Gematria: COG - NASA's 2018 Mars Mission PSYOP (22s, 24s, 26s, 33s, 40s, 49s, & 50s)

Gematria: COG - NASA's 2018 Mars Mission PSYOP
(22s, 24s, 26s, 33s, 40s, 49s, & 50s)
[Aliens, Satanism, & Reptilians]

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NASA's 2018 Mars Mission PSYOP@YouTube

Technology Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:51pm EDT
SpaceX targets 2018 for first Mars mission

SpaceX plans to send an unmanned Dragon spacecraft to Mars as early as 2018, the company said on Wednesday, a first step in achieving founder Elon Musk’s goal to fly people to another planet.

U.S. space agency NASA, which is aiming for a human mission to Mars in the 2030s, said it will provide technical support for SpaceX’s first foray, known as Red Dragon.

SpaceX "could provide valuable entry, descent and landing data to NASA for our journey to Mars, while providing support to American industry," NASA said in a statement. 

The announcement marks SpaceX's first target date for its unmanned mission to Mars.

The SpaceX program is intended to develop technologies needed for human transportation to Mars, a long-term aim for Musk's privately held company, which is formally known as Space Exploration Technologies.

The company said it will provide details of its Mars program at the International Astronautical Congress in September

"Dragon 2 is designed to be able to land anywhere in the solar system," Musk posted on Twitter. "Red Dragon Mars mission is the first test flight."

He said that with an internal volume about the size of a sports utility vehicle, the Dragon spacecraft would be uncomfortable for people making the long journey to Mars.

Musk, a billionaire entrepreneur who helped to found Tesla Motors and PayPal, started SpaceX in 2002 with the goal of slashing launch costs to make Mars travel affordable.

SpaceX intends to debut its Mars rocket, a heavy-lift version of the Falcon 9 booster currently flying, later this year.

The company recently has made spaceflight history by returning Falcon 9 rockets to landing pads on land and sea - key to Musk's quest to develop a relatively cheap, reusable launch vehicle.

SpaceX now flies cargo versions of its Dragon capsule to and from the International Space Station under a $2 billion resupply services contract with NASA.

SpaceX also is upgrading the capsules to carry astronauts, with test flights to the station scheduled for 2017, under a separate NASA contract worth up to $2.6 billion.

NASA does not plan to provide financial assistance to SpaceX's Mars mission. The agency is investing in its own heavy-lift rocket, capsule and launch pad modifications targeting Mars travel.

By the time NASA expects to debut a test flight in lunar orbit with astronauts onboard in 2023, the agency will have spent about $24 billion on the program, an April2016GovernmentAccountabilityOffice report shows.

(Reporting by Irene Klotz; Editing by Letitia Stein and Bill Trott)
SpaceX targets 2018 for first Mars mission” in the English Reduction system equals 148 (1+7+1+3+5+6+0+2+1+9+7+5+2+1+0+0+6+6+9+0+6+9+9+1+2+0+4+1+9+1+0+4+9+1+1+9+6+5), which reduces to 13, which reduces to 4
  • 148 is like Miracle & Dark Lamb in Jewish Gematria 
  • 148 is like The Trinity, Gray Serpent, Destruction, Holy Bloodline, Aliens In The Media, The Grey Aliens, Nuclear Weapon, & Satanic Wizard in Simple Gematria
could provide valuable entry, descent and landing data to NASA for our journey to Mars, while providing support to American industry” in the English Reduction system equals 514 (3+6+3+3+4+0+7+9+6+4+9+4+5+0+4+1+3+3+1+2+3+5+0+5+5+2+9+7+0+4+5+1+3+5+5+2+0+1+5+4+0+3+1+5+4+9+5+7+0+4+1+2+1+0+2+6+0+5+1+1+1+0+6+6+9+0+6+3+9+0+1+6+3+9+5+5+7+0+2+6+0+4+1+9+1+0+5+8+9+3+5+0+7+9+6+4+9+4+9+5+7+0+1+3+7+7+6+9+2+0+2+6+0+1+4+5+9+9+3+1+5+0+9+5+4+3+1+2+9+7), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1
  • 514 is like George Soros, Shinning Star, Dazed, Armilus Obama, Sunrise, Challenge Day, Pumpkin Faces, Innocent Blue, Sigil of Lucifer, King Conquer His name is Satan, Internal Order, End Users, Track Trains, Behind Closed Doors, Prophetic Math, Portal to Hell, The Blood and the Grail, God's Prophet, Obama no Christian, Rudeness, The Christian God, Sirius Black, Denouncement, Gematria of Acceptance, The Sun Man, Mohammed is Right Hand,  The Fascist Freak, Sexagram, Dictatorship, Democratic Fascism, Archaeologists, & Pope Latin American in Jewish Gematria
  • Also like Government Accountability Office, which sums to 143 in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 514 is like The Elite Of This World Are Reptilian Shape-shifters, Ancient Global Maps Found Created Long Before Modern Times, The Hosts Of Heaven Are Really Evil Pleiadian Fallen Angels, Alien Dematerialization Re-materialization Process, Is The Pope Family Descended From The Merovingian Kings, The Manifestation Of Extraterrestrial Entities, The Replacement Of All Religions By A Form Of Neo Paganism, Exaltation Of Anarchy, Terrorism, And Destruction, The T E T R A System The Pandora Project Funded By The C I A, Underground Reptilian Nephilim Cavern Systems, The Most Evil And Destructive Man To Have Ever Lived, You Cant Cut Your Hand Off After You Accepted The RFID, We All Are Doomed All Hope Is Lost There Is No Way Out, Sixty Six Years After Aleister Crowley's Death, & Zombies Can Be Thought Of As An Existence Of Life After Death in Simple Gematria

Dragon 2 is designed to be able to land anywhere in the solar system” in the English Reductionsystem equals 243 (4+9+1+7+6+5+0+0+9+1+0+4+5+1+9+7+5+5+4+0+2+6+0+2+5+0+1+2+3+5+0+2+6+0+3+1+5+4+0+1+5+7+5+8+5+9+5+0+9+5+0+2+8+5+0+1+6+3+1+9+0+1+7+1+2+5+4), which reduces to 9
  • 243 is like Enlightened, Atheism, Digital ID Chip, Cost, Other, Shinning, Commander, Contain, Kosher, I'm Not Dead, Heath Ledger, Art Deco, I'm Feeling Sick, Teenager, Giant Leap, China Dragon, Agent No 1, Fog of Lies, Kill them All, LSD Flesh, Agents, Generate, The Lie of Life, Childbirth, Eclipsing, Optical, Dominated, Tailgate, & Searching in Jewish Gematria
  • 243 is like Contact Gematrix Robot, Central Intelligence Agency, Reptilian Freemasonry, The Order And Land Lord Him Of 0333, Wicked He Men By Of The Right, Nihilistic Psychopath, Daniel Pearl Satanic Murder, Chip Behind Your Right Ear, Money Launderer Front, Satan's Decapitation Camps, Morgellon’s Syndrome, The Late Marilyn Monroe, The Saints Are Evil Beings, Scriptures Book Of Gene, Aggressive Narcissist, Can You Handle The Truth, I'm In The Mood For Murder, Panic Disorder Is Caused By, ESPN World Cup Schedule, Suspension Of Disbelief, Fake Mike Zimmerman Unclean, The Rays From Sirius, Lying Is Caused Of Lucifer, Adolescent Psychology, The Fifth Sign Of The Zodiac, Families On The Top Level, Oxford Street London, Cursed Muslim Souls, If You Knew What I Knew, Key To Escape The Matrix, Islamic Cult Of Satan’s Lie, & Archaeo-astronomical Aligned in Simple Gematria

Red Dragon Mars mission is the first test flight” in the English Reduction system equals 197 (9+5+4+0+4+9+1+7+6+5+0+4+1+9+1+0+4+9+1+1+9+6+5+0+9+1+0+2+8+5+0+6+9+9+1+2+0+2+5+1+2+0+6+3+9+7+8+2), which reduces to 17, which reduces to 8
  • 197 is like Prince, Carpe Diem, Fast, The Damned, Ninth, Method, Foreign, Megalomaniac, Barack Male Child, The Obama, Barack Michelle, All Seeing, A Enhanced Healing The Globe in Jewish Gematria
  • 197 is like Area Fifty One Dreamland, Mother Son Incest, The Religion Of Islam, & Volcanic Eruption in Simple Gematria
Wednesday in the English Reduction system equals 37 (5+5+4+5+5+1+4+1+7), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1
  • 37 is like HellRFIDFlameSealBreakBeing OnceTeachDead EndDemo, & Scan in Simple Gematria
April 27 2016 } 04 27 2016
  • 67 is like Pharaoh, Alchemy, Silence, Killer, Satanic, Clown, Lying, Teaching, Black Gold, & Black Death in Simple Gematria; also, Revelation sums to 67 (w/v except.) in Pythagorean Gematria

  • 47 is like Star of David & President in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 47 is like Judge, Gavel, Authority, Candy, Beast, Obey, Time, & Mafia in Jewish Gematria
  • 47 is like Caesar in Simple Gematria

  • 22 is the Master Builder Number in Numerology signifying Precision and Balance
  • 22 is like Died, Fake, & Decade in Jewish Gematria
  • 22 is like V,Deal, 33rd, & Bane in Simple Gematria


  • 33 Highest # in Satanic Freemasonry  & represents the Magic #Master #, & the Teacher #; and the 33 Vertebrates in one's Spine 
  • 33 is like Race War, Diamond, Marine, Federal, Police, KKK (11+11+11), Nazis, Mean, Teacher, & Sixteen in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 16 is like Cage in Jewish Gematria & Deaf in Simple Gematria
  • The Old Testament counts 16 prophets and the New Testament counts 16 apostles and evangelists.
  • Joash reigned sixteen years on Israel to Samaria. (2 K 13,10)
  • Uzziah had sixteen years when the people of Judah chose him as king in succession to his father Amaziah. (2 K 14,21)
  • Jotham, son of Uzziah, reigned sixteen years to Jerusalem. (2 K 15,33)
  • Ahaz, son of Jotham, reigned sixteen years to Jerusalem. (2 K 16,2)
  • Sixteen classes of priests were formed with the heads of the family of son of Eleazar. (1 Ch 24, 4)
  • The number 16 is used 21 times in the Bible.
  • The number 80 is used 16 times in the Bible.
  • 20 is like Death in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 20 is like stands for souls who have the knowledge of both Good and Evil and must consciously make choices to attain balance in all situations in Numerology

Time (of posting)
3:51 PM EDT like PayPal
  • 3Sacred number and  means the Pagan Trinity: the Triangle, the Pyramid and spiritually in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 51 is like Conspiracy, Bad Karma, Hiding, & Be Hidden in Simple Gematria 
  • 51 is like Freemason in Pythagorean Gematria w/“s” exception
  • 9 is Sacred # & means the Cube (Black Box/Cube: Satan) in Satanic Freemasonry 

PM EDT” in the English Reduction system equals 22 (7+4+0+5+4+2) like the 
Date: 4+2+7+2+1+6=22/4, which reduces to 4 
  • 22 is the Master Builder Number in Numerology signifying Precision and Balance
  • 22 is like Died, Fake, Decade in Jewish Gematria
  • 22 is like V, Deal, 33rd, & Bane in Simple Gematria
2002 } 2+2=4 like U.S. or 20+2=22/4
  • in Numerology is means Fate
  • 22 is the Master Builder Number in Numerology signifying Precision and Balance
  • 22 is like DiedFake, & Decade in Jewish Gematria
  • 22 is like V, Deal33rd, & Bane in Simple Gematria

2016 } 2+1+6=9 or 20+16=36/9
  • 9 is sacred # and means the Cube (Black Box/Cube: Satan) in Satanic Freemasonry 
  • 36 is like Barack and Oil in Simple Gematria
2017 } 2+1+7=10/1 or 20+17=37/10/1
  • 10 represents ISIS and OSIRIS and is the symbol of Love and Light; it is also the God number (like 555+5
  • 37 is like Hell, RFID, Flame, Seal, Break, Being Once, Teach, Dead End, Demo, & Scan in Simple Gematria
2018 } 2+1+8=11/2 or 20+18=38/11/2
  • 11 is the Master # & means Sin, Transgression, & Peril in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 38 is like Elon MuskDeath, Jew, & Bible in Simple Gematria
2023 } 2+2+3=7 or 20+23=43/7 like Space Station
  • 7 is a Sacred # & means Perfected Man: Transhumanism in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 43 is like Massacre w/s excepts in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 43 is like Game, Feeble, & Healed in Jewish Gematria
  • 43 is like Mark, March, False, Frame, & Define in Simple Gematria

2030 } 2+3=5 or 20+30=50/5 like Red Dragon
  • 5 represents the Pentagram: a 5-Pointed Star: Baphomet in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 50 is like America, Sacred, Owl, Bush, Snake, Fraud, Fallen, Cocaine, Circle, & Mad Men in Simple Gematria 
  • FIFTY: is like Cycles, CNN Illuminati, Black Operations, Lucifer Beast, Satanic Genetic Deeds in Jewish Gematria
  • 50 is like Moloch, Freedom, Lost, Anubis, Mankind, Ancient, Eye Damage, Dead Now & Beasts in English Gematria
  • 50 is like Cain and Abel in Simple Gematria

September in the English Reduction system equals 40 (1+5+7+2+5+4+2+5+9), which reduces to 4
  • 40 is like Life, Recede, & Debacle in Jewish Gematria

September w/“s” exception in the English Reduction system equals 49 [like Telsa Motors] 

April like Elon Musk in the English Reduction system equals 29 (1+7+9+9+3), which reduces to 11, which reduces to 2
  • 29 is like Black, Gang, Became, Held, A Lamb, Bind & Hedge in Simple Gematria

Telsa Motors in the English Reduction system equals 40 (2+5+3+1+1+0+4+6+2+6+9+1), which reduces to 4
  • 40 is like LifeRecede, & Debacle in Jewish Gematria
Telsa Motors w/one “s” exception in the English Reduction system equals 49 [like Lunar Orbit  & September] 
  • 49 is like Revelation sums to 49 (67 w/v except.) Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 49 is like Media, Cane, & Chalice in Jewish Gematria

Telsa Motors w/both “s” exception in the English Reduction system equals 58
  • 58 is like Again, Agenda, Agenda 21, & Blame in Jewish Gematria
  • 58 is like Father, Facebook, Jade Helm, Asleep, Bleeding, Adult, & Claws in Simple Gematria

PayPal in the English Reduction system equals 26 (7+1+7+7+1+3), which reduces to 8
  • 26 is like GOD & Flag in Simple Gematria; 
  • 26 is like Hide & Faked in Jewish Gematria
  • 26 summed equals 351 LIKE 3:51 PM EDT (posting of article)

Twitter in the English Reduction system equals 34 (2+5+9+2+2+5+9), which reduces to 7
  • 34 is like Seclorum [of the ages] in Pythagorean Gematria
$2 (billion)
  • 2 in Numerology is means LoyalTactfulDiplomatic, & Cooperative

$2.6 (billion) 2+6=8 or 26/8
  • 26 is like GOD & Flag in Simple Gematria; 
  • 26 is like Hide & Faked in Jewish Gematria
  • 26 summed equals 351 LIKE 3:51 PM EDT (posting of article)
$24 (billion) 2+4=6 or 24/6 like Falcon
  • 24 is like MIB (Men in Black) in Simple Gematria 
    • Twenty four is the number of letters of the alphabet that we find in the four Gospels.
    • The Christ in the Gospels achieves 33 miracles of which 24 were cures.
    • The 24 Elders sat on 24 thrones. (Rv 4,4)
    • Number of chapters of the Gospel of Luke.
    • The 24 classifications of priests and cantors. (1 Ch 24,1-19; 1 Ch 25,9-31)
    • In the war led to Gath against Philistines, a warrior of great size had six fingers to each hand and to each foot, giving 24 fingers on the whole. (2 S 21,20; 1 Ch 20,6)
  • The number 24 is used 20 times in the Bible.
  • The number 600 is used 24 times in the Bible.
  • The Revelation of John uses on the whole 24 different numbers, that are numbers 1 to 12, 24, 42, 80, 144, 666, 1000, 1260, 1600, 7000, 12000, 144000 and 200000000. However, we find in the Revelation the expression "ten thousand times ten thousand" (Rv 5,11) to mean a number immensely high or innumerable. If we consider it then as a potential number, the total numbers used in the Revelation is not 24 but well 25. But in the NRSV, the number 80 in the Revelation does not exist: instead of "80 pounds", it is rather "talent" (Rv 16,21). In revelations of Maria Valtorta, Jesus declares concerning these numbers that "in times to come will shine the truth on the numbers still obscure written in the Revelation, numbers which are there to indicate the Perfection and the infinite Sanctity, and also the Impiety without measure".
  • The number 7 is used 24 times in the Koran.
  • The word judges is used 24 times in the NT and the word lamb, 24 times in the Revelation. In the Gospel of saint John, the words water and spirit are used 24 times.
SpaceX in the English Reduction system equals 23 (1+7+1+3+5+6), which reduces to 5
  • 23 means Duality, Charisma, Communication and Society in Numerology
Represent "the principle of organization 3, acting on the differentiation of the world in spirit and matter in Numerology
  • At the moment of his assassination, Caesar was stabbed 23 times.
  • The circulation of the blood through all the human body takes 23 seconds.
  • The number of articulation in the human arm is 23.
  • The 23 axioms of the geometry of Euclid.
  • The 23 days of the "physical" cycle in the biorhythm.
  • The ovule and the spermatozoon are composed both of 23 chromosomes.
  • Anniversary of marriage: weddings of clock.
  • The number 23 is used 14 times in the Bible, the 14 times in the OT.
  • The words leprous, dragon and blasphemy are used 23 times in the Bible.
Dragon like Unmanned in the English Reduction system equals 32 (4+9+1+7+6+5), which reduces to 5
  • 32 is like America in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 32 is like Dead Head in Jewish Gematria
  • 32 is like Obama, Bomb, Debacle, Agenda 21, & Media in Simple Gematria
  • Dragon: a very large lizard with wings, a huge serpent; something or someone formidable or baneful. From Latin draco  (“dragon”).
  • Adjective = draconian (comparative more draconian, superlative most draconian)
  • Of or resembling a dragon (resembling a dragon): draconic, dragonlike
NOTICE: SpaceX sums to 23 and Dragon sums to 32; so, they are the Reflections of one another.

Red Dragon in the English Reduction system equals 50 (9+5+4+0+4+9+1+7+6+5), like one of the Years mentioned, i.e., 2030, which reduces to 5 
  • 50 is like AmericaSacredOwlBushSnakeFraudFallenCocaineCircle, & Mad Men in Simple Gematria 
  • FIFTY: is like CyclesCNN IlluminatiBlack OperationsLucifer BeastSatanic Genetic Deeds in Jewish Gematria
  • 50 is like MolochFreedomLostAnubisMankindAncientEye DamageDead Now & Beasts in English Gematria
  • 50 is like Cain and Abel in Simple Gematria
Falcon 9 Booster in the English Reduction system equals 55 (6+1+3+3+6+5+0+0+2+6+6+1+2+5+9), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1
  • 55 is like SatanDecember, Santa, Parable, Michele, New Age, Trap, AwakenAnagram, Beneath, & Laws in Simple Gematria
  • 55 = GOD number (5+5=10 } GOD #): Create or Destroy / Overcome & Vanquish your enemies / and it represents Will and Power & also signifies the Universal Energy, or Prana. Additionally, it represents Great Occult Powers.
Falcon 9 in the English Reduction system equals 24+9 (6+1+3+3+6+5+0+9) equals 33, which reduces to 6
  • 33 Highest # in Satanic Freemasonry  & represents the Magic #Master #, & the Teacher #; and the 33 Vertebrates in one's Spine 
  • 33 is like Race War, DiamondMarineFederalPoliceKKK (11+11+11), NazisMeanTeacher, & Sixteen in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 16 is like Cage in Jewish Gematria & Deaf in Simple Gematria
Falcon like Mars w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 24 (6+1+3+3+6+5), like the $24 billion, which reduces to 6
  • 24 is like MIB (Men in Black) in Simple Gematria 
Mars in the English Reduction system equals 15 (4+1+9+1), which reduces to 6
  • 15 is like Face & FED in Jewish Gematria

Mars w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 24 (4+1+9+1), which reduces to 6
  • 24 is like MIB (Men in Black) in Simple Gematria 
Elon Musk’s in the English Reduction system equals 30 (5+3+6+5+0+4+3+1+2+1), which reduces to 3
  • 30 is like Mafia in Simple Gematria

Elon Musk like April in the English Reduction system equals 29 (5+3+6+5+0+4+3+1+2), which reduces to 11, which reduces to 2
  • 29 is like BlackGangBecameHeldA LambBind & Hedge in Simple Gematria
Elon Musk w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 38 (5+3+6+5+0+4+3+10+2), which reduces to 11, which reduces to 2
  • 38 is like Death, Jew, & Bible in Simple Gematria
  • like 2018 } 20+18=38/11/2
Billionaire Entrepreneur (Elon Musk) in the English Reduction system equals 130 (2+9+3+3+9+6+5+1+9+9+5+0+5+5+2+9+5+7+9+5+5+5+3+9), which reduces to 4
  • 130 is like Iran, Flood, Flight. Delta, Saddam, Circle K, Files, No Life, Deamon, Affected, & Alienado in Jewish Gematria
  • 130 is like Pythagoras, Pythagorean, Washington, The Dollar Bill, George W. Bush, Bush the Beast, Television, Rosicrucian White Horse, Germanwings, In Jesus Name, Image of Jesus, The Son of Man, Prodigal Son, Serpent, Serpent Seed, Alien Influence, Alien Abduction, The Blood of Man, Blood of the Lamb, Seventh Seal, Upside Down, Promised Land, Elixir of Life, Morgan Freeman, OJ Simpson, Round Robin, Eighty-Three, Telepathics, Industry, Black Panthers, Ronald Mcdonald, We The People, Rising Sun, Seven Fifteen, Inevitable Fall, Mysticism, Greedy Woman, I See Numbers, New iPod Nano, Fall Rapture, Show Seven, Life Together, San Diego Zoo, Moon and Sun, On the Pigs Back, All You can Eat, In the Closet, Human Goddess, & Morgan Mason in Simple Gematria
U.S. in the English Reduction system equals 4 (3+1) like the year 2002 mentioned 
  • in Numerology is means Fate
NASA in the English Reduction system equals 8 (5+1+1+1)
  • 8 in Numerology represents Saturn (Satan); as well as Cruel, Insensitive, Violent, Bullish or Greedy
Space Exploration Technologies in the English Reduction system equals 136 (1+7+1+3+5+0+5+6+7+3+6+9+1+2+9+6+5+0+2+5+3+8+5+6+3+6+7+9+5+1), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1
  • 136 is like Cobra, FEMA Camp, & BBC America in Jewish Gematria 
  • 136 is like Mother Mary, Virgin Mary, Bride of Christ, Valley of Death, Ancient of Days, Stock Market, Snow White, Human Nature, Great Awakening, Newspapers, Counterfeit, Civil Rights, Exhaustion, Gulf of Mexico, The Fallen Ones, Devil's Music, Alien Infection, Obama The Deceiver, What Are Aliens, Reptilian Agenda, Apocalypse End, Satanic Message, & The Third Degree in Simple Gematria
International Astronautical Congress in the English Reduction system equals 145 (9+5+2+5+9+5+1+2+9+6+5+1+3+0+1+1+2+9+6+5+1+3+2+9+3+1+3+0+3+6+5+7+9+5+1+1), which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1
  • 145 is like Bar Code, Female Choice, Dark Magic in Jewish Gematria
  • 145 is like Numerology, Order of Thelema, Worship Hell, Annunaki Are Real, Reptile Aliens, Divine Genetics, An Image of Jesus, Swine Flu Scam, Obama Gets Shot, Seed of Darkness & Ten in Simple Gematria
  • 10 represents ISIS and OSIRIS and is the symbol of Love and Light; it is also the God number (like 55} 5+5
Government Accountability Office in the English Reduction system equals 143 (7+6+4+5+9+5+4+5+5+2+0+1+3+3+6+3+5+2+1+2+9+3+9+2+7+0+6+6+6+9+3+5), which reduces to 8
  • 143 is like Banks, Frogs, Them, Hero, Robbed, & Lambs in Jewish Gematria
  • 143 is like George Soros, Ground Zero, Wizard Of Oz, Evoking Aliens, Change The World, The Perfected Man, The Perfected Man, Absolute Evil, Kills The Beast, The Gates Of Hell, Ninety Three, The Hexagram Name, Russia Attack, The Grim Reaper, Cursed Number & The 72 Stargates in Simple Gematria
  • 72 is like Balance & Dead Again in Jewish Gematria 
  • 72 is like Hitler, Mohammed, Money, Marriage, Reborn, Accurate, Mea Culpa, Bird Flu, Chickens, Rocket, Magnetic, Sadist, & Himself in Simple Gematria

Heavy-lift rocket in the English Reduction system equals 72 (8+5+1+4+7+3+9+6+2+0+9+6+3+2+5+2), which reduces to 9

  • 72 is like Balance & Dead Again in Jewish Gematria 
  • 72 is like Hitler, Mohammed, Money, Marriage, Reborn, Accurate, Mea Culpa, Bird Flu, Chickens, Rocket, Magnetic, Sadist, Himself in Simple Gematria
  • like the The 72 Stargates in the Gematria of Government Accountability Office

Space Agency like Heavy-lift in the English Reduction system equals 45 (8+5+1+4+7+3+9+6+2+0), which reduces to 9

  • 45 is like Failed, Edible, Chile, DNA, & NBC in Jewish Gematria 
  • 45 is like Fox, Enoch, Gods, East Ariel, Daniel, Leader, Elect, Iraq, Leader, Knife, Bad Fire, Pit, Spade, Drago, Dealer, Dogs, Bad Fire, Heals, Effect, Yoda, Cinema, Eaten, & Alarm in Simple Gematria 

Space Station in the English Reduction system equals 43 like the year 2023 mentioned(1+7+1+3+5+0+1+2+1+2+9+6+5+0), which reduces to 7
  • 43 is like Massacre in Pythagorean Gematria w/s excepts
  • 43 is like GameFeeble, & Healed in Jewish Gematria
  • 43 is like MarkMarchFalseFrame, & Define in Simple Gematria
Lunar Orbit in the English Reduction system equals 49 (3+3+5+1+9+0+6+9+2+9+2), which reduces to 13, which reduces to 4
  • 49 is like Revelation sums to 49 (67 w/v except.) Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 49 is like MediaCane, & Chalice in Jewish Gematria
Sports Utility Vehicle in the English Reduction system equals 98 (1+7+6+9+2+1+0+3+2+9+3+9+2+7+0+4+5+8+9+3+3+5), which reduces to 17, which reduces to 8
  • 98 is like Lupercalia (in Simple Gematria), which was a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman pastoral festival, observed on February 13 through 15, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility.

Astronauts in the English Reduction system equals 31 (1+1+2+9+6+5+1+3+2+1), which reduces to 4
  • 31 is like CubeCNN, & Focus in Simple Gematria

Spaceflight in the English Reduction system equals 52 (1+7+1+3+5+6+3+9+7+8+2), which reduces to 7
  • 52 is like Pope & Ordo in Simple Gematria & DevilHeartNWO, & Six in English Gematria
  • 6 represents the Hexagram: 6-pointed Star: Star of DavidThelemaChurch of Satan: “Do What Thou Wilt.”

  • 1 in Numerology is the number of Creation
  • 2 in Numerology is means LoyalTactfulDiplomatic, & Cooperative
  • 4 in Numerology is means Fate
  • 3 is the Sacred number & represents the Pagan Trinity: Triangle, Pyramid & Spiritually in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 5 represents the Pentagram: a 5-Pointed Star: Baphomet in Satanic Freemasonry
  • represents the Hexagram6-pointed Star: Star of David; Thelema: Church of Satan: “Do What Thou Wilt.”
  • 7 is a Sacred # & means Perfected Man: Transhumanism in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 8 in Numerology means Saturn (Satan) & Cruel, Insensitive
  • 9 is Sacred # & means the Cube (Black Box/CubeSatan)
  • 10 represents ISIS and OSIRIS and is the symbol of Love and Light; it is also the God number (like 555+5
  • 11 is the Master # & means Sin, Transgression, & Peril in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 13 means Death/Rebirth/Sacrifice & Phoenix in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 21 = Devil (Sacred # 7 multiplied by the Sacred/Perfect 3)
  • 22 is the Master Builder Number in Numerology signifying Precision and Balance
  • 33 is the Highest Satanic Freemasonry # & represents the Magic #, the Master #, and the Teacher #; and also the 33 Vertebrates in one's Spine (Satan)
  • 39 is like Greed, Pagan, Flat, Belief, Net, & Angel in Simple Gematria
  • 44 is KILL in Simple Gematria
  • 5is the GOD number (5+5 =10 } GOD #): Create or Destroy / Overcome & Vanquish your enemies / and represents Will and Power & also signifies the Universal Energy, or Prana. It represents Great Occultic Powers
  • 93 is like Saturn & Propaganda in Simple Gematria 

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