Gematria: COG - Rockefeller's Zika Virus PSYOP: Round Two [57/75]

GematriaCOG - Rockefeller's Zika Virus PSYOP: Round Two
(12, 20, 26, 29, 30, 34, 39, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 53, 54, 55, 57, 63, 64, 75, 113129, 136, 288)

Is Mainstream Media Cooking Up A Fresh New Zika Virus Psyop Scare For This Fall?

"Zika Virus" in the English Reduction system equals 46
  • 46 is like Hero in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 46 is like ChaosLogicMagicalDead AgainChicago in Simple Gematria
"Zika Virus" w/"s" or "k" exceptions in the English Reduction system equals 55
  • 55 is like Trap, AwakenBeneathSatanSantaNew Age, AnagramParable, Laws,  December, Video, & Michele in Simple Gematria
  • 55 = GOD number (5+5=10 } GOD #): Create or Destroy Overcome & Vanquish your enemies / and it represents Will and Power & also signifies the Universal Energy, or Prana. Additionally, it represents Great Occult Powers
"Zika Virusw/"s" & "k" exceptions in the English Reduction system equals 64
  • 64 is like ThelemaIsrael, & Zion in Simple Gematria 
  • 64 is like Nigga in Jewish Gematria
  • 64 is like Do What Thou WiltCivil Rights (Civil Rights Act of 1964), & Barack Hussein Obama in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 8x8 = 64
  • Barack Hussein Obama sums to 64 like Do What Thou Wilt & Civil Rights in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 88th Congress enacted Civil Rights Act of ’64 8x8 = 64
  • Barack Hussein Obama was elected President 44-years after the Civil Rights Act of ’64 was passed (1964 to 2008)
"Zika Virus" in the English Ordinal system equals 136
  • 136 is like CobraFEMA Camp& BBC America in Jewish Gematria 
  • 136 is like What Are AliensReptilian AgendaApocalypse EndAlien InfectionHuman NatureValley of DeathGreat AwakeningAncient of DaysNewspapersCounterfeitCivil Rights, Stock MarketThe Fallen OnesSatanic MessageDevil's MusicMother MaryVirgin MaryBride of ChristSnow WhiteThe Third DegreeGulf of Mexico, Obama The Deceiver in Simple Gematria
"Zika" in the English Reduction system equals 20
  • 20 is like Death in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 20 is like Feed & Facade in Jewish Gematria 
  • 20 is like Jade, Jade 2, & KFC in Simple Gematria
"Zika" w/"k" exception in the English Reduction system equals 29

  • 29 is like BlackBecameHeldA LambBind, Gang, Hedge in Simple Gematria
  • 29 is like Handgun in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 29 breaks down to the number 11, a Master Number in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 29represents Relationships, Teamwork, Compassion, Companionship, Diplomacy  in Numerology
"Zika" in the English Ordinal system equals 47
  • 47 is like Caesar in Simple Gematria
  • 47 is like Star of David & President in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 47 islike Beast, Obey, TimeJudge, Gavel, Authority, Candy, & Mafia in Jewish Gematria
"Virus" in the English Reduction system equals 26
  • 26 is like GOD & Flag in Simple Gematria
  • 26 is like Hide & Faked in Jewish Gematria
  • 26 is like Kill in Pythagorean Gematria
"Virusw/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 34
  • 34 is like Seclorum [of the ages] & Handguns in Pythagorean Gematria
"Virusw/"v" exception in the English Reduction system equals 44
  • 44 is like Prophet & Civilians in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 44 is like  like KILLHopeFaith, and Karma in Simple Gematria
  • 44 is like A Seal Of Saturn, Officer, & Military in Pythagorean Gematria 
"Virusw/"v" & "s" exceptions in the English Reduction system equals 53
  • 53 is like Kendra, Tran, Albino, Dalia Lama, I Hope, & Haste in Jewish Gematria
  • 53 is like Skin, Database, Coca-Cola, Divide, Black Cat, Hasidic, Haste, Sabbath, Machine, Choir, Ban Oil, Hacking, Albino, Dalia Lama I HopeAtlas, Ending, Chicken in Simple Gematria
"Virus" in the English Ordinal system equals 89
  • 89 is like RaceGod of War, InfluenceDeath is Fake, Damien, LogicDemo, & Black Hand in Jewish Gematria 
  • 89 is like OsirisDemiurgicMemory, Davinci Code,  Fallen Angel, Stupid, False Logic, Black Diamond, August, Winter, Unity, Complete, Fooled Again in English Gematria 
"ZV" in the English Reduction system equals 12
  • 12 is like FCC in Pythagorean Gematria & Simple Gematria 
  • 12 is like DEC in Jewish Gematria & Simple Gematria 
"ZV" in the English Ordinal system equals 48 & like "Mosquitow/"s" exception in the English Reduction system
  • 48 is like CellDamage, & CNBC in Jewish Gematria
  • 48 is like DeviceHoax,  EvilBloodSex& Famine in Simple Gematria
  • 48 is like Propaganda in Pythagorean Gematria 
"ZV" in the English Sumerian system equals 288 
  • 288 is like Creation, The Pope, Alligator, Beasts, Presence, Ancients, Sarah FED ID Chip, Decapitate Chains of Gold, The Red Era, In the Blood, On Three, Satanic Madi, Mindless, Sentence, Reaction in Jewish Gematria
  • 288 is like 3X3X3, Famine, Sex, Evil, Blood, Its Hoax, Ring, Thief, Wild,  XX, Labor, Crime, Abuse, Ice Cube, Fixed, Cycle, Bar Code, Build, Device, Bigger, Iceland, & Aware in Jewish Gematria
"Mosquito" in the English Reduction system equals 39
  • 39 is like Mark Of Beast in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 39 is like GreedPagan, Flat, Belief, Net, & Angel in Simple Gematria
  • 39 is like New York in Simple Gematria [New York = 666 in English Gematria]
  • 39 signatories on the Declaration of Independence & Books in the Old Testament
  • UN (39 floors at the United Nations)
  • 7/26/1788 (Ratification of the Constitution by the State of New York) sums to 39 
"Mosquito" in the English Ordinal system equals 129
  • 129 is like America, Demon, & Flesh in Jewish Gematria 
  • 129 is like Destroyer, Orion’s Belt, Hide the Secret, Demonic Trash, Demonic Forces, Immoral Sex, Judgement in Simple Gematria
"Mosquitoes" in the English Reduction system equals 45
  • 45 is like Officers in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 45 is like DNANBCEdible, Chile, Failed in Jewish Gematria 
  • 45 is like DragoPitEaten, GodsLeaderHealsElectSpade, Iraq,  Enoch, Knife, Bad Fire, Dealer, Effect, Yoda, Cinema, & Alarm in Simple Gematria 
"Mosquitoes" w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 54

  • 54 is like I Am DeadBald HeadedA LambEdenAcademia, & Fig Leaf in Jewish Gematria
  • 54 is like DNA, Mayan, Scandal, Islam, French, Black Sea,  An Angel, Rope, Search, & Car Bomb in Simple Gematria 
"Mosquitoes" w/BOTH "s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 63
  • 63 is like Dead EndBeingIndia, Begin, & Aflame in Jewish Gematria
  • 63 is like MedusaRevealCommandPublicReaperSkill, ElevenBible NameThe BibleIreland, Texas, Azrael, Deja Vu, Record, Soon, Weeks in Simple Gematria
Mosquitoes" in the English Ordinal system equals 153
  • 153 is like  Fallen God, CPS, Beings, Agent, Fear God, Hell Fire, Labor, Cracking, Hail Leader, Creep, Bad Apple, Boat, Katana, Garland in Jewish Gematria
  • 153 is like Purpose Plan, Galactic Federation, Free Your Mind, The Hidden Code Facts, The Discovery, Desire The Keys, The Clear Beginning, Seek Decoded Number, Confirming A “Hidden”, Decode Irrefutable, Four Elements, The Unified Earth, Heed the Realities, Open Figured Gate, Read All The Code Mind, Creator of Earth, Creator of Earth, The Female Hidden One, Michael The ArchangelThe Bible Is Right, Extreme Racism Masturbation, Prime Numbers,  Heavenly Formed, The Number Of God, In The Holy Place, Made Them One Flesh, The Christians, Christians Gate, Reveal the Bible, The True Light, Sacred Lessons, The Master Faith, Diamond Dominion, Extreme Racism, Quid Pro Quo, I Played the Fool,  The Ground Key, in Simple Gematria
  • One-fifty-three sums to 113 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 113 is like Dishonest, Mainstream, & Green-screen in Simple Gematria
  • 113a in the Bava Kama; Jews (Zionists) may circumvent a Gentile (non-jew) with subterfuge (lies)
  • One-fifty-three sums to 113 in Pythagorean Gematria

"Vaccine" in the English Ordinal system equals 57
  • 57 is like Gene, GainDoc, &  La Bamba ("to shake" or "to stomp"in Jewish Gematria 
  • 57 is like PinealGod GeneMoonDeceived, England, Telsa, HumanVaccine, Birth, Bible Code, 440 Herz, Appear, ActorEmbodied Fooled, GoldenMagicianJewsBible CodeCherub, Sleep, Bless, Idiot, Shark, City, Steal, Beat it, Ice Cream, Wood in Simple Gematria
"Vaccine" w/"v" exception in the English Ordinal system equals 75
  • 75 is like Alien, Blind, Decoded in Jewish Gematria
  • 75 is like ThelemicEternalGuardian, Skull, Lord God, Andromeda, Lamb of God in Simple Gematria
  • Scottish Rite w/BOTH "s" exceptions sums to 75 in Pythagorean Gematria
"Vaccine" in the English Reduction system equals 30
  • 30 is like Mafia, Peace, Axe, Elm, Paid, & Clan in Simple Gematria
  • 30 is like M, M1, M5, M6, M13, KKKCabbala, & Baggage in Jewish Gematria 
Rockefeller” in the English Reduction system equals 56
  • 56 is like KenyaHealingAttackISISThe EndDroneApril, Hatred, & Equal in Simple Gematria
Rockefeller” in the English Ordinal system equals 110
  • 110 is like Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden, Rockefeller, & President in Simple Gematria and ALL equal 660 as well in English Gematria