Gematria: COG - Munich, Germany McDonalds Shooting PSYOP [13/31, 34/43, 38/83, 10/100/1]

GematriaCOG - Munich, Germany McDonalds Shooting PSYOP
[13/31, 34/43, 38/83, 10/100/1]
(10, 27, 28, 29, 38, 40, 43, 45, 48, 58, 65, 69, 83, 85, 97, 100, 162, 204| 7, 9, 11, 13, 20, 21, 30, 31, 32, 33, 44, 51, 56, 67, 74, 94, 300)
BBC NEWS: Munich shooting: Police hunt ‘attackers’

ALJAZEERA: Germany: ‘Several people dead’ in Munich shooting

CBS NEWS: Reports: At least 6 dead in Munich mall shooting

NBC NEWS: Several Dead, Injured After Shots Fired at Munich Shopping Center, German Police Say

FOX NEWS: ‘TERROR ATTACK IS SUSPECTED’: Many feared dead after shooting spree at Munich shopping center

Mirror: Munich shopping centre shooting: ‘Multiple deaths’ as gunmen go on bloody rampage at OEZ mall

Dark horse News: BREAKING: Gunman Opens Fire On People Outside McDonald’s In Munich, Germany

The Moment When Gunman Opens Fire in MUNICH GERMANY
Germany sums to 38 in Simple Gematria
  • 38 is like Jew, DeathNigga& Bible in Simple Gematria
Germany sums to 83 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 83 is like CNN & Change Ahead in Jewish Gematria
  • 83 is like Evil Eye, Eugenics, & Negative in Simple Gematria
Munich like Hanauer (the street locale) sums to 32 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 32 is like America & Gunshot in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 32 is like Dead Head in Jewish Gematria
  • 32 is like ObamaAgenda 21MediaBombGunshot, Debacle in Simple Gematria
  • Barack (18 PG) + Obama (14 PG) sums to 32
  • 7/4/1776 summed equals 32
  • UK} U=3 / K=2 >32 
Hanauer in the English Ordinal system equals 68
  • 68 is like Big BangMalice, Killed, Bad God, Behind, Gap, & Changed in Jewish Gematria
  • 68 is like Alien BaseDirected, God is Dead, Mohammad, Barack Obama, Barack Obama 440Logos (the Word of God), Decipher, Language, Extra in Simple Gematria
Hanauer Street in the English Reduction system equals 56 like Attack in Simple Gematria
  • 56 is like KenyaHealingAttackISISThe EndDroneApril, Hatred& Equal in Simple Gematria
Hanauer Street in the English Ordinal system equals 155
  • 155 is like Science, Defense, I am Killing, Athena, Design, Black Lion, Hand in Hand, & Heroic in Jewish Gematria
  • 155 is like Reptilian Elite, Head of Mind Control, Synthetic Cell, Aliens Beneath Us, A Depraved Nature, In My Minds Eye, Avian Flu Is Alien, Dragon Destroyed, Immortality, Very Deceitful, Christianity, Babylon The Great, Corpse Flower, Demons Are Coming, He Whom is SatanBlood of My Blood, Beasts from Hell, You Go To Hell, Erotic Violence, The Wrong Path, January Ninth, February Third, Gay San Francisco, & Smokeless Flame in Simple Gematria
Olympia Shopping Mall in the English Reduction system equals 98
  • 98 is like Alpha and Omega, Crystal, Prophet, Garden of Eden, Angel of Death, Higgs Hoax, Luciferian, Python, Iran Attack, Islam Clock, Israelite, Morphine, Judas’ Goat, Black Knight, Dualism, Chosen One, Second Death, Barack’s Wife, Gay Music, Istanbul, White Magic, Darkened Hair, Lupercalia, which was a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman pastoral festival, observed on February 13 through 15, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility in Simple Gematria
  • 98 is like Base, Base 64, Bribe, Diabolic, Obama Dead, Fake Name, Black Flame,  & Hold Back in Jewish Gematria
Olympia Shopping Mall in the English Ordinal system equals 233
  • 233 is like Gematria, Horse, Foolish, RFID Embedded Men, Bloodshed, His Blood in Jewish Gematria 
  • 233 is like The Lord Jesus Christ, Reptilians Feed Off Of War, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, DNA Is The Key To Christ, Secret Of Thirty Nine, Four Blood Moon Tetrad, President Abraham Lincoln, He’s The Devil In Disguise, Spirit Of Antichrist, & The Beast Is Never Humble in Simple Gematria

The 18-year-old gunman who killed nine people in Munich was obsessed with mass shootings but had no known links to the Islamic State group, German police say.
He had a 9mm Glock pistol and 300 bullets in his rucksack. Friday evening's attack at the Olympia shopping mall also left 27 people injured, including children. Ten of them are critically ill, including a 13-year-old boy, police say. Seven of the dead were teenagers. Three victims were from Kosovo, three from Turkey and one from GreeceIn a statement on Facebook, Munich police said reports came in shortly before 6pm local time (19:00 GMT) about a shooting incident near Hanauer Street, which then progressed to Ries Street and the Olympia shopping centre.
Kills like Shots is like the AGE of the "shooter" in the English Reduction system equals 18 like the date 7+2+2+1+6=18
  • 18 is like Masons (Satanic Freemasons), Shots& Kills in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 18 is like BigHeadDieGalaFace, Big 10 in Jewish Gematria
Kills lis like n the English Reduction system equals 44
  • 44 is like Prophet & Civilians in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 44 is like  like KILLHopeFaith, and Karma in Simple Gematria
  • 44 is like A Seal Of Saturn, Officer, & Military in Pythagorean Gematria 
10 (# of people "critical": originally reported)
  • 10 symbolizes by ISIS and OSIRIS and is the symbol of Love and Light and also the God number (like 555+5 
  • 10 is formed of the Pillar and the Circle
  • 10 is both Masculine and Feminine, or Father/Mother principles
  • 10 is the number from which all things come, and all must return
  • 10 is the symbol of ‘wholeness’   
  • 10 is the symbol of humanity, number 1 and number 0  
  • 10 is the symbol of the gift of power and protection
  • 1 in Numerology is the number of Creation
27 (# of people "injured")
  • 27 is like CodeRaceEgoFaked& Fecal in Simple Gematria 
  • 27 is like Car Bomb in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 27 is like January in Pythagorean Gematria
13 (year old boy: "victim:)
  • 13 is a Sacred Number & represents Death and Rebirth: Reincarnation, Sacrifice: Phoenix in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 13 is like CIA in Jewish Gematria
7 ("dead' teenagers")
  • 7 is a Sacred # & means Perfected Man: Transhumanism in Satanic Freemasonry
3 (teenagers from Kosovo)
  • 3 is the first sacred number; it is a perfect number representing the Pagan Trinitythe Triangle, the Pyramid and Spiritually in Satanic Freemasonry

Glock in the English Reduction system equals 21

  • 21 signifies the Devil (Sacred #7 multiplied by the Sacred/Perfect #3)
  • 21 is like Be Dead in Jewish Gematria
  • 21 is like Ben & Edge in Simple Gematria 
Glock w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 30
  • 30 is like Mafia & Clan in Simple Gematria
  • 30 is like KKKM, M1, M5, M6, M13  in Jewish Gematria 
  • M is the Thirteenth letter in the Alphabet
  • M is like McDonalds
Glock in the English Ordinal system equals 48
  • 48 is like CellDamage, & CNBC in Jewish Gematria
  • 48 is like DeviceHoaxEvilBloodSexFamine in Simple Gematria
  • 48 is like Propaganda in Pythagorean Gematria 
9 (mm weapon)
  • 9 is Sacred # & means the Cube (Black Box: Satan) in Satanic Freemasonry
300 (rounds of ammo.)
  • 300 is like Leader of America, Bush,Mineral Dealer, Agnostic, Decisions, X, Incest Hell, Flesh and Blood, Federation, Semen Flood, & Not Logical in Jewish Gematria
  • 300 is like Bush, Snake, America, Apple, Owl, Cocaine, Fallen, Fatima, Sacred, Salem, Fraud, Scared, Chamber, Offer, Mad MenKorea, June, Circle, & Encoded in English Gematria
  • 300 is like Islam Satanic Clock Tower On Mecca, Islamic Beating Is Caused Of Lucifer, Child Abuse Causes Destruction, Corrupted Attorney General in Simple Gematria
McDonalds in the English Ordinal system equals 85
  • 85 is like AnnunakiAlien BrainThe PopeCBS NewsReptileThe EarthViolenceMatrixImplantCreationHumanoidBiologyNibiru, Falsehood, Twins, The DevilHail SatanMcDonaldsGet Ready in Simple Gematria
McDonalds is like Facebook in the English Reduction system equals 31
  • 31 is like Skull & Bones in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 31 is like CubeCNNFocus in Simple Gematria
  • 31 is also one of the three highest ranks of Satanic Freemasonry (3132& 33)
Facebook in the English Ordinal system equals 58
  • 58 is like Freemasonry & The Seal Of Saturn in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 58 is like Again, Agenda, Agenda 21, & Blame in Jewish Gematria
  • 58 is like ClawsJade Helm, Bleeding, Facebook, Adult in Simple Gematria
Facebook w/"k" exception in the English Ordinal system equals 67
  • 67 is like KillerAlchemySilenceSatanicClownPharaoh, Black Death in Simple Gematria
  • 67 is like Revelation w/"v" exception in Pythagorean Gematria

Kosovo in the English Ordinal system equals 97

  • 97 is like Barack Black God in Jewish Gematria
  • 97 is like EgyptianSerpent, Political, Control, Present, Direction, Civil War, Violent, Secret Code& Tsunami in Simple Gematria
Kosovo w/"k" exception in the English Ordinal system equals 106
  • 106 is like Prophecy in Simple Gematria & Prophecy also sums to 666 in Jewish Gematria
  • 106 is like Metatron, Inheritance, Divine Plan, Infinity, Nuclear Bomb, Destroy, Heil Hitler, Exorcism, Sociopath in English Gematria
  • 106 is like Tennessee, Snuff Film, & Curious in Simple Gematria
  • 106 is like King James' birthday: June 19, 1566 (6+19+15+56)
Kosovo in the English Reduction system equals 25

  • 25 is like Annuit (to approveOrdo (order in Pythagorean Gematria
Greece in the English Reduction system equals 34
  • 34 is like Seclorum [of the ages] & Handguns in Pythagorean Gematria
Greece in the English Ordinal system equals 43 is like Munich Attack in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 43 is like Freemason, Seal Of Saturn, Civilian,Massacre w/"s" exception in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 43 is like Game & Healed in Jewish Gematria
  • 43 is like False, FrameKids& Define in Simple Gematria
Turkey is like Video in the English Reduction system equals 28
  • 28 is like ManBankLambBleed, & Case in Simple Gematria
  • 28 is like Pistol & Video Pythagorean Gematria
Turkey in the English Ordinal system equals 100
  • 100 is like Global, Fire, Gemini, Bible Code, Magician, Black Mamba, Circle 336, Michelle, Calling in Jewish Gematria
  • 100 is like World BankNew Science, Nano-Bots, Gold QueenPalace QueenAlpha QueenDemonic BeingAlienationMolecularGoddess Hand, Elohim Bride, Bride of King, I Am Light Beam, Lightning I am ChristJesus GodWednesday, Fuse Atom, Birthmark in Simple Gematria
“ATTACK” in the English Reduction system equals 11
  • 11 is a Master # and means Sin, Transgression & Peril in Satanic Freemasonry
“ATTACK” w/"k" exception in the English Reduction system equals 20 like the date 7+2+2+2+1+6=20/2
  • 20 is like Death in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 20 is like Feed & Facade in Jewish Gematria 
  • 20 is like Jade, Jade 2, & KFC in Simple Gematria
“TERROR” in the English Reduction system equals 40
  • 40 is like LifeUsRecedeDebacle in Jewish Gematria
“TERROR” in the English Ordinal system equals 94
  • 94 is like Terror sums in Simple Gematria
  • 94 is like Nine, DreadRabbi, Find Me, Barak, B H Obama, & Fail Again in Jewish Gematria
  • 94 is like Skulls, Microchip, Human Being, Third Eye, Judgment, Consumed, Star Child, Skynet, Esoteric, Patriarch, H5N1 Bird Flu, Mark Gray, Epic Relation, Uranus,  Google, Unicorn, Covenant, Abortion, Columbine, Jacob's Ladder, Praise God, The Church, Shinning, Oral Sex, Dispute, Guilty, Despicable Me, Aspartame, Ace of Spades, The Miracle, Second Chance, In the Club, & November in Simple Gematria
“TERROR ATTACK” in the English Reduction system equals 51
  • 51 is like HidingBe Hidden, Conspiracy& Bad Karma in Simple Gematria 
  • 51 is like Freemason in Pythagorean Gematria
TERROR ATTACKis like Surveillance in the English Ordinal system equals 150
  • 150 is like Billion, HAARP, Falsified, Made in China, Islam, Disbelief in Jewish Gematria
  • 150 is like Area 51 in English Gematria
  • 150 is like David Rockefeller, The Wrath Of God, Lucifer Rising, U.S. President, This Means War, & Possession in Simple Gematria
Munich Attack in the English Ordinal system equals 124
  • 124 is like GabrielFaithHell ManHealsI’m a Maniac in Jewish Gematria
  • 124 is like John Kerry, JFK Airport, Chromosome, DNA Molecules, Great Britain, Technology, Programmer, Deceiver of Men, Hidden Letter, Biblical Gematria, Depression, New Jersey, Isaac Newton, Miss Piggy, Father of Lies, Fifty-two, Eye for an Eye, The O and the X, Son of Satan, Blood Sacrifice, Fornication, Fireworks, 1812 Overture, White Crow, The Hebrew Bible, Jesus and Gene, Zero Order, Vegas Hell Gate, Death of Us All,  Demonic Church, Olympians& The Future in Simple Gematria
Surveillance Camera in the English Reduction system equals 74
  • 74 is like Divide & Conquer & Hate Crimes in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 74 is like HexagonAccursed, MasonicKillingSatan’sLuciferBible Study ClassGospelJuryJesusCrossMessiahJewish, Simple, English, Gematria, Nuclear, London, & Pinnacle in Simple Gematria 
  • 74 is like Royal Air Force in English Gematria
  • 74 is like Surveillance Camera & Alphabetical Order in Pythagorean Gematria
Surveillance Video in the English Reduction system equals 79
  • 79 is like Chemical, GodheadMad-child, Dog Head in Jewish Gematria
  • 79 is like Mother, Akhenaten, I am an Alien, Alpha Omega, Murder, Diamonds, Dualism, Dualism 19, Criminal, Chaos Magic, Get Framed, 666 Yeshua, Material, Ravens, Black Ravens,  Democrat, Civilian,  Nature in Simple Gematria
Video in the English Ordinal system equals 55
  • 55 is like Trap, AwakenBeneathSatanSantaNew Age, AnagramParable, Laws,  December, Video, & Michele in Simple Gematria
  • 55 = GOD number (5+5=10 } GOD #): Create or Destroy Overcome & Vanquish your enemies / and it represents Will and Power & also signifies the Universal Energy, or Prana. Additionally, it represents Great Occult Powers
Handgun in the English Ordinal system equals 69
  • 69 is like Record CompanyBeyoncé, Delaware, Texas, Reincarnation, & Lemonade in Pythagorean Gematria
  •  is like
  • 69 is like False Flag, Archangel, Serve, Red Tape, Road Rage, Handgun, Goyim, Crush, Reward Rough, Bad Books, Curve, Pirate, York,  One Eye, Cameron, Knight, Bishop, Mexico, Mexican, Smith, Jabroni, Wealth, People, People, Who Am I, Is in Me, Pandora, Husband, Beyonce, Texas, Delaware, Message, Leonard, I Can be Healed, Enjoy, Biggest, Hector, On Board, Worm, Leather, Thailand, Slow, Stamp, & Romance in English Gematria
  • 69 is like False Flag, Archangel, Serve, Red Tape, Road Rage, Handgun, Pandora, Goyim, York, One Eye, Knight, Bishop, Cameron, Husband, Beyonce, Texas, Mexico, Wealth, People, Curve, Mexican, I Can be Healed in Simple Gematria
  • 69 in Numerology, it means Idealism, Family, Harmony, Health, & Compassion; it also denotes the Infinity symbology too and refers to Karma as well 

Gunshots is like Handgun in the English Reduction system equals 33
  • 33 is the Magic #Teacher #Master # in Satanic Freemasonryalso the 33 vertebrate in one’s spine
  • 33 is like Magic in Simple Gematria
  • 33 is like A Seal Of Satan, Handgun, Gunshots DiamondMarineFederalPoliceNazis, October, Teacher, Beyonce, KKK } (11) K (11) K (11), Coeptis [cœptis], DelawareLeft Eye, Holocaust, Mean, Indian, Sixteen, & Race War in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • Ninety & Sixty ONLY two numbers that have a Gematria of 33 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • (3) K (11 w/"v" exception} U=3x11=33
  • Christopher Columbus’s initials } CC = 33
  • Delaware (3rd State) sums to 33 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • Massachusetts (6th), and Hawaii (50) in Pythagorean Gematria (only 3 said States sum to said #)
  • The 33rd day in the calendar is February 2nd
  • Thirty-three sums to 156 in Simple Gematria
  • 156 is like I Am an Alien, Kings, Berlin, False Flag, Fracking, Grimm, Code Nine, Real Magic, The Game, & Achilles in Jewish Gematria
  • 156 is like God, Flag, Game, Heal, Drac, Mega, Hide, Data, & Pee in English Gematria
  • 156 is like The Grey Alien Race, Tall Gray Aliens, The Demonic Aliens, Eater of Souls, Occult Gateway, The Fifth Element, The Reptilians, Francois Hollande, Battle Of Midway, Final Curtain Call, July FourthAmerica’s Birthday, Thirty-three, As Above So Below, February Second, Six Six Six, Devil’s Creation, Metatron’s Cube, Twenty-eight, Brilliant Minds, The Number of Man, Calvary Cross,Messiah Gateway, Maniac Conned Icons, Nine Seven Eight, God Saves Israel, Biblical Prophecy, Lord Of The Sabbath, Baltimore News, The Seventh Day, Barack Obama Agreement, The Beast Barack H Obama, Great Deceiver B Obama, The New Age Barack Obama, Obama’s Request, Barack H Obama Miracles, The Wicked Barack Obama, Barry Sotero, Obamas Power Is, December Eighteenth, Gematria Gateway in Simple Gematria 
Kill is like Shot in the English Reduction system equals 17
  • 17 is like GOD, KILL, Flag, & SHOT in Pythagorean Gematria   
  • 17 w/"s" exception (5+1+10+1) is like NASA in the English Reduction system 
July 22, 2016 } 7/22/2016
  • 65 is like the Bill of Rights in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 65 is like Bald Eagle Hanged in Jewish Gematria
  • 65 is like UglySevenHorse, Music, Diabetes, & Ego Death in Simple Gematria 
  • 45 is like Officers in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 45 is like DNANBCEdible, Chile, Failed in Jewish Gematria 
  • 45 is like DragoPitEaten, GodsLeaderHealsElectSpade, Iraq, Effect, Yoda, Cinema, Bad Fire, Dealer, Alarm in Simple Gematria 
7+2+2+2+1+6=20/2 is like ATTACK” w/"k" exception in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 20 is like Death in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 20 is like Feed & Facade in Jewish Gematria 
  • 20 is like Jade, Jade 2, & KFC in Simple Gematria
7+2+2+1+6=18/ is like the AGE of the "suspect" & also like Kills & Shots in Pythagorean Geamtria

  • 18 is like Masons (Satanic Freemasons), Shots& Kills in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 18 is like BigHeadDieGalaFace, Big 10 in Jewish Gematria

204 (th day of 2016)
  • 204 is like Alien Demon, Demonic Being, Sabbath, Disease,  Black Sheep, Haste, O Lord, Michelle L Obama, & I Obama Black Alien in Jewish Gematria
  • 204 is like Arabic, Hate, Dark, Beheaded in English Gematria
  • 204 is like  Obama Demon Possessed, Reduplicated Phrases, & Reptilian Bloodline in Simple Gematria
162 (days remaining in 2016)
  • 162 is like The End, Islamic, Fire and Ice, & Black on Black in Jewish Gematria
  • 162 is like JFK, Ego, Code, Cuba, Base, Red, Race, Fecal in English Gematria
  • 162 is like Simple Exercise, Occultic Master, The Destroyer, The Tall Whites, Abo Blood Groups, Mac Os X Server, Snake Calligraphy, Dedicated Time Keeper, Thief in the Night,  High Priestess, Mystic Number, Satan Will Lose, Sun Worship, Back To The U S S R, An Ideology Of Hate, GENDER Bending Chemical, EVIL Had Newsreel, Thy Kingdom Come, Too Judgemental, The Devil To Pay, Devil To Pay The, The Way Back To Eden, Missing Money, Anderson Cooper, Illegal Immigrant, Never Shall We Die in Simple Gematria
  • 29 is like BlackBecameHeldA LambBindGang, Hedge in Simple Gematria
  • 29 is like Handgun in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 29 breaks down to the number 11, a Master Number in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 29 represents Relationships, Teamwork, Compassion, Companionship, Diplomacy  in Numerology