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Gematria: COG - Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting PSYOP } UPDATES [23, 224, 248, 295, 117, 54]

Gematria: COG - Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting PSYOP
[17,23,36/63,40, 45, 54, 138, 162, 224, 295, 117/711]
(Michael Keaton, Obama, I AM, & Invictus Games)
COG  - Orlando Gay Nightclub Shooting PSYOP (Obama, Invictus Games, & Celebrity Portends)@YouTube


Orlando shooter sent wife texts during massacre, sources say” in the English Reduction system equals 248 248 is likeSpider, Erotica,Against, Rocket,I Am the One,Lies Lies,Make Obama Clone,&Indonesia in Jewish Gematria248 is likeAbomination Of Desolation, Planet Deconstruction,Area Fifty One Reptilians,Devil Owns All Rap Music, The Satanic Scriptures, Diseases Of The Apocalypse,Area Fifty One Conspiracyin Simple Gematria
 “Orlando terrorist reportedly traded texts with wife during massacre” in the English Reduction system equals 295
295 is like The Dragon,FEMA Camps Of CIA, RFID Infant, Flag Of Israel, Cloak Of Athena,Book Of The Dead (666/111 AFFINITY),Bathed In Blood,Obama Made Speech,Gematria Code, &a…