Gematria: COG - EWAO Fascinating Video shows what the Earth REALLY looks like from Space PSYOP

GematriaCOG EWAO Fascinating Video shows what the Earth REALLY looks like from Space PSYOP
[8/80, 19/91, 25/52, 37/73, 46/64]
(56, 8, 9, 1112, 19, 20, 2123, 24, 25, 29, 30, 33, 36, 37, 46, 4751, 52, 59, 64, 66, 73, 80, 91, 104, 114, 123, 129, 136, 138, 140, 150, 216, 282, 294, 4989)

Photo of "Earth" from the ISS
EWAO: Fascinating Video shows what the Earth REALLY looks like from Space

Flat Earth in the English Reduction system equals 37
  • 37 is like RFIDDead EndFlameHellDemo, & Scan in Simple Gematria
  • 37 is like December in Pythagorean Gematria
Flat Earth in the English Ordinal system equals 91
  • 91 is like NovusDeceptionDarkness, Dark MoonPhoenix in Simple Gematria
Flat in the English Reduction system equals 12
  • 12 is like FCC in Pythagorean Gematria & Simple Gematria 
  • 12 is like DEC in Jewish Gematria & Simple Gematria 
Flat in the English Ordinal system equals 39 like Astronaut  w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system
  • 39 is like Mark Of Beast in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 39 is like GreedPagan, Flat, Belief, Net, & Angel in Simple Gematria
  • 39 is like New York in Simple Gematria [New York = 666 in English Gematria]
  • 39 signatories on the Declaration of Independence & Books in the Old Testament
  • UN (39 floors at the United Nations)
  • 7/26/1788 (Ratification of the Constitution by the State of New York) sums to 39 
Earth in the English Reduction system equals 25
  • 25 is like Annuit (to approveOrdo (order) in Pythagorean Gematria
Earth in the English Ordinal system equals 52
  • 52 is like Pope & Ordo [order] in Simple Gematria
  • 52 is like NWOHeart, DevilSix in English Gematria
NASA in the English Reduction system equals 8
  • 8 in Numerology represents Saturn (Satan); as well as CruelInsensitiveViolentBullish or Greedy
NASA w/"s" exception like CGI in the English Reduction system equals 19 like CGI English Ordinal system & like the date 8+2+2+1+6= 19
(Apollo's mission: 8/22/2016) 
  • 19 is like IdeaAheadBadgeKFCNBCDNA in Jewish Gematria 
  • 19 is like AdamRaBobBeach, Bald, IdeaAhead, 80s, AR 15NBCDNA in Simple Gematria 
  • 19 is like Bullets in Pythagorean Gematria
NASA in the English Ordinal system equals 35 like Tim Peake in the English Reduction system 
  • 35 is like Headache in Jewish Gematria
  • 35 is like China, Ebola, NASA, Catch 22 & Goal in Simple Gematria
Arctic Circle in the English Ordinal system equals 104 like 12+24+68=104 (December 24, 1968: Apollo 8 mission)
  • 7/4/1776 (7+4+17+76) =104 [Declaration of Independence]
  • 104 is like Gunshot in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 104 is like Seed, AIDS, PNAC, Finance, Life Change, & Fired in Jewish Gematria
  • 104 is like Unified Field, Michelangelo, The Hidden Hand, Flag of England, Existence, Monster, M Theory, Reptilian, Fourteen, Jerusalem, Powerball, Six Six, Dangerous, Drowning, Big Brother, I Hate You,  Ten Seven, Pervert, The Quran, The Deceiver, Grateful Dead, Oil Spill, IdolatryAmerican Idol, The Dark Side, Vortex, Aluminum 13, Karma Police, Two Logic, Demonic Alien, Dead Ringers, & Murmur in Simple Gematria
Arctic Circle like William Anders (Astronaut) in the English Reduction system in the English Reduction system equals 59
  • 59 is like NYPD in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 59 is like Kill in Jewish Gematria 
  • 59 is like NegroSlave in Simple Gematria 
  • 59 } Revelation; i.e., the Bible counts 59 written numbers in ordinal (the order type of a well-ordered sets & extensions of natural (whole #s) form further, in the Bible59 numbers are multiples of 60
ISS in the English Sumerian system equals 282
  • 282 is like Robot, Aura, Cigar Dragon, Fire Dragon, Gemini Dragon, Emerald Green, God of Rome, Marketing, Meteoric, The Path, The Old One, The Pit, The Image of God, Satanic Bride, Leadership, Book of Hate, Nine Nine Nine, Nine Nine Nine 666, Mr. Silence, Morphine, Francisco, & Is Before Me in Jewish Gematria
  • 282 is like France, Rock, Banks, Judge, Force, John Beast, Decimal, Time, 24 Finale, Omen, Caesar, & Flock in English Gematria
  • 282 is like Truth Of The Great Sphinx,  Rainstorms Over Oklahoma, The Greys And The Reptilians, Inter-dimensional Portals, David Blaine Levitation Revealed, Sociopaths Have Copper Blood, Apocalypse Deadly InjectionThe Builders Of The Pyramids, Princess Stephanie Of Monaco, The Lion Shall Lie With The Lamb, Killer Of Jon Benet Ramsey Is, Corrupted University, April Thirtieth Saturday, The Book of Coming Forth by Day, And To Every Beast Of The Earth, Children are Sweet and Innocent, Desperate Housewives Cast, Eleven Eighteen Twenty Ten, President Hillary Clinton, Adult Abuse is cause by Lucifer,  In Military Preparations, The Dude Acts Demon Possessed, The Resurrection And The Life, Obama’s Recess Appointments  in Simple Gematria
ISS in the English Reduction system equals 11
  • 11 is a Master # and means Sin, Transgression & Peril in Satanic Freemasonry
ISS w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 20
  • 20 is like Death in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 20 is like Feed & Facade in Jewish Gematria 
  • 20 is like Jade, Jade 2, & KFC in Simple Gematria
ISS  w/BOTH "s" exceptions in the English Reduction system equals 29
  • 29 is like BlackBecameHeldA LambBindGang, Hedge in Simple Gematria
  • 29 is like Handgun in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 29 breaks down to the number 11, a Master Number in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 29represents Relationships, Teamwork, Compassion, Companionship, Diplomacy  in Numerology
ISS in the English Ordinal system equals 47
  • 47 is like Caesar in Simple Gematria
  • 47 is like Star of David & President in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 47 islike Beast, Obey, TimeJudge, Gavel, Authority, Candy, & Mafia in Jewish Gematria
International Space Station in the English Reduction system equals 105
  • 105 is like Greece, Ending, & FEDS in Jewish Gematria
  • 105 is like Masonry, Zionism, Alex Jones, Blood Moon, Nine Eleven, Chinese War, Light Year, Father Time, Nonsense Sudden Death, Obama-nation, Obama the Liar, Messenger,  Internet, I am the Lord, & Symbols in Simple Gematria
International Space Station w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 114 like CGI in the English Sumerian system
  • 114 is like Pearl HarborWorld War, Holocaust, A Seal Of Satan in Simple Gematria
International Space Station w/BOTH "s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 123 like 12+24+19+68=123 (December 24, 1968: Apollo 8 mission) 
  • 123 is like Conspiracy & Gunshots in Simple Gematria
International Space Station in the English Ordinal system equals 294
  • 294 is like The Atom, Intent, Rights, The Nephilim, Rome America, Satanic MagicStrike, Panther, The Koran, Sadist, Light Kingdom, Darkening Hair, Hell Descends, Circle of Death, McDonald’s Big Mac, Robotic, Bible Speaks, Bernanke  a Liar,  Fornicate, Magical Thinking, License to Kill, Leader of Alaska (666 EG/111 SG), MPAA Banned Food (666 EG/111 SG), Radiation, Ben Bernanke Cap (666 EG/111 SG), Daniel Moore (666 EG/111 SG), Papel Miracle (666 EG/111 SG), Alien Demons (666 EG/111 SG), Mohammadians (666 EG/111 SG), I Am Nothing (660 EG/110 SG), Bad Skin Cells (666 EG/111 SG), Peace Road Block (666 EG/111 SG), Infernal Rage (660 EG/110 SG), Chancellor Obama (666 EG/111 SG), Obama Akhenaten (666 EG/111 SG), Barack Obama’s Kid (666 EG/111 SG), The Barack Obama,  CIA and Black Ops (666 EG/111 SG), Obama Akhenaten (666 EG/111 SG), Barack H O a Banker (666 EG/111 SG), Barack Obama Dog Bo (666 EG/111 SG), Obama’s Alien DNA (666 EG/111 SG), Akhenaten Obama,  Obama Makes Peace, Obama is a Liar, Public in Jewish Gematria
  • 294 is like Dallas, Clone GlobalLord, Eight, I Am God, ISILNun, Crash, Athena, Danger, Osama, Libya, Alive, Hook, Fifth, Enigma, WTF, Die Hard, End Game, Caffeine, Bald Eagle, XY, & 43 Days in English Gematria
  • 294 is like Prince Charles Is A Shapeshifter, Pyramids Of The Ancient Americas, Throne Room Of The Most High, Six Hundred And Sixty Six, Six Six Six Lord Of Lords, Name Evil Of Land Would Most And 726, Let What Of People Of Them Labor 935, Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn, Forty Nine Gates Of The Torah, Queen Of The Forty Nine Gates, Pharmaceutical Corporations,Muslim Conquest Of Syria, Six Hundred Threescore SixExposing The Satanic Lullaby, Jesus Christ The Bleeding Heart,  Fool If You Think Its Over, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here, & Apartment Eleven Hundred Eight in Simple Gematria
The Earthrise in the English Reduction system equals 64
  • 64 is like ThelemaIsrael, & Zion in Simple Gematria 
  • 64 is like Nigga in Jewish Gematria
  • 64 is like Do What Thou WiltCivil Rights (Civil Rights Act of 1964), & Barack Hussein Obama in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 8x8 = 64
  • Barack Hussein Obama sums to 64 like Do What Thou Wilt & Civil Rights in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 88th Congress enacted Civil Rights Act of ’64 8x8 = 64
  • Barack Hussein Obama was elected President 44-years after the Civil Rights Act of ’64 was passed (1964 to 2008)
The Earthrise  w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 73
  • 73 is like Hail MeDefiance in Jewish Gematria
  • 73 is like Nation, RFID Chip, United Egypt, ChildrenEighteenSacrifice, & Normal in English Gematria
The Earthrise in the English Ordinal system equals 136
  • 136 is like CobraFEMA Camp& BBC America in Jewish Gematria 
  • 136 is like What Are AliensReptilian AgendaApocalypse EndAlien InfectionHuman NatureValley of DeathGreat AwakeningAncient of DaysNewspapersCounterfeitCivil Rights, Stock MarketThe Fallen OnesSatanic MessageDevil's MusicMother MaryVirgin MaryBride of ChristSnow WhiteThe Third DegreeExhaustion, Gulf of Mexico, Obama The Deceiver in Simple Gematria
Tim Peake (Astronautin the English Ordinal system equals 80
  • 80 is like BaphometThe BeastLunaticBaptismPutin, Creator, Rebirth Evil ObamaTragedyFighting,  Illogical, Behavior in Simple Gematria

William Anders (Astronaut) in the English Ordinal system equals 140

  • 140 is like Fake Death, Black Cat, & Dead Blood in Jewish Gematria
  • 140 is like Prometheus, Zarzi Aliens, Alien Rapture, Planet X Hoax, Revelation, Jack The Ripper, Christmas Day, Satan And Moloch, Evil Nations,  The Killing Name, Hermaphrodite, See Mark Of Beast, War War Three, The Holy Grail, Child Pervert, & Barack Obama Revealed in Simple Gematria
WA in the English Reduction system equals 6

  • 6 is represented geometrically as the Hexagram6-pointed StarStar of DavidThelemaChurch of Satan: “Do What Thou Wilt
  • 6 represents the Male energy, the soul of man and the macrocosm of God
WA in the English Ordinal system equals 24 like the 24-hour cycle
  • 24 is like Baal, HHH, Cici, A Kid, & Chica in Jewish Gematria 
  • 24 is like D (4), BB (922/4), BB8 (228/12/3), ABA (121/4), AC (13/4), D4 (44/8), D6 (46/10/1), D7 (47/11), D33 (6), D59 (14/5), D66 (12/3), D2600 (8), & D5578 (25/7) in English Gematria
  • 24 is like X (Death), 3XCat, CBS, MIB, Sad, Act, Crab, Flea, & FEM in Simple Gematria 

WA in the English Sumerian system equals 144

  • 144 is likMark of the Beast & Time in Simple Gematria 
  • 144 is like Forty-Four & April Fourth (4/4: 44 like Kill) in Simple Gematria
  • Forty-four written sums to 144 in Pythagorean Gematria

TP in the English Reduction system equals 9
  • 9 is Sacred # & means the Cube (Black Box: Satan) in Satanic Freemasonry
TP in the English Ordinal system equals 36
  • 36 is like Rights in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 36 is like Bleed, Adam, Black, Ha Ha Ha Ha, FILA in Jewish Gematria
  • 36 is like Barack and Oil in Simple Gematria
  • Summing numbers 1-36 equals 666 like Prophecy in Jewish Gematria
TP in the English Sumerian system equals 216
  • 216 is like Tall Alien, Demonic Alien, Earth Died,  I Hate Her, Cheerleader, Feral Cat, Bloods, Circle of Life, Tesla, Airplane, Original, Dubai, Epic Google in Jewish Gematria
  • 216 is like Barack, Child, Law, Shi (death) in English Gematria
  • 216 is like Prince Harry of Wales,And To The End Of The Earth, New Energy Sources, Esoteric Order Of Dagon, Fall Of The Zionists, Divine Right To Rule, Area Fifty One Stargate, Senator John Kerry, The Alien Demon Deception, The Stars and Planets, Days Of The Apocalypse, Begin Apocalypse Event, Politically Correct, Prometheus Rising, Father Died on the Cross, Jesus Christ The Rabbi, Ohio State Bomb Threat, Computer Internet, Disappear Then Reappear in Simple Gematria
Astronaut in the English Reduction system equals 30
  • 30 is like Mafia Clan in Simple Gematria
  • 30 is like KKKM, M1, M5, M6, M13, Babel, Ice Age, Cabbala, & Baggage in Jewish Gematria 

Astronaut in the English Ordinal system equals 129

  • 129 is like America, Demon, & Flesh in Jewish Gematria 
  • 129 is like Destroyer, Orion’s Belt, Hide the Secret, Demonic Trash, Demonic Forces, Immoral Sex, Judgement in Simple Gematria
December 24, 1968 (Apollo 8 mission)
  • 123 is like Conspiracy & Gunshots in Simple Gematria
  • UK} U=3 / K=2 >32 
  • 33 is the Magic #Teacher #Master # in Satanic Freemasonryalso the 33 vertebrate in one’s spine
  • 33 is like Magic in Simple Gematria
  • 33 is like A Seal Of Satan, Handgun, Gunshots DiamondMarineFederalPoliceNazis, October, Teacher, Beyonce, KKK } (11) K (11) K (11), Coeptis [cΕ“ptis], DelawareLeft Eye, Holocaust, Mean, Indian, Sixteen, & Race War in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • Ninety & Sixty ONLY two numbers that have a Gematria of 33 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • (3) K (11 w/"v" exception} U=3x11=33
  • Christopher Columbus’s initials } CC = 33
  • Delaware (3rd State) sums to 33 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • Massachusetts (6th), and Hawaii (50) in Pythagorean Gematria (only 3 said States sum to said #)
  • The 33rd day in the calendar is February 2nd
  • Thirty-three sums to 156 in Simple Gematria
  • 156 is like I Am an Alien, Kings, Berlin, False Flag, Fracking, Grimm, Code Nine, Real Magic, The Game, Taken, & Achilles in Jewish Gematria
  • 156 is like God, Flag, Game, Heal, Drac, Mega, Hide, Data, & Pee in English Gematria
  • 156 is like The Grey Alien Race, Tall Gray Aliens, The Demonic Aliens, Eater of Souls, Occult Gateway, The Fifth Element, The Reptilians, Francois Hollande, Battle Of Midway, Final Curtain Call, July FourthAmerica’s Birthday, Thirty-three, As Above So Below, February Second, Six Six Six, Devil’s Creation, Metatron’s Cube, Twenty-eight, Brilliant Minds, The Number of Man, Calvary Cross,Messiah Gateway, Maniac Conned Icons, Nine Seven Eight, God Saves Israel, Biblical Prophecy, Lord Of The Sabbath, Baltimore News, The Seventh Day, Barack Obama Agreement, The Beast Barack H Obama, Great Deceiver B Obama, The New Age Barack Obama, Obama’s Request, Barack H Obama Miracles, The Wicked Barack Obama, Barry Sotero, Obamas Power Is, December Eighteenth, Gematria Gateway in Simple Gematria 
  • 23 is like Lie in Jewish Gematria
  • 23 is like  In 1977, In 1995, In 1776, I Am, In, End, CEO, H2O, Fake, Made, Agama, Cane, & Hack in Simple Gematria
  • 23 means Duality, Charisma, Communication and Society in Numerology
August 22, 2016 (Publishing of Article)
  • 66 is like KingKing 5EPANFLBiblicalCoded in Jewish Gematria
  • 66 is like K FDA in English Gematria
  • 66 is like Already BeastsMankindDebit CardRat RaceAncientQueerLose FaceI’ll Be OkayEye DamageDead NowAnubisTwin, Sodom,  Cain and AbelMolochLost, Abyss, Curse, Padded Cell, Islamic, Field Day, Event, Blessed in Simple Gematria
  • Thirty-Three written sums to 66 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • Christians w/BOTH "s" exceptions sums to 66 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 66 Books in the Bible (39 Old Testament & 27 New Testament)
  • 46 is like Hero in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 46 is like ChaosLogicMagicalDead AgainChicago in Simple Gematria
  • 21 signifies the Devil (Sacred #7 multiplied by the Sacred/Perfect #3)
  • 21 is like Be Dead in Jewish Gematria
  • 21 is like Edge in Simple Gematria 
150 (meter ice wall around the edge of the Antarctica)
  • 150 is like Billion, HAARP, Falsified, Made in China, Islam, Disbelief in Jewish Gematria
  • 150 is like Area 51 in English Gematria
  • 150 is like David Rockefeller, The Wrath Of God, Lucifer Rising, U.S. President, This Means War, & Possession in Simple Gematria
51 (kilometers the moon’s size)
  • 51 is like HidingBe Hidden, Conspiracy& Bad Karma in Simple Gematria 
  • 51 is like Freemason in Pythagorean Gematria
4989 (above the plane of the flat Earth)
  • 49 is like Revelation, Skull & Bones w/“s” & ”k” exceptions & like Skull & Bones w/both “s” exceptions in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 49 is like Media, Cane& Chalice in Jewish Gematria
  • 89 is like RaceGod of War, InfluenceDeath is Fake, Damien, LogicDemo, & Black Hand in Jewish Gematria 
  • 89 is like OsirisDemiurgicMemory, Davinci Code,  Fallen Angel, Stupid, False Logic, Black Diamond, August, Winter, Unity, Complete, Fooled Again in English Gematria 
4+9+8+9=30 like Astronaut
  • 30 is like Mafia Clan in Simple Gematria
  • 30 is like KKKM, M1, M5, M6, M13, Babel, Ice Age, Cabbala, & Baggage in Jewish Gematria 
  • 138 is like Draco, Banker, Alien Being, Diamond, Homo in Jewish Gematria
  • 138 is like LHC, ECO, Hack, H2O, In 1952, In 1776, In 1977, In 1995, End, Fake, Made, Cane, MIA in English Gematria
  • 138 is like Lord Of Lords, Great Architect, Secret Code Key, Religion Is A Facade Ku Klux Klan, Human Centipede, Master Mason, Donald Trump, Number Seven, Hypocrisy in Simple Gematria
24 (hours-cycle)
  • 24 is like Baal, HHH, Cici, A Kid, & Chica in Jewish Gematria 
  • 24 is like D (4), BB (922/4), BB8 (228/12/3), ABA (121/4), AC (13/4), D4 (44/8), D6 (46/10/1), D7 (47/11), D33 (6), D59 (14/5), D66 (12/3), D2600 (8), & D5578 (25/7) in English Gematria
  • 24 is like X (Death), 3XCat, CBS, MIB, Sad, Act, Crab, Flea, & FEM in Simple Gematria 
*** Our view from space [European Space Agency, ESA] *** 
Copernicus claimed in the 16th Century that was at the center of the galaxy, which is known as the Heliocentric model (i.e., that the SUN is at the center of the Universe as well as the Earth being a Sphere or round and therefore, NOT Flat, which was the belief of all Ancient Civilizations for Eons.