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Gematria : Memphis Police Officer Killed During Traffic Stop

Gematria: Police Officer Killed During Traffic Stop [17's, 28's, 33's, 44's, & 59s] (Aliens, Dracos, & Obama)
Police Officer Killed During Traffic Stop
E-Mail: Citizen of Gotham (COG) DATE OF INCIDENT: August 1, 2015 is the 213rd day of the year 2015 in the Gregorian calendar. There are 152 days remaining until the end of this year. The day of the week is Saturday.
"Saturday" in the English Reduction system equals 28 (1+1+2+3+9+4+1+7), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1 28 in Numerology means Self-determinism, Independence, Relationships, Diplomacy, & Business8/1 or 81 is like Gold (Satan) Adolf (Madmanin JG
81 islike Masons (SatanicFreemasons)Venus (Goddess of Sex/Planet of Sex) & Horus (DraconiansinSG18 is 81's Reflection18 is like Head, Die, & Dead in JG
213th Day 213 is like Blast, Racism, Demon Obama, Dead On It, Genocides, & Seed of Cainin JG213 is like Extraterrestrial, Reveal Hidden Truths, Demonic Possession, &…