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The Economist 2015 Cover: Eyes Wide Shut

The Economist 2015 Cover:  Eyes Wide Shut

In January of 2015, The Economist, a magazine that claims: "offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the connections between them,” published with the above cover. For most, i.e., the Sheeple or the masses who suffer from brain damaged via Mind Control: indoctrination, it is just a cover; however, to the discerning eye, it is quite frightening, because of the BLATANT symbolism that is has in it. And if one again discerns it, then one deduces that it is prophetic in the sense that it is forewarning the plans of the Powers that Be (Draconians: Reptilians and Illuminati: Hybrids).  I analyzed the cover as best as I could, but I know, due to my limited knowledge, there are many more things or admissions in it that I could not discern, but for others who read this post and look at it, will see things that I missed and that is one of the purposes of this post, because w…