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Gematria:COG - Paris, France "terrorist attack" PSYOP 
(20s, 22s, 28s, 29s, 32s, 34s, 38s, 40s, 41s, 49s, 52s, 66s, 75s, 92s, & 93s)
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* English Reduction system is Pythagorean Gematria *

- HEADLINES (Encoded): 11/19/15 -

Mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud confirmed dead as France admits they did not know he was in Europe” in the English Reduction system equals 359 (4+1+1+2+5+9+4+9+5+4+0+1+2+4+5+3+8+1+4+9+4+0+1+2+1+1+6+3+4+0+3+6+5+6+9+9+4+5+4+0+4+5+1+4+0+1+1+0+6+9+1+5+3+5+0+1+4+4+9+2+1+0+2+8+5+7+0+4+9+4+0+5+6+2+0+2+5+6+5+0+8+5+0+5+1+1+0+9+5+0+5+3+9+6+7+5), which reduces to 17, which reduces to 8
359 is like Hoax, Columbine, Eugenics, Arrogant (Obama),Child CannibalistThe Flesh Of God (