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COG - Draconians: The Reptilians are Amongst Us (The Series)

COG - Draconians: The Reptilians are Amongst Us (The Series) E-Mail: Citizen of Gotham
Citizen of Gotham@YouTube

An on-going series, produced by yours truly, to underscore the Occult Draconians/Reptilians and their subordinate Satanic Hybrid Illuminatis that have enslaved Homo-Sapiens after the Dracos altered (i.e., turned off 98% of our DNA:  "Junk DNA"), and stunted our Pineal Glandvia the Fluoridationof our water system as well as in all plastics. In addition to that is the Vaccination Program, laced with Mercury, Lead, and Barium that weaken our immune systems with the help of suppression of it by the added adjuvants
Further, the connections with the Royals, which are one of the 13 Satanic Hybrid Illuminati Bloodline Families (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) that demonstrate their Rituals, which include blood sacrifice, torture, and incest, especially with children via Conditioning/Programming in regards to all three of the aforesaid. 
Moreover, the series also underscores Cloning, Tran…