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Gematria: COG - E. Coli Outbreak at 43 Chipotle Restaurants PSYOP (19s, 26/61, 28s, 36s, & 17/59)

Gematria:COG - E. Coli Outbreak at 43 Chipotle Restaurants PSYOP 
(19s, 26/61, 28s, 36s, & 17/59)
[Reptilians & Obama]
E-Mail: Citizen of Gotham (COG)

Chipotle Closes 43 Restaurants Amid E. Coli Outbreak Chipotle closed 43 of its restaurants in Washington state and Oregon as health officials investigated an E. coli outbreak that appears to be linked to the fast casual chain. As of Saturday, there were three cases of E. coli in Oregon and at least 19 in Washington, said state health officials. One-third of those sickened were hospitalized, officials said. “While the outbreak appears to be linked to food served at Chipotle restaurants, the food or other source of contamination hasn’t yet been determined and remains under investigation,” the Washington State Department of Health said. Chipotle Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in Minnesota, Health Officials Say, Prompting Investigation Chipotle to Offer Part-Time Workers Paid Vacation, Sick Pay, Tuition Reimbursement
Most E. coli are harmless,…