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COG - 8/11, 11/8 TRUMP & Charlottesville Protest Connection (223rd Day of Year on 2017)

Gematria: 8/11, 11/8 TRUMP & Charlottesville Protest Connection(223rd Day of Year on 2017) 8/11, the 223rd Day of/in 2017 is the REFLECTION of 11/8, which was Election Day for Trump in 2016Charlottesville sums to118in LCH Gematria like the DateofElection Day; I.e., 118is like 11/8, which is also like8/11, the CharlottesvilleProtestPSYOP. Charlottesvillesums to 64in Pythagorean Gematrialike theInterstate #that said state is between. Further, an adjoining highway is number 20, like Trump's1st Day in Officeas "president." 64 is like Thelema, Israel, &Zionin OrdinalGematria64is likeNigga in JewishGematria64is likeDo What Thou Wilt, Civil Rights, Synagogue of Satan,&Barrack Hussein Obamain Pythagorean Gematria Additionally, the Populace of Charlottesvillein46k+; 46's REFLECTION is 64like the aforesaidInterstates