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COG - Obama: I told Putin to cut it out on hacking PSYOP (Obama & Prophecy)

Gematria: Obama: I told Putin to cut it out on hacking PSYOP (Obama & Prophecy)Information was already out” in the English Reduction system equals 110 110 is like Adolf Hitler, Osama bin Laden,Rockefeller, & President in Simple Gematria and ALL equal 660 as well in English GematriaAFFINITY: (660 EG/110 SG)110is like Great Dragon,I Need Copper,Pole Shift,Dragonflies, Rockefeller,Nine One One, Osama Bin Laden, Christmas, Apollyon, Paris France, Ronald Reagan, Adolf Hitler, Oral Sex Baal, Perdition,He is Risen, Customs, Seventy,Encrypted, Grim Reaper, July Nine,It’s an Omen, Uganda Bombing, Christmas 2010, Starving, Divine Child K,President & Chronic Liar in English & Simple Gematria“Information was already out” in the English Ordinal system equals 299 299 is like Bilderberger,Human Cloning Underground Base, Area Fifty One Out Of Control, Radio Frequency Identification,Obama Is An Alien, Obamacare Fails,Biblical Gematria, Gnostic, Theater, Demonic Pride, Screams in J…