are operating in the realm of narcissism. Fear, paranoia, envy, jealous, hate, anger, discrimination, gluttony, Egoism, etc., are all dividends of one’s lack of Spirituality or more aptly stated, one’s disconnect to EVERYTHING; i.e., the entire Universe, which includes infinite galaxies with infinite stars and infinite dimensions or so-called realities with infinite Sentient Beings. The above also underscores the yet unmentioned (until now) removal of family as a whole, including values, and interactions within a community as well as the roles that adults or parents have in their progeny or the next generation. Presently, the roles of males and females (mothers and fathers) are discredited and undermined, to promote the conditioned ideology of said Y.O.L.O. insular paradigm that rips a part family values and the authority that a parent has over their progeny. Genders are now intertwined to the point of a one-sexual being, per se, in which one’s progeny has a purposeful conditioned disconnect from one’s parents. This makes a child and thus, their generation, refute guidance from one’s parents or venerating adults overall. Moreover, with parents of today, many willingly giving up their rights in deciding what is best for their children to the Government and its pushed agenda of Big Brother, etc.; this Generation is lost and it was sadistically cultivated to be that way. So, one can easily see that Piety, Spirituality, Family, Freedom of Choice and Expression, Creativity, Love, Empathy, etc., i.e., Free Will be circumvented, usurped, and extirpated all at the hands of a sick doctrine put forth by the Powers that Be in the guise of all forms of entertainment. 
Quite ironically, the Latin meaning for Homo-Sapien is “Wise Man,” which is sexist by its very definition or viewpoint, and is ostensibly something that “man” has or is not demonstrating now with exception of the Elitists who are in cohorts with the Reptilians or “Alien Race” that truly run and own this planet, and thus, perpetuate this upside-down “mad-house” world, in which Charlton Heston’s 1968 character “Taylor” screamed out in realization of his reality in The Planet of the Apes (based on the novel by Pierre Boulle). This, like the 1999 character “Neo” from The Matrix Trilogy by The Wachowski Brothers, finally wakes up to the very real reality of being controlled and is the proverbial prison for his mind. Neo, of course, represents all of us who are within the Matrix and do not realize it (before we wake up), but we all have the ability to transcend (after we wake up) and thus, change our perception of reality, which is currently false. Both movies, among many many others underscore that something else, i.e., another Sentient Being (race) is controlling the world, in which we supposedly live in. Nevertheless, the term should be Human-Specierum (human/kind + species in the plural forms) in my humble opinion.

Suffice it to say, with one's researching and then discerning all this kind of information that is out there over the Internet or World-Wide-Web, as well as periodicals, published or publicized text, etc., it is then quite clear to see that everything is false or an illusion; i.e., the entire societal system: our pseudo civilization, quasi history, as mentioned above as well as our so-called Religion and Science. What is put forth in schools (from grammar to college) and is found in/at libraries, Congressional Depositories, and all Media, be it text publications or Social Media (news and on-line) by the Powers that Be or the Reptilians and their counterparts, i.e., the Annunaki and Illuminati are only presenting un-factually-based Science along with “faulty" or "inaccurately written or recorded History” (fables) as well as the misrepresented Pious Entities purporting and mandating their beliefs of a written text: The Holy Bible, which seemingly is misrepresentations or misunderstandings of what Humans were seeing then, of which they could not clearly articulate via text; and so came these unimaginable “stories” or “Myths” or “Legends of Moses, Christ, God, The Great Flood, Noah’s Ark, Epoch, the Apolostyles," etc.; not to mention, the often misread/misinterpreted hieroglyphics and other ancient texts/characters of the Egyptians, Aztces, Mayans, Sumerians; and not forgotten either, the Greek Gods, such as Enki, Osiris, Minerva, Poseidon, Zeus, etc., as well as the Annunaki or our Creators as the “Ancient UFOlogists" believe. Of course it is easy to discount/dismiss all of the above, because our minds are very simple (due to our complete lack of Spirituality or low vibrational frequency/energy) and have been conditioned to be that way; i.e., cerebrally as well as physiologically programmed to be that way; so, our psyches are easy to discard anything that does not fit into our mind, i.e., compartmentalization (a bi-product of mind control) of everything, so that it makes “sense”” to us or in our repetitive and monotonous lives that lack true love and empathy (connection) for the most part, or the world as it is now, would not be. That is why many seek some forms of escapism, but most do it in a harmful way; e.g., heavy drinking (inevitably Alcoholism), over drug use (addiction and overdosing), philandering (Sexually Transmitted Diseases/risky physiological behavior), all of which can or usually lead to death, because the person forms an addiction to said escapist externals; and all addictions are devastating to one and most are fatal or mortal. Furthermore, it would also explain why so many Humans seek escapism from their dreary uneventful and vapid or self-serving lives; there is a VOID of love, connection, and humility (Universality), but most are tethered to this so-called reality/world or realm. And that is the proverbial Matrix or the scenario that has been pulled down over/before our eyes to blind us from ourselves and what we can truly be (Energy Beings); i.e, our own spiritual beings of Love, Empathy, Humility, Connectedness, and Manifestation or Transcendence (Light/Energy). Notwithstanding, the Matrix is nothing more then a false reality imposed by charlatans that push forth LIES, misnomers, and misunderstandings with exception of the Illumined ones who are again placed into such grand or high positions to oversee what information, disinformation, and misinformation is conveyed to the public to keep the Homo-Sapiens at odds with one another (Divide & Conquer), which is ludicrous once one becomes acceptance of the Energy that one is (i.e, one’s awakening). Thus, this Puppet-Government and most all of its “TOP" Officials, the "Fat-Cats" (the “Illumined") or the chosen ones from birth, because of pseudo Royal Incestuous Bloodlines Sociopathic Families that are founded in Satanism/Luciferianism, which are truly the Hybrids (i.e., progeny of said chosen Homo-sapiens interbreeding with Draconian's/Reptilians or "creators" of hierarchal engineering).

And by using other species, such as The Greys, who conduct abductions that involve reproductive information as well as psychological emotionalities (i.e., how our minds work under duress/stress, etc.), or how our psyches makes sense of its perceptions or perceived reality, work for the Draconians are gathering information on how we react to fear, which they feed off of (the Draconians) vibrational and Frequency-wise, as well as when is the prime or best time for removing fetuses or babies for their food and or further scientific testing or whatever else that they are doing beyond our comprehension; because supposedly, the blood of the young (babies and children) has regenerative aging factors and properties, in which they use to live or extend their lives with (i.e., reversing the aging process). And the Satanists and Luciferianists who are the chosen Illumined, partake in the heinous rituals of blood-sacrifice of humans, which for the most part include said children and babies as well as the aforesaid horrific sexual deviant acts (unimaginable suffering). So, the Illuminati are probably mimicking in their own twisted and perverted ways, how the Reptilians/Draconians consume human flesh and blood as we are not only their workers/miners of/for earth’s minerals, such as Copper and Gold, as well as said food: sustenance. Has no one noticed how hey have fattened us up like cattle and put us in a herd mentality as well. Our lives parallel sheep and cattle, in which we do the very same thing. Ostensibly, they are also quite animalistic by their nature (aggressive/competitive/conqueror) and thrive on human fear as if it were a theoretical elixir or aphrodisiac, if you will; meaning, they, are aroused by human’s in fear as psychotic people are with the pain and agony that they cause in others (their victims); because, animals will usually attack other animals when they sense its weakness: fear, because its an energy or wavelength or frequency is viscerally noticeable by other species, but not to our own amazingly, which shows how out of touch or stunted we actually are compared to the entire Universe with all its Sentient life; i.e., our lessened/dulled Spiritual Being (the lack thereof). And regarding the different Alien race/species, some videos about them that are worth watching are: Alien Races: Over 82 Species On Earth! Part 1@YouTubePart 2@YouTube, and Part 3@YouTube posted by What They Don’t Want You To Know as well as Alien Anatomy, Species, & genetics Part1@YouTube and Part 2@YouTube posted by Alien Scientist, albeit, he does not feel/think that there is any truth to the Draconian's/Reptilians evidence by using Science to dismiss it, which undermines his perspective by explaining away the theory of Draconians, although he believes in the Greys, etc.; nevertheless, his videos are interesting minus the display of his presumed acumen or arrogance of his so-called “facts,” which is by its definition, misinformation, along with some disinformation, but I am not intimating that he is working for “them” or anything, he is just a person with his opinions, which he bases in Evolution (Darwinism) and Scientific paradigms (Kuhnianism), and that is fine. Further, one can learn a lot from anyone with insular tenets, which are always based upon facts or the Subject versus Object perspective, which is the stated thesis/motto of “Seeing is believing.”  Also, a good video of a conversation to listen to is UFO And Alien Documentary / Richard C Hoagland 2014 The Big Conversation@YouTube posted by Francis Hamm.
Mind Control / Monarch Programming / Project MKUltra (The Set-Up for Humankind's Fall from Interconnectedness) 
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"It is the very mind that leads the mind astray; of the mind, do not be mindless," Takuan Sōhō, Buddhist Monk (沢庵宗彭, December 24, 1573 – January 27, 1645)

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