COG - Draconians: The Reptilians are Amongst Us (The Series)

COG - Draconians: The Reptilians are Amongst Us (The Series)

An on-going series, produced by yours truly, to underscore the Occult Draconians/Reptilians and their subordinate Satanic Hybrid Illuminatis that have enslaved Homo-Sapiens after the Dracos altered (i.e., turned off 98% of our DNA:  "Junk DNA"), and stunted our Pineal Gland via the Fluoridation of our water system as well as in all plastics. In addition to that is the Vaccination Program, laced with Mercury, Lead, and Barium that weaken our immune systems with the help of suppression of it by the added adjuvants

Further, the connections with the Royals, which are one of the 13 Satanic Hybrid Illuminati Bloodline Families (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) that demonstrate their Rituals, which include blood sacrifice, torture, and incest, especially with children via Conditioning/Programming in regards to all three of the aforesaid. 

Moreover, the series also underscores Cloning, Transgenderism (Gender-Bending), Homo-Sexuality, and the Sexualization of Children. Further, MILABS (Military Laborites) and DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) are highlighted too. Other points expounded on are the Torus Field, Frequencies, Energies, Vibrations, Chakras, the Cosmos, SpiritualityInterconnectedness, and Universality.

Additionally, the Extraterrestrials, Greys Aliens (programmable matter), UFOs, MILABS & DUMBs, Black Goo (related to Morgellon's Disease), Grey Goo, and Nano-Technology are explained as well.

Gematria (4 kinds) lends a hand, per se to the communications and Intentions of the Satanic Hybrid Illuminatis. This refers to all the PSYOPs and Hoaxes put forth currently and not to mention, in the near future, a or several False Flags (provocation of War), which are on certain days, in certain months, during certain seasons, equinoxes, moons, time-zone changes, and suffice it to say, correlations to past historical events that were all purposefully manufactured to create a False Reality in which humans exist in (the Matrix).

Additionally, the role that the Antarctic is playing will be illumined in this series as well. 

COG - Draconians: The Reptilians are Amongst Us (The Series)
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