COG - 8/11, 11/8 TRUMP & Charlottesville Protest Connection (223rd Day of Year on 2017)

Gematria: 8/11, 11/8 TRUMP & Charlottesville Protest Connection (223rd Day of Year on 2017)
8/11, the 223rd Day of/in 2017 is the REFLECTION of 11/8, which was Election Day for Trump in 2016
Charlottesville sums to 118 in LCH Gematria like the Date of Election Day; I.e., 118 is like 11/8, which is also like 8/11, the Charlottesville Protest PSYOP.
Charlottesville sums to 64 in Pythagorean Gematria like the Interstate # that said state is between. Further, an adjoining highway is number 20, like Trump's 1st Day in Office as "president."
  • 64 is like Thelema, Israel, & Zion in Ordinal Gematria
  • 64 is like Nigga in Jewish Gematria
  • 64 is like Do What Thou Wilt, Civil Rights, Synagogue of Satan, & Barrack Hussein Obama in Pythagorean Gematria
Additionally, the Populace of Charlottesville in 46k+; 46's REFLECTION is 64 like the aforesaid Interstates and also correlates to Trump's birth year, which is '46 (1946).

  • 46 is like Freemason in Jewish Reduced Gematria
  • 46 is like Armageddon in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 46 is like Chaos in Ordinal Gematria
8/11/17 & 8/12/17 are during the 32nd Week of said year (2017).
7/4/1776 summed equals 32 (correlated to the 222 Wars in 239 Years since 1776
  • 32 is like Freemason in Septenary Gematria
  • 32 is like America, Slave w/"v" exception, Satanists w/"s" exception, Occultic, Language, Deep State in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 32 is like Dead Head in Jewish Gematria
  • 32 is like Obama, Debacle, Agenda, Media, Bomb, & Gunshot in Simple Gematria
  • Barack (18 PG) + Obama (14 PG) sums to 32 in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • UK} U=3 (PG) / K=2 (SG) >32 
NOTICE: Charlottesville sums to 1221 in Jewish Gematria} 12+11=33
  • 33 is the Magic #, Teacher #, Master # in Satanic Freemasonryalso the 33 vertebrate in one’s spine
  • 11/22: Kennedy's DOD} 11+22=33
  • 33 is like A Seal Of Satan, Satanism w/"s" exception, Handgun, Gunshots, Orange, Diamond, Marine, Federal, Police, Nazis, Berlin, KKK } K (11) K (11) K (11), Coeptis [cœptis], Holocaust, Goyim, Order, Masonry, Bonesmen, False Flag, Society, Teacher, Secrecy, October, Voting, Delaware, Left Eye, Act of War, Mean, Banker w/“k" exception, Believe, Beyonce, Indian, Sixteen, Alcohol, Sugar, Clinton, MKUltra w/"k" exception, & Race War in Pythagorean Gematria 
  • 33 is like Neo Nazi in Reverse Full Reduction Gematria (Nazis came into power in 1933)
  • 33 is like New York in Reversed Full Reduction & Reversed Single Reduction Gematrias
  • 33 is like Magic LAPD in Simple Gematria

Suffice it to say, Trump's 1st Day in Office 1/20/2017 (1+20+17) sums to 58 like  Freemasonry, Skull & Bones w/BOTH “s” & “k” exceptions, Annuit Coeptis' & The Seal of Saturn in Pythagorean Gematria like Blame in Jewish Gematria & like German in Ordinal Gematria; Trump is German by the way.

Note: "10" pedestrians were "struck"; Charlottesville sums to 55 in Chaldean Gematria. 55 REDUCES to 10, i.e., 5+5=10, which further REDUCES to 1.

  • 55 is like God in Reverse Ordinal Gematria 
  • 55 is like Sacrifice w/"s" exception, Mass Murderer, & Numerology in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 10 is like Satan in Pythagorean Gematria
  • 10 is like God in Reversed Reduced, H Reverse, EP Full, & EP Single Gematrias
  • 10 symbolizes by ISIS and OSIRIS and is the symbol of Love and Light an also the God number (like 555+5 
  • 10 is formed of the Pillar and the Circle
  • 10 is both Masculine and Feminine, or Father/Mother principles

Charlottesville w/"s' & "v" exceptions sums to 91 in Pythagorean Gematria like Queen Elizabeth's age (91 as of 2017).
Charlottesville sums to 89 in Reverse Full Reduction Gematria like August (the month) in Sumerian Gematria 
  • 89 is a Prime # & a Fibonacci #
  • 89 is like Kabbalistic in Ordinal Gematria
  • 89 is like Race, God of War, Influence, Death is Fake, Logic, Demo, & Black Hand in Jewish Gematria
  • 89 is like Osiris, Demiurgic, Da Vinci Code, Stupid, False Logic, Black Diamond, Unity, Complete, & Fooled Again in Sumerian Gematria

Charlottesville sums to 98 in Reverse Single Reduction Gematria 
  • 98 is like Alpha and Omega, Crystal, Prophet, Garden of Eden, Angel of Death, Higgs Hoax, Luciferian, Python, Iran Attack, Islam Clock, Israelite, Morphine, Judas’ Goat, Black Knight, Dualism, Istanbul, Chosen One, Second Death, Barack's Wife, Gay Music,  & Lupercalia, which was a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman pastoral festival, observed on February 13 through 15, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility in Ordinal Gematria
  • 98 is like Base, Bribe, Diabolic, Obama Dead, Fake Name, Black Flame, & Hold Back in Jewish Gematria

Charlottesville sums to 1506 in Trigonal Gematria} 15+6=21 (DOB of QE: 4/21).

Charlottesville sums to 211 in KFW Gematria & 1211 in Jewish Gematria: 1211} 1x211=211
  • 211 is a Prime #
  • 211 is like The Book of Revelation in Jewish Ordinal Gematria
  • 211 is like Book of Revelation in ALW & KFW Gematrias
  • 211 is like Prophecy in Francis Baconis Gematria
  • 211 is like Mason, The Base, Last, Black Pope, The Black Flame, Firearm, False Logic, Fabricated, & Plans in Jewish Gematria

Charlottesville sums to 706 in Satanic Gematria; 706 can been seen as 76 as "0" has no numeric value. So, 76 is Correlated to 1776 (Independence Day of the U.S.). Further, Charlottesville sums to 176 in Jewish Ordinal Gematria

And so, WAR is imminent, which was EMBEDDED within the DATES that I covered.