COG - Donald Trump, Quatrain 50, & Book of Revelation (Book of Prophecy) [14/41, 15/51, 16/61, 17/71, 18/81, 23/32, 24/42, 25/52, 26/62, 27/72, 34/43, 35/53, 45/54, 46/64, 49/94, 67/76, 69/96]

Gematria: Donald Trump, Quatrain 50, & Book of Revelation (Book of Prophecy)
 [14/41, 15/51, 16/61, 17/71, 18/81, 23/32, 24/42, 25/52, 26/62, 27/72, 34/43, 35/53, 45/54, 46/64, 49/94, 67/76, 69/96]
Donald John Trump is an American businessman, reality television personality, and politician who is President-elect of the United States as well as chairman and president of The Trump Organization, the … Wikipedia
Born: June 14, 1946 (age 70), Queens, New York City, NY
  • 85 is like AnnunakiAlien BrainThe PopeCBS NewsReptileThe EarthViolenceMatrixImplantCreationHumanoidBiologyNibiru, Falsehood, TwinsThe DevilHail SatanMcDonalds, Storm, Sentence, Stolen, Hillary, Cruicfy, Blind Faith, False-hood, Blackout, Feral Goat, Blind as a Bat, Boston, Silver, Get Ready in Simple Gematria
  • 66 is like KingKing 5EPANFLBiblical, Coded in Jewish Gematria
  • 66 is like K, K2, AC DC, K2, FDA, 65K, 70K in English Gematria
  • 66 is like Already BeastsMankindDebit CardRat RaceAncient, Lunar, CoronaQueerLose FaceI’ll Be OkayEye DamageDead NowAnubisTwin, Sodom, Cain and AbelMolochLost, Abyss, Curse, Padded Cell, Islamic, Alcohol, Envy, Bulls, Loose, Judges, Field Day, Event, Blessed in Simple Gematria
  • Christians w/BOTH "s" exceptions sums to 66 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 66 Books in the Bible (39 Old Testament & 27 New Testament)
  • Thirty-Three written sums to 66 in Pythagorean Gematria
Trump in the English Ordinal system equals 88 like Election Day Nov. 8th or 11/811x8=88 like Quatrain 50 in the English Reduction system like Revelation 8:8"Trumpets" & like the 88 Generals that endorsed Donald Trump
  • Obama 44th Term President; Trump 44th person to be President: when summed equals 88
  • 88 is the Kingdom of Dualism/Duality (Satanism) in Numerology
  • 88 is like ProgramPoisonExodusGreat SealHandgunsPurple in Simple Gematria
  • 88 is like George Washington in Pythagorean Gematria
  • The number Eight being the Symbol of the Infinity88 symbolizes the double directions of the Infinity of the Universe, that is to say the infinitely small and the infinitely large.
  • 88th Congress enacted Civil Rights Act of ’64 8x8 = 64
  • Barack Hussein Obama was elected President 44-years after the Civil Rights Act of ’64 was passed (1964 to 2008)
  • Barack Hussein Obama sums to 64 like Do What Thou Wilt & Civil Rights in Pythagorean Gematria  

6+1+4+1+9+4+6=31 like Eagles w/“s” exception (2 bald Eagles caught in Storm Drain PSYOPin the English Reduction system
  • 31 is like Skull & Bones in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 31 is like CubeCNNFocus in Simple Gematria
  • 31 is also one of the three highest ranks of Satanic Freemasonry (3132& 33)
  • 12/19 (Electoral Voting Day): 12+19=31
Electoral College like Faithless Elector (term used for electors that "Go Rogue": akin to Rogue One: the Prequel to Star Wars; A New Hope, Episode IV) in the English Reduction system equals 69 is like Hillary's Age in 2016
  • 69 is like Lance, Pace, Define in Jewish Gematria 
  • 69 is like False Flag, Archangel, Serve, Red Tape, Road Rage, Handgun, GoyimCrush, Reward Rough, Bad Books, Curve, Pirate, York, One Eye, Cameron, Knight, & Bishop in English Gematria

  • 112 is like Obama the Beast, Inner Earth, Unknown, Telepathy, Wickedness, Victory  (Electoral Vote: 12/19), Connection, Correlation, Imagination, 7 Deadly Sins, Asmodeous, Zionist (Trump/Clinton/Obama/USA/Israel),  Cashless Card, Catholicism, Divinity, Satanic Leader& Nuclear Fire in Simple Gematria
  • 112 is like the Duration of days between 11/8/16 (Election Day) to 12/19/16 (Electoral Vote)
  • If Hillary wins the Electoral Vote on 12/19, it will be the 5 out of 6 elections
  • 56 is like KenyaHealingAttackISISThe EndDroneApril, HatredSemen, Wise, Created, Member, Comet, ZooEqual in Simple Gematria
12/19/16 is the 353rd day of 2016
  • 353 is like Reptoid DNA, Their Gods, The Time Machine, Higgs Boson (“God particle”), The Final Phase, Solar Flare, Find Dominion Code, God is Great, After-shock, The Eighth Chakra, Roll the Dice, UFC 116 Time,  The Poor, Labor Pains, Final Arbiter, Merciful, Celestial Fire, Detention, The Saint, Parasitic, The Light of I Am, Labour, Self Absorbed,  Better God, Santa Maria, About 359, To Be ChosenAn American Hero, Barometer, Isn’t a Cop, & Garments in Jewish Gematria
  • 353 is like Queen Of Unforgivable Sins Condemned,  Islam Breeding By Raping Little Girls, The Men Of Isreal Are Evil Alien Pleiadians, Men Of Israel Are Evil Terrestrials, The R Complex Or The Reptilian Brain, Where Does The Elixir Of Life Come From, The Aliens Are Coming And They’re Cannibals, The Horrible Sound Of Satan In The Air, 666 Is The Best Hoax That Was Ever Created, Islam Commits The Unforgivable Sin, Islam Responsible For The End Of Days, Muslim Child In Labor At Ten Years Old, Sinful Final Days Of Man And Apocalypse, February Twelve Twenty Eleven in Simple Gematria
12/19/16 is a Monday like 6+7+5+9=27 (Michael Richard Pence's DOBlike Talons w/“s” exception like Stooge (Trumplike Queens (Trump's hometown) in the English Reduction system 
  • 27 is like CodeRaceEgoFaked& Fecal in Simple Gematria 
  • 27 is like Car Bomb in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 27 is like January in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 27 is like Bald, Headed(2 Bald Eagles), Baghdad, & Ha Ha Ha in Jewish Gematria 
12/19/16 (Electoral Vote) is the 51st Week of 2016
  • 51 is like HidingBe Hidden, Conspiracy& Bad Karma in Simple Gematria 
  • 51 is like Freemason in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 5/1/1776 Bavarian Illuminati was Founded, which sums to 99 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • May (5th month) sums to 12 is like DEC (December: 12/19} Electoral Vote) in Jewish Gematria & Simple Gematria 
47+7=54 | 47+5=52 | 47
  • 54 is like I Am DeadBald Headed (2 Bald Eagles), A LambEden, Academia, Fig Leaf in Jewish Gematria
  • 54 is like DNA, Mayan, Scandal, Gabriel, French, Oracle, Chemical, An Angel, Rope, Damsel (Hillary),  Islam, Car Bomb in Simple Gematria 
  • 54 is like Forty-five (written) in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 52 is like Pope & Ordo [order] in Simple Gematria
  • 52 is like NWO, DevilSix in English Gematria
  • 47 is like Caesar in Simple Gematria 
  • 47 is like Star of David & President in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 47 is like Beast, Obey, TimeJudge, Gavel, Authority, Candy, & Mafia in Jewish Gematria

290-228=62 like Talon (Eagleslike Vote (Election Day/Electoral Vote) in the English Ordinal system equals 62
  • 62 is like Constitution in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 62 is like Flame & Code in Jewish Gematria
  • 62 is like ObedienceGenocideDiseaseEnemyUnderGeneral, ShotForeheadSave FaceMason, OfficerAttached, Black Magic, Torah, Benedict, Capital, Border, Medicine, Lesbian, Elohim, Noise, Doubt in Simple Gematria
27is like 27 & like 12/19/16 is a Monday like 6+7+5+9=27 (Michael Richard Pence's DOBlike Talons w/“s” exception like Stooge (Trumplike Queens (Trump's hometown) in the English Reduction system 
  • 228 is like Draconian, Meaning Of Life, Alpha and Omega, Alien Beings, Road Rage, Dramatic, Selfish, Act of MaliceMissed, Diamonds, The Man-child, Elect OneKimbo Slice in Jewish Gematria
  • 228 is like Alpha, Change, Kabbalah, Death, Gold, Fire, Noah& Adidas in English Gematria
  • 288 is like United States Of AmericaTime is Running Out, Are Fifty-one Reptilian, Scientific Illumnism, Frequency Signature, Divine Intervention, Underground Alien Bases, Creator and Destroyer, Spraying the Skies, Father of Civilization, The Unified Field Theory, She Is A True Princess, Tropical Storm Igor, The Second Book of Moses,Who is the Antichrist,Eleven Million Dollars, Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Bible’s Lion Return, The Sado-Masochistic Hell, Four Skull Bottles, Demon Causing Seizure, The Key of Rituals, Earth Day Twenty Ten, Jesus Christ Is Lord, Martin Luther King Jr.Go for it Obama Tells GOP, Ken Griffey Jr Retires, & Dallas Cowboys Schedule in Simple Gematria
Notice the are Purposefully wearing the Opposite Colors of their Parties
6+1+4+4+6=21 like SAY Ten (Marilyn Manson's album name) in the English Reduction system
  • 21 signifies the Devil (Sacred #7 multiplied by the Sacred/Perfect #3)
  • 21 is like Be Dead in Jewish Gematria
  • 21 is like Led Edge in Simple Gematria 
  • Twenty-one sums to 42 in Pythagorean Gematria like Freemason, Zionism, New World, New Testament
  • 70 is like HiddenKnife, Black Flag, Laden, Dodge in Jewish Gematria
  • 70 islike ViperDemonsShadowFascismAnarchySecretVatican,End TimeSheepleAdam and EveIncest, Zombie, YahwehWomen (Hillary/National Women's Day), Courage in Simple Gematria
  • 70 is the AGE of Hillary in 2017
Queens (Trump's hometown)  like Talons like Stooge (Trump) in the English Ordinal system equals 81
  • 81 is like GoldAdolf24 Finale, Cain Abel, Shots, Officers, High End, Chicago in Jewish Gematria
  • 81 is like Rights in Simple Gematria
Michael Richard “Mike” Pence is an American politician and the Vice President-elect of the United States. He is currently serving as the 50th Governor of Indiana. Wikipedia
Born: June 7, 1959 (age 57), Columbus, IN

  • 91 is like NovusDeceptionDarkness, Dark MoonPhoenix, PSYOP& Pistol in Simple Gematria
  • 72 is like Balance Dead Again in Jewish Gematria 
  • 72 is like DEC in English Gematria 
  • 72 is like  MoneyBird FluMarriageRocket, Magnetic, HitlerMea CulpaSadistMohammed, Chickens, RebornHimselfAccurate in Simple Gematria
6+7+1+9+5+9=37 like Nostradamus like Bamboozle (Hegelian Dialectic) in the English Reduction system
  • 37 is like RFIDDead EndFlameHellSeal, Weed, Break, Teach, Demo, & Scan in Simple Gematria
  • 37 is like December in Pythagorean Gematria
Columbus like Trump like Pence like Birds (Bald Eagles) in the English Reduction system equals 25
  • 25 is like Annuit (to approveOrdo (order) in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 57 is like Gene, GainDoc, &  La Bamba ("to shake" or "to stomp"in Jewish Gematria 
  • 57 is like God GenePineal Gland, MoonDeceived, England, Telsa, HumanVaccine, Birth, Bible Code, 440 HerzAppear, ActorEmbodied FooledGoldenMagicianJewsBible CodeCherub, Sleep, Bless, Idiot, Shark, City, Steal, Beat it, Ice Cream, Wood in Simple Gematria
A440 or A4, which has a frequency of 440 Hz, is the musical note A above middle C and serves as a general tuning standard for musical pitch.
440} 44
  • 440 is like Life, I Am, Made, Debacle, Agama, Head Fake in Jewish Gematria 
  • 44 is like Prophet, Shooting, A Seal Of Saturn, Officer, Civilians& Military in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 44 is like  like KILLHope (Obama's Campaign)Faith,Karma in Simple Gematria
  • 44th President is Obama
  • 44th Person to be President is Donald Trump
Trump/Pence} “Trumpet
  • Trumpet sums to 113 like Scottish, Mainstream, Green-screen, Dishonest& Apocalypse in Simple Gematria
  • 113 is like Pence in Jewish Gematria 
  • 113a in the Bava Kama: Jews (Zionists) may circumvent a Gentile (non-jew) with subterfuge (lies)
  • One-fifty-three sums to 113 in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 153 is like  Fallen God, CPS, Beings, Agent, Fear God, Hell Fire, Labor, Cracking, Hail Leader, Creep, Bad Apple, & Katana in Jewish Gematria
  • 153 is like Purpose Plan, Galactic Federation, Free Your Mind, The Hidden Code Facts, The Discovery, Desire The Keys, The Clear Beginning, Seek Decoded Number, Confirming A “Hidden”, Decode Irrefutable, Four Elements, The Unified Earth, Heed the Realities, Open Figured Gate, Read All The Code Mind, Creator of Earth, Creator of Earth, The Female Hidden One, I Played the Fool, Michael The ArchangelThe Bible Is Right, Extreme Racism Masturbation, Prime Numbers,  Heavenly Formed, The Number Of God, In The Holy Place, Made Them One Flesh, The Christians, Christians Gate, Reveal the Bible, The True Light, Sacred Lessons, The Master Faith, Diamond Dominion, Extreme Racism, Quid Pro Quo, Hidden Witness, Albert Einstein, Happy Birthday, The Water Of Life, English Words, The Last Language, It’s so Amazing, Cross Reference, Grammar Tongue, The Ground Key in Simple Gematria
Trumpence like “2 Bald Eagles” w/“s” exception (2 bald Eagles caught in Storm Drain PSYOP) like Jesus Christ in the English Reduction system equals 43 & like Pence in the English Ordinal system
  • 43 is like FreemasonSeal Of Saturn, Civilian, & Massacre w/"s" exception in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 43 is like GameFeeble& Healed in Jewish Gematria
  • 43 is like False, FrameKidsBlock, & Define in Simple Gematria
Trumpence in the English Sumerian system equals 690 
  • 69 is like  Record Company, BeyoncéDelaware, Texas, Reincarnation, & Lemonade in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 69 is like False Flag, Archangel, Serve, Red Tape, Road Rage, Handgun, GoyimCrush, Reward Rough, Bad Books, Curve, Pirate, York,  One Eye, Cameron, Knight, Bishop, Mexico, Mexican, Jabroni, Wealth, Pandora, Husband, Beyoncé, Texas, Delaware, Who Am I, Is in Me, I Can be Healed in English Gematria
  • 69 in Numerology, it means Idealism, Family, Harmony, Health, & Compassion; it also denotes the Infinity symbology too and refers to Karma as well 
  • Jabroni (TRUMP) is a rendition of the wrestling term jobber, meaning one who loses to make other wrestlers look better
Trump in Jewish Gematria Equals 470 (47) like John in the English Ordinal system
  • 47 is like Caesar in Simple Gematria
  • 47 is like Star of David & President in Pythagorean Gematria  
  • 47 is like Beast, Obey, TimeJudge, Gavel, Authority, Candy, & Mafia in Jewish Gematria
Pence in the English Sumerian system equals 258
  • 258 is like Copper,  Copper 29, Earth Change,  Kings Coin, Gene or Man, Face of the Deep, The Net, Cloaked Aliens, Obama of BO, Are Aliens Bad, Bigots, The KKK Leader (666/111 AFFINITY)Colorado, Orgasm, Corner, Soldier, Raging Hate, Harlem Shake, Eight Eight, Opinion, Demon of Angel, Poker Hand, Archdiocese,  Obama Makes a Bad Deal, Obama Global Peace, Barack H Obama Clean, Obama LP Doggale, Bad Obama DNA Cloned, Obama DNA of Angel, Obama Maniacs, So Abama Maniac, & The Ten in Jewish Gematria
  • 258 is like Greece, Goat, False, Frame, Book, NAMBLA in English Gematria 
  • 258 is like Microchipped Population, Queen Elizabeth Is A Draconian, Carbon Atom Six Six Six, Your Mission On Earth, Demonic Military Complex, The End Of Days Pains Of Earth,  Four Corners Of The Earth, Origins Of O Negative Blood, Churches Are Manmade Not God-made, Muscular Dystrophy, Thirty Three Is The Key, Six Six Six One One One,Thelema Ipsos Horus Maat, Rainbow In The Dark Lyrics, Forty Three Thoughts, The Antichrist Discovered, Twenty Six Letters, NJ State Trooper Shot, Faith Calling Precision Evil, Antichrist Superstar, Psychosomatic Disorder, Infernal Spirituality, The Holy Resurrection, Fake Tears Fake Tears Fake Tears, & Obama Raids Peoples Housein Simple Gematria
Donald in the English Reduction system equals 23
  • 23 is like Lie in Jewish Gematria
  • 23 is like  In 1977, In 1995, In 1776, I Am, In, End, CEO, H2O, Fake, Made, Agama, Cane, W& Hack in Simple Gematria
  • 23 means Duality, Charisma, Communication and Society in Numerology
50 (# of Quatrain) like Donald in the English Ordinal system
  • 50 is like SnakeFraudFallenAmericaSacredOwlMad MenCircle, Bush, Cocaine, & Cain and Abel in Simple Gematria  
  • 50 is like BeastsMankindAncient, Moloch, Lost, AnubisEye DamageDead Now in English Gematria
  • FIFTYis like CNN IlluminatiBlack OperationsCycles, Lucifer Beast& Satanic Genetic Deeds in Jewish Gematria
Mike (Pence) like Change in the English Ordinal system equals 38 like Quatrain in the English Reduction system
  • 38 is like Jew, DeathNiggaKilling, & Bible in Simple Gematria
Quatrain in the English Ordinal system equals 101
  • 101 is like GreedDivisionImmortalTree of LifeI Am GodSpider WebThe LogosMichio Kaku, Afraid, Cancelled, Christian, Darth Vader, Blasphemy,  SorcererApproval, Imagine, Animal, Pledge, Gematria Code, & Republican in Jewish Gematria
  • 101 is like Dragons DenDark SoulHuman BrainBilderbergs, Demonic FiendObama is a LairBulls-EyePerfect ManDeath of An EgoAssassin, Home Depot, Vessels, Malpractice, Repentance, Gematria Code  in Simple Gematria
Swerve like Change in the English Reduction system equals 29
  • 29 is like BlackBecameHeldA LambBind, Gang, Hedge in Simple Gematria
  • 29 is like Handgun in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 29 breaks down to the number 11, a Master Number in Satanic Freemasonry: Sin, Transgression, & Peril
  • 29 represents Relationships, Teamwork, Compassion, Companionship, Diplomacy  in Numerology
Armageddon like Nostradamus w/“s” exception in the English Reduction system equals 46 like Drain (2 bald Eagles caught in Storm Drain PSYOPin Ordinal system 
  • 46 is like Hero in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 46 is like ChaosLogicMagicalDead AgainChicago in Simple Gematria
  • 46 is like Rogue One (A Star Wars Story), and akin to "Go Rogue"/"Faithless Elector," which is released 12/16, 3 days prior to the Electoral Vote
  • 3 is the first sacred number; it is a perfect number representing the Pagan Trinitythe Triangle, the Pyramid and Spiritually in Satanic Freemasonry
New Testament in the English Reduction system equals 42
  • 42 is like New World, New Testament, Freemason, Zionism, History, Knowledge, G, Economics, Architect, Building, Hail Mary, Twenty-one (Devil), Nigger (5+9+7+7+5+9)  in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 42 is like FEMA in Jewish Gematria
  • 42 is like Bad in English Gematria
  • 42 is like Saddam, Gun, War, Deacon, Female (Hillary), & Bad Cubed in Simple Gematria
  • 42 is the Life’s Purpose # & Angel # in Numerology
  • Five in Pythagorean Gematria sums to 42
  • Nine in Simple Gematria sums to 42
New Testament w/“s” exception in the English Reduction system equals 51
  • 51 is like HidingBe Hidden, Conspiracy& Bad Karma in Simple Gematria 
  • 51 is like Freemason in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 5/1/1776 Bavarian Illuminati was Founded, which sums to 99 In Pythagorean Gematria
New Testament in the English Ordinal system equals 159
  • 159 is like A Fallen King, Forehead, Killing Field, Deeper, FaceTime, Athens, Officer, Final MindHell-Hell-Hell in Jewish Gematria
  • 159 is like Evil Gray Aliens, Winged Serpent, Grey Reptilian, Bilderberg Group, Eighth Dimension, Economic Armageddon, Divine Knowledge, Vatican Secrets, Prison Planet, Constellation, One Step BeyondThe Coming Prince, Project Monarch,  Twenty-Six, New Testament, November Ninth, Forgiven Of Sin, Seventy-Eight, Come Lord Jesus, Little Black Devil, The Devils Trap, Satanic IdeologyBarack Hussain Obama, Of False Promise, Mark Zuckerberg, Natalie Portman, Martin Luther, Elizabeth Smart, & This September in Simple Gematria
Jesus Christ like Valentine’s Day (Marilyn Manson's album release date) in the English Ordinal system equals 151
  • 151 is like The Bible, Code Red, Campaign, & Defied Death in Jewish Gematria
  • 151 is like Illuminatus, Fifth Dimension, The Alien FEMA Camps, Healing Promise, Very Hideous, Abominable Things, All He Can do is Evil, There is No DeathSchizophrenia, Jesus Christ, Prophetic King, Angel of Darkness, Apollyon Abaddon, Revolution, Revelation DateThe Islamic Devil, Evil’s Savior, The Lord of Evil,  Seal Of Saturn, The Soul Saved in Simple Gematria
Jesus Christ w/TWO “s” exceptions like 2+14+20+16=52 (Marilyn Manson’s release date of album) & like Valentine’s Day (aforesaid album release day) like Prophecy in the English Reduction system equals 52 like Birds in the English Ordinal system
  • 52 is like Pope & Ordo [order] in Simple Gematria
  • 52 is like NWODevilSix in English Gematria
Jesus Christ w/THREE “s” exceptions in the English Reduction system equals 61
  • 61 is like News, Miracle, Shot, & Officer in Simple Gematria
  • 61 is like God & Freemasons w/BOTH "s" exceptions in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 61 is like Disneyland in Jewish Gematria
Revelation 8:7} 87 is like Clinton (Hillaryin Jewish Gematria 
  • 87 is like Area 51, GMO, Area 5, Gene Decide, & Chief Big Eagle in Jewish Gematria 
  • 87 is like Twelve, The Eyes, Inside Job, Oh My God, Crackpot, Architect, Democracy, ScapegoatBill Gates, Muslim, Stealing, Mind of God, Dependent, Black Star, Black on BlackNothing Priest, Justice, The Sun, Fulfilled, Code Breaker, & Street in Simple Gematria
33% (of grass and tress in the known world will be destroyed) like Michael  (Pence) like Clinton (Hillaryin the English Reduction system; also, Byzantium was founded in 330} 33 
  • 33 is the Magic #Teacher #Master # in Satanic Freemasonryalso the 33 vertebrate in one’s spine
  • 33 is like Magic & LAPD in Simple Gematria
  • 33 is like A Seal Of Satan, Handgun, Gunshots, Orange, DiamondMarineFederalPoliceNazis, KKK (11) K (11) K (11), Coeptis [cœptis], Holocaust, Order, Masonry, False FlagTeacher, Secrecy, October, DelawareLeft Eye, Mean, Believe, Beyonce, Indian, Sixteen, Voting (Electoral Vote: 12/19), & Race War in Pythagorean Gematria
  • The 33rd day (Groundhog Day) in the calendar is February 2nd 
  • Thirty-three sums to 156 in Simple Gematria
  • 156 is like I Am an Alien, Kings, Berlin, False Flag, Fracking, Grimm, Code Nine, Real Magic, The Game, Taken, ROFL, Childhood, Grip, Chose, & Achilles in Jewish Gematria
  • 156 is like God, Flag, Game, Heal, Drac, Mega, Hide, & Data in English Gematria
  • 156 is like The Grey Alien Race, Tall Gray Aliens, The Demonic Aliens, Eater of Souls, Occult Gateway, The Fifth Element, The Reptilians, Francois Hollande, Battle Of Midway, Final Curtain Call, July FourthAmerica’s Birthday, Thirty-three, As Above So Below, February Second, Six Six Six, Devil’s Creation, Metatron’s Cube, Twenty-eight, Brilliant Minds, The Number of Man, Calvary Cross, Messiah Gateway, Maniac Conned Icons, Nine Seven Eight, God Saves Israel, Biblical Prophecy, Lord Of The Sabbath, Baltimore News, The Seventh Day, Barack Obama Agreement, The Beast Barack H Obama, Great Deceiver B Obama, The New Age Barack Obama, Obama’s Request, Barack H Obama Miracles, The Wicked Barack Obama, Barry Sotero, Obamas Power Is, December Eighteenth, Gematria Gateway in Simple Gematria 
8 (million people killed)
  • 8 in Numerology represents Saturn (Satan); as well as CruelInsensitiveViolentBullish or Greedy
  • 8 is like NASA in the English Reduction system equals
Byzantium in the English Ordinal system equals 131
  • 131 is like Coca Cola, NSA, Legion, Hidden God, Mask, MTA, Disable Charmed in Jewish Gematria
  • 131 is like Prince Charles, The Chosen One, The Garden Of Eden, Pope Francis I, Islamic State, Development, David And Goliath, Human Cloning, Reptilian Base, The Alpha And Omega, Reptilian Race, The Great Beast, Serial Killer, Nephilim Leader, Barack Hussein, John F Kennedy, Intuition in Simple Gematria
Byzantium was ended in 1453} 14+53=67 is like Revelation w/"v" exception in Pythagorean Gematria & like the date of the Electoral Vote: 12+19+20+16=67
  • 67 is like KillerAlchemySilenceSatanic, Clown, Lying, Teaching, Black GoldPharaoh, Black Death in Simple Gematria
  • 67th day of year is International Women's Day (Hillary)
Byzantium in Jewish Gematria Equals 1282}12+82=94
  • 94 is like Terror sums in Simple Gematria
  • 94 is like Nine, DreadRabbi, Find Me, Barak, B H Obama, & Fail Again in Jewish Gematria
  • 94 is like Skulls, Microchip, Human Being, Third Eye, Judgment, Consumed, Star Child, Skynet, Esoteric, Patriarch, H5N1 Bird Flu, Mark Gray, Epic Relation, Uranus,  Google, Unicorn, Covenant, Abortion, Columbine, Jacob's Ladder, Praise God, The Church, Shinning, Oral Sex, DisputeGuilty, Despicable Me, Aspartame, Ace of Spades, The Miracle, Second Chance, In the Club, Sasha Fierce, Tropical, & November in Simple Gematria
Istanbul (formally Byzantium) in the English Reduction system equals 26
  • 26 is like Kill in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 26 is like GOD & Flag in Simple Gematria
  • 26 is like Hide & Faked in Jewish Gematria
Istanbul (formally Byzantium) w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system equals 35
  • 35 is like Headache & Dam in Jewish Gematria
  • 35 is like China, Ebola, NASA, Catch 22 & Goal in Simple Gematria
Istanbul like Prophet (Nostradamus) in the English Ordinal system equals 98

  • 98 is like Alpha and Omega, Chosen One, Second Death, Barack’s Wife, Gay Music, Crystal, Prophet, Garden of Eden, Angel of Death, Higgs Hoax, Luciferian, Python, Iran Attack, Islam Clock, Israelite, Morphine, Judas’ Goat, Black Knight, Dualism, Lupercalia, which was a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman pastoral festival, observed on February 13 through 15, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility in Simple Gematria
  • 98 is like Base, Base 64, Obama Dead, Fake Name, Black Flame, Bribe, Diabolic,  & Hold Back in Jewish Gematria

Istanbul in the English Sumerian system equals 588

  • 588 is like Reptile Host Cad Acid Lake, The King Is Coming For Me, The Unseen One, The Cosmic Christ,  The Book Of The Earth, U.S. Desist, Chain the Reptilians, The Founders, Ode to Internet, Pandora Box, One Thousand, Islam Horrors, Self Centeredness, Clusters, Heresy, Ten Million Dollars, Consumers, Zebra, Carolina Panthers, Desire Sex, Aid of Deity, Blood On the Dance Floor, Clues in the Bible, Hurt People, I am so GayGang Recruiting, The Council of Nine, Strip Nude, Bad Parenting Skills, CNN Getting Annihilated, Sorceresses, Day Of The Dead, Sadist Strike, Betray, Obama Slander B Clinton, Obama Impeached A Mmxii,  The Big Picture, & Rub of the Green in Jewish Gematria
  • 588 is like Chosen One, Python, Mission, Duke of Earl,  Second Death, Higgs Hoax, The Center, X Videos, Crystal, Prophet, Garden of Eden, Angel of Death, Anxiety, Black People, Black Knight, Oblivion, Luciferian, Hard Work, Eighth King, Rare Light, Darkened Hair, White Magic, Morphine, Iran Attack, End Islam, Israelite, Judas’ Goat, Eight Eight, Sunset, Dualisms, Karl Marx, Elevator, The Alphabet, Blue Star, & Improve in English Gematria
  • 588 is like The Most Significant Discovery In The History Of Mankind, Large Earthquake Occur At Antipodes Region Of Cern At Great Depth, Prince Harry Conceived One Two Two Five One Nine Eight Three, Annunaki Busy With Their Own Codes A Sub Set Is Human Codes, Society Of Jesus Invented Islam Muhammed A Jesuit Priest, Sixty One Thousand Three Hundred Forty Four Hours, & The Planet Of The Elect Is Called The Second Sun Or The Dwarf Star in Simple Gematria
"Two Bald Eagles Stuck In A Storm Drain" in the English Reduction system like Revelation in the English Ordinal system equals 121
  • 121 is like Trans-human EntitiesDualism ArchitectureFreemasons The IlluminatiGematria System, 323 Is The Number Of LuciferHate is Alive in Jewish Gematria
  • 121 is like Warriors in Simple Gematria
33%+8 (million people killed)=41 like Bald Eagles w/“s” exception in the English Reduction system & like Apocalypse & Byzantium (Quatrain 50) & like the Duration of days between 11/8/16 (Election Day) to 12/19/16 (Electoral Vote)
  • 41 is like Mass Murder & Confiscate in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 41 is like Edifice & Kicked in Jewish Gematria
  • 41 is like DracoKingAlienOmegaUSADreamAl QaedaOz, BoxManiac, Addict, Help, Bent, Awake, & Icon in Simple Gematria
  • 41 is the 13th Prime Number
  • 13 is a Sacred Number & represents Death and Rebirth: Reincarnation, Sacrifice: Phoenix in Satanic Freemasonry
  • 13 is like CIA in Jewish Gematria
Revelation in the English Reduction system equals 49 like Eagles (2 bald Eagles caught in Storm Drain PSYOPin the English Ordinal system
  • 49 is like Skull & Bones w/“s” & ”k” exceptions & like Skull & Bones w/both “s” exceptions in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 49 is like Media, Cane& Chalice in Jewish Gematria
Revelation in Jewish Gematria Equals 1010} 10+10=20 like Mike like John (Donald's middle name) in the English Reduction system equals 20
  • 20 is like Death in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 20 is like Feed Facade in Jewish Gematria 
  • 20 is like Abel, Jade, Jade 2, & KFC in Simple Gematria
Book of Prophecy in the English Reduction system equals 80

  • 80 is like BaphometThe BeastBaptism LunaticFightingIllogicalPutin, Creator, Rebirth Evil ObamaTragedy, & Behavior in Simple Gematria

Book of Prophecy in the English Ordinal system equals 170

  • 170 is like Lamb of God, Planned, Gang Leader, & Illicit in Jewish Gematria 
  • 170 is like The Royal Family,Transhumanism, Genetic Engineering, The Great Pyramid, Human SalvationTall White Aliens, Divine BloodlinesWorld War Three, The Devil Incarnate, Demonic Celebrities, The Church Of Satan, The House Of Evil, Dental Damage Is Satan, Thousand Years, & The Number Zero in Simple Gematria
Book of Prophecy in the English Sumerian system equals 1020} 120 or 10+20=30

  • 120 is like Alien DNA, DNA Encoded, Alien Click, Hard Headed, The BBC, Debit, Habit, DreamFinland, Kill GodOffended in Jewish Gematria
  • 120 is like Jade, JJ, Jade 2, KFC, Feed& Abel in English Gematria
  • 120 is like Illuminati, Masonic Logic, 666 888 Illuminati, The Holy Code, Materialism, Gematria Greek, The Truth, Discovery, The Architect, Vocabulary, Lucid Dreaming, Communism, Life After Death, Hidden Master, Secret Chiefs, Army Ranks, Leviticus, Occult Logic & Leviticus (The Book of Leviticus (/lɪˈvɪtɪkəs/; from Greek Λευιτικόν, Leuitikon, meaning “relating to the Levites” - is the third book of the Hebrew Bible, and the third of five books of the Torah/Pentateuch) in Simple Gematria
  • 30 is like Mafia, Elm, & Clan in Simple Gematria
  • 30 is like M, M1, M5, M6, M13, KKK, Lead, Babel, Ice Age, Cabbala, & Baggage in Jewish Gematria 
  • 30 is like Bamberg (Bamberg Apocalypse: Trumpets from Book of Revelation)

Mike in Jewish Gematria Equals 54 like “Pussy Grabber” (Trump self-description) in the English Reduction system & like Bald Headed (2 Bald Eagles) in jewish Gematria
  • 54 is like I Am Dead, A Lamb, Eden, Academia, Fig Leaf in Jewish Gematria
  • 54 is like Dad & I in English Gematria
  • 54 is like DNA, Mayan, Scandal, Gabriel, French, Oracle, Chemical, An Angel, Rope, Damsel, Islam, Car Bomb in Simple Gematria 
Donald John Trump in the English Ordinal system like Richard (Pence's middle name) like Feast of Trumpet  in Jewish Gematria Equals 185
  • 185 is like Cosmic, Decide Design, The Balance, The Middle, Elapsed, & B. Bernanke in Jewish Gematria 
  • 185 is like The Powers that Be, World Trade Center, Beginning of Wisdom, The Masterpiece Palace, Father of Prophecy, Secrets Kept Hidden, The Secret Ark Door, Akhenaten NefertitiThe Messiah from God, Book of Revelation, The Book God Spells in Simple Gematria 
MP (Mike Pence) in the English Sumerian system equals 174
  • 174 is like Executive Order 10997 (Assigning emergency preparedness functions to the Secretary of the Interior) in Simple Gematria
  • 174 is like Executive Order 11110 (Relating to the Performance of Certain Functions Affecting the Department of Treasury) in Simple Gematria
  • 174 is like Fierce King, Fall of Man, Gene of God, An Alien Agenda, Batman, For is Dead, Black Diamond,  Hate Mail, Career, Omen III, Cannon, Scar, False Image, Intel, ReplaceClone, Dogfish, Decipher in Jewish Gematria
  • 174 is like Ex, Black, A Lamb in English Gematria
  • 174 is like New World Order, Alien Human Contact, The Throne Room, Political Power, Alien Human Contact, Supreme Court, The Royal Secret, Secret Societies, Supreme Court, Thomas Jefferson, Seven Circle Koran, The Seventh Son, Number Of The Beast, The Matrix Of MaatThe False Prophet, I Am Jesus Christ, The Seventh Son, And there was Light, Seven Sisters, Malevolent Satan, Lucifer Jesus God, Portland Oregon, The Age Of Aquarius, Jerusalem Post, Twelve Twelve, Satan’s Rap Music, Sun in Capricorn, Eros and Thanatos, Pisces Sun Sign, Seven Thunders, Terrorist Obama, Luke Skywalker, Fiddler on the Roof in Simple Gematria
Trump in the English Sumerian system equals 528
  • 528 is like ComputerAlpha Centauri, The LORD Of Israel, The Creator Of Life, The Key, Magnificent King of Kings, NASA Dishonest, Hidden From The IRS, FEMA PreparationIllumination, Illuminate R Dead, Illuminatis, Carbon Triangles, U.N. Of Satan, The Immortal One, Aliens Are A Deception, Child Of Horus, The U.N. Banned Mind, Super Omega, Secularism, Fifth Reich The Final Reich, Protector, Satan Bound, Human Angels Are, Saboteur, Helter SkelterPapa Smurf, Cure For Aids, Cult Leaders, It Is Called Arrogance, Spirit Of LiesAnagrams And Gematria, Gematria Error, Use Gematria in Jewish Gematria
  • 528 is like Blue Blood, Black Dragon, PurpleAgreement, Immanuel, Mormon, Exodus, Poison, The New Age, Angelic Being, Gulf War, God Is One, California, Rise Up, Fourth in English Gematria
  • 528 is like Cern The Large Hadron Collider Is Worse Than You Think, The Russians Have One Large Base On The Far Side Of The Moon, Can You The Beast Of Earth Explain Me How To Survive, Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil Evil, The Transfiguration Of Jesus Was Alien Technology, Two Eighteen Nineteen Sixty Seven Christ Reborn, The Numbers Eleven Twenty Two And Thirty Three, Church Of The Condemnation And Imposition Of The Cross, Can A Virus Really Communicate With Another Virus, The Evil And Wicked Will Suffer, I Will Destroy Them All, Near Earth Asteroid Four Hundred Thirty Three Eros, Our Lord Jesus Christ Is Revealed Twelve Twelve, The Revelation Of Jesus Christ To John The Baptist, The Most Evil Man Throughout Mankind’s History& President Barack Hussein Obama Extinction Level Event in Simple Gematria 
Donald in the English Sumerian system equals 300
  • 300 is like Leader of AmericaBush, Mineral Dealer, Agnostic, Decisions, X, Incest Hell, Flesh and Blood, Federation, Semen Flood, & Not Logical in Jewish Gematria
  • 300 is like Bush, Snake, America, Apple, Owl, Cocaine, Fallen, Fatima, Sacred, Salem, Fraud, Scared, Chamber, Offer, Mad MenKorea, June, Circle, & Encoded in English Gematria
  • 300 is like Islam Satanic Clock Tower On Mecca, Islamic Beating Is Caused Of Lucifer, Child Abuse Causes Destruction, Corrupted Attorney General in Simple Gematria
John (Trump's middle name) in Jewish Gematria Equals 698
  • 698 is like President Abraham Lincoln, Gay October, Secret Barack Obama Plan, CERN Collider Disaster, Galactic Alignment Church, Tet The Serpent, Dragon Flys, John 1:1, The Qabalah Of The Nine Chambers, Secret Key, Satanic Church Member, Satan Born Diseases, Santa Claus As God, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Demonic Glory, Hell Made For Muslims, Muslim Crucified, The Terminators, Take A Mark Guillotine, Illuminati Go To Hell, Bullying, Is Causing Despair, Christian R Pit Of Hell, Child Life Begins At Conception, The Missing Letter, Tales From The Dark Side in Jewish Gematria
  • 698 is like There Are Many Symbols Of This Universe But All May Have A Cross In It, Freemasons Oath To Cross Every T Refers To A T Square Or T Cross, The Last Pope Petrus Romanus Is Former Bishop Of Grosseto Scola, The Book Of The Generation Of Jesus Christ, The Son Of David, The Son Of Abraham, & Satan And His Family Are The Most Heartless And Wicked People Too Ever Live in Simple Gematria
Donald in Jewish Gematria Equals 119  
  • 119 is like Star of David & All Seeing Eye in Simple Gematria (& 47 in Pythagorean Gematria)
  • 119 is like like Nikola Telsa (Pythagorean Gematria) 
  • 119/6 are INVERSION & their REFLECTION is 911
  • 911 like Bad Obama Revealed, The End Of The Aeon Of Horus, O Barack Obama Jr., Vatican Hill, Nine Eleven FEMA, Natural Disasters, See Reveal, The Demonic Grey Aliens, Supergiant Approaching, Devil’s Mind, Is Resurrection Of Dead, The Angel Of The Church In Philadelphia, Division, & Offensive, False Flag Nukes At Utah in Jewish Gematria
  • 911 is like Nine Eleven Was An Inside Job Orchestrated By A Very Top Secret Group In The Us Government, Gray Alien Creator Deity Dead In Willow Glen The Rumour Has It Along With Reptilian And Draconian 241 4777Nothing In The World Is More Dangerous Than Sincere Ignorance And Conscientious Stupidity, I Will Arise And Go To My Father And Will Say Unto Him, Father I Have Sinned Against Heaven And Before Thee, Eleven September Two Thousand Fifteen A Mobile Crawler Crane Collapsed Onto The Masjid Al Haram In Mecca, & The Ones Responsible For Putting Aborted Babies In The Food Will Suffer In Hell For Eternity in Simple Gematria
Michael in Jewish Gematria Equals 76  
  • 76 is like Amen, Mean, Bold, Face God, Choke, Bible Eagle, I am Black, Dog Face, Go Ahead in Jewish Gematria
  • 76 is like Barack H ObamaMasterBad PeopleDNA ChangesHumansHuman DNADespicableContactContain, Dirty, Bible Codes, RevengeVictim in Simple Gematria 
1:06} length of video: "Two Bald Eagles Stuck in a Storm Drain"
  • 106 is like Prophecy in Simple Gematria & 666 in Jewish Gematria
  • 106 is like Inheritance, Divine Plan, Infinity, Nuclear Bomb, Destroy, Metatron, Heil Hitler, Exorcism, Sociopath in English Gematria
  • 106 is like Tennessee, Snuff Film, & Curious in Simple Gematria
  • 106 is like King James' birthday: June 19, 1566 (6+19+15+56)
"Two Bald Eagles Stuck in a Storm Drain" in the English Sumerian system equals 213021+30=51 or 213
  • 51 is like HidingBe Hidden, Conspiracy& Bad Karma in Simple Gematria 
  • 51 is like Freemason in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 5/1/1776 Bavarian Illuminati was Founded, which sums to 99 In Pythagorean Gematria
  • 12/19 (Electoral Vote) is the 51st Week of 2016
  • 213 is like Racism, Demon Obama, Dead On It, Blast, Genocides, & Seed of Cain in Jewish Gematria
  • 213 is like Extraterrestrial, Reveal Hidden Truths, Demonic PossessionBloodthirsty Madman in Simple Gematria
"Two Bald Eagles Stuck in a Storm Drain" in the English Ordinal system equals 355
  • 355 is like Shakespeare, Together, Obama and Demon Nebo, Foresight, Craftsman, DNA Profiler, False Messiah, Obama is Osama, Lincoln Financial Field, Barack H Obama A Fallen Angel, Hellhound, Bad Spirit, Nero Caesar, Self-absorbed, American Korean, Time Begins Again, The Hidden Silence, Thin Skinned, All-star Game, Aries Moon, Face Hunger, I Fear Nothing, Sitting, Portland, Man of Honor, Fractal Light, Columbian in Jewish Gematria
  • 355 is like Most Horrific Earthquake Disaster, Quantification Of Consciousness, NASA Is Only Telling Half The Truth, The Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl, Pleiadian Live Underneath Mountains, Holy Queen Of Mans Last Salvation, The Snake Is Not The Symbol Of Satan, Royal Bride Of The Great Tribulation, China Claims Supercomputer Crown, Horrible Last Days Of The Apocalypse, Human Language Is A Reflection Of Our DNA, Burning Screaming Child Abusers In Hell, Hell For Men Casting A Stone Of Murder, Earth’s Visit Of The Holy Spirit, High Angel Prophets Of The Apocalypse, David Icke Saturn And The Moon Matrix, The Unsealing Of The Tetragrammaton, Five Odd Numbers Four Even Numbers, Antichrist Muslims At Disneyland, Fallen Christ From The Last Days Sin, November Eleventh Twenty Eleven, Horrors That Devastate Sinners, Holy Gene Hebrew Numbers Are Truth, Holy Ruler Of Eternal Heaven Or Hell, Gods Wife Lust Filled Attack Of Manhood, Corrupt Child Goes To Hell To Burn, I am One Of The Warriors Of Gods Army, Christ’s Return As The Holy Lion, Bible Code Genes The Resurrection Of A Man, Remember Remember The Fifth Of November, Muslims Are Not In The Kingdom Of God Holy Goddess To The Lord Your God, The Black Plague Hundreds Of Millions Dead, Screaming Child Abuser Burning Real Hot,  The Ultimate Magnificence Holy Couple, Reconciliation Of Spirit And Matter, & Occupational Safety Professional in Simple Gematria
Donald John Trump in the English Reduction system equals 68 like 
Bald Eagles in the English Ordinal system
  • 68 is like Big BangMalice, Killed, Bad God, Behind, Gap& Changed in Jewish Gematria
  • 68 is like Alien BaseDirected, Barack Obama, Barack Obama 440,  God is Dead, Mohammad, Benjamin, Hermes, Logos (the Word of God), Decipher, Language, Extra in Simple Gematria
DJT (Donald John Trump) like NT (New Testament) in the English Ordinal system equals 34 like Bald Eagles” & Birds w/“s” exception in the English Reduction system
  • 34 is like Seclorum [of the ages] & Handguns in Pythagorean Gematria
Bald Eagles in the English Reduction system equals 32 like 2+14+16=32 (Marilyn Manson’s release date of album)
  • 32 is like America & Gunshot in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 32 is like Dead Head in Jewish Gematria
  • 32 is like ObamaDebacleAgenda 21MediaBombGunshot in Simple Gematria
  • Barack (18 PG) + Obama (14 PG) sums to 32
  • 7/4/1776 summed equals 32
  • UK} U=3 / K=2 >32 
Two Bald Eagles Stuck In A Storm Drain” in Jewish Gematria Equals 2142} 21+42=63
  • 63 is like Dead EndBeingIndia, & Aflame in Jewish Gematria
  • 63 is like MedusaRevealCommandPublicReaperSkill, ElevenBible NameThe Bible, Tears, Tense, Divine, Deja Vu, Ireland, Texas, Azrael, Record, Soon in Simple Gematria
Two Bald Eagles” in the English Reduction system equals 45 like Trump being the 45th President under the 115th Congress (2107)
  • 45 is like Officers in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 45 is like DNANBCEdible, Chile, Failed in Jewish Gematria 
  • 45 is like DragoPitEaten, Gods Iraq, LeaderHealsElectSpade, Fox, Enoch, East, Ariel, Daniel, Knife, Dogs, Effect, Cinema, Bad Fire, Dealer, Alarm, & Yoda in Simple Gematria 
Two Bald Eagles” in the English Ordinal system equals 126
  • 126 is like Blood (Quatrain 50), Cain and AbelFool, & Plane in Jewish Gematria
  • if you SUM the ENTIRE alphabet in Pythagorean Gematria it equals 126 
Eagles in the English Reduction system equals 22
  • 22 is like DiedFake& Decade in Jewish Gematria 
  • 22 is like VDeal, 33rd& Bane in Simple Gematria
  • 22 is the Master Builder Number in Numerology signifying Precision & Balance
Bald in the English Ordinal system equals 19 like SAY(9)+10 (Marilyn Manon's new album name) in the English Reduction system & like the Numeric day of the Electoral Vote: 12/19
  • 19 is like IdeaAheadBadgeKFCNBCDNA in Jewish Gematria 
  • 19 is like AdamRaAR 15, IdeaAhead, NBCDNA in Simple Gematria 
  • 19 is like Bullets in Pythagorean Gematria
Bald in the English Reduction system equals 10
  • 10 symbolizes by ISIS and OSIRIS and is the symbol of Love and Light and also the God number (like 555+5 
  • 10 is formed of the Pillar and the Circle
  • 10 is both Masculine and Feminine, or Father/Mother principles
  • 10 is the number from which all things come, and all must return
  • 10 is the symbol of ‘wholeness’   
  • 10 is the symbol of humanity, number 1 and number 0  
  • 10 is the symbol of the gift of power and protection
  • 1 in Numerology is the number of Creation
  • Ten written sums to 39
  • 39 is like Mark Of Beast in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 39 is like GreedPagan, Flat, Belief, Net, & Angel in Simple Gematria
  • 39 is like New York in Simple Gematria [New York = 666 in English Gematria]
  • 39 signatories on the Declaration of Independence & Books in the Old Testament
  • UN (39 floors at the United Nations)
  • 7/26/1788 (Ratification of the Constitution by the State of New York) sums to 39 
  • Ten written sums to 39
  • 10 Commandments in the Book of the Old Testament
  • 39 Proposals, which became the 10 Bill of Rights
  • 71 is like World War Three in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 71 is like ManMagicalMadame in Jewish Gematria
  • 71 is like Royal, The FiendPleiadian,  Orion, TargetI’m AliveAct of GodBabylon, CatholicBuilder, SheriffDevil’sDementia, Druggie, Falsified, AgainstSamuel,  Apollo, Zeus, Emanuel, Dementia, Druggie, Falsified, Against, Chapter, Desert, Receive, Advocate, Forget, Guess, Last Adam, FloodsNebraska, Acceptance, & Guess in Simple Gematria
Fire Engine in Jewish Gematria Equals 206 
  • 206 is like Sacrifice, Black Moon, The Omega, & Alien Talk in Jewish Gematria
  • 206 is like Alien Intervention, Rapture Earthquake, Moon Civilization, Devils Name Is A Number, Disorder Causes Chaos, Ku Klux Klan Rally, Michelle Obama Socialist in Simple Gematria
Talon like Vote (Electoral Vote: 12/19) in the English Reduction system equals 17
  • 17 is like GOD, KILL, Flag, & SHOT in Pythagorean Gematria   
  • 17 is like NASA w/"s" exception in the English Reduction system 
Talon like Vote in the English Ordinal system equals 62
  • 62 is like Constitution in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 62 is like Flame & Code in Jewish Gematria
  • 62 is like ObedienceGenocideDiseaseEnemyUnderGeneral, ShotForeheadSave FaceMason, OfficerAttached, Black Magic, Torah, Benedict, Capital, Border (Trump's wall), Medicine, Lesbian, Elohim, Noise, Doubt in Simple Gematria
Talons in the English Reduction system equals 18
  • 18 is like Barack , MasonsShots, & Kills in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 18 is like BigHeadDieGalaFaceAide, Big 10 in Jewish Gematria
Nostradamus in the English Ordinal system equals 145
  • 145 is like Bar Code, Female Choice, & Dark Magic in Jewish Gematria
  • 145 is like Order of Thelema, Seed of Darkness,Worship Hell, Annunaki Are Real, Reptile Aliens, Divine Genetics, An Image of Jesus, Swine Flu Scam, Obama Gets Shot, Numerology, & Ten (like Baldin Simple Gematria
Nostradamus in Jewish Gematria Equals 686
  • 686 is like Rothschild Steals CBC, Neural Connection, Stars Are Pleiadians, Beast Inspiration, Secular Liberal Kingdom,Nostradamus, Desolate Measure, Gulf of Mexico, Pleiadians of the King of Kings, Zombies, The Last Man Standing, Gods Holy Gene, Cruel and Inhumane, Perfect Generations, Really Abominable, The Plagues Of Mankind, Cult Prophet, The Occult AlphabetThe Holy One, Children of Spirit, Moses a Traitor, The Hook and Eye, Nightscape Apprentice, The Prince Of Darkness, Satan Sent Back To Hell, Third Eye Blind, The Sermon Of ArmageddonTorah Simple Gematria, Treaty, Remembrance Day in Jewish Gematria
  • 686 is like The Grey Aliens Are Coming Sixty Six Years After The First Atom Bomb, Military Rounding Up People For Concentration Camps And Martial Law, Right Hand L Shape Fingers Gematrix The Gematria Calculator Holy Bloodline, Her Harvest Project Appointment Is The Same Day As The Harvest Moon, Human Design Order Number Nine Four One C Zero Two Three Three Seven, A Freemason Is Required To Leave A Percentage Of His Estate To The Skulls, Satan Is Trying To Use Me As A Link To The World To Create Hell On Earth, Domestic Violence Is Caused By Demonic Influence That Targets Gods People in Simple Gematria
Prophet in the English Reduction system equals 44
  • 44 is like Prophet, Shooting, A Seal Of Saturn, Officer, Civilians& Military in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 44 is like  like KILLHopeFaith, Karma in Simple Gematria
Prophet in Jewish Gematria Equals 363
  • 363 is like Ancient Aliens, Alien Presence, Millennium, The Goddess, Paranormal, Gene Patent, Deeper and Deeper, The Elect of God, Angles of Light, I Am Lucifer, Codes in Decimals, God Blesses, Bless One God, Minister, Mark Mark Mark, Self-centered, 14th Amendment, 17th Amendment, 19th Amendment, Sodom Sin, Of the Earth, Closing Time, The Iron Man, Mark of Combat, Dual Core, He is Not God, The Hidden Son in Jewish Gematria 
  • 363 is like The One Sitting On The Right Hand Of God, The One Who Has Stigmata From Baphomet, Oceans Group International Financing, October Thirty First Apocalypse, Rapture Of The Bride Of Jesus Christ, The Towering Clock Of The Antichrist, Extinction Level Event From Comet, To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before, One Thousand Three Hundred Sixty, The True Number Of The Beast Was A Hoax, The Serpent And The Sword Of The Tree, The Alien This Kings Palace People Swear 860, Extraterrestrials Visit Earth, The Beast Of Revelations Is Divine Gene 2 in Simple Gematria
Marilyn Manson’s “Say10” (“SATAN”), 
predictive programming of Trump look-a-like being beheaded (killed) in newest video.
As well as Simpson episodes and movies.
America you can be my ex-wife” in the English Reduction system equals 111 & like the Duration of One Month & Eleven days from 11/8/16 (Election Day) to 12/19/16 (Electoral Vote)
    • 111 is like Black AlienEncodedBiasedDie HardBad Seedand Cocaine in Jewish Gematria 
    • 111 is like Mark of Beast, Witchcraft, New York, Image of Satan, Democrat Obama, Wicked Will, Lucifer Hell, Satan’s Seal, Illusion, Dark Matter, Satan’s Hell, Moral Decline, Sarah L Palin & Papa Smurf in Simple Gematria
    • 111 (SG) AFFINITY with 666 (EG)
    • Mark of Beast, Evil Sarah P, Evil Sarah P, Sarah Fed I D Chip, Plan Of Sarah, Sarah P A Beast, Lady of Evil, Bank Collapse, Leader of Alaska, New York, Monsanto, Witchcraft, Ebola Vaccines, Santa Claus, Image of Satan, Fire is Anger, Son of Sin, E Identity, Lucifer Hell, Hardened Heart, Receive a Mark, Wicked Will, Helicopter, Democrat ObamaGod Incarnate, Lustful, Commercials, Demonic Evil, Allah is Lord, Pictures, Grand Rapids, Hell Burns, Providence, One Christ, Talking Heads, Devil Dragon, Devil In Chip, Open Chakras, Knighthood, Corrupt, Ejaculation, The KKK Leader, American Beast, Anarchy USADemon Inside, Illusion, Dark Matter, Dollar Sign, Teleport, Gray Aliens, The Archons, No More Cash, The Dragons, Horned Beast, End Times Deal, Barack Obama Mark, Forehead Sign, Birth C is Fake, & Mahdi Barack H Obama in Simple Gematria
    America you can be my ex-wifein the English Ordinal system equals 246
    • 246 is like The Alien Agenda, Hologram, Fire Snake, The Elect, Baraq O Bamah, Baraq H Obama, Proof, Choose Life, Farscape, Genesis, Full, Deep Silence, Black Cube, False Faith, Red Giant, Genesis 37 9, Genesis 2 24, Genesis 2 9, The Dark Bible, & Genesis 11 in Jewish Gematria
    • 246 is like King, USA, Alien, Omega, Draco, Dagon,  Huge, Wide, Icon, Al Qaeda, Addict, Chalice, ManiacDamned, Oz, Lock, Awake, Camera, Globe, Joke, Affect, Docs, Mom, Mamma in English Gematria
    • 246 is like Danger Barack H Obama Chip Implant, Barack Obama Land For Peace Decision, Obama Deception A Land For Peace Deal, He Seems Very Disturbed, The Gray Alien Antichrist, Satanic Clock Tower On Mecca, Chip On Your Shoulder, The Dark Night Of The Soul, The Planets Are Lining Up, Divine Prophecy Of Isis, Atlantis Bermuda Triangle, The Purest Blood Type, Political Corruption, The Abomination Of Nature, The Unbelievable Gematric Code, Still Hidden In The Gematria in Simple Gematria
    America you can be my ex-wife” in Jewish Gematria Equals 2485}24+85=109
    • 109 is like Banking & Demigod in Jewish Gematria
    • 109 is like Biblical God, Alien Trait, Swine Flu, & Death’s Door in English Gematria
    SAY(45)+10 in the English Ordinal system equals 55 like Nostradamus w/BOTH “s” exceptions in the English Reduction system
    • 55 is like Trap, AwakenBeneathSatanSantaNew Age, AnagramParable, Laws, Video, December& Michele in Simple Gematria
    • 55 = GOD number (5+5=10 } GOD #): Create or Destroy Overcome & Vanquish your enemies / and it represents Will and Power & also signifies the Universal Energy, or Prana. Additionally, it represents Great Occult Powers
    SAY Ten w/“s” exception in the English Reduction system equals  30
    • 30 is like Mafia, Elm, Clan in Simple Gematria
    • 30 is like M, M1, M5, M6, M13, KKK, Lead, Babel, Ice Age, Cabbala, & Baggage in Jewish Gematria 
    • 30 is like Bamberg (Bamberg ApocalypseTrumpets from Book of Revelation)
    SAY Ten in the English Ordinal system equals 84
    • 84 is like United States of America like Divide & Conquer in Pythagorean Gematria  
    • 84 is like Savior & Jesuit in Simple Gematria
    • 84 is like  Obama in Jewish Gematria
    • Barack Hussein Obama DOB8/4/61
    SAY Ten in the English Sumerian system equals 504 (54)
    • 504 is like Kennedy, The Great Beast, Obama Traitor, Latin Phrases, The Sun God, Panic Attacks Are, Patriot Act, Islamic Child Abuse, Scam Artist, The DNA of Christ, The Torah Codes in Jewish Gematria
    • 504 is like Men In Black, Human Race, Fallen OneEmmanuel, Savior, Jesuit, Iran War, Child Abuse, Five Five, Sadistic, End of Pain, & Abstract in English Gematria
    • 504 is like CERN Is A Portal For Extraterrestrial Entities, The Highest Level Of Draco Royalty Are Albino Whites, United States Of America Will Defeat The United Kingdom, Secular Progressive Fools United Against The Lamb, Earth Day Depopulation Holier Than Thou Attitude, Religions Are The Core Reasons Why Mankind Is Divided in Simple Gematria
    • 54 is like I Am DeadBald HeadedA LambEdenAcademia, Fig Leaf in Jewish Gematria
    • 54 is like Dad & I in English Gematria
    • 54 is like DNA, Mayan, Scandal, Gabriel, French, Oracle, Chemical, An Angel, Rope, Damsel, Islam, Car Bomb in Simple Gematria 
    SAY Ten is Jewish Gematria equals 636
    • 636 is like Six Fingers, Ghosts On Mars, Human Upgrade, Lustful, Forty, Oral Sexs, God Almighty, Payment, Cast Out Fear, Gospel Of The Luke, The Church Act Of God, Enoch Raptured, Rapture Date, Nukes USA, Lucifer Cross, & Self Centered And Selfish in Jewish Gematria
    • 636 is like Metatron, Prophecy, Divine Plan, Fox News, Columbus, Soul Mate, Nuclear Bomb, Destroy, Exorcism, Heil Hitler, Fits of Rage, Double Agent, Snuff Film, Prophecy, Infinity, FOX News, Nuclear Bomb ExorcismDestroy, Adultery, Frequent, SeriousIdentity, Not Human, Beast of Death, SociopathGenetic DefectCentury, The Kingdom, Capitalized in English Gematria
    • 636 is like The Cern Large Hadron Collider Is A Portal For Extraterrestrials, & Skull And Bones Your Soul Will Be Cleansed And You Will Be Reborn in Simple Gematria
    2+1+4+2+1+6=16 like 2/14} 16
    • 16 is like Guns in Pythagorean Gematria 
    • 16 is like Cage in Jewish Gematria & Deaf in Simple Gematria
    • 14 is like Obama in Pythagorean Gematria
    • 14 is like Dead in Jewish Gematria
    • 14 is like 7 Dead (Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986) in Simple Gematria
    • 14 is a karmic number and these people need to learn independenceself-initiativeunity and justice. And it is the number of the good and the charity in Numerology
    Valentine’s Day like Jesus Christ in the English Sumerian system equals 906
    • 96 is like Knowledge, Confederate, Freemason, Satanism& The Golden gate Bridge, & San Andreas in Simple Gematria
    • 96 is like Novus Ordo Seclorum w/"s" exception in Pythagorean Gematria 
    • *summing numbers 31+32+33=96
    • *3132, & 33 are the three Highest Levels in Scottish Rite Satanic Freemasonry